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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Eve bandages up Fox’s hand after he had smashed his hand in anger. He needs to understand why Whitney gave up his child for adoption. Julian knows that things would make more sense if Fox knew the whole truth. Fox hates that Whitney wouldn’t even look at her child. Eve thinks how Whitney knew that if she had contact with the child, she wouldn’t be able to give him up. Fox wishes that he had answers.

Whitney is watching Chad through the window and hearing her son cry. She wonders why he can’t stop the child from crying. Chad is frantic. The baby will not stop crying. He goes to the phone. He calls the hospital to report that something might be wrong with his baby.

Ivy lays into Theresa because she ruined her son’s life, or so Ivy thinks. Theresa will not listen to reason as far as the other ladies are concerned. She believes that Ethan loves her. She again denies that she sent the tabloids information to ruin Ethan’s life. Ethan doesn’t care about that now. Ivy sees that Theresa is nothing but a little tramp.

Gwen remembers talking to her mother about the tabloids and how they had kept this secret. Rebecca said to keep quiet about this and Gwen has done that all these years.

Theresa says that she would never hurt Ethan by passing bad press. She has been wrongly accused. She feels that Gwen and Rebecca are responsible for this and not her.

Luis is at the waterfront alone and he thinks about what has happened that night with Sheridan.

Pilar, Jane and Little Ethan are at the waterfront going for a walk. No one could sleep and Pilar decided to take everyone out for a walk. She used to do that with her kids when they were little. Luis remembers those times fondly. Pilar really has done a good job with her kids. The fresh air will make the kids sleepy and they will wake happy and refreshed in the morning.

Luis explains that he is out thinking about Sheridan. She has to stop thinking that Marty is her son, or they may never be happy again.

Alistair tells Beth that Sheridan can’t find out that she and Beth are sisters. She would demand another test and that test would prove that Sheridan is in fact Marty’s mother. Beth fears that.

Sheridan is at home getting information on why the test results would show Beth as the mother of Baby Marty, and she shudders as she realizes that Beth could be her sister.

Rebecca says that Theresa is bringing up this tabloid business to avoid talking about the charges against Gwen. The truth is that Rebecca knows that she is guilty as hell, and in fact responsible for ruining Ethan’s chances at living a rich privileged life. She wants this line of discussion changed to something else and fast. That is really what they should be talking about. She accuses Theresa of manipulating. Gwen finds that she is because she is demanding that Gwen divorce Ethan. In that case, Theresa will see that she spend the rest of her life in jail.

Pilar wants Luis to see that Sheridan has had a tough time losing her own child and is distraught. She doesn’t want to talk to Luis. Pilar thinks that her son should go and see Sheridan and make things right. She knows that her son will work this out. Luis knows that she is right. Luis hopes that Sheridan has come to her senses.

Beth sees that she has to keep the secret that she is Alistair’s daughter. She would have loved to have shouted it from the rooftops and benefited from the money that the family has, but she can’t. Edna is upset as she could have been living high on the hog all these years. Edna offers to stay and spend some time with Alistair. She wants to experience times with him all over again. Beth hates hearing this.

Sheridan can see that she has stumbled onto something. And it is something big. This would explain the DNA test results.

There is knocking and Luis enters the cottage hoping that Sheridan will be in a mood to welcome him. Sheridan is hard at work and happy for a change. Sheridan is happy to tell him her news. Luis tells her that he loves her so much and that he would like to be supportive of her. She enjoys hearing that. She has something to tell him. She has figured out the mystery. She knows why Beth seems to be Marty’s mother. It seems like Beth is Marty’s mother, but that is because Beth is Sheridan’s sister. Luis looks at her as if he is looking at a ghost.

Sheridan says that she went online and the only way that Beth could show up as Marty’s mother is if she were Sheridan’s sister. Sheridan marvels over the information that she has gotten form the computer. Sheridan knows that Marty is her son and she did this research to get at the truth. If the lab technician only looked at Beth’s DNA, then she would look like Marty’s mother, but if they looked at Sheridan’s too, then she would be proven as the mother. Luis is having a hard time with this. He is finding it hard to be supportive.

Beth wants to take her mother home now. It has been a long and trying night. Edna will not leave now. She has an idea. Alistair wants she and Beth to be quiet about Beth’s parentage, and Edna will do that for a price. She will blah blah blah to the tabloids if Alistair doesn’t start writing some cheques.

Fox is ready to go now. He has been bandaged up and will be fine in a while. Eve has looked at him and has advised him to avoid punching anymore walls. Fox suspects that Eve and Julian know more about his baby than they are letting on.

Chad tries to quiet his child, but the baby will not be still. He wraps the baby in a blanket and starts preparing to go out to get medicine.

Whitney has come to Chad’s door, and is standing there when he opens it. He is on his way out, but stops to talk to her.

Chad is glad to see her as he is leaving to go to the all-night drug store. “Whitney! Have you come to see your baby?”

Fox demands to know if there is something to tell. Julian says that Whitney seems to have her own reasons for not wanting to have the baby, and Fox will have to understand that Chad is the father’s baby now. Fox flares up. He didn’t give his permission for anything. He never knew that Whitney was going to use his Power of Attorney this way. He will get his son back. One way or the other.

Chad is glad that Whitney is there to see them. She doesn’t like that he is so happy to see her. She says that she is only there to find out why the baby is crying so much. He offers her the baby but she will not take it. She was concerned about why the baby was crying. She could hear him all the way down the street. The baby is has colic. He asks Whitney to watch the child while he goes to the drug store. He assumes that she will say yes and he puts the child down in the apartment and runs off. She calls to him but he is already gone.

The baby cries but Whitney can’t pick him up. She won’t even go near him. “Sorry baby.” She will not risk getting attached to the child.

Ethan points out that Theresa has her baby and she has no reason to push the charges through. When she didn’t have her baby that might have made sense, but it doesn’t now. She is just stirring up trouble. She will not drop the charges. She is sure that Ethan will not hurt her. She is positive of that.

Edna wants to be paid for her silence about Beth and Alistair. Alistair will not be blackmailed. Edna says that she deserves compensation for raising this hellcat. Alistair sees that he will not be able to win this and agrees to pay Edna off. He will get to them soon. Edna will not wait another minute. Edna picks up the phone and starts dialing. She knows that the Daily Chronicle will pay a pretty penny for this story.

Luis has to wonder who is Beth’s mother if Alistair is her father? Was it Edna? That is hard for him to believe. Was it someone else? Luis would like to believe Sheridan, but he can’t. Sheridan is crying now. She sees that she really must be crazy. If she really thinks that Beth is her sister, then she must be losing her mind.

Theresa gets home to find her mother fixing up the living room. Pilar explains that she took the kids out for a walk like she used to take Theresa. Theresa is down. She says that she went out with Whitney and she ran into Ivy, Gwen and Rebecca. They started attacking Theresa. They want Theresa to drop the charges against Gwen. Ethan said that if she doesn’t’ drop the charges, he will sue for custody. He doesn't want his child raised by a monster like her. Theresa isn’t going to do anything about this. She believes that Ethan will not take her to court. Theresa believes that Ethan loves her and will not take her to court.

At the Crane mansion, Rebecca and Gwen go into the house while Ivy and Ethan sit and talk on the porch.

Ethan isn’t sure that he can take Jane from Theresa. As much as he hates to admit it, he does in fact love Theresa as well as Gwen. Ivy says that he has to do it. No matter what, he has to put his feelings aside and do this.

Edna starts talking on her cell phone to the Daily Chronicle. She says that she has some news that they would be dying to get their hands on.

Alistair stops her, telling the old woman that he will write her a cheque. He writes her a cheque that makes her very happy. Beth is ready to go now with her mother. Beth says good night to her father and Alistair says goodnight to Beth, stroking her cheek and wondering what might have been. Edna is repulsed by Alistair’s clear interest in Beth as a sexual creature, although he knows that the girl is his daughter.

Luis wants Sheridan to think about this a little bit before flying off the handle about her reasons for Marty being hers. If Beth was Alistair’s daughter, wouldn’t Edna sue for support? Beth and her mother have been struggling for years. Sheridan knows that Luis is right. Sheridan knows that Luis is always right. She hugs Luis. He wants her to stop worry about this.

Pilar wonders what is going to happen if Theresa is wrong about Ethan and his feelings for her. Theresa says that there is nothing to worry about. Pilar knows that Ethan will not sit by and watch his wife go to prison. Theresa really believes that Ethan is going to come to him. Even after sending Gwen to prison. Pilar knows that Ethan will hate her for this. Theresa was at the Blue Note and Ivy and Rebecca brought up the tabloids that ruined Ethan’s life. Ethan still blames Theresa for that. She hates that Ethan thinks that she did that. Theresa sees that is the key to getting Ethan back.

Gwen is frazzled. What is Ethan going to do? Rebecca knows that Ivy is going to make Ethan go after Theresa. Gwen isn’t afraid of that. She is afraid that Ethan is going to find out that she was a part of the tabloids getting the news about Ethan and who his father really is.

Ivy tries to make Ethan see reason. Ethan does not intend to leave Gwen ever, even if Gwen goes to jail. He will stay with her until the end. Ivy loves her son, but he is only happy when he is doing the right thing. Ethan could end up with Theresa at the end of all this. Is that the woman that Ethan wants to end up with? Should she be the role model for Jane? She wants him to go after Theresa. That is the right thing to do for Jane.

Eve and Julian discuss Whitney and trying to get through to her. Julian would like to forget about everything but the two of them for a while. Julian leads Eve into a special room. He has candlelight, exotic foods in the room. Tonight he would only like to think about their love.

Fox is at the waterfront walking along. He bumps into Chad who is on the way to the drugstore.

Chad is met with a lot of questions about where his baby is. Chad says that the child is with a sitter and that he is on the way to the drug store. Fox isn’t surprised that the child is already sick.

The baby cries and cries and will not stop. Whitney will not go near him, and it is very hard for her to stay away. She prays and prays that Chad will return soon so that she will not go near that child and bond with him like her mother says she will. She has her back to the baby and tries to deal with the noise. It is really getting to her. Finally, Whitney goes to her child and picks him up. He immediately stops crying. She rocks him and he coos to the sound of her voice. She goes to put him down, but he starts crying and crying again. She picks him up and he stops. She can see that this is what the child wants. She rocks him and rocks him. She actually smiles. She talks to the child. “It is okay. You are a happy baby?” She looks at his precious face and sees that he is beautiful. He is perfect. He reaches his tiny hands out to her face. “He is so beautiful.”

Alistair says that he could have had a good time with Beth if they hadn’t been father and daughter. Edna hits him in the shoulder for still thinking dirty. He reminds Beth and her mother that they had better keep his little secret or Luis and Sheridan will find out the whole truth about her tricks.

Luis and Sheridan talk. She worries that she might lose Luis. He tells her that would never happen.

Gwen worries that Theresa will find out about the tabloid trick that she and Rebecca pulled. Rebecca says that is the least of Theresa’s problems.

Pilar wants to know more about this tabloid thing. Theresa says that an email was sent to the tabloids outing Ethan as a Bennett and not a Crane. Theresa will find out who sent this email and once she does that, she is sure that Ethan will come back to her.

Ivy wants Ethan to choose Gwen this time and make things happen. Ethan sees that his mother is right about this. He has to choose Gwen and Jane to make this right. Ivy knows that Ethan will Do the right thing. He says that he will. He will go after Theresa with everything that he has.

Eve and Julian sit at the dining table and listen to music. Things are much better now. Julian takes her hand and they dance together. This song that they are dancing to is a song that Eve used to sing. They are in the past when they hear this song. There is nothing else that they need to be thinking about and no one to worry about. She snuggles him as they dance.

Fox demands to know what is wrong with the baby. Chad says that the baby has colic. Fox becomes enraged. He says that he will go and see his son right now. Chad says that he will not. He grabs Fox and punches him in the jaw. The two start brawling.

Meanwhile, Whitney is at Chad’s place with the baby speaking to him and making the baby noises that infants love so much. She sees that she loves the sight of his little face and that worries her. To stop looking at the child, she puts him over her shoulder. Her brow is knitted. She is falling in love.

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