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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Eve and Julian smile as they watch Chad take care of the new baby. She is sorry that the moments to take care of Chad as a baby were taken from her.

Tabitha is watching Eve, Julian and Chad using her big blue pot. She knows that there is really something in store for Chad who is going to eventually find out that the baby that he has adopted is his own. Tabitha turns to Endora sees that her daughter has arranged to dress herself in a witch black dress. Tabitha reminds the girl that they need to stay dressed like good citizens to fool everyone else. Endora does a zap, changing herself back to her pink and blue pinafore dress.

Theresa and Whitney are at the bar and Whitney is feeling safe finally. No one is there to bother her about giving up her baby. Whitney has a drink. Fox has just walked in the bar and he sees Whitney having a drink with Theresa. He promises himself that he will not leave without something to help him get his son back.

The bartender apologizes to Ivy for her and Sam’s favorite song not working on Sam just now. She knows that it will probably take a little more than a song to get Sam back.

Ethan and Rebecca are arguing. She really feels that Ethan owes it to his wife to go after Jane.

Luis is telling Sheridan that she has to stop talking silly over Marty being hers. Sheridan sees that if Luis will not believe her about Marty being her son, then he will be acting against her too.

Alistair is at a hidden table watching all the citizens of Harmony in the bar go through whatever misery is currently taking priority in their lives. He loves seeing this. This is what it is all about for him. He chuckles as he watches through the sheer curtains.

Sheridan is upset with Luis and she goes stomping off to be alone. She goes to the back of the club and turns a corner. That is when she finds Alistair peeking through the curtains giggling. “What are you doing here?”

TC and Liz are out at the waterfront together. They are looking at the water. What could have possessed Whitney to do what she did? TC is bent on getting his grandson back.

Eve wants Chad to know that she thought about him and was desperate to find him. Julian would like to make up for the time that was lost now. Chad is going to need their support now that he has lost some of his friends and their support. Eve and Julian pause when Chad asks if they would support him having and raising the baby. Eve wonders what the motivation for getting the baby was all about. was this to get Whitney back.

Fox is walking over to Whitney but he is stopped. A girl named Lola stops Fox to talk privately with him. She is definitely flirting. Theresa looks back in time to see Fox entering the club. She suggests to Whitney that they relocate. Fox gets rid of the girl as fast as he can and he heads over to where Theresa and Whitney were sitting. He is shocked to see that no one is there. Whitney sits in the booth and scoots over to let Theresa in. She has no idea why they had to move from the bar, but she really doesn’t care.

Sheridan wants to know what Alistair is doing at the club. He sees nothing wrong with his being there and having a drink. What is the big deal? Luis comes over to the table hearing Alistair say that he has just been having an inconspicuous drink. Luis wants to know who the second champagne glass at the table is for. He looks around but he sees no one in the area. Alistair sees no reason why he should have to answer any questions about being there, especially when Luis is asking the questions. He isn’t committing any crimes. Luis isn’t finished. “I will ask you again. Who does that second champagne glass belong to?” Alistair smiles at him. Under the table. Beth tries to make herself as small as possible so that Luis and Sheridan will not see that she is the one that Alistair has been having drinks with that night.

Tabitha smiles to herself as she watches Alistair making a complete ass of himself. She thinks that mortals are silly. It would be easy for Alistair to tell Luis and Sheridan to get lost and mind their own business, but because he knows that he is guilty of something he lies and says things that make him more curious.

Fox orders a Scotch on the Rocks at the bar. Ivy finds her son, and comes over to sit with him. She reports that she is alone tonight. She isn’t with Sam. Fox can see that something is wrong. She tells how she has lost everything. Fox feels that they have something in common then. He has lost Whitney and he has also lost his son. His son was the only thing that ever mattered.

Sam tells TC and Liz about finding his daughter with that club owner Spike. The man got his daughter on drugs and took her innocence. Sam almost killed the man, and he wishes that he did. TC knows that Sam really doesn’t mean that. Sam feels like a failure with all the members of his family living all over the place. TC says that he is not in all this himself. He has Ivy. Sam says no. Sam used to think that Ivy was in his corner but she has been making things worse. Sam takes a moment to look over at Ivy at the bar. He had so much hope for the both of them. She senses that he is looking at her and she meets his gaze dead on. She wants him to see that she still loves him and would still like to work things out with him.

Gwen is a little frustrated. Why is Ethan not helping her with this full-heartedly? Why isn’t he going after Theresa with everything that he has got.

Alistair tells Luis and Sheridan that he is with a lady friend and doesn’t have to report who it is. If that is the case, then Luis really doesn’t care to see who it is that Alistair is befriending this night. Finally, they see eye-to-eye. Luis and Sheridan walk off. Beth is happy to be out from under that table. She was sure that she was going to be found out. She tells Alistair that she has to get out of there right away. He tells her to quiet down. He makes her sit down again.

Eve asks Chad again why he adopted the baby. Chad admits that he still loves Whitney more than a sister. Eve knows that those feelings can’t go anywhere. Having the baby will not bring Whitney back to him like before. Chad would do it all again. He feels close to the baby. They both had mothers that didn’t want them. Chad can relate. Chad has loved this child since he was a fetus. He will be the father that the child loves and deserves. Eve and Julian want to understand Chad. He was in foster care for years. He has learned from his past, and he is making his history mean something. Julian understands what Chad is saying now. He really does.

Whitney doesn’t understand why they had to leave the bar. Theresa suddenly sees Ethan and Gwen. She gets up. Whitney stops her. Theresa wants to go over there and talk to Ethan. Whitney asks her what she is going to do over there. Whitney is really drinking a lot and Theresa would like her to stop. Whitney says that drinking runs in her genes. Maybe she will find a guy and take him home that night. The waitress comes to the table, and Whitney orders another drink.

Ethan and Gwen can’t seem to agree about what to do about Theresa. Ethan only wants another drink. He leaves the table to get another one.

Luis and Sheridan are arguing now. He has spent the entire night trying to get Sheridan to calm down and stop this. Now she wants him to say that he buys into all this, when really it is all to fantastic for him to believe. He wants her to lighten up on Beth and the things that she has been saying. Luis has known Beth from high school, and he feels that they have been good friends for years. Sheridan says that Beth feels much more for Luis. She is obsessed. Luis will not agree. Sheridan wants Luis to either believe Beth or her. Luis can’t answer. Sheridan has had enough and she turns and walks away. Luis doesn’t follow.

Sam feels guilty that he has let himself feel something for another woman. He was lonely and he overlooked something that was in his face. Ivy was someone that lied and let his daughter down in so many ways.

Ivy can’t believe the story that Fox tells her of what happened with the baby. Ivy will help him with this. They will get Ethan to help them with this. Ivy thinks that it is nice of Chad to adopt the baby. Fox says that Chad did this so that he could get Whitney back and Fox will not let that happen.

Tabitha sees that there are things that mortals do that are too profane for her daughter to listen to, even as a witch. She covers Endora’s ears while the creepy things are spoken about. Time to change the channel. More incestuous lust. At least these two don’t know that they are related.

Beth needs to get out of the club. As long as Luis and Sheridan are there, she is in danger of being found out. Alistair stops her. He threatens again that he will tell Luis and Sheridan everything that Beth would like hidden. He does what he likes and says what he likes. He is looking forward to an exciting long night with Beth. She isn’t sure about sleeping with Alistair. She keeps thinking about Luis. Alistair thought that they had something in common. He thought that they thought the same way. He is sure that they are going to be good together.

Sheridan goes over to Gwen who is sitting alone. She tells how she has lost her son, and maybe Luis. Gwen never trusted Beth really. Sheridan has had enough of the woman herself. If she sees Beth, she is sure that she will kill her. Gwen smiles at the thought of Sheridan coming apart at the hinges.

Chad asks Eve and Julian to watch the baby while he gets something in the other room. Eve wonders what they should do. Julian feels that they should take things one step at a time. The child is so beautiful. They can only hope that the child will be spared for all the mistakes that were made. Eve feels guilty. Julian doesn’t want Eve to feel guilty. The child was meant to be. Eve knows that, but Chad should know that the child is his. Fox is devastated. he has the right to know that this child isn’t even his. It just kills Julian to see his son torn up over a son that isn’t even his.

Whitney gets more drinks. Theresa is acting judgmental. Whitney doesn’t care. this is going to be her new hobby. Theresa wants them to go home, but Whitney will not leave. She is going to get loose tonight.

Sheridan could kill Beth with her bare hands when she thinks of the things that Beth has done to her. Gwen knows how Sheridan feels, but it isn’t worth it to get physical. Now Gwen is going to jail and Theresa is walking about with a child that isn’t hers, all because Gwen got violent and broke a couple of laws. Sheridan doesn’t know how the tests were wrong at the hospital, but she does. Sheridan was in Beth’s basement, and she knew that she had been there before. Now she knows that she was held captive by the clown down there. Luis doesn't believe her though. Gwen knows what that feels like. Only now Ethan is finally saying that he believes in his wife. Sheridan just can’t understand why Luis can’t be with her on this one. Gwen asks Sheridan to ask Luis herself. Luis has come up behind Sheridan while she has been talking to Gwen, and now Sheridan realizes that he is there right behind her. She isn’t sure that she wants to talk to him right now.

Eve tells Chad that he is going to need a few things for the baby right away. Eve offers to watch the child. Julian offers to go with Chad to do some shopping.

Once alone, Eve holds her grandson and talks to him about this being the happiest time of his life. She tells the child that none of this is his fault. He is pure and innocent and everything that is good. Eve will safeguard this baby’s future with her life. She hopes that she will be able to do this and keep Whitney’s secret at the same time.

Tabitha laughs as she looks at Eve through the big blue pot. Tabitha knows that this secret about the baby is going to come out.

Ivy tells Fox about how Sam kicked her out of the house. She came so close. She had a loveless marriage with Julian and then she thought that finally she was going to be happy. Fox feels that Sam will be better in the morning. Ivy feels that Sam never got over Grace. Fox says that Grace left Sam, and that Ivy came in after. Fox believes in love. He is still trying to understand Whitney and love her but she has been acting like she never wants to see Fox again. This isn’t his ego talking.

Suddenly, Fox sees Whitney over in a booth with Theresa. He knew it. He knew that she was there all along. he gets up to go over to Whitney and get some answers.

Tabitha is laughing as hard as ever as she sees Fox walk over to Whitney. The phone starts ringing. Tabitha asks Endora to help her with the phone so that she doesn’t have to leave the big blue pot. Endora arranges for the phone to sail through the air over to her mother. It is Edna. She wants Tabitha to come over for a visit. Tabitha says that she will be there soon. Tabitha knows that Edna has concerns about Alistair and Beth. Well the Wallace hag can wait. Tabitha has to get a handle on what is going on here first.

Luis sits with Sheridan and Gwen and he tries to make up with her. Sheridan only wants him to agree with what she thinks. NO. She wants Luis to either be with her or against her. Every moment that Marty is with Beth, Sheridan can’t stand it. Beth is a monster to her. Luis would like to believe her, but he isn’t sure that he could be that wrong about Beth.

Beth tries to leave the table again. Alistair holds on to her hands and holds her to the table. Alistair says that he really feels that someone is about to be murdered tonight, and he is sure that Beth wouldn’t want to miss that. Would she? Beth cowers as Alistair speaks.

Tabitha snickers. She knows of what he speaks. Tonight there is definitely something in the air.

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