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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Ethan shows up for court. Rebecca is glad to see him. Gwen breathes a sigh. Ethan is not there to defend her she thinks. It is too late to defend her. Theresa smiles. She is sure that Ethan is doing this because he is going to be hers. The judge wants an explanation. Ethan heads to the judge to talk in private. Ivy arrives and learns that she has missed everything at the hearing. She is upset to hear that Ethan has arrived after the hearing ending. Just whose side is he on? Gwen’s or Theresa’s?

In Las Vegas, Ned is getting the shake down to pay money that he borrowed to gamble. A beautiful woman in Vegas hears her cell phone ringing but ignores the call when she sees that the number is from Harmony. It is probably her mother so why should she answer. Ned says that the thugs threatening him should back off as this isn’t the 60’s. He is being flippant with the men. He is no afraid that they are going to hurt him. There are laws about that. They are going to beat him up if he doesn’t pay up. The blonde woman with the mother in Harmony watches the scene unfold. Ned is in really deep trouble.

Edna tells Beth that Eve knows that she and Beth were in the mansion the night before. Edna went there to talk about getting some operations to make her like new again and she was asked what she was doing in the mansion the night before. It is not long before everyone puts things together. Beth says that Eve might not go to Luis and Sheridan about this. Edna knows that Eve is going to tell about this. They are dead. Edna hurries to pack her things.

Sheridan is on her way out the door when Luis pulls her back roughly. She can’t wait to get over to Beth’s house and get her to explain what she has been doing with Alistair in his house. There is a connection, and Sheridan knows that her being Marty’s mother is part of it. Luis reminds Sheridan that she is making wild accusations again. Sheridan says that things are obvious now. Luis will try to find out with her but he wants to do things methodically. Sheridan thinks that there could be other reasons for this but they have to find out. Luis says that might be true, but he still can’t see Beth in the middle of this. Sheridan says that she is going to get the truth when she visits Beth and makes her confess to taking the baby and terrorizing at the same time.

The prosecutor tells Theresa that Ethan has been searching for evidence and he thinks that he has something that can save his wife. Theresa is disappointed. She was sure that Ethan avoided the hearing knowing that Gwen would lose without him.

Gwen tells Ethan that she is glad that he is there to help her. She knew that he wouldn’t let her down. He hopes that she is holding herself together and he says that he is going to try to help her.

Luis points out that all that they have to go on with this idea that Sheridan has, is that Beth and her mother were in the mansion. That is not enough. Luis wants to be the one that talks to Beth. Sheridan wants to be there. Luis says that Beth is still upset over the last time that Sheridan called her a liar. Luis says that this is the best way to get answers if there are any. Sheridan sees that he is right. Sheridan warns him that he needs to be smart with Beth. She knows that Marty is her son.

Beth is making a call. Edna is furiously packing her things to get out of town. She is angry with Beth for trying to get a hold of Alistair. Beth gets no answer to her call and hangs up. She is disappointed that Alistair is not there to guide her in what to do. Edna knows that Alistair doesn’t care about them and that calling him is a waste of time. He only wants to make sure that no one finds out that Marty is his grandchild. That is his agenda and anything that doesn’t lead him to keeping that secret is of no importance to him. Edna says that the connection to Alistair is out and there is only one thing left to do. They have to hit the road. Luis and Sheridan are probably on their way over as they speak. Beth is not moving. She is not convinced that they have to run. Not yet. She can do something else. Mrs. Wallace hears something in her daughter’s voice that wasn’t there earlier. “Oh no! Not murder!”

In Vegas, Ned has run out of time. He is taken by two men for a walk. The blonde and the girl with her stop the 2 thugs that are leading Ned. The main thug doesn’t like to be bossed around by Paris Hilton wannabes. She takes offence to that.

She orders the men to call the hit off or she will see that they are the ones taking a walk in the desert.

Ethan addresses the court. He says that Gwen is a great human being. Gwen admits that she did try to kill Theresa twice and she did steal the baby. Theresa stands up saying that Gwen needs to be put away forever. The judge puts Theresa in her place. Ethan continues. He has information about various conditions that could have caused Gwen to act the way that she did on the occasions when she didn’t do the right things. She was given a drug it seems that could have caused Gwen to act irrationally if they are mixed with a list of other drugs. Ethan has handouts for the court. Mixing of some of these drugs with the anti-anxiety drug could cause the mood swings; flawed judgment and that could have caused Gwen to act the way that she did. Theresa stands up shouting that she objects. The judge says that if Theresa can’t behave she will be thrown out. The prosecutor tells Theresa to settle down. Theresa will not. Ethan has finished his address to the court. Gwen thanks Ethan for what he did. That made perfect sense. He did good work. Ivy comes up to pat her son on the back for the good job that he has done. The prosecutor talks next to the court. He says that Ethan’s presentation is not conclusive and he would like the judge to disallow it as part of the evidence to be considered. Gwen and Rebecca shudder in their seats when they hear this. With the sweep of her hand, the judge could just wipe the slate clean again and throw everything that Ethan had just presented out the window. Although what Ethan said is true, it doesn’t mean that this was the reason exactly that Gwen did what she did. They would be back at square one again. That would send Gwen to jail for sure.

Out in Vegas, the 2 beautiful women are ordering the hit off, but the thugs will not listen. The blonde says that she is smart and didn’t expect the man to be freed for nothing. She removes her diamond watch and offers it to the thugs. They inspect it. The brunette is afraid of these men and what they might do. The blonde knows that the bracelet is more than Ned owed, and the thugs have to agree. They order Ned be freed and warn him that he is not to be seen around again, or he will need more than a diamond watch to save him.

The prosecutor says that this drug theory hasn’t any really weight to it, and theories like this are thrown out everyday. Theresa knows that this prosecutor will do his best to get all this thrown out. She sees that Ethan did some damage. Ethan has more to offer the court in the way of evidence proving that Gwen is not the person she may seem to have been before. He has an expert witness that will help with this. In addition, he asks the judge’s permission to bring the witness in.

The Bailiff calls Dr. Eve Russell. Eve enters the courtroom.

Edna knows that Beth is up to no good when she gets too pensive. Beth will not discuss her plan. She goes to her phone and dials.

Luis is on his way out the door, when his phone rings. Sheridan was just saying goodbye to him, as he was on his way to Beth’s house. It is Beth. Sheridan listens as Luis talks to Beth. Luis hears something different in her voice. She sounds upset. She says that Marty is fine but she is upset. She has something to tell him. She wants him to come and see her. She has a confession to make. Sheridan hears Luis repeat the word confession and her eyes get as big as saucers. What is Beth saying to Luis? More and more she believes that she was right bout this woman all along.

Beth sounds like she is playing right into their hands on this one. Beth says that she has done something and she would like to confess about it to him in person. She knows that she is peaking Luis’s curiosity, and that is part of the plan. She will not talk on the phone about it, but will tell him more when she sees him.

Eve is sworn in. Theresa is upset that Eve is doing this against her. Theresa can’t lose today. Eve testifies that she is aware of the anti-anxiety drug that Gwen took, and that it has side effects when mixed with other drugs. The prosecutor will accept that the drug does damage when mixed with other drugs. Eve did prescribe the drugs that are in question. She was not the one that injected the drug that would have caused the side effects. Ethan has a statement from Dr. William Baird who was the one that injected Gwen at the hospital and supposedly caused the reaction that Gwen experienced. He didn’t know the other drugs that Gwen had been taking currently. Dr. Baird was the on call doctor that night and treated Gwen the way that he would have treated anyone else. He didn’t know that there were 2 other drugs that would have caused violent behavior much like the type that Gwen exhibited. Eve knows that Gwen’s actions could have been a direct result of the drugs that she had been given that night. Ethan thanks the court for its patience.

Luis probes Beth for more. She will not say more. She only wants Luis to come over right now. Luis hangs up. Sheridan is happy at last. Luis has to admit that there might be something to all of this after all. They are finally going to get their child back. She knows that her father helped them to do this. Finally this nightmare is going to be over.

Edna can’t believe her ears but apparently it is true. Her daughter is going to confess to everything to Luis. She finally sees that she has been backed into a corner and that she has to tell the truth. Edna falls to her knees and thanks the angels for her daughter finally confessing her sins. She turns to Beth reminding her that she is to make sure that Luis knows that she was the only one that did any of this. Beth is fine with that. She will take the blame for all of it.

Ned and the rich blonde are walking together enjoying Las Vegas. He owes her. They discuss how he called her a hooker earlier. Now it seems like something to just laugh at. They get a table together and Ned apologizes for calling the woman a hooker. They pretend that they just met and they start over. He plans on paying her back for what she did. She likes that he is cute and sexy as well. He has observations about her too. He says that she is beautiful, not easily intimidated, and she is obviously very rich. She helped because she felt responsible for what happened to him. She doesn’t care much about the watch. Her father sent it, but she knows that the secretary actually buys it. Her family is strange and alien to her. That sounds familiar to him. He sees that she had no sentimentality for the watch. Still he will repay her for the debt. She moves closer to him, daring him to start repaying her now. They kiss.

Theresa is upset. She thinks that the prosecutor should be doing more. She will not listen. Theresa stands up and addresses the court shouting and saying that Gwen tried to kill her and that this drug stuff means nothing. The judge tells Theresa to sit down. Theresa says that Eve is nothing but a drug pusher and she is up for murder too. Whitney stands up and asks Theresa what it is that she thinks that she is doing. That is her mother up there and she has been nothing but kind to Theresa in the past.

Theresa can’t stop now. She is losing everything. Her family is at stake. Theresa will do anything to keep her baby and make Gwen pay for what she has done. Rebecca and Gwen laugh at the way that Theresa is freaking out. She is losing it. Eve steps down from the stand and Ethan approaches her, thanking her for helping him out. She leaves. Whitney is angry now. She tells Theresa that this time, she has gone too far. She walks out after her mother. Pilar turns to her daughter. “How could you do this Theresa? How could you?” Ethan has concerns now. It will be Theresa’s turn to go up to the witness stand next.

Ms. Crane suggests that she and Ned get out of there to be alone somewhere. Her phone rings. She takes out her phone and looks at the number. Ned happens to see at the area code is from Harmony. He knows the place. It is a small world. Isn’t it?

Whitney catches up with her mother and apologizes for Theresa. Eve knows that Theresa didn’t mean to hurt her. Eve knows that her past will always catch up to her and hurt her. Eve knows that Whitney will experience the same things. She hasn’t even see her baby’s face. Whitney says that she has seen the baby and held him. She has even nursed him. Eve is so happy. Now Whitney knows that bond that a baby brings. Whitney says that nothing great happened for her after seeing the baby. She never wants to see him again.

The prosecutor says that he has nothing more to say at this time. He has answered to everything that Ethan has presented to the court and he hopes that the court will not give the evidence about the drugs as much weight as Ethan would like.

Ethan is prepared to make his motion to the court. He approaches the bench and he asks that all charges be dismissed and that he and Gwen be the custodial parents of Jane. Theresa looks like she has been slapped. She thought that Ethan would never do a thing like this to her. Rebecca and Ivy discuss what they think is going to happen with the verdict. It is certainly looking good for them at this point. They are pleased as punch at the way that things are turning out.

Sheridan is at the cottage alone looking at Marty’s picture. She is almost home now. She is so happy now. She knows that when Luis returns he will have news that will bring Marty back to her and no one will ever take him from her again. She won’t allow it.

Luis arrives at Beth’s house and he looks into Beth’s eyes. He can’t wait to hear what it is that she has to say. She tells him to sit and listen to her and what she has to say. Luis sits. Edna knows that this is going to be good. Beth starts explaining that she did something terrible, and it is something that is so horrible. She did this thing to he and Sheridan and she has to get it off her chest.

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