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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Ethan argues with Theresa. He asks Theresa to drop the charges against Gwen or things are going to get worse.

Luis comes to talk to Sheridan. She will not talk to him because he doesnít believe that Beth is the person Sheridan thinks that he is.

Alistair and Beth lay on his bed. He is on top of her trying to get her in the mood. She doesnít know why but she feels funny about this. It just doesnít seem right somehow, and not just because she is in love with Luis.

Mrs. Wallace is praying to God that Alistair and Beth not make love. She has been trying to find Beth all over town so that she can make sure that they donít have sex together. Edna has remembered that she bedded Alistair one night, and she is sure that Beth is his daughter. She raises her arms and head to the heavens. She calls out to the angels to help her with this. She canít let it happen.

Sam is with Ivy at the waterfront. Sam is trying to make Ivy come back with him to the house. Ivy canít do it. Ivy will be lulled into thinking that she would be able to stay. Ivy wouldnít want to have that hope.

Ethan demands an answer from Theresa. She canít drop the charges. Gwen is furious. She knows that Theresa is doing this to finally get Ethan for herself. Theresa tells Gwen that to get out of these charges, she will have to divorce Ethan. Gwen will not do that.

Sheridan sees that their relationship has to be more than sex and a relationship. She sees now that Luis doesn't trust her. She knows that he thinks that she has lost it this time. She is not crazy. She knows that Marty is her son, and that Beth is a monster. She canít explain the DNA test just now, but she knows that one-day she will be able to explain it. She would like to have Luis back her up but he doesnít. She thinks back to the nightclub when Luis thought that Sheridan was going to attack Beth with a knife. Beth attacked Sheridan, not the other way around. He should have given Sheridan the benefit of the doubt.

A scary giant housekeeper opens Alistairís door. Edna is there to see Alistair. She tries to get in but the housekeeper stops her. This is a matter of life and birth. Edna fights with the big woman and eventually gets into the house. Mrs. Wallace grabs her walker and heads to the door, but the housekeeper jumps on her back, dropping Edna to the floor. The giant servant comes after Edna again, and grabs her around the next. Edna hits her with a vase. They fight until finally the housekeeper passes out, seeing stars.

Beth canít do this. The thought of going to bed with Alistair is kinda gross to her, and she doesnít know why. She really doesnít want to do this. She is in Alistairís bedroom and he is coming on to Beth big time. He tries to make her relax but she knows that she will never be ready for this. He wants to go to bed with Beth and he will not stop. She says no, but he will not listen. He starts kissing her.

Edna gets to the top of the stairs and she starts searching door by door to find Beth. She wonít have to worry about the housekeeper for a while. She is out cold. It is harder than she thinks to find where Beth is. This house is huge. She prays for guidance and her walker becomes a radar that leads her from wall to wall until she gets to a wall hanging that seems to be the key to it all. Edna turns the ornament and a wall opens. She didnít watch McGyver for nothing. She enters the doorway that the hall has opened. She canít believe her eyes. There is a hidden room back there. Mrs. Wallace enters and then she sees something that she really does care for. "Oh! No!"

Sam doesnít want to hurt Ivy, but Jessica is in big trouble so that is the priority and that is why he canít let Ivy come first right now. He has to focus on Jessica now. Ivy knows that and agrees with him. She understands. She tries to leave but Sam stops her. He would like her to come home with him to have a place to stay. Ivy canít do that. She would be staying at Graceís house where everything is perfect. She canít do that. She has never had her own place. Sam will respect her wishes, and she will respect his. She touches his lips. "Goodnight SamÖGoodbye."

Theresa doesnít believe that Ethan will try to take her baby from her. He is angry now, but she feels that she knows him deep inside. Ethan assures her that he will do this. He will raise that child himself. Theresa says that Ethan will not do this. She knows that he loves her and that he has always loved her. If Gwen hadnít gotten pregnant, they would have been married. Ethan remembers the tabloids and the world finding out that he was Samís son. Ethan blames Theresa for that. Rebecca and Gwen look at each other quickly knowing that they were the ones in fact that contacted the tabloid.

Edna has found them. Alistair is furious at being interrupted by this old bag. He orders Edna out of the house. She will not go. She is there to stop Beth from making love to her father. Beth doesn't understand. "That is right. I am here to stop you from making love to your own daddy." Alistair and Beth stand stunned staring at Edna.

Theresa denies sending that letter to the tabloid. She has been denying that for years. She knows that someone else did this. Ethan doesnít believe her. Theresa swears on her childrenís lives that she wouldnít ever hurt him. Ivy overhears her and tells her that she is lying.

Beth repeats what her mother has just told her. Beth is immediately repulsed. Alistair tells Beth that isnít possible. Edna says that she did in fact sleep with Alistair. Alistair denies that this ever happened. Beth thinks that her mother must be making this up. She finds that her mother is jealous. Edna says that she is not lying and that she can prove that she is not lying.

Luis loves Sheridan and he tells her that all day long. They are arguing because she canít see how he can love her and then pity her all day long. He is watches what he says to her all day long to see if she is acting crazy. Luis doesnít feel that she is crazy, but there are things that just donít sit well. Luis feels that he is on her side, but she feels that he isnít. She goes to the door and opens the door. "If you canít be on my side, then get out!" Luis canít believe that this is happening. "You are breaking up with me now?"

Ivy gets on Theresa badly and Theresa ends up walking out.

Ethan sees that his mother is wound out. He will try to work things out with Theresa just one more time. He will not try anything until he knows for sure that Theresa is going to go through with this. If Theresa is that malicious, then she doesnít deserve Jane. Ethan walks off.

He finds Theresa at the bar. They are alone. She feels that they understand each other better when they are alone. Ethan says that Theresa has wrecked his life when she sent the tabloids the letter about his parentage. She will do as he says, or he will wreck her life.

Edna knows the story of the night that she spent with Alistair as if it happened the night before. Alistair finds the woman completely nuts. Edna remembers not sleeping a lot that night. Edna was hot in those days. She remembers every scrumptious moment of that night. Kids donít know anything about sex these days. They had disco!

Edna remembers dancing with Alistair on the floorÖmaking love to Alistair with him on top of her in her bed and her pad.

Edna has shivers remembering that they made such great love. She knows also now how Beth passed the DNA test. She has Crane blood in her veins. Beth turns to AlistairÖ"Dad?"

Sheridan wants Luis to leave her cottage now. She would like to think for a while. He tries to talk to her on the way out, but she doesnít even want that. She pushes him out and slams the door behind her. She is crying now.

Luis hears her and calls through the door for her, but she orders him to go.

Sheridan thinks of ways to make him believe her. She needs proof. How can she get proof? She has to find a way to prove that she is Martyís mother. She goes to her laptop and searches.

Theresa will not be accused of doing something that she hasnít. She denies that she sent anything to the tabloids long ago. Theresa wishes that Ethan would think about having a family with her. He tells her that she should forget those fantasies. He will sue her for custody if she doesnít cooperate.

Ivy is upset and sitting at the bar. She is fuming.

Rebecca and Gwen can see that Ivy is more than upset.

Ivy joins Rebecca and Gwen complaining about Ethan and his problems. She should be worrying about finding a place to sleep. Rebecca suggests that she come back to the mansion and stay in a room there. Ivy accepts.

Ivy is off getting her drink at the bar.

Rebecca and Ivy like the feisty way that Ivy is acting.

Ivy returns with her drink in hand. She has seen enough suffering for one day. She will not let Theresa get away with this. She stomps off.

Sam and Luis talk. Both men have separated with their women. Luis tells how Sheridan insisted on Beth taking a DNA test and it proved that Beth is Martyís mother. Sam can see how Sheridan is right in a sense wanting Luis to back her. Luis says he does back her, but she doesnít have any facts, but Sheridan saying that she has a feeling. Sam knows that women can sense when a child is hers.

Beth has come around to the idea that Alistair is really her father. All these years, Beth was so ashamed. She pretended that Ednaís stupid husband was her father and now she learns that her father is really Alistair. Edna hopes that Beth takes this well. The girl sits on the bed because she doesnít trust her legs. Her father is rich and all these years,

Beth has been paying rent, working her butt off. She almost slept with her own father. Edna tried to tell Beth the truth before but Beth kept hanging up the phone. Beth is angry now, but Edna puts a spin on things by making Beth see that she is a Crane. She is a Crane. Once the world knows that she is a Crane, her whole life is going to be perfect. Alistair says no. He will not let the world find out that she is a Crane. Not ever.

Alistair knows that Beth canít be a Crane because that would then tip Sheridan off to why the DNA test worked in Bethís favor.

Sheridan is searching the net and reading everything that she can about DNA. The only way that the test could have come out differently is ifÖ "Could it be? According to these websitesÖThe only way that these tests come seem like Beth is Martyís mother is if Beth is my sister"

Ivy finds Theresa and Ethan talking and she lays into her good. Rebecca and Gwen have followed Ivy and love every word that comes out of her mouth. Ivy blames Theresa for Gwen losing her baby and for all the trouble in Ethanís marriage. She talks about the tabloid and the fact that she wishes that Theresa were dead for stopping Ethan from becoming heir to the Crane fortune.

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