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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Valerie is over helping Chad with the baby. They are having a great time together. She realizes that the baby has no name yet. What are they going to call this baby?

Whitney hears a baby crying as she is in the hall of the courthouse. She goes over to peek at the child. It is a baby with his mother sitting on a bench. Whitney remembers what it was like to be with her own baby for a short while. Fox finds Whitney in the hall and thinks that something is wrong with her, but nothing is wrong. Fox can see that the baby touches her deeply. He knows that nursing her own baby the other day touched her. Fox begs her to level with him and tell him why she gave the child away.

Ethan repeats his request to the court. He would like Gwen’s charges dismissed and he would like to be the custodial parent for Jane. Ethan feels that he has proved that Gwen’s attack on Theresa was a result of a drug reaction. Theresa is stunned at how things seem to be turning out. Theresa turns to her mother asking her if this can really happen to her. The judge asks the attorneys to approach. At the bench, the judge says that she doesn’t like that Ethan has mixed the child custody with the other charges before the court. He slid one under the wire and she doesn’t appreciate that. However, the judge will make an exception and give Jane to one of her parents.

Sheridan is blowing up balloons in the park. She is awaiting her son’s arrival home. She tells a woman in the park that soon she is going to get the best surprise of all. She is sure of it. When he comes home she will never let him go.

Beth is confessing that she has done something terrible to Luis and Sheridan and that she can’t live with it anymore. She can’t keep her secret any longer or she will surely burst.

Mrs. Wallace secretly wishes that her daughter had waited for her mother to be out of town before she confessed to these crimes. Her mother is glad that Beth is facing up to the things that she has done, but still she wishes that she wasn’t linked to all this somehow. She never really agreed to the things that Beth did. Beth is going on about how she has to confess and tell everything. Every last detail. Edna says to herself that Luis better brace himself as they could be there all day.

Gwen hugs her husband. She thought that perhaps he had given up on her but she is pleased to see that he didn’t. Theresa is upset that Gwen might have her bail revoked and be free at any moment. She canít let that woman take her child.

The prosecutor isnít sure what is going to happen now. Things have changed. Ethan had good evidence. Theresa attacks Eve on her creditability. The prosecutor says that in spite of what Theresa things, Eve is a professional and reliable witness. Pilar tries to stop her daughter from saying these things about Eve, but Theresa will not stop. Theresa wants to talk to the judge and tell her the truth about what is really going on.

Sheridan sees her mother in the park reading. Sheridan can’t believe her good fortune. Sheridan interrupts her motherís reading. Sheridan has tried to call her mother but she never called back. Katherine wanted to call but she didnít.

Sheridan had hoped that she would call. Katherine wanted to stay away. She didnít want to come between Sheridan and Luis. Sheridan says that she couldnít ever come between them. Sheridan says that things have been happening and soon she will have evidence that Marty is her son. Katherine is happy for her. Sheridan is pointing to the balloons that she has. She has them to welcome Marty home. They are all going to be a family and no one will tear them apart ever again.

Beth is still talking to Luis and he would like to hear everything from the beginning. Beth says that she feels ashamed. She says that at the Blue Note she was with Alistair Crane. She made a deal with him. He came on to her and he tried to get her into bed. He is the owner of Book Café and Beth was worried that she would lose her business. She was being blackmailed. Luis turns to Edna wondering if she knew about this. Beth said that she was over her head with Alistair. He wanted her to do something terrible. He wanted her to help breakup he and Sheridan. He offered a cheque for thousands and thousands of dollars. She made a deal to destroy Luis and Sheridan. Edna has her back to Beth and Luis and she rolls her eyes at the whopper her daughter is telling to the man. She may just get herself out of this after all.

Chad sits with his baby and he thinks about what name he should call the child. Chad wishes that Whitney could help him with this. She gave the child up, but Chad knows that she still loves the child. He walks off with the child to another room. Once alone, Valerie says quietly that the child and Chad will not be in Whitney’s life anymore.

Fox demands that Whitney tell him what is really going on with the baby. He knows that this really isn’t her. He has just spent the time trying to make a judge get his child back. Whitney begs him not to do that. Fox is at a complete loss here. He would like the truth. He demands to know the truth. Whitney can only tell him that she is sorry. She marches off.

Theresa accuses Ethan and his family of being an example of the rich using their money to get what they want. Rebecca and Gwen just smirk at her. How could Ethan do this to her? He knows that Gwen wanted to kill her. Gwen starts getting angry but Ethan stops her. This war is going to be over. He wants Gwen to let this go. He will go and talk to Theresa about this. He approaches Theresa asking her to talk with him about their future. The way that he says that hits a note with Theresa and she complies with his wishes. Theresa heads into the hallway with Ethan. Rebecca warns Gwen that in the future she is to nip Theresa in the bud when possible. This entire situation has gotten totally out of control. There is no need for it. It all could have been handled from the beginning.

Out in the hall, Theresa turns to Ethan wondering how he could do this to her. She told everyone that she didn’t think that he could ever hurt her this way, and yet here he is. He didn’t want to do this but she had been warned that he would take the steps that he is taking now. He reminds her that he begged her to stop this, and she wouldn’t. She only sees Ethan, Jane, Little Ethan and herself. She shouts at him that she loves him and she knows that he loves her. She throws herself on him and kisses him as the tears fall out of her eyes. Ethan gets caught up in the kiss and kisses her back for a while. Then he pushes her off him shocked at the power that she still has over him. They had something once, but not anymore. He is married to Gwen and that is that. He is not going to leave her no matter what. He tells Theresa that there is no chance for her to be with him. Not now and not ever.

Whitney goes to the park. She sees Chad, Valerie and the baby at the park getting some sun. Maybe that is a good thing. Whitney turns to leave, but someone calls her name. Whitney turns to find Chad moving towards her with the baby. This was the last thing that she needed or wanted. She puts her head down as Chad approaches. Valerie greets Whitney from the rear. Chad asks Whitney to help him name the baby. Chad moves to Whitney with the child but she doesn’t want to hold him. She ends up holding him as Chad goes on and on about naming him.

Katherine is happy for Sheridan’s news about getting her baby back. Marty is her grandson. Katherine hopes for the best for Sheridan. She will do nothing to get in the way of Sheridan’s relationship with Luis though. Katherine wants Martin to build his life with Pilar and his children. She has been staying away from him because of that. She would like Martin to have the life that he could have had. Sheridan wishes that Luis could see her mother like she does. Katherine promises to keep her distance so that the people in the family can be happy. She knows that everything that she has done is right if she can have all that. They hug.

Beth admits to taking money from Alistair to help to break Luis and Sheridan up. She is almost in tears as she tells her story. Beth had been struggling to make ends meet and she felt that she should take the cheque. She promised to help Alistair, but now she wishes that she hadn’t. Edna loves the tale that Beth is spinning.

She turns and asks Beth if she has left anything out. Beth doesn’t need her mother interfering right now. Luis picks up Edna’s thought and takes the lead. He asks Beth if she had done anything to make trouble. She has said that she took a cheque to do something but did she actually do anything? That is the question. Edna smiles at her daughter, waiting to see how she is going to squirm her way out of this one.

Ethan really wants Theresa to get that they are over for once and for all. Theresa finds all of this to be nonsense. She knows that the judge will not take the baby from her. Ethan wants her to be clear about what is going to happen here if he can help it. She is clear about that. She has a question for him. “If a burglar takes something, does it belong to the burglar in the end?” He finds her question silly. Of course the burglar doesn’t own the property. Theresa agrees. That is why she knows that Gwen will never have him as Theresa had him first. Gwen comes into the hall telling Ethan and Theresa that the judge has made a decision and that they need to return to the courtroom. The court is waiting for them.

Valerie stands by as Chad talks to Whitney who is holding the baby. They discussed baby names before she had gotten pregnant. They always said that they would call the baby Miles Davis. It is settled then. That will be the baby’s name.

Fox comes to the park and finds Chad, Whitney, the baby and Valerie standing around in the park. “What the hell is going on here?” Fox starts making his way over to the group to see what they are all so happy about.

The wind picked up and the balloon that Sheridan is holding blows off into the clouds. She tries to catch it, but it is beyond her reach in no time. That’s okay. She is so happy that it doesn’t even matter to her. She will have Marty and that is better than any balloon. Sheridan invites her mother back to the house with her so that they can have a real celebration but Katherine will not come with her. She wants them to be happy and Luis will not be happy with Sheridan’s mother there.

Luis wants to know everything that there is to know about Alistair and Beth’s involvement. He waits for the punch line to this joke but it never comes. Edna wants Beth to tell all. Beth won’t do it. She won’t tell everything that she has done. She only says enough to explain why she and her mother were in the house the other night. She says that she took the cheque but that is all that she did. Alistair scares her. She called Luis because she is afraid of what Alistair is going to do to her. She begs Luis to help her with this. Alistair will come after her. Alistair Crane is the father of darkness. She begs Luis to save her. Edna smiles to herself over this dramatic show that Beth has come up with. Beth finishes up her confession. She was weak and she begs for Luis to give her his strength. Luis offers to help her with this. She worries that Luis will hate her for what she has done. Luis only sees that Beth has been taken advantage of. Luis offers to protect her whatever the cost. He admits that he knew that Beth and her mother were at the mansion the night before. He is glad that she has told him the truth. That says a lot about her.

Fox interrupts the group with the baby. He learns that his son has been named without his input. Chad reminds the man that the child isn’t his anymore. Fox has had it with both Whitney and Chad for now. He leaves. Whitney has to go now. Meeting up with Fox twice in one day is too much for her. She returns the baby to his father’s arms and walks off. Valerie watches her walk off. She listens as Chad tells his baby that Whitney is his mother and that she will be with them soon. Real soon.

The judge is ready to give her judgment. The judge knows that Gwen has an impeccable background in the past. The judge agrees that Gwen acted out of character because of the drugs that she had been taking. The charges are dropped and the case is dismissed. Gwen goes to Ethan and hugs him with all her might. He has done the impossible and she is truly grateful for that. Her heart is full because of what he has done for her. Theresa didn’t win this round. Theresa has tears in her eyes. “They won mama. They did this to me. Ethan did this to me!” Gwen is beside herself with joy over the verdict. She clings to her husband, happy to be free to be with him for the rest of their lives.

Valerie and Chad tell Miles that he has had a big day today. They continue to sit in the park with the baby. Valerie tells Chad that things are going well at work. Things that Chad has put into place at work have been doing very well. They decide to get back to the office and finish off their deal. They walk off.

Whitney is in the bushes and she hears Valerie and Chad and how happy they are doing.

Fox arrives at Chad’s office. No one is there. He finds a file. Chad has been working on the project. Fox flips the pages and reads. He knows that his grandfather will be really happy with the work that Chad has done, so Fox steals the file and leaves. He will be damned if Chad gets his job too.

Beth is singing to her baby. She is so happy now that Luis is gone. Edna is cranky, but Beth reminds her that an hour ago, there were going to be on the lam, and now they get to stay in town. Beth played on Luis’s hatred for Alistair to get things to work out her way. Now she knows that Luis will side with her and that will drive Sheridan crazy. Edna falls to her knees to pray to the angels about this. Beth says that the secret that Alistair is her father is still hidden. Soon Luis will be with Beth and Marty and they will be together forever.

Luis opens the door to the house and Sheridan is waiting. She sees that Marty isn’t there. Beth’s confession was that Alistair approached her about breaking them up. Sheridan doesn’t believe this. Luis saw that Beth felt totally ashamed about her part in all this. Sheridan knows that Beth must have found out that people knew that they were in the mansion. Luis can’t believe this. Luis believes Beth. Sheridan finds that he is falling for Beth’s lines again. She is telling Luis about the truth about the baby and still Luis doesn’t back her up.

Theresa is furious. She is shouting in the courtroom. The prosecutor and Pilar try to calm Theresa down. Theresa will not let anyone take Jane from her. Rebecca and Ivy snicker at the thought of Jane possibly being theirs now. The judge rules again. She is disturbed that Theresa drugged Gwen and stole the eggs to make herself pregnant. Theresa says that doesn’t matter as the child is really hers. The judge says that the only reason that the child is hers, is because she stole the eggs. The judge can’t ignore this situation. She feels for the moment the stable and best place for the child is with Ethan and Gwen. They are given temporary custody of the child until the judge can deliberate on this some more. Gwen rushes to Ethan to hug him for getting everything that they wanted this day. Theresa hangs her head in sorrow at losing her daughter to her enemy.

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