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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Jessica is in her room and her father calls to her worrying that she might not be okay. He assures her that he loves her no matter what. Inside the room, Jessica reads a magazine and tries to tune her father out. No matter what he says to her, she will not forgive him for bringing that woman back into the house.

Tabitha is with Endora telling her baby a story. She tells a story of a hunter trying to shoot a duck. Endora watches her cute little rubber ducky as mother talks.

Tabitha says that the ducky has big bloody teeth and he eats the hunter in one bite when the man is stupid enough to get near. Ha ha ha! Endora smiles at her mummy for telling such a scary story. Tabitha looks at Luis and Sheridan in the big blue pot. Spying can be such fun. There is trouble afoot for those two and Tabitha can feel it in her bones. They are heading for disaster and it will be a road they will be unable to turn back on. The pot has gone out of focus and Tabitha asks Endora to help with the reception. On cue, Endora sends a ray of light to the pot and straightens up the view.

Sheridan is freaking out on Luis. He never seems to believe anything that she says. He looks at the proof. The DNA proves that Marty is Beth’s son. She doesn’t care. She wants her word to be good enough for him. What does that say about their relationship?

Tabitha can see that they are witnessing the demise of Sheridan and Luis as a couple. Luis can’t save this relationship.

The judge tells Theresa that her actions to bring her child into the world are disturbing. Theresa committed crime of her own. The child is hers biologically but the way that Theresa went about her business leaves one to wonder just what sort of mother Theresa is. The judge will make a trial period to make a solid decision. Right now, the judge will send Jane to Gwen and Ethan. Gwen rushes into Ethan’s arms and thanks him for all that he has done for her this day. They did it! They did it! She is free and she gets to be Jane’s mother. Theresa is heartbroken at the judge’s decision. She will not let them take her baby and she shouts so to all that can hear her. She storms past her mother to where Ethan and Gwen are hugging. Pilar calls for her daughter but Theresa is long gone. There is no stopping her now. Theresa attacks Gwen and shouts to her how she will not let Gwen have her baby ever. She hates Gwen with everything in her and she knows that Gwen wasn’t ill when she tried to commit murder. Ethan stops Theresa from doing damage to Gwen. He literally has to pull Theresa off Gwen as they are on the floor brawling. Rebecca is quick to find that Theresa is doing just what she has accused Gwen of doing to her. The judge has her taken from the room and she will be held in contempt.

Luis tells Sheridan that he does trust her. She knows that but the fact that he doesn’t believe her is telling. She knows that Beth was the one that hurt her. Luis should support her and believe her. Luis has been supporting her. The DNA test has proven that Marty is not hers. She has to let this go. No court is going to support them without proof. Sheridan is not talking about court. She is talking about the man that she loves not giving her the benefit of the doubt. He should just do that out of trust and love.

Tabitha laughs as she watches from the big blue pot. Luis and Sheridan are really going through it now. They are making a terrible rift. A rift that deep will never heal Luis’s relationship. Endora smiles at the prospect of what is to come. She even giggles. Endora is not patient waiting for disaster to strike. Tabitha would like to speed things up a bit and pour some petrol on the fires that are starting to burn out in Harmony. Every lifetime, so far, Tabitha had to break Luis and Sheridan up it seems. It will be wonderful to do this honor with her daughter. They will be a mother daughter team of doom. Endora likes the idea of a team, and she conjures up some flags that they can wave. Tabitha laughs at how smart her daughter is. She waves her flag. “Team Evil! Team Evil!” Endora smiles at all the fun they are having.

Sam is getting angry now. He really needs to know that Jessica is in the room. She will not open the door. Kay comes upstairs and asks her father what is wrong. She came into the house and heard her father calling for Jessica upstairs. She tries to get Jessica out of the room after hearing what her father has been going through. She is being so childish.

Jessica opens the door, angry that no one will leave her alone. She is angry that Sam will not let her out of the house. He knows that he made mistakes but he is trying to make up for that. She doesn’t want his protection. She slams the door in his face. Kay knows that Jessica really loves her father, and that she doesn’t mean what she says. Sam disagrees. He knows that Jessica is doing this because she knows that this is killing him. Kay wonders why they even bother trying to help her. Jessica is acting like a spoiled brat. Inside her room, Jessica has found a picture of Sam and Ivy together. She gets a pen and jabs it into Ivy’s image.

Theresa is still out of control, but sitting quietly. She can’t understand why this is happening. Rebecca is thrilled. She goes to Gwen shouting that they won! They won! They finally beat that evil witch. Gwen would like to be happy but she remembers Ethan telling her that they really need to stop all the fighting and bickering. He said that until either Gwen or Theresa decided to be the mature one and stop fighting, this would go on and on forever. The fact that one side keeps trying to outdo the other side is what is really causing this fight to stop. When Ethan told Gwen this he was referring to Theresa not dropping the charges, but now Gwen is seeing things from another perspective. Gwen shouts out that she wants this to stop. She says that she doesn’t want Theresa to go to jail. Ethan and Rebecca stand dumbfounded at what Gwen is saying to them.

Sam comes downstairs to the kitchen and finds Kay cooking in the kitchen. She is making one of Grace’s recipes. It is the least that Kay could do now. Kay knows that if she hadn’t forced her mother out of there, Sam wouldn’t be suffering alone. Sam says that Jessica is hurting herself as much as she can, and Sam feels that he is to blame. Kay secretly thinks that he is the one to blame. Sam says that he handled things very badly. Jessica comes downstairs quietly and listens to Kay and Sam talking outside the door. Kay is telling Sam that he is human and that he shouldn’t feel guilty for being with Ivy. Sam feels that he was selfish. Ivy was only there because Grace allowed her to live in the garage. Kay says that Sam is being too hard on himself. He was there and stayed put. Kay knows what her sister is feeling. Kay thinks to herself that she should have loved her mother more to make her stay.

Rebecca finds that Gwen is crazy for wanting to stop Theresa from going to jail. Gwen goes to the judge and says that she doesn’t want Theresa to go to jail. Gwen understands the pain of losing a child. The pain is so deep it makes you lash out. She understands Theresa’s distraught. Theresa has suffered enough. She begs the judge to drop the assault charges. She would like them all to move n with their lives. The judge is impressed with Gwen. Theresa wanted to throw the book at Gwen. Gwen only sees that everything has worked out. She would like to leave things like that. Ethan goes to his wife and takes her hand. The judge has no choice but to let Theresa go. She tells Theresa that she is lucky that Gwen has such a big heart.

The judge is convinced that she has made the right decision. The judge will be merciful to Theresa and drop the assault. The custody ruling is temporary at this time, but it could be made permanent if Theresa is unable to behave herself. Theresa starts to protest but is stopped sharply by the judge from saying anything more.

Sheridan is packing things in a garbage bag. Luis is trying very hard to understand what Sheridan is saying. Sheridan finds that he shouldn’t be trying that hard to understand her and what she believes. Even when a crook is arrested you should give that person the benefit of the doubt. Luis doesn’t do that for her. How could he not read into Beth and what she said to him about Alistair? Luis finds that Beth didn’t have to say anything about being at Alistair’s place so that shouldn’t make her a bad person.

Ethan tells Gwen that he is so proud of her for what she did in court today. Theresa tells Gwen that Jane is her daughter. Ethan warns Theresa to stay calm. Theresa says that she has no scalpel in her pocket to hurt Gwen. Rebecca wishes that she had one so that she could use it on herself. Theresa wants to know how Ethan could do this to her? Ethan says that he did this in the best interests of her daughter. Theresa says that being with her mother is the best thing for Jane. Theresa tells Gwen that she will never get Jane, ever.

Tabitha does a little magic while Endora marvels. The lights go dim. …”But now the end is come … Sheridan Crane…Remember…Remember your past lives with Luis…Remember…”

Sheridan is outside the cottage and she suddenly has a vision. She is Cleopatra and she is dying while Luis holds her. She is a fair maiden watching as her pirate love dies. She holds him close to her bosom where they used to frolic in the sand. He looks at her one last time before dying. She is on the Titanic with her love dancing…Then he is dead and sliding into the freezing water. Sheridan shakes herself out of her visions. She has been through a lot and she can’t give up on Luis now.

Tabitha knows that she is speaking the truth, and in fact, Tabitha has been through a lot with these two over the years. She has done a lot, but has never made the Witches Hall of Infamy. She hasn’t been able to break Luis and Sheridan apart. Now it seems that she will not have to lift a finger to break them up. Something else besides death is going to destroy Luis and Sheridan’s love. Their love is going to destroy itself.

Kay tells her father to call Grace and have her come home. Sam says that he has tried to reach Grace but they are on the Antarctic on a photo shoot. Grace hasn’t called back as far as he knows. He knows that Grace would call if she knew that something was up with the kids, so leaving her messages must be a waste of time. Kay says that he has to try and keep trying. Grace will be in the house with them and they can have a shot at making things the way that they used to be. They was they should be. Jessica is listening outside the room where Kay and Sam are talking, and she smiles at the thought of her mother returning and things being like it used to be. She could change if that were to occur.

Gwen offers to let Theresa have visitation. Theresa doesn’t want visitation, she wants her daughter. Gwen says that Theresa is being ridiculous. She should be blaming herself for what has happened. She wishes that Theresa would be more rational. Theresa says that she has a nerve talking about rationality as she tried to commit murder. Theresa starts flying off again. Rebecca calls to the bailiff and reports that Theresa is starting again. The bailiff tells them all to go outside with this. Pilar will pray for the Cranes and those living in the house. Rebecca wants none of that voodoo. Rebecca offers to be there to help raise Jane to show her what it is really like to be in a family and not living with the Queen of Mean…”Mamasita”. Theresa has had enough of Rebecca’s racial slurs and she flies past her mother to Rebecca. A scream is heard. Pilar doesn’t even turn her head to watch it. Theresa is at it again.

Kay says that Sam and Grace back together would be the way to go. Grace deserves a second chance. They all do. Jessica hopes that her father will say yes, as she listens from outside the room. Sam knows that he has to call Grace. She may come back to visit but Sam doesn’t see Grace getting back with him ever. Jessica pouts at her father saying this.

Theresa is pulled off Rebecca this time. Pilar begs her not to do this. Theresa could be arrested for this. She wants to go home with Theresa and think about this. Gwen tells Theresa to go home and get Jane ready to leave. Theresa asks Ethan who he is. He knows how much she loves Jane. How could he do this to her again? Ethan says that Theresa is the one that put all of this in motion. Rebecca tells Theresa to tell it to the judge, but oops…the trial is over. Theresa says that the only way that this is going to happen is over her dead body. She marches out with her mother. Gwen begs Ethan to remember that they are the best things for Jane right now.

Luis comes out to the yard with tea for Sheridan. She isn’t warming up to him yet after their big blowout. She has her back to him. He starts talking to her but she gets her back up. He decides to go back inside and she stops him. She has been thinking about them. Luis has been doing that too. People think that they are crazy, but they know that they have shared many past lives together. Luis knows that but this life is the one that he cares about. They used to come together in love every time. They lived through wars, sickness and disaster but they could only torn apart by external forces and that separation had nothing to do with their love. This time though, they are being torn apart by each other.

Tabitha and Endora eat and are happy over the fact that very soon Luis and Sheridan will be kaput!

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