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By Boo
Pictures by Amanda

Tabitha cowers in the corner of Beth’s living room as the angels come to her. Tabitha is tired fighting good. She is sinking into the floor it seems. Her feet are stuck and she can’t move.

Edna and Beth are at the door ready to leave Alistair’s house. He gives them instructions to keep quiet one last time. Beth throws her arms around Alistair saying, “Good night daddy.” Alistair cautions her not to call him that. Eve is watching from the stairs wondering what is going own with Alistair, Beth and Edna. Alistair is ready to go back to bed now. He heads up the stairs. Eve acts like she is bumping into Alistair on her way down the stairs. “Oh Alistair what are you doing here?” Alistair looks up at her shocked.

Luis and Sheridan make up after fighting for a long time. Sheridan lets him know that she would like to have a baby with him and so they set about practicing.

Theresa tells her mother the plan that is going to help her get Ethan back. Theresa is going to set things up so that he goes after the person that really ruined his life, that way Ethan will see that Theresa didn’t hurt him and he will come back to her.

Rebecca and Gwen discuss the tabloids getting the information about Ethan and who his father really was. Gwen is worried about the news leaking out. Ivy and Ethan come into the room where Rebecca and Gwen are talking.

They all discuss Ethan and what he is going to do about Theresa. Ivy says that Ethan will do the right thing, and that in fact he has already filed papers against Theresa. Gwen hugs him in thanks for what he has done so far.

At Chad’s apartment, they find Whitney there. Chad demands to know what has been going on with the baby. Whitney is peacefully sitting with the baby who is being really quiet and good. Chad and Fox are shocked to see this scene. This doesn’t seem like the same woman that wanted nothing to do with her baby only hours ago. The guys move closer to Whitney and see that she is nursing the baby. The sight of that pleases both the brothers. She couldn’t find any formula to mix and she didn’t know how to mix it so she just decided to feed the child herself.

Rebecca hands out the drinks. She is so proud of Ethan fighting to keep Gwen out of prison. Fighting for his own child is the right thing to do. Theresa is finally going to get nuked. Ivy and Rebecca salivate over Theresa finally getting hers. Ethan is doing this to keep his wife out of jail, and not to get sweet revenge for Rebecca and Gwen.

Pilar thinks that it is too bad that Theresa can’t use her imagination to make a living because she knows that Ethan isn’t going to give up his wife for Theresa. Theresa just can’t seem to see straight when it comes to Ethan. He might just sue Theresa for Jane.

There is knocking on the door. It is very late. Who could that be? Theresa answers the door to a deliveryman. She is served documents. Theresa goes back to her mother opening the letter. She reads it. Ethan is suing her for custody of Jane. Pilar was right. Theresa feels that Rebecca and Gwen have set this up. She asks her mother to watch Jane. Theresa has to go and see Ethan. Rebecca and Gwen have clearly been manipulating him.

Luis and Sheridan start making love. It is their intention to make a baby. It is beautiful as ever. Sheridan smiles and laughs at the way that Luis can make her feel so good. She takes off his clothes and he takes off hers.

Eve pretends to be surprised to see Alistair on the stairs. She says that she didn’t expect to find Alistair there as he normally would be in bed at this time. Alistair says that he only came downstairs to do some work. She knows that isn’t true. He acts like she is the one that shouldn’t be downstairs at this time and he questions her. Eve legitimately ended up downstairs because she was getting water for herself and Julian. She acts like bumping into Alistair was just a coincidence. Eve and Alistair play each other. Alistair gets the better of Eve by offering to take her upstairs to get tamed. Eve says that she wants to know who Alistair was with this night. Alistair tells Eve goodnight letting her know that if she changes her mind about spending the night with him, she should just let him know. Once alone, Eve wonders why Alistair would lie to her and Julian about Mrs. Wallace and Beth being there. What is he up to? Why lie? Eve returns to the bedroom. Julian is waiting for her. She has taken a long time. She looks confused. She ran into Alistair and the man propositioned her. Julian is ready to kill the man. Eve finds that is not necessary. That would only make things worse. Eve witnessed something else though. It doesn't make sense. Eve saw Alistair sneaking Beth and her mother down the hallway and out the door. Eve asked Alistair about the visit and he denied the whole thing. He said that Eve had been drinking and imagined the whole thing. Julian thinks on what interest Alistair could have with Beth and her old mother.

Beth and Edna are at the outside of their house now and Mrs. Wallace is overwhelmed by the kind of life that they are going to live now. They enter their house. They find Tabitha standing in the living room with a tambourine. She shakes it from time to time. Tabitha is there to babysat. The angels head back to the mantle and turn back into figurines. Beth tells Tabitha that she can go now. Tabitha tries to leave but she can’t. Her feet are stuck to the floor. Tabitha thinks back to the angels in the room, and the floor literally holding her to the floor by holding her shoes. Tabitha makes an excuse for not being able to move from the spot in which she is standing. Her legs are too cramped she says. Beth sees that the cabinet door is open. This is the same cabinet where the figurine angels are held. The door is closed and suddenly Tabitha is free to move again. She heaves a sigh of relief.

Chad offers to relieve Whitney from her caretaking position of the baby, but Whitney is fine with holding and sitting with the child. She is smiling and the baby isn’t crying. Everything is perfect. She says that now that the child has been fed, he is comfortably resting and they shouldn’t disturb him right now.

Ethan still has problems going after Theresa. He did file the paperwork but he isn’t thoroughly convinced that he is doing the right thing. He still feels like she is a good mother and doesn’t deserve to be attacked on that basis. Gwen gives examples of Theresa screwing up and doing the wrong things for her children. Ethan says that Theresa is a lost soul that hasn’t grasp that her actions have consequences. Bang! Bang! Bang! All in the Crane mansion’s living room turn to each other wondering who could be banging on the door at this time of night. Ethan has figured it out. He figured that something like this might have happened. The ladies take a little longer to come around. Outside the Crane mansion, Theresa is banging on the door like her life depends on it. She has the paper that she was served with in her hand as she pounds on the door desperate to get into the house. She is madder than ever, and wants answers for what has happened this night. She demands that Ethan come to the door and see her. She will not leave. She wants to discuss what has happened only with Ethan. She refuses to believe it. Theresa continues to shout for Ethan to come to the door. She threatens to bust the door in if Ethan doesn’t come to her. Inside the mansion, Ethan can tell by the shouting that the process server has served Theresa. He heads to the door but Rebecca stops him. “Let the help deal with her. They have had their rabies shots”.

Julian remembers an odor when he went to Alistair’s room earlier that was particularly offensive, but he didn’t figure out where it was coming from. Eve says that she has smelled that same odor in the corridor, and that it is Mrs. Wallace’s medication giving her body that smell. There has to be some reason for Beth and Mrs. Wallace being in the house with Alistair. What could he have in common with those two? Why would he have them in the house? Eve feels a need to tell Sheridan what she has seen that night. Julian doesn’t understand what it is that she means. What is mysterious to them may mean something to Sheridan. Julian understands what she means. He will go with her to see Sheridan.

Luis and Sheridan have just made love hoping that this is the time that they conceive again. Luis knows that this could be the answer to their problems. Maybe getting Sheridan’s mind on another child that is truly hers, and off of Marty is the way that she could heal within herself. It is like old times for them. He strokes her back. Laying on his chest, Sheridan sneaks a peek at the picture of Marty and Luis’s father on a nearby table.

Beth comes down with the baby. He is awake anyway. Beth tells Tabitha that she can go now. Tabitha heads out the door. Edna finds that Tabitha is so nice to have come over and babysat for them.

Beth goes back to what she has just found out. She is Alistairís daughter and soon she will have Luis too.

Chad and Fox talk quietly and are happy that Whitney has made it this far with the baby. They see that she is going to have a hard time giving up her baby now. That is fine with them. Nature is taking its course. Whitney knows that they are talking about her and how she is bonding with her child. They didn’t have to whisper. She knows everything that is going on. She tells the men that they are wrong to think that she wants this baby. She tells Chad to take the child. She has had enough of him. Fox wants to know why Whitney has changed tune again. First she is fine with being with the child and now she canít wait to get him out of her arms.

She says that the baby isnít hers and that she was just helping. Chad knows that Whitney bonded with the baby while she was alone with him. She says that she was going crazy not knowing what to do with the child. Whitney demands that Chad takes the child from her but he doesnít move.

Theresa is still banging on the door, demanding that it be opened to let her in. She will not leave until someone opens the door and discusses this document with her. Theresa starts kicking the door. Ethan decides that he should open the door and face Theresa. Maybe they don’t have to go to court after all. Maybe they can bargain with Theresa now that she sees that he means business. Gwen says that they will not give her anymore chances to squirm out of a corner. Ethan will handle Theresa himself. Ethan says that Theresa will know now that he means business and maybe he can drop this suit. Ethan and Gwen head to the door. Theresa is banging on the door and screaming like a Banshee. She is getting madder the longer that she stays outside. Ethan opens the door to a very angry young woman. Theresa enters and she is mad. He had her served with court papers and he expects her to calm down? She pulls back and punches him in the jaw. Ethan takes the punch like a man. His head snaps back to stare at her in surprise. Gwen orders Theresa out of the house, but Theresa ignores her. Theresa feels that she has been attacked. Gwen says that Ethan is going to win this fight, and that Jane will be called Ashley then. Rebecca and Gwen come into the foyer to see the great show.

Theresa accuses them of being the ones that made Ethan do this to her. Theresa says that Ethan loves her and the child. Ethan tells Theresa that he didnít want to do this but she forced him to do this. Theresa said that Gwen stabbed her in the back, but then again Theresa was a sort of back stabber too. Ivy and Rebecca jump in to point out how wrong Theresa has been. Ethan wants all of that to stop. Theresa fighting with Ivy and Rebecca and then back again is how this feud has been kept alive all these years. Gwen knows that Theresa is the reason that they are all in this mess. Ethan defends Theresa. Ivy calls Theresa a monster and a mutation of a human being. Ivy orders her son not to be nice to her at this point.

Chad refuses to take the child from Whitney. He thinks that her holding him a little longer with make it harder for her to give the child back to him. Fox and Chad tell Whitney that they want to know what is wrong with her and why she has been acting the way that she has lately. They know that she hasn’t been herself. She has a secret. Now what is it? They want to help.

Beth puts the baby in the playpen.

Tabitha is watching from the yard through a window to Beth’s house. She can see Beth and her mother in the living room living it up. Tabitha wants to know more about the Beth/Sheridan/Alistair baby saga. Beth is feeling grand. “I am Sheridan’s sister”. Edna is counting her money. Beth orders Edna to watch the baby while she showers and washes the old man off her. Edna worries that the cheque that Alistair gave her will bounce. Beth is sure that Alistair will not risk their telling anyone about him. Tabitha wonders if Alistair can really be trusted at all. He is not one to have anyone pull the wool over his eyes. Beth tells her mother to put the money away and that the next day they will head out to the bank and cash the cheque. They can have some good times for a change instead of scrimping and saving for everything that they have. Mrs. Wallace will not share that cheque with anyone, although she got it for back support for Beth. Edna was the one that suffered for this cash, and she will spend it. Beth can find her own dough. Beth doesn’t care. Marty is really what she wants and she has that. She is sure that she will be getting Luis soon as a consolation prize as well. She dances up the stairs to have her shower.

Eve and Julian arrive at the cottage and tell Luis and Sheridan that Mrs. Wallace, Beth and Alistair were sneaking around the house together that same night. Eve confronted Alistair about having visitors that late, and Alistair denied everything. What does this mean? Luis is very interested in this. Everything snaps into place for Sheridan. Sheridan thinks that she knows exactly what this means. It means that she has been right all along about Beth, and that this proves it. She has always felt that Alistair has been behind whatever has been going wrong in her life and she hasn’t trusted Beth and not they find out that the both of them have been conspiring somehow. Eve and Julian look at Sheridan, not quite sure that this means what she thinks that it does. They wait for her explanation.

Whitney knows that the brothers mean well, but she can’t tell them what they want to hear. She says that fate is cruel. That is the problem in her life. She gives the child to Whitney. He is the father now. Fox reminds her that he is the biological father but that doesn’t seem to mean anything to anyone. Whitney orders Chad to take the baby out of town and make things easier for all of them. What is it about this baby that makes Whitney so upset?

Ivy relives the memories of living with Theresa and how she has ruined their lives, mostly ruining Ethan. Theresa denies that she sent the email to the tabloids. No one listens. Ivy feels that Theresa has mucked up Ethan’s future and now Ethan has to make things right by taking custody of Jane and enjoy doing it. Theresa starts coughing, but no one helps. Rebecca orders Ethan to get some water for Theresa. They don’t want her dead just yet. Ethan leaves the room to get some water for Theresa as he was instructed to do by Rebecca. While Ethan is gone from the room, an officer comes to the door and is promptly let into the house. Rebecca orders him to take the trash out. Theresa is still coughing as the man leads her out of the house. Ethan returns with water but Theresa is not there. He wonders where she could be. She was just there a moment ago. He is told that she left. Ethan finds that hard to believe but she isn’t there so what can he say?

Tabitha is watching Edna and Beth revel in their newfound status of royalty. She knows that Beth is dead in the water and that Alistair can’t even save her now. There is noise in the bushes and Tabitha runs off.

Sheridan explains what she thinks is happening here. She says that Beth and her mother are planning and scheming and that this has to do with Marty being her son. She believes that somehow Mrs. Wallace and Beth being in Alistair’s house has to be connected to her being Marty’s mother. She is sure that Marty is her son. Luis looks down to the floor as he listens to this drivel yet again.

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