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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Theresa is in bed having a nightmare. She is mumbling, “no…no…”

She dreams that Ivy, Rebecca and Gwen are three witches casting a spell over a cauldron. In the dream, Theresa appears, and the witches order her into the pot. Suddenly she is chained up and standing in the pot.

While she is struggling in the pot, Jane appears and Gwen is holding her. Theresa screams and screams at losing her baby and her life. Pilar hears Theresa shouting in her sleep and she goes into the woman’s room. “Theresa! Wake up!” Theresa is still asleep. She continues to talk in her sleep. “Save me Ethan!”

It is morning and Ethan is ready to go to court. He has a hearing that morning that has been moved up for Gwen.

Mrs. Wallace is home watching the Home Shopping Channel. She is buying jewelry and tiaras on the phone. Beth comes downstairs and takes the phone from her mother. She can’t spend this money before she even has it. Mrs. Wallace hasn’t even cashed the cheque yet. Beth warns her mother to play things quietly. Sheridan can’t find out that they were paid off and are keeping a secret for Alistair.

Eve gets a call at the office and runs to get the phone as she is in the outer office at the hospital. She senses that it is important. Sheridan is calling Eve at her office. She just wants to confirm that Eve saw what she did the night before. She has a plan and before moving to the next step, she wants to be positive that Alistair had Beth and Edna in his house the night before. Luis hears Sheridan in the living room talking and he comes in to see what she is up to. He finds her ending a call on the phone with someone. Sheridan ends her call quickly to Eve. Luis asks what Sheridan is doing. She says that she is putting things in order to prove finally and once and for all that Marty is her baby. Luis hides his downcast face from Sheridan when he realizes that she is moving full steam ahead with this plan of hers.

Gwen is worried that she is going to jail. Ethan knows that, and that is why he has come to her to go over her case and make sure that there is a way to get Gwen out of the charges. The hearing was supposed to be next week, but Ethan has moved things up. Rebecca feels that maybe Ethan has done this change of schedule to make sure that he doesn’t have to go after Theresa. Maybe he still has feelings for Theresa. Ethan denies that he cares for anyone more than Gwen.

Whitney and Pilar are in Theresa’s room and they learn what Theresa’s dream was about. Gwen, Rebecca and Ivy are witches, but Ethan isn’t a bad person. Theresa will not have the bond between a mother and child broken and she is sure that Ethan feels the same way. Whitney thinks back to her visit with her own baby and she knows that what Theresa is saying may have weight. She feels a bond for her own baby. Whitney reminds Theresa that she will lose Jane and everything else that is dear to her if she is wrong about this and loses the fight for her baby.

Mrs. Wallace has an idea to use the lottery as an explanation for having all this money. People are going to be bound to be curious about where the cash came from. Beth worries that the bank will see that the cheque is from the Crane’s account. Edna has been looking at the cheque and Alistair has made sure that the cheque has nothing about the Cranes on it. It is a special cheque.

Sheridan explains to Luis that she has a feeling that she is going to have the chance finally to get her son. Surely Beth and Edna being at Alistair's house has something to do with that. She has suspected Beth and Alistair separately of conspiring against her, but this makes more sense to her. What if they are working together? Luis is concerned again that Sheridan is building herself up for a fall. Sheridan gets immediately angry with him. “Why are you never on my side about this?”

Theresa wonders why Whitney is so upset about this. Whitney sees that Theresa could end all of this fighting and live peacefully from now on, but she is dragging this out because she feels that Ethan is going to come back to her. Theresa only needs to get Gwen in jail and things will be better for them all.

Ivy stands up for her son. She says that he means what he says. He doesn’t want to hurt Theresa but he doesn’t want to see Gwen in jail either. Ethan turns to Gwen asking her to remember everything that happened the night of the stabbing. Gwen remembers that Theresa took away any hope that she had of having a child of her own. Theresa was shouting at Ethan that she was going to have a baby. Gwen was furious. She was shouting at Theresa about all the chances that she missed in life because of her. Gwen got so upset, she passed out. She was crying that day and collapsed. Ethan put her on a gurney. Doctors and hospital staff attended her to. Gwen felt then that Theresa had to die. She took a scalpel and stabbed her. Theresa was shouting at her, “Gwen no!” However, Gwen had stabbed her in the back and it was done. Gwen can’t plead temporary insanity because there were really no extenuating circumstances.

Eve calls Ethan and she says that she has time to talk to Ethan about Gwen stabbing Theresa. She tells him to come to her office now. Ethan relates the news, and says goodbye to the ladies. He leaves. Rebecca warns that Ethan had better do right by her daughter, or he will wish that he had never been born.

Beth loves that she is a Crane now. She won’t have to worry about anything for her baby. Edna knows that Beth is living a lie thinking that Marty is her son. Edna lazes with her tiara and defends herself when Beth attacks her about telling that Alistair was her father earlier. Edna says that she didn’t’ know because she slept around a lot. Beth calls her mother a slut. Edna reminds Beth that if it weren’t for her and her good time with Alistair, she wouldn’t be here. Life is going to be perfect now.

Sheridan feels that Luis has to see that this has Alistair all over it. No one else could have done this, and involving Beth was a genius move. If Luis doesn’t believe her now, then to hell with him. Luis only is concerned that Sheridan is making wild accusations and they have no proof. Luis has to admit though that Beth and Edna being at the mansion is a little weird and needs looking into. Sheridan thanks God that Luis is finally seeing the light. She tells him that they are going to get dressed and head over to the Wallaces and find out what the hell is going on with those two.

Theresa is dressed and sharing coffee with her friend and mother. She is still sure that Ethan will not take her daughter from her. She also believes that no court would take Jane from her to give to a man that has his wife in jail. Whitney sees that Theresa is a single parent too. Also Ethan is financially secure and Theresa is not. Theresa isn’t really in as good of a position as thinks. Theresa knows that Ethan is going to stop this. Whitney feels that the opposite is happening. Ethan has to be working as hard as he can to get Jane from Theresa.

Ethan goes to meet with Eve and he is definitely frazzled. He is stuck in the middle of all this. Theresa is delusional. Theresa is setting herself up for a fall. She will not hear a word that Ethan has to say to her. Eve is sorry that all of this is happening. Ethan knows that Eve has a lot on her plate with what has been happening with the baby lately. Ethan would like to see Gwen’s file to see if there is something that he can use in court to free her.

Beth can't believe that her mother slept with Alistair and didn’t know it. Edna used to work at the mansion as a waitress for the Cranes at their parties. Edna remembers it well. Pilar was there and she took care of the food. She was the main housekeeper. Pilar stops another servant asking if Edna has been around. The woman says that she hasn’t seen her for a while. Pilar walked off. The servant would put an open bottle of champagne on the table by the stairs and a hand would appear. Edna was behind a partition drinking all the booze instead of working. Beth would like her mother to tone down the money thing so as not to bring on any suspicion. Edna does just the opposite. She heads to the bank and gives the manager the cheque to cash for her. The man has a newfound respect for her and treats her with kid gloves. Edna ends up leaving with a wad of cash that she puts in her bag and walks out with.

Luis and Sheridan discuss this issue about Edna and Beth a little more. Sheridan has called the maid to ask her a few questions about who was at the mansion the night before. There is knocking at the door. Sheridan opens to the housekeeper dressed in uniform and ready for work.

She is worried that something may be wrong. Sheridan explains that she wants to know if there were guests at the mansion the night before. Luis stands ready to hear whatever the housekeeper has to tell them.

Beth plays with Marty on the floor of the living room. She hopes that she can keep her secret. She really hopes that her mother isn’t out making a spectacle of herself with all that money.

Edna is at a high-scale dress shop. She is treated with repulsion by the sales staff. Before coming into the shop, Mrs. Wallace bought herself a solid gold walker. A saleslady comes to Edna suggesting that she shop elsewhere. She says that this is an upper scale shop catering to the rich and famous. She is sure that Edna can’t buy anything that they have here. Edna opens her bag and shows her cash. “Will this be enough to shop here?” The woman is dumbfounded. She is used to serving patrons like the Cranes. The woman has to know. “Are you related to the Cranes?” Edna pauses and thinks on that for a moment.

The housekeeper is very uncomfortable answering questions about Mr. Crane. Sheridan understands. Alistair probably would have severe punishments for disloyalty from his staff. The woman refuses to answer any questions and runs out of the cottage.

Theresa says that Ethan understands that fate keeps pushing them together and that will keep Ethan connected to her. There is a call and Theresa answers the phone. Pilar and Whitney sees that Theresa is completely blind to reality. Theresa is finished with her call. Whitney jokes that Fate must have been on the phone. Theresa says that Fate was on the phone. That was the DA’s office and Gwen’s case has been moved up. Theresa sees that she is going to get what she wants sooner rather than later.

Ethan has tried to do right by Theresa but she has refused to be cooperative. Eve wonders if this is happening because Theresa believes that Ethan still loves her. Ethan cares for Theresa but he loves Gwen and has to do right by her. Eve feels that this might not be worth hurting Jane in the process. Ethan has an idea. He feels that he has a way to get the charges dismissed. Eve hears him but he should be happier. He isn’t.

Rebecca, Ivy and Gwen are having tea when someone knocks on the door. The housekeeper comes to tell Rebecca that there is a policeman at the door. Rebecca goes to the door to see the officer. He is there to make sure that Gwen makes it to court today.

Beth is playing with Marty on the floor. There is knocking at the door, and Beth opens to Alistair. “Daddy! What are you doing here?”

Edna doesn’t say that she is a Crane, but her money should be good enough. Once the staff gets a load of her cash, they start shooting items in her direction. They show her to a dressing room and they let her loose. Before going in, she orders the staff to bring her the works.

Edna tries on everything. She overdoes it of course. No matter what she puts on the staff gushes about how well she looks in everything. She takes baubles, and hats and scarves and air ornaments and pays for them all with cash!

Luis rushes to get the housekeeper before she gets totally out of there way. He brings her back to the couch and tells her that they understand that she is afraid of Alistair finding out and they promise her that no one will ever find out what she tells them. Sheridan asks her to say why Beth was with Alistair the night before.

Theresa gets ready to go to court. Theresa explains to Whitney and Pilar before they leave that things are going to work in her favor. They all file out.

The officer moves to Gwen telling her that he will be driving her to court. Rebecca says that Gwen will be attending court in a limo and not the back of the car. The officer is fine with that. He can follow them in his own car.

Rebecca flirts mercilessly with the officer, and he turns on her asking if she is coming on to him. She isn’t sure if he likes her attention or not. Ivy gets a call and sees that she can’t go with Rebecca and Gwen right now. She will meet them at court. She rushes off. Gwen is awfully quiet and her mother is there to tell her that everything is going to be alright. She walks to the officer in the foyer. The three of them all walk out together.

Eve sees that Ethan isn’t ready to do this. He is suddenly apprehensive. Eve wonders if Ethan has just realized that he really is in love with Theresa.

Mrs. Wallace has some of her new clothes on. She looks ridiculous but the sales staff just smile at her telling her how good she looks. She has all her purchases. She can even pay for some operations that she has been needing for years to make her like new again.

Alistair comes into Beth’s living room. He tells her that there was someone that saw Beth and her mother in the house the night before. Beth draws her breath in quickly. He says that at any time now they may be exposed as Marty’s kidnappers.

The housekeeper is really thinking hard about what it is that she should do about this. She owes Mr. Crane her silence, but Sheridan and Luis are nice people. Sheridan puts it to the housekeeper straight. She says that this may directly affect whether she will find out if Marty is her baby.

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