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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Ivy has come to see Sam. He is fine seeing her. She is there to get the rest of her things. She enters the house. She sees all her things packed at the door. That hurts Ivy. Sam offered to let Ivy stay over the night before. Jessica shows up on the scene glad that Ivy didn’t stay the night before. Isn’t that woman out of there life yet?

A beautiful young woman is out and walking about in Vegas. A woman gets a call inviting her to Fashion World. She wouldn’t miss that for the world, and she will be sure to bring her cheque book.

The woman meets up with another woman named Veronica and they eye the eye candy around. The fancy sexy woman would like to meet a different kind of man for a change. A bad boy. She eyes a very sexy looking man in the distance. She has found the bad boy that she has been looking for. She makes eye contact with the man who eventually sees her and he smiles back. He is in a card game in the park with others.

At court, Theresa, Pilar and Whitney arrive. Theresa is asked if she would like to drop the charges. She will not do that. Rebecca and Gwen show up for court and they walk into the room slowly. Ethan is nowhere to be found. Gwen has high anxiety over this. She hopes that Ethan will be able to save her from prison. Theresa overhears her wish. She assures Gwen to her face that she will be going to jail for sure.

Eve is suspicious of Ethan and what he really wants to do here. Does he want to see Gwen go to jail? Maybe he really does want to be with Theresa. Ethan denies it, but Eve isn’t sure that she believes him.

Alistair and Beth discuss how they could be found out at anytime. Beth has no idea what he is talking about. What has happened she wonders? He starts to talk to her, but they are interrupted. The phone rings and it is Edna touching base with her daughter after spending a glorious day shopping and living it up. Beth sounds concerned about something but what? Beth gives the phone to Alistair. Edna is not happy when she hears Alistair’s voice. “Listen you old biddy. You are in trouble. Very, very big trouble.”

The women staring at the very handsome man notices that he is not paying enough attention to them. They know that they are beautiful women so what is his problem? The woman makes a bet with her good buddy Veronica that the man will be attached with her very soon. She is willing to risk losing her very expensive bracelet to make this happen.

Alistair heard that Edna has been spending wads of money and dressing like Paris Hilton instead of the pathetic old bag that she is. Alistair warns her not to make him angry. She is warned to keep a low profile from now on. She is ordered to stay in the house from now on. He hangs up. Edna will not stay in the house as she has been ordered to. She has the cash and the style and she is going to party. Beth didn’t know what her mother was up to. She thought that Sheridan had figured something out.

Luis and Sheridan have the housekeeper from the Crane mansion at the house and they tell her that she needs to tell them about Beth and Edna being in the house the night before. They know that the pair were there and they demand to have more information. She admits that she knows something. Sheridan waits for the information to come to her from the housekeeper. The woman will not talk. She has kids and can’t afford to lose her job. She is also afraid of Alistair and what else he might do to her. Sheridan offers to give the housekeeper her earrings. She takes them off and offers them to the woman. They are diamonds and they will tide the woman by in between jobs. All she has to do is tell what she knows about what went on in that house the night before.

Jessica finds that Ivy has a lot of nerve coming back to the house. Sam will not have his daughter talking to Ivy this way. Jessica is shocked at how he can stick up for someone who lied to him. She did lie but she was right about some other things. Jessica needs some help. She almost died. She has lost her innocence in the process. Jessica reminds him that her life went all wrong after he hooked up with Ivy the slut. Jessica knows that if she were Noah she would have gotten a pack of condoms for her behavior. She doesn’t want to hear anything more about family values until Sam gets his whore out of the house.

The handsome man goes by the name Ned. Somehow that doesn’t sound like a name that this kind of sexy man should have. The blonde has a feeling that she isn’t going to lose this bet. She will have her bracelet back. She heads over to the table where the man is playing cards. She stoops beside him hoping that he notices her. She knows some of the men at the table. They offer to let her play but she decides to sit this one out. Ned plays little attention to her. He gives her a poker chip. She asks him what that is for. He thinks that she is a working girl. He tells her to get lost so that he can win some cards. The woman is flabbergasted. She has just been insulted.

Ethan says that he will do what is right today at court. He will not listen to Eve anymore about this.

Theresa finds that Gwen looks nervous. Maybe Ethan isn’t going to show up at all. Gwen is sure that Ethan will be there to save her. Theresa says that Ethan will probably be late so that Gwen ends up in jail. Then she can have him all to herself while Gwen is doing time. Gwen and Rebecca go to their side of the room and sit at the defense table. Gwen is really shaken now. Rebecca starts to call Ethan. The Judge and the Bailiff enter the room. “All Rise!” Everyone stands for the judge’s entrance. Everyone that is but Ethan. The judge will not wait for Ethan. He has to request that in writing. Theresa sees this as a sign that Ethan is doing this on purpose to put Gwen in jail where she belongs. She sees this as a sign that Ethan is setting things up to be with Theresa.

Pilar isn’t all that sure that things are as her daughter sees them. Gwen is really panicking now. Theresa has hit her hard with her predictions. The fact that Ethan is not there seems to be making Theresa feel like she has won already. Maybe she has. She has been trying to keep her head up, but the panic is starting to hit her. Ethan is not there as he said he would be. He has moved the trial up and he isn’t there as he promised he would be. Where is he? What is Gwen doing to do? He is the only one that can save her at this point. If he doesn’t show up, she will be going to jail forever.

In Vegas, the woman is furious that Ned thinks nothing of her. He is a rude uncouth bore. She is terribly insulted. She returns to her partner in crime. The partner tries to take the bracelet as her winnings for betting correctly that Ned wouldn’t be interested in meeting a new woman, but she loses the struggle. The attempt at getting this man’s attention hasn’t ended yet. The woman will teach this man a lesson that he will never forget.

Eve is at the office when she hears her name called by a familiar voice. She looks up to see Edna standing before her in an outfit…to die for… The woman has on pants that are multicolored and far too tight for a woman her age. Also there is this short little poncho jacket thingy that she has over her shoulders. Her hair seems to have little or no grey in it. She has brown hair now. Eve tries to take it all in. She has taken care of the outside of her body and now she would like to get her leaking problem fixed. Eve knows that there is a surgery for this but she knows that Edna’s insurance will not pay for that. Edna says that she is ready to pay cold hard cash.

Beth assures Alistair that she will do anything to keep the secret they share if that will get her Marty. Alistair loves how Beth is like him. They really are kindred spirits. They have to be careful because if Beth loses Marty, Alistair will lose his empire.

Luis watches as Sheridan whittles the housekeeper down to nothing. Finally the woman agrees to take Sheridan’s earrings in exchange for information on what went down in the mansion the night before. Sheridan is so happy. She turns to Luis. Now she is positive that she will be getting the information that she needs to prove that Marty is her baby. Luis says nothing but the look on his face says she is setting herself up again for another fall. The housekeeper tells how Beth and Alistair were up in his bedroom and then the mother showed up. Sheridan asks about her father and his actions with Beth. The housekeeper says that Beth and Alistair were acting like they were on a date. He called down and asked for a bottle of champagne. Then the mother came in and tried to get to the couple upstairs. She made her way through. The housekeeper was knocked out and the butler found her on the floor. She doesn’t think that Alistair did anything with Beth, there wasn’t time before the mother came by. Luis asked if the housekeeper went by the bedroom door at all. The woman did. They were talking about a secret that they had to keep quiet. Sheridan feels that she has heard everything that she needs to hear. She takes her earrings and Sheridan promises to protect her if Alistair finds out about this. She leaves. Sheridan feels that this is what they were waiting for. Sheridan feels that Luis has to admit that Beth is a monster now too. He hasn’t been willing to admit to that, but he has to now.

Edna puts bundles and bundles of money on Eve’s desk for the payment of her operation to stop her from wetting herself. Eve wants to know where this money came from. Edna says that she came into a little money. Eve remembers Edna leaving the mansion with a large bag with something in it. Eve says to the old woman that she wasn’t dressed like this last night when she was leaving the mansion. Edna is surprised to know that Eve had seen her the night before. Edna knows that she is busted now.

Ivy says that she is sorry that Jessica is acting this way and that she only sees Ivy as a whore. She knows that Jessica will regret coming between Sam and his love. Jessica doubts it. Ivy turns to leave. Sam stops Ivy and tells her that there were other problems with their relationship anyway besides Jessica. Jessica can hear them. She wonders why Ivy would think that she would take lessons from her about love. Does she even know her daughters names anymore?

In Vegas, The beautiful woman tends to teach this man a lesson for treating her like common trash. She returns to the poker table and stands behind Ned. She sees his cards and signals the man before him on how he should play. She makes sure that the man loses everything. She will not have anyone referring to her as a common prostitute. He loses again. Soon he owes money for his troubles. After he loses, he gets up and walks off from the table.

Two guards follow him, stopping him. He has to pay this money back. He says that he is a little short right now. That is too bad because they will not let him go anywhere until he has paid his debt back. The two beautiful girls watch the scene unfold and smile coyly. Payback is sweet.

Beth holds the baby and that just reminds Alistair that Sheridan having that baby with Luis has muddied up the Crane name.

Sheridan has it all now. Alistair has helped Beth and Edna set this all up. Sheridan knew that Beth was at the nightclub and that must have been where she got the knife.

Proceedings have started. Gwen is described as a menace of society. Rebecca is very offended and stands up to object to her daughter being called names. The prosecution rests. Theresa sees that Gwen has no chance now. The judge has no choice but to render a verdict. Gwen begs for more time to let her lawyer show up. The judge will not let anymore time pass. The district attorney says that they should revoke Gwen’s bail as she has proven to be violent in the past and may continue to be so. She has taken the baby and run off and she has attempted to hurt Theresa not only once, but twice with a sharp object. The judge has to agree with the district attorney on this.

Gwen has no business being out and about. She revokes Gwen’s bail and orders that she be put into custody. Gwen slowly rises to her feet. “NO…NO…”

Sam is ashamed of his daughter. She is making Ivy feel worse than she needs to. Jessica only sees that he is still on Ivy’s side. Sam tells Ivy to wait as he goes to talk to Jessica in the kitchen. Ivy thinks to herself that she doesn’t have a relationship with her daughters. She takes out her cell phone and dials a number.

In Vegas, the blonde’s phone rings and she looks at the ID. She doesn’t answer. It isn’t important. The call is from Harmony. Ned is being a real smart-ass. He finds that these two thugs are being a little hard. What are they going to do to him anyway? Take him into the desert and make sure that he never comes out?

In court, Gwen is beside herself. She whispers her fears with her mother. Theresa is loving every minute of this. Everything is going as she said that it would. The door to the courtroom opens and Ethan arrives. Gwen is furious. After all this time he shows up now that everything is over. Theresa smiles. There he is. There is the man that she loves.

Alistair and Beth are on the same wavelength. They know that the secret has to be kept. He leaves but will touch base with Beth later. Mrs. Wallace has come in the back way of the house and she whispers loudly for Beth to come to her at the back of the house. Beth turns from the front door. Her mind is heavy with everything that has happened. When she sees her mother, she has no idea what to think. The person in the house with the walker sounds like her mother but she doesn’t look like her. “Bethie! Bethie! Come on! We gotta get out of town. Sheridan knows that we were in Alistair’s house the night before. We gotta get out before they come over here.”

Over at the cottage, Luis and Sheridan have gotten dressed. Because of what the housekeeper has told them, they have decided that they need to go and see Beth and demand answers as to what has been going on with Alistair in his house the night before. Sheridan is overjoyed. She really believes that by this time the next night, they will have Marty with them instead of living with Beth.

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