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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Luis assures Sheridan and he and she are always going to be together and that nothing is going to tear them apart. Things haven’t been easy for them. Sheridan feels silly thinking that Beth was her sister. She was getting carried away, and she knows it now. She knows that could never happen, even in her wildest dreams. That would mean that Alistair and Edna would have gotten it on, and that seems impossible. Alistair has had his choice of beautiful women. He would never pick Edna. Would he?

Beth is not over the revelation that Alistair is really her father. She could have had a lifetime of happiness instead of the life that she has led. Edna remembers that day that Beth was born and she just popped out. Beth and Alistair shudder at the memory that Edna relives. Gees. The way that woman phrases things. Alistair wants to get serious again. Sheridan can’t find out about this. Sheridan will figure out that is why the DNA worked in Beth’s favor for the test. Beth will not say a word. Alistair turns to Edna. Is she going to keep her mouth shut now? She will, but she would rather have them pressed up against her lips.

Julian and Eve have just shared a beautiful night making love and concentrating on one another for a change. Eve wishes that Chad, Whitney and Fox could be as happy as she is. Julian knows that the truth has to stay hidden. There is nothing that can be done now. All the Eve and Julian can do now is be strong for their children.

Chad and Fox are pummeling each other hard. They are down by the waterfront and they fight over who is to have control over the baby. Although Fox has a bandaged hand, he gives as good as he gets. At other times when they fought, there was someone around to stop them, but no one is around now. This could mean trouble.

Whitney looks into the baby’s face and realizes how good and sweet he is. She can’t look away. She can’t do it. How can she be so close to the baby and not love him. He is a sweet baby, her baby. The baby coos softly as he looks into his mother’s eyes. Whitney is hooked. She knew that this would happen. She will never let him go. That is why she wouldn’t look at him at the hospital. She hates that Chad is her brother. Whitney put the child up for adoption to save his life. The baby is so cute, and so sweet. Whitney is sitting comfortably now with the child. “Oh my God. What have I done?” She knows that she has put two b brothers against each other.

Fox and Chad stop fighting for a moment to sling a few insults back and forth. Fox is determined to get his baby back. The fighting starts again. The rail breaks and both men fall into the water.

Luis and Sheridan laugh over the idea of Beth being Sheridan’s sister. Besides, they were born at the same time and that would make them twins which they definitely are not. That would mean that Alistair and Edna were lovers at some time. Alistair is not desperate. Sheridan believes now that Beth is not her sister.

Beth begs Edna to stop coming on to Alistair in her presence. That is so gross and he really doesn’t care for it. Edna stops her flirting but only for a moment. Alistair only wants to have the woman promise that she will not tell anyone that Beth is his daughter. That would spoil everything for all involved, and no one would get what they want. Alistair wants to make sure that no one knows that they were there tonight. He ushers them out of his private room. Edna remembers that she wasn’t paid back support for her troubles of raising Beth. This cheque that she has isn’t enough. She wants some trinkets that are in Alistair’s house, but he will give her nothing. He tells Edna to shut up and follow him out of the house. Edna stalls. “I will call Sheridan and tell her the news.”

Julian kisses Eve’s hand as they lounge in bed. He finds her exquisite and beautiful. He really loves her and she him. They hear shouting. It sounds like a woman is being hurt. Julian feels like his father has something to do with this. He rushes from his bed.

Beth and Alistair don’t like Edna pushing for more dough. They grab her and hold her on the bed. That’s where the screaming comes from. She wants more money. The cheque that he gave her won’t be enough. He promises that there will be more cheques if she cooperates.

There is banging on the door. “Father I heard someone shout out. What is going on in there?” Everyone freezes and stays quiet; hoping that Julian will go away.

Luis and Sheridan discuss their relationship, and their love for one another. The mood is definitely lighter now. Luis meant what he said to her in Mexico. They are going to be together forever. They are going to put all this horrible stuff aside and move on with their future. Sheridan kisses his fingers one by one, but afterwards, she can’t help but look over at the picture of Marty with his father on the table.

Whitney has a conversation with her baby and gets to know him better. Boy was her mother right about the bond that babies have with their mothers. Things are going to be a mess now. How can she fix this?

Fox and Chad are fighting in the water. When Chad tries to climb out of the water, Fox roughly pulls him backwards. Chad hits the water face down and stays that way. Fox takes this opportunity to get out of the water first. Halfway up the ladder, he stops and calls out to Chad. The man isn’t moving. He floats head down with his hands spread out beside his head. Fox thinks for a minute about helping him but then decides that Chad deserves this for what he has done. Fox continues to climb out of the water to safety, leaving Chad in danger. Fox is on the dock now. He shouts at Chad. “You deserve to die. Using my baby to get Whitney to move in with you. Good riddance.” Chad looks back at the water, and now he can’t even see Chad anymore. “Who am I kidding? Chad is my brother. I can’t let him die.” With that said, Fox dives back into the water and saves Chad. A police officer happens to be walking by and sees Fox pulling his brother out the ladder from the water. The police officer does CPR on Chad, and suddenly Chad is spitting up water. The officer demands to know what happened. “How did you end up in the water?”

Whitney talks and talks to her baby. She tells herself that she can’t get attached to the baby. Chad is her half-brother. That is all there is to it.

Luis asks Sheridan if she will stop being upset about Marty now. Sheridan grows silent. Luis can see that something is the matter. She is going to be honest. She loves Luis and so she has to say this. She hates feeling the way that she does, but she can’t help it. She is opening up to Luis. Sheridan still thinks that Marty is her son. Luis tries to hide the disappointment on his face. She promises that she will not act on this belief anymore, but she still believes it. Sheridan declares that it is true that Marty is her son.

Julian cries out again for his father to open the panel in the wall and let to let him in. In the private room, Alistair is upset. He wants Julian to get lost. Alistair tells Beth and Edna that they have to hide. He ushers them into his closet and closes the door. Alistair heads out to talk to Julian. Edna and Beth try to be quiet, but they also see that this is the perfect opportunity to go through Alistair’s pockets for cash. Julian is let into his father’s room and he looks around wondering where the woman is that he was torturing. In the closet, Beth and Edna find loads and loads of cash in Alistair’s suits. They pocket everything. Julian can’t see anything or anyone in his father’s room, but he knows someone is hiding there. He shouts out. “If you need assistance, I can call the police.” Julian is then gone.

Alistair lets Beth and Edna out of the closet with the plan to get them immediately out of the house. Edna refuses to leave the house just yet. She sees that Alistair is afraid of Julian finding out his little secret, and she makes some demands. She wants some of those trinkets that she was asking for earlier. Alistair sees that this is getting out of hand and he grabs a pillowcase to dump things in from his room. Edna even makes him give up his robe. Edna puts that in the bad. Alistair gets another robe and heads to the door to get these two out of his house.

Julian returns to Eve and tells her that father was probably hurting one of his bimbos. Eve coughs as she is a little thirsty. She offers to go and get the both of them some mineral water. 

As Eve goes into the hall, she sees the tail end of Mrs. Wallace heading down the long corridor. Eve isn’t all that close to the figure, but it certainly looks familiar to her “Mrs. Wallace?” What would she be doing there? Especially at this time of the night. Eve decides that perhaps she should follow the person to see what she or he is up to. Beth, Edna and Alistair are making their way out of the house. Edna gets tired and sits for a minute. Alistair goes to her to urge her to hurry and get out of the house before they are all seen. Eve comes into the same hall that Beth, Alistair and Edna were just in. Eve smells medication. It reminds her of Edna. Eve prescribed medicine for Edna, and that is the smell of it. Why would Edna be in the house? Eve continues to head in the direction that must have been taken.

Sheridan is not happy with the fact that Beth is going to raise Marty, but she won’t do anything drastic. Gwen was talking about the same feelings that Sheridan has. Gwen of course was wrong, but Sheridan is sure that she isn’t.

Whitney sits with her baby and rocks him. She thinks of the way that it could have been. She would come home and find Chad with their baby. Then she would take the child and feed him so that Chad could work on some of his music. She would sit beside him with the baby and rock in the rocking chair. Whitney tells herself that she has to stop thinking like this. She will not be raising the baby with Chad. The child cries. She guesses that he is hungry. She starts looking for something for the child, but she can’t mix formula as she has no idea how Chad has been mixing it. They have to wait for Chad.

The police officer asks again what happened with the two men. Chad seems unsure as to how to answer that question. Fox was attacking him, but Chad doesn’t want anymore trouble. Chad says that he fell in the water and Fox came by and saved him. Fox sees to relax, but doesn’t want to be grateful. The officer is happy with that explanation and leaves.

Fox tells Chad that he didn’t have to lie about how he fell into the water. Chad knows that. He knows that life would be easier if Fox would stop hassling him. Chad reminds Fox that they are brothers. Fox relaxes a bit as that is brought to his attention. Chad asks Fox to stop hassling him about the baby. Fox can’t back off from getting the baby. Chad can’t stop taking care of the baby that has now become his son. Fox is not going to let Chad raise this child with Whitney. Neither guy will give up on this. Fox knows that there is something bothering Whitney, and he would like Chad to work with him and find out what the problem is. Fox would have married Whitney, so her saying that she would have been alone is ridiculous. She may be experiencing postpartum depression. The brothers should be able to work this out. They brothers make a deal promising to figure out why things went so wrong.

Luis doesn’t know what to say to Sheridan over this. Sheridan promises that she will respect Beth and give her space. Luis wants that. Sheridan loves Luis and believes in him. She wants to get married and get with the family and take care of their lives. She loves him more than anything In this world. Luis loves her too. They should be making a baby. With that said, they both get up and head to the bedroom.

Ambulance attendants arrive at Chad’s building to find out what has happened to a child in the building. Chad and Fox see the attendants and ask what happened. They learn that there was an accident to some child in the building. Chad and Fox are not allowed in the building.

Eve is still hot on the trail of the people in the house. Alistair drags Beth and Edna further and further in the hopes of getting them out of there unseen. Eve has picked up the pace now, and she sees that Alistair is leading Beth and Mrs. Wallace out of the house. Mrs. Wallace is carrying a big sack, and Alistair takes it from her so that she can move quicker than she has been. She has a clear view of the trio now. Alistair almost has the women where they have to go. They stop for a moment. Eve reaches up to them. As she puts her foot down, she makes the smallest sound ever, but she knows that the group must have heard it. Alistair stops walking asking what that noise was that he just heard. He turns his head back from where they have just come. Eve silently hightails it back a few feet and hides around a corner, hoping that no one comes to investigate. She will get caught for sure. Alistair does return from where he came. There is a potted plant the size of a small tree around the corner. If Alistair had gone a couple more steps he would have seen Eve, but he doesn’t. Alistair returns to the group telling him that no one is there. He continues to make his way to the front door, and then he opens it once there. He tells Beth and Edna to hurry and go. Beth hugs Alistair, “Goodnight daddy!” He warns her to stop calling him that. Alistair pushes the door closed behind them. Eve is on the stairs. “I am not dreaming. Beth and Edna were really with Alistair. But why?”

Luis and Sheridan are in the bedroom starting to make love. They can’t even do that. Sheridan can’t keep her mind off Marty. Luis prays silently that God help them get Marty off Sheridan’s brain.

Chad tells Fox that they have to get into the building because Whitney is in there with his son. They run to find an alternate way into the building. A crowd builds outside the building. They have heard the terrible news that something is wrong with a child in the building. Everyone is sad and they all wait for news.

Fox and Chad have made their way into the building and they run up to the apartment. Chad and Fox burst through the door and then stop dead in their tracks. “What happened here?”

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