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Tabithaís house:

Endora eats in her high chair as Tabitha watches the mortals through her blue bowl. She knows that tonight there will be murder in the air. As she continues to watch, a hand with a knife pops out of the bowl. Startled, Tabitha jumps back and takes it as a sign that there will most definitely be a murder in Harmony tonight. She looks in on Edna and worries to Endora about what to do. She knows that she promised Edna that she would be right over, but if she does go over there it will mean that Edna will be free to go and find Beth. Finally, she decides to go but first asks Endora to turn her doll into a British nanny to watch her while Tabitha is gone. Endora does as her mother asks and the nanny appears. Tabitha tells the nanny that there are biscuits and tea in the kitchen before she kisses Endora goodbye, promising to return soon.

Ednaís house:

Edna has worked herself into a frenzy and canít understand what is taking Tabitha so long to get there. She needs Tabitha to watch Marty so she can go and stop Beth from sleeping with her father. Finally Tabitha shows up and tries to calm Edna down. Edna is frantic now though and tries to explain to Tabs that she has to find Beth tonight. It can not wait until tomorrow. Tabitha calmly sits on the couch and watches an almost hysterical Edna search for the keys to the car. Suddenly, Edna decides that she canít do this alone. She needs help from her angels. Tabitha is shocked to hear her say this and stands. She is horrified to see Edna open the armoire to reveal a Ďpraying stationí. Tabitha had no idea that Edna had this praying station and decides that she must get out of there. One little witch is no match for a flock of angels. Edna has dozens of candles lit in the cabinet and takes out a tambourine. She shakes the tambourine wildly and calls for the angels of heaven to help her. Tabitha tries to get out of there, but is distressed to find her feet stuck to the floor. Suddenly the windows blow open and a heavy wind starts to sweep through the room. Edna rejoices that her call to the angels has been heard.

Edna and Tabitha watch as three small angels come out of the armoire and float into the room. Edna continues to play the tambourine and rejoice that all the evil will be driven out of their lives now. The angels start to float towards a terrified Tabitha now. Edna decides that she doesnít need to do this. The Lord helps those that help themselves and she shouldnít be asking the angels for help with this. The angels slowly float away from Tabitha and back towards the alter. Tabitha asks Edna to close the cabinet before she goes in search of her daughter, but Edna tells her that she wants to leave it open so that Tabitha can ask the angels to guide her in her search. Tabitha isnít happy about this, but tries to cover up. Edna goes towards the open windows as the wind picks up again. A light surrounds Edna as she receives the inspiration of the angels. The wind is so strong that it blows Tabitha down into a matrix like pose, since her feet are still stuck to the floor. Gradually the wind slows again and Edna gleefully announces that they have just witnessed the power of the angels. She thanks Tabitha again as she puts on her coat and heads out the door in search of Beth and Alistair. Leaving a still stuck Tabitha alone with the angels.

Blue Note:

Most of Harmonyís population is still at the Blue Note. Ivy tries to convince Fox that he shouldnít try to discuss things with Whitney tonight since he has been drinking. Fox insists that he needs to find out why she has done this to him. At Theresa and Whitneyís table, Teresa again tries to get Whitney to stop drinking. Whitney tells her that she wants to just disappear. She canít believe all that has happened to her in the past year. Theresa, Eve, and Julian are the only ones that know the truth. She insists that no one else can ever find out. Fox approaches and overhears her say this. He demands to know what she was talking about.

Whitney tries to blow him off, but he is persistent. He doesnít even know who she is anymore. He wants an explanation. Whitney wants him to just leave her alone, she gets up and walks away from the table. Fox starts to follow her, but Theresa stops him and tells him that she will talk to Whitney for him. Theresa catches up to Whitney and again tries to talk her into telling Fox and Chad the truth. She knows that Fox doesnít deserve to be this upset when the baby isnít really his. Whitney refuses to budge on her decision and heads off to find a place to be alone and think. Theresa dejectedly sits down in a chair. Fox follows Whitney again and tries to get her to talk to him. She again tells him that she wants him to leave her alone. She then asks the piano player to play a song and she takes the mic. As she starts to sing about how messed up her life is now, T.C. and Liz hear her singing. T.C. starts to try to stop her from singing, but Liz stops him. She understands how he feels, but she doesnít think it is a good move to make at this time. T.C. decides that she is right. The two of them discuss how their attorneys will be able to overturn Chadís adoption of the baby and they will then raise their grandchild together. T.C. tells Liz how much he loves her and the two hug.

Luis and Sheridan continue to argue at Gwenís table. Sheridan canít believe that Luis is choosing Beth over her. He tries to reason with her, but she has her mind made up. She knows that Beth was the clown that held her in her basement. She knows that Beth stole her baby from her, and she knows that Marty is her son. When Luis wonít agree with her, she storms away from the table. Ethan joins Luis and Gwen and the three discuss the problems that Luis and Sheridan are having. Ethan asks if Luis would believe what Sheridan is saying if it was Alistair she were accusing instead of Beth. Luis would believe that, but he canít believe that Beth would do this. Gwen asks him what if Beth had teamed up with Alistair. Luis doesnít believe that Beth would hook up with someone as vial as Alistair. He takes off to find Sheridan as Ethan also heads to the bar to talk to his mother. Rebecca rejoins Gwen and the two of them talk about their plan to have Ethan sue Theresa for full custody of Jane if Theresa wonít drop the charges against Gwen. Rebecca names off the many crimes that Theresa has committed against Gwen. Twice, Gwen has to remind her mother that it was the two of them, not Theresa, that leaked the news that Ethan wasnít a Crane to the tabloids. Rebecca blows her off saying that no one else ever needs to know that.

Ivy still sits at the bar alone. Rebecca approaches and offers her condolences after hearing that Ivy and Sam have split up. She thinks that the two of them will get back together. Ivy doesnít think so, she really blew it this time. Rebecca does have some good news for Ivy though. She tells her that her and Gwen have found a way to get Theresa out of Ethanís life for good.

After Rebecca has left, Ethan approaches Ivy and also offers his support with the situation between her and his father. Ivy again acknowledges that she really messed things up with Sam. They discuss the fact that Theresa has re-filed the charges against Gwen. Ivy reminds her son that Theresa is a vile woman. She found out he wasnít a Crane and turned the info over to the tabloids without a single thought of what it would do to him. Ethan can hardly stand to admit this fact. He heads off in search of Theresa. He finds her sitting alone and tries again to talk her into dropping the charges against Gwen. Theresa is upset to see that he is drinking, but she is determined to make Gwen pay for trying to kill her and for kidnapping the baby. Ethan tells her that she is forcing his hand. If she won't drop the charges, she will force him to sue her for full custody of Jane. Theresa isn't worried about this at all. She knows that Ethan won't do that. He asks her how she knows this. She answers him by kissing him.

At Beth and Alistairís table, Beth continues to try to get Alistair to leave. She is scared that someone will see them together. Alistair tries to calm her fears and assures her that they will leave soon and he will take her home and to his bed. For now, they are staying because he feels murder in the air and he doesnít want to miss the action. He leans over and gives a very apprehensive Beth a kiss (EWWWWW!!!). He takes off to get a better ear full of all that is going on at the Blue Note tonight.

He finds Luis at the bar and canít resist rubbing it in that the Luis and his daughter are having problems. Luis isnít too pleased to even be in the same building with Alistair, but he has other things on his mind than dealing with Alistair. Back at the table, Sheridan has found Beth and accuses her of being there with Alistair. Beth denies it, saying that she is there by herself. After all the stress that Sheridan has put her through, she needed a night out and left Marty safely at home with Edna. Sheridan warns that she hasnít even begun to feel the stress yet.

Sheridan knows that Beth is the one that kidnapped her. She informs Beth that she was in Bethís basement earlier in the evening and she remembers everything. Beth tells her that she is crazy and should be back in the crazy farm. Sheridan shoves Beth, who falls to the ground. The two get into a fist fight, really slugging the crap out of each other. (We can hear Whitney singing in the back ground, but evidently no one in the club can hear this fight going on.) The two women continue to fight, knocking each other down, pulling each other up and knocking each other down again. Sheridan throws another punch and knocks Beth into another room, where Alistair sits calmly waiting. He hands Beth a knife and tells her to get Sheridan out of her life forever. Sheridan yells into the room for Beth to come out and finish the fight. With the knife behind her back, Beth does rejoin Sheridan in the other room, with the intent of ending the fight for good.

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