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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Luis sits with Sheridan trying to make her feel better about him and their relationship. He feels that she overreacts and it is hurting them deeply. She promised several times to give up this fight for Marty, but she can’t let go. Beth is not the monster that Sheridan says that she is. Even her confession of taking a cheque from Alistair was met with disbelief from Sheridan. She just seems to have it in for Beth no matter what. He loves Sheridan and would do anything in the world to make her happy. That is not the way that she sees things. If he would do anything for her, he would be moving the moon and stars to get her baby to her. Right now she needs his trust and faith and she can’t get it. It has been nothing but a struggle on every level to get him to even listen to her point of view. He trusts her but he is looking at common sense here and those sorts of things don’t point to Sheridan being Marty’s mother. If Sheridan were Marty’s mother she would have the required DNA string to prove that. She thought that Beth might be her sister but how ridiculous was that idea? Sheridan isn’t sure that she can get past this with Luis. She can’t accept his part-time devotion to her.

Tabitha smiles into the big blue pot as she sees things that make her happier than a pig in mud. Sheridan is close to delirious. The more that Luis tries to patch things up, the more she distrusts him and wants to get away from him. She is slowly coming to tears over the rift in their relationship. Usually Tabitha is scheming, faking, lying, manipulating to get people upset, but Harmony seems to be falling apart on its own. She tells Endora that she is sure that Luis and Sheridan are over now for good. No turning back this time. She has already seen the future thanks to the big blue pot. She knows what is coming for the future. The breakup will be sweet to watch. This dynamic duo could only be separated through one of them dying. Nothing else could do it and the evil community has been trying to stop this love affair since the beginning of time. Luis and Sheridan and their gooey love has been making Tabitha sick for centuries. Now it is time for payback. Tabitha has been trying for years to split these two apart and now they are doing it on their own. T/hat is the sweetest part of all. “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, can’t put Luis and Sheridan together again.”

In Las Vegas, Ivy’s rich beautiful daughter is at the pool with her buddy Veronica. They have nothing to do all day but drink and prance around staring at the men. Fancy is a Crane. She is used to lounging for a living, and her friend Veronica’s family owns the hotel where they are currently sitting by the pool talking about Ned. Veronica says that it is clear that Ned isn’t interested in Fancy. at all. Most men would bow down to Fancy just based on the type of cash that she has at her fingertips, but not this Ned guy. He couldn’t care less about her cash flow. He should. The day before Fancy made a bold move and saved his sorry butt when Ned couldn’t pay his debt after losing at poker. He seemed to be grateful the day when that all happened but now he has forgotten where his bread got buttered when he was about to be taken to the desert for a permanent dirt nap. Veronica feels that Fancy should be done with the man, but Fancy is ready to give up. she tells her friend about the kiss that she shared with Ned the day before, and she thinks that things could go further. She is sure that he is panting for her even now. Veronica isn’t all that sure. Fancy hasn’t spoken to the man since.

Fancy sees the man whose life she saved the day before. She will meet with him again right now. She isn’t sure what to expect from him but at the very least he will be grateful to her for saving his life the day before. He offered to pay her back for saving him, but she refused to accept his money. She goes over to him with the biggest, brightest smile that she can conjure up. He sees her coming before she reaches him. He smiles back at her. She is glad that she has her killer bikini on. It is gold and when the string bikini was invented, this is probably what they had in mind for it to like. Her high heels accentuate her body, most of which is showing due to the cut of her suit. She has the legs of a thoroughbred and she catches the eye of many men on her way over to see Ned. He should see that he is a very lucky man. She is strutting when she makes her way over to Ned to again make him the happiest man alive by allowing him to be in her presence. No one is more confident than she is at this moment. Veronica smiles. Fancy is cute but for some reason, her friend is trying too hard for this one. She should just leave well enough alone. Ned in Veronica’s opinion isn’t interested. Fancy sees things differently. she has something to prove and she sets about proving it. Ned kissed her the night before so he has to be interested somewhat.

Ned is glad to see her it seems. He looks even sexier to Fancy close up. He wears trunks that are more like shorts. They are down to his knees and fashionable just the same. He doesn’t stand up when she gets to his lounging chair. She notices but stays quiet. A real gentleman or someone that just cares about her would have risen to greet her. Oh well, she will overlook that this time. Just this once. He talks nicely to her at the beginning by showing interest in her and that makes her confidant in her ability to snag him by nightfall. She feels that he has been thinking about her and the kiss that they shared the night before. Maybe he wants more. That was just a taste by the way of what he could get if he were to spend more time with her. He has to have been thinking about her all night. She felt chemistry when she was with him. He is staying in the hotel he tells her. She is glad to hear it. Veronica who is her good friend and trusted confidant owns the hotel along with her family. Now Ned knows two powerful women in Vegas.

A woman comes to sit with Ned and he introduces her as Sandra. Sandra had apparently been swimming and that was why it appeared that Ned was alone when Fancy first saw him sitting by the pool. Fancy isn’t interested in meeting Ned’s little friend, but she smiles at her to be polite. Sandra makes a big show about toweling herself off. Ned is very interested in this woman it seems. What has she got that Fancy doesn’t? Ned can’t take his eye of her. They seem to be an item. Ned starts introducing Fancy to Sandra, but he doesn't even remember her name. This hurts her. Does he go around kissing everyone and then immediately forgets who they are? H e just refers to Fancy as ‘that spoiled little rich girl’ that he told Sandra about before. Fancy is pissed at being referred to in this manner. In addition, what did he say about her exactly. Sandra starts smiling when she realizes who this woman is. How dare he refer to her as a joke? She saved the man’s life when he had no one, not even Sandra here to save him. Fancy tells him what her name is. “Fancy… My name is Fancy.” She is not pleased at the way she is being treated by this person. Not pleased at all.

Kay and Sam have a heart to heart about Grace and what the future could bring if she were to return to Harmony and spend some time with the family. They badly miss the way that things were. Jessica used to be the good sister and Kay was the holy terror back them. Sam isn’t so sure that he could get together with Grace again after all that has transpired. Kay couldn’t even give Grace a minute to listen to what she had to say before she left, and now Kay feels differently. She wishes that she had her mother around to talk with, and Maria is missing out on having her grandma to be with. Kay wishes that things could be different.

Jessica is listening to her sister and father talk about her mother and the way that things used to be. She misses those days too, but would never admit it. She feels that Grace has moved on and doesn’t care about her kids anymore. It would be nice if she were to get back with Sam, but that too is not going to happen. Her mother has a boyfriend. They would have to get over that hurdle first. She hides outside the room to hear what they are saying. Kay asks if Sam will go back to Ivy if he can’t get Grace back. Jessica is very interested in what Sam has to say about this. Jessica has made it very clear that she will not accept Ivy as her stepmother under any circumstances. She will fight tooth and nail to keep that woman out of her house. she doesn’t even care about her own kids, why should she care about Sam’s kids? If Jessica was supposedly in such danger, then why would Ivy let her go out and get in the trouble that she did? That actually was a good thing. that was what caused Sam to toss Ivy out on her ear.

Ethan, Gwen, Rebecca and Ivy arrive at home and Ethan is praised for his work in court today. He is being strangely silent, but that could be just because he has been so emotionally drained by what he had to do that day. It wasn’t easy for him to fight the mother of his child the way he did. He was late but then he did the trick and pulled a rabbit out of his hat. Gwen was worried about Ethan’s ability to go through with this but not after he got there and fought for Gwen tooth and nail. Gwen got everything that she wanted and more. She would have settled for her freedom but she got more. Her freedom and the baby that she loves so deeply are now hers and she knows that soon she will be able to have the child in her family with her as the stepmother permanently. The ladies are in a really good mood now. Ding-dong the witch is dead. It is time to get loose and enjoy the spoils. Ivy is ready to have some champagne now. It is a little early but what the hay? She and Rebecca run off for a bottle to do the honors.

Ethan looks worn and tired now that court is all over. He can’t even smile. He is in turmoil and Gwen can see it. She tries to make him feel better about what he had to do, but he can’t in good conscience. He knows that there are going to be repercussion due to what he has done to Theresa. She will not take this lying down. He is thrilled that Gwen is home and that they are getting Jane to live with them, but it isn’t going to be that easy to live with. Theresa will make sure of that. They are going to have to watch out for her. Theresa was almost put in jail twice today, so it is clear that she is not afraid to try something else. His taking the baby from her isn’t about her mothering practices, it is about her unwillingness to give up this vendetta against Gwen first. Gwen took the high road in court today by begging the judge not to put Theresa in jail. she was thoughtful and caring to Theresa, but that is not going to make Theresa any happier about giving her child to someone that she hates. It is going to kill Theresa to have to give up her child and somewhere in Ethan he knows that Theresa probably will not give that child up.

Pilar soothes her daughter once they get home. The girl is furious at what has happened to her. she thought that she knew Ethan but she never thought that he would pull a trick like this on her. Not in a million years. Yes she heard what he said about actually doing this but she felt that she knew him. she isn’t a bad mother. Theresa has been terribly hurt by what has happened to her in court and she is licking her wounds from the beating that she has taken. She was so sure that Ethan wouldn’t ever take her child, but he has done it and now that means war. He has to be ready for her next move. He has to know that she isn’t going to take this lying down. Theresa knows that this temporary custody that Ethan and Gwen have gotten is going to be permanent soon. She knows that if she gives that child up even for a day she will never be able to see the child again. Gwen offered her visitation but why should Theresa agree to that? Gwen is not the child’s mother. Gwen has nothing to do with this. Her offering Theresa visitation is a huge slap in the face. All they have to do it convince the judge that Gwen has more attributes that are suitable for raising Jane and Theresa knows that people like her don’t get treated fairly in court. You have to have Crane money to get justice and whatever else that you want in this world. That should be easy for Ethan to pull off. If he can get a crazy woman to stay out of jail and then give his child to that woman, he can certainly get permanent custody. They had the judge’s ear all through the hearing and Theresa knows that she will be met with more of the same when she returns to fight for her child before that judge. Theresa vows to kill Ethan and Gwen before letting them take her daughter from her. Pilar shudders as she listens to her daughter vowing revenge and digging a deeper grave for herself with the legal system.

Pilar hopes that Theresa doesn’t mean that she will kill Ethan and Gwen before giving up her child. She hopes that her child is just making noise due to being upset. She can deal with idle threats said in private. Theresa has to vent, and her mother knows that. Theresa picks up her child from the playpen and holds her, maybe for one of the last times in her life. Theresa says terrible things about the Crane and all that live in that mansion over there. Pilar hates the hatred that Theresa is spewing in front of her infant. Doesn’t matter that the child doesn’t understand. Children are sensitive and can sense things around them. Jane has to know that something negative has been going on around her. Her mother will not have her speak this way and begs her to stop. She is out of control and she has to know this. Theresa is really pushing things with that hot Latin temper that she has. Theresa almost got thrown into jail today and because of that she really made a bad impression on the judge. Theresa will not accept this way of thinking from her mother. She needs to know that her mother is on her side in all this. This custody is going to be permanent and Theresa can feel in her bones. She doesn’t believe that Gwen really loves Jane. She feels that Gwen only wants to punish Theresa by taking the thing that means the most to her. Pilar says that fighting with anyone in the mansion is only going to fuel the fire for her daughter. She has to show the judge and the world that she is a good mother and going against the court order isn’t going to help any. Theresa will not accept this under any circumstances. She will die herself before giving up her child to people that she hates. Ivy doesn’t care about this child and the fact that Rebecca will have her hands on this precious innocent child as a trophy for winning in court makes Theresa’s blood boil.

Ethan is relieved that things worked out the way that it did in court. He didn’t want to see his wife in prison, and now he can watch Jane and make sure that Theresa will not lose her temper in the presence of the child ever again. Gwen can see that Ethan is feeling bad for Theresa and she sympathizes Iwate him, but not for long. What is it about her that makes him always feel sorry for her? They are going to be the best parents and Jane will want for nothing. Ethan says that the custody isn’t permanent yet, and they may have to give the child back. Ethan doesn't want to see Gwen’s heart broken. Gwen suspects that the heart that Ethan is concerned about is in Theresa.

Sheridan says that she used to think that she and Luis could get through anything together but this is proving to be the worst trial that they have ever had to deal with and things are not working out. They are trying to stay together and yet they are being broken apart due to their differences on this matter. Sheridan only sees that he can’t see straight because Beth and her lies about what she is really up to and what she has done in the past blind him. With every example that Sheridan gives Luis, he can’t believe anything that Sheridan says because of those damn tests that were done at the hospital. So what? Luis should still side with his fiancée. Sheridan believes that Beth almost killed her and that her baby was stolen. Now they discover that Beth and her mother were in the Crane mansion and Luis still has no problem with that because Beth has managed to explain everything away. Sheridan is sure that Beth got wind that she had been seen in the mansion and has put together a story that explains things but just shows that she still hasn’t done anything wrong. Luis believes everything that woman says, and Sheridan can’t live with it anymore. That fact that she can’t be with her child is killing her. Why can’t Luis see that? Why can’t he ever be on her side in any of this? Doesn’t matter what the DNA tests say.

Tabitha knows that the breakup has already happened and cannot be repaired. Luis and Sheridan are doomed and that makes her happy. She chuckles at their misfortune and the fact that they will be separated in just a matter of days for good. There are others in Harmony that are going to be pleased with this juicy piece of news. It has been a long time coming and when it happens for good, evil will continue in Harmony unhindered. The breakup will allow more deceit and lies. Secrets will be hidden for much longer allowing trouble to run rampage. Marty is really Sheridan’s child, and by breaking up with Luis the chance of Sheridan ever finding out the truth is next to nil. She needs him. He is recognized as the father of the child and if he isn’t cooperating with Sheridan, then she will have a much harder chance proving that Marty is hers. Also, Beth has been licking her chops at the prospect of getting her hands on Luis and by Luis breaking up with Sheridan, se will get a real shot at having the man. Alistair will be pleased as this means that Luis will eventually go away and stop his quest of getting the goods on Alistair and bringing Alistair’s empire to its knees. Tabitha has been waiting centuries for this to happen. Victory is sweet. Tabitha finally gets to see the glory couple end their relationship by their own hand. That is even sweeter than Tabitha making the breakup happen herself.

Sheridan is almost in tears now at the realization that her love affair with Luis is ending. He has been hanging on and trying to believe in Sheridan, but with every attempt she makes at attempting to show him that things are not as they seem, he just finds her more and more crazy-sounding. Beth seems like the innocent in all this. Luis will not have the mother of his child hurt this way unnecessarily. She is raising his child. Except for the accusations that Sheridan makes about he woman, Luis can find nothing really wrong with Beth. Luis tries to make her feel better but he can’t anymore. Sheridan isn’t buying anything that he tells her anymore. He can’t say the things that she needs to hear. He isn’t supportive anymore. She can feel them moving farther and farther apart. She doesn’t trust him when he says that he loves her and trusts her. That will not work for her. Sheridan is true and blue. She can’t fake her feelings for a man that she says she loves and she expects the same commitment that she gives in a relationship. Sheridan can see that he has already made his choice about what is the truth and they disagree. It seems that they always will.

Veronica comes up to Fancy and finds that her friend is not very happy at all. Ned has offended her friend and that is not cool. This guy has taken things too far. She could tell from her chair on the other side of the pool that something was wrong and she has come over to see what is going on. She finds that Ned is not as interested in Fancy as she thinks that he is. Ned has obviously offended Fancy and Veronica frowns at him for this behavior. the woman gave up a priceless bauble to keep this man from harm. Of course, Fancy was the one that caused the man to almost lose his life, but that isn’t the point. He owes her, even if he only pays with courtesy. Any other man would bow at Fancy’s feet if they had the chance but not Ned. Ned seems disinterested in Fancy and her money. He is an odd sort this Ned. Fancy should give up, but she loves to beat her head against the wall on this one. She really thinks that she can turn things around although he is with some other woman and clearly paying interest to her. Ned and Sandra are laughing at Fancy and how silly Ned thinks that she is. They are being very rude, but that doesn’t phase Fancy in the least. Fancy stands her ground and keeps her dignity in light of it all. She smiles the smile of a champion. She saves face and pretends like she hasn’t been the joke of the town at all. She is a Crane after all and she knows how to conduct herself with others.

Sandra runs off to take another swim while Fancy chats with her man. She isn’t even threatened by the spoiled little rich girl to stay and see what transpires next. Sandra should be jealous at the very least but she couldn’t care less. She is sure about Ned, and isn’t threatened. She asks Ned to order her another drink while she is gone swimming. He promises that he will do just that for her. Fancy can’t believe this display. She barely got a drink out the man the night before, and actually if memory serves her right, she paid for it. Yes here he is buying drinks for some boring brunette who couldn’t do what Fancy did for him the day before. Fancy watches fascinated at the attention he gives this boring looking woman. What is so special about her? Her bathing suit isn’t all that special at all and she doesn’t look half as good in her suit as Fancy does. Sandra runs off and Ned follows her with his eyes. He almost forgets that he is sitting with Fancy. She has never been treated like this before. After a while she asks Ned to put his eyes back into his head and pay attention to her for a moment. She wants some of that attention and now that Sandra is gone, maybe she can get some.

Veronica leaves, knowing that Ned has been a big disappointment to her friend Fancy, and seeing that she doesn’t need support right now. As she walks off, she glares in Ned’s direction.

Fancy is upset again. she originally said that she wanted a bad boy, and now that she has one, it seems that she can’t handle it. Ned seems to be trying her patience in a very big way. She thought that something was going to happen the other day when they kissed after she saved his life by paying off his betting debt, but he seems to have forgotten about that. She offers to kiss him again. He leans forward, but not to kiss her, he is leaving. She asks him what he is doing and he says that he is going to join his other friend Sandra in the pool. He walks off.

Fancy follows him a few steps and then throws her drink at his back. He has just discarded her like she is a nothing. He looks at her like she is crazy. Why would she do this? Well he said that he wanted to go for a swim.

Jessica listens to her family discuss their situation and Sam’s guilt in the family falling apart. he takes all the blame for the way that Jessica is turning out. that makes her a little sad but she keeps that to herself. She knows that he is trying but she doesn’t care, and neither does their mother it seems. Sam says that he has been trying to reach her mother but for some reason she hasn’t called back. That probably means that Grace doesn’t care about them anymore. That hurts more than anything.

Sam feels that he has been selfish thinking that Jessica has been fine all along. He was too wrapped up in is own needs and Ivy to see what was really happening. Kay says that her father hasn’t let her down. Jessica will have to be Sam’s first priority now. Sam isn’t sure that Ivy will be the woman that he gets back with. maybe they will have a shot.

Jessica doesn’t like the sound of that at all. she will not let that happen.

Theresa will not release Jane to anyone. She has decided that this is important and she will fight for this. Not now. She shouldn’t disobey the judge’s order. She can’t. Ethan has custody of his child and no one disputes that he is the father. Theresa is sorry for not being able to accept this, but she can’t. Pilar knows that her daughter will go to jail for this. She isn’t thinking. What else can Theresa do? Pilar says that Theresa has to accept this situation. Pilar says that Theresa has created the situation that she is in. She is on her daughter’s side but Theresa was the one that pushed Ethan into a corner. She was warned that Ethan would do this and he did. Theresa has only herself to blame for this.

Rebecca makes a toast to Theresa. To her demise. Rebecca hopes that Theresa will cry crocodile tears until her mascara runs. Rebecca calls for Ethan and Gwen to come and celebrate with them.

Gwen hears her mother calling them, and she decides that with or without Ethan, she will be celebrating. She can’t understand why he can’t be happy like everyone else. She leaves Ethan alone in the foyer.

Ethan is left alone with his thoughts.

Ethan remembers Eve saying that Ethan probably still loves Theresa and doesn’t want to hurt her. She was suspicious of his not having his case ready to go earlier and why did he move Gwen’s court date up? Maybe he thought that he could lose and it would look like he didn’t do it on purpose. Then with Gwen out of the way in prison, Ethan would be free to pursue Theresa.

Ivy comes to her son with a glass of champagne for him. Why isn’t her son happy about all this? Ivy remembers that Ethan was late for court today. Maybe he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. Ethan thought about not showing up for court. he still loves Theresa and he admits it. He had a responsibility to Gwen but he still loves Theresa.

Sheridan sees that Luis trusts Beth more than her. why can’t Luis believe this? She can’t live with this. He feels that they can work this out. She finds that they are incompatible. She needs his support right now. All of it. She never felt more alone than she does right now. She is crying now. She has lost her baby and now she is losing Luis too.

Tabitha chuckles with Endora. Endora plays with her dolls while mother plays with real people. Endora hears her mother but ignores her. She is working on the task of pulling off the leg of one of her dolls.

Sam will concentrate on nothing but being a good father from now on. Ivy will have to come second until Sam can get all his ducks in a row. Jessica has to be cured of her emotional problems before Sam can let up on her.

Jessica hears her father talking and knows that he really wants Ivy back.

Kay says that Sam isn’t to worry as he still has her. Sam says that she has been a great support. Sam was worried about Kay for a while now, but things have worked out with her. Kay doesn’t need him to worry over her anymore. She is fine now. Sam sees that Kay has risen to the challenge and has become a beautiful young woman. he can only hope that Jessica turns out like her sister.

Jessica rolls her eyes at that.

Kay says that he should only worry about Jessica now. Sam says that it is sad that if Noah walked into the door, he wouldn’t recognize him. Sam will send him an email and let him know how Jessica is doing.

Fancy is smarting after the way that Ned has been treating her. She knows however that she can get the man. She will clobber him over the head if she has to. She is sure that he wants her.

Ned s finished swimming and comes out of the pool right by Fancy and Veronica. Fancy finds that to be a sign. She told her friend Veronica that she can get this man by nightfall. Fancy flirts and Ned plays up to it. He tells Fancy to close her eyes. She does. She leans into him expecting a kiss. Instead he grabs her and throws her into the pool.

Fancy screams at getting all wet when she didn’t plan to.

Sheridan can’t be with Luis for a while. she needs to be alone now. She has to think. She isn’t sure where she is going to go, but she is going to go somewhere. She runs off.

Tabitha wants to turn the heat up a tad. Things are good but they could get even better. She wants to get Sheridan over for a visit so that they can have a little chat. She wouldn’t come herself. what to do?

Endora makes magic and a magazine appears. Tabitha laughs at her daughter’s clever idea. The magazine opens to a picture of Luis and Sheridan. Tabitha is getting the idea. Endora sticks out her tongue and suddenly a pair of scissors appears. Tabitha thanks her daughter and grabs the scissors. She uses it to cut out the picture of Luis and Sheridan that is in the magazine.

Pilar explains her position. She isn’t siding with Gwen, but Theresa was warned and she pushed Ethan to do this. Theresa feels that she wouldn’t have gotten justice anyway and she should have known that.

Ethan feels that he has created a hell by his actions. Ivy says that Theresa is the one that has done this. The sad truth is that Ethan fell for Theresa all by himself. He has trouble shaking his feelings for her. He loves Gwen and she is beautiful inside and out. She showed generosity towards Theresa and she didn’t even deserve it. If that is the case then why doesn’t Ethan just accept that Gwen is the better of the two for him. Ethan knows that he should accept that idea but he can’t and that just shows that he loves Theresa even more than he thought he did.

Sam is so proud of Kay and the way that she has turned out. She is a great mother to Maria and Maria is lucky to have her mother. Kay hopes that she is a good mother as her father believes she is. She has dinner in order for the family. Sam will go out and get dessert. Sam doesn’t even know what type of ice cream his daughter likes. He s disgusted with himself. he leaves the house.

Kay goes to leave the room and ends up opening the door and accidentally hitting Jessica who s hiding behind it.

Jessica says that she heard what was being said before. She says that she doesn’t believe that Kay is Miss Prim and Proper now. In addition, she hates Ivy and doesn’t want her moving back in the house. She would rather die first. Sam isn’t thinking of that now, but Jessica doesn’t care. She is going out now. Kay will not let her out. Jessica remembers that Ivy couldn’t stop her going out and neither will Kay. Jessica makes a run for the door and Kay tackles her to the ground and sits on her preventing her from leaving the house.

Fancy fakes being upset about getting thrown in the pool by Ned.

Ned sees her and leaves Sandra to go over and help her out of the pool. He puts out his hand and Fancy takes it, pulling the man off balance and dragging him into the pool as well.

Theresa will not be persuaded to accept that situation as it is. She is as stubborn as they come on this issue. She will not let anyone take her child. Not ever. She will die first.

Ivy tries to talk sense to her son. She knows that he feels bad over what he did to Theresa, but she knows that he will get over it. She wants distance between her son and Theresa. She guarantees that Ethan will grow to love Gwen the way he loves Theresa. Ethan knows that she can’t guarantee that. she too had tried to live with a man that she didn’t love and she ended up leaving him years later.

Gwen will be haunted everyday by what has happened to Theresa, and the fact that she lied about Theresa contacting the tabloids. she and her mother were the ones responsible for this.

Rebecca hates that her daughter constantly talks about this. Rebecca says that Ethan will never find this out. They are home free. Where did Gwen get this attack of conscience lately?

Tabitha is having the time of her life. Endora watches as her mother cuts Luis and Sheridan’s picture in two, separating them. She sets Sheridan’s picture on fire and then throws it into the pot.

Sheridan is crying her eyes out. she wants to be alone. She has nowhere to go though. Everywhere that she goes, Luis is sure to be there. She suddenly stops crying. She suddenly knows where it is that she has to go.

Tabitha claps her hands in glee as she watches the events in the big blue pot. They are going to have someone over for dinner. Endora smiles a big toothy grim at the news.

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