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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fox is angry with Eve and Julian for letting Chad get his child this way. Chad says that he only took the child because Whitney wouldn’t have him. Eve is sorry for this but the adoption is legal. Julian reminds Fox that the adoption agency says that this is legal, and so they have to deal with the matter this way. Fox sees no reason why he can’t get support from anyone for being the child’s father.

Theresa goes looking for Whitney after she has run off upset.

Whitney makes her way to the waterfront, and she is very upset.

She remembers talking to Theresa and being upset about her baby.

Tabitha and Endora are home and Endora makes her mother happy by using her special talents to conjure up some treats for them. Tabitha is so happy about the misery in Harmony this night. Tabitha heads to the big blue pot to see what other misery is going on with Theresa.

Rebecca and Gwen are at the bar. They would like to chat about Theresa some more.

Ethan meets up with the two women and is ready to talk about the contracts to get Jane from Theresa. First they are going to have a drink. Rebecca is sure that there will be something that will help them get the upper hand on Theresa. She has been mean and deceitful and they should have something that they can use against Theresa in court.

Luis and Sheridan are outside the club. Sheridan is upset with Luis for not believing her about being in Beth’s basement. Luis is skeptical that Beth kidnapped Sheridan and took her baby. Sheridan is still sure that Marty is her son and that Beth has planned all of this on her own. Sheridan isn’t sure how Beth did this, but she did. Sheridan needs to find proof that Beth isn’t the person that Luis thinks that she is.

Alistair and Beth are in the club, and he is pushing Beth to go to bed with him, which means that they should leave right now. Beth feels really strange about going to bed with Alistair all of a sudden. There is just something weird about it. Alistair threatens again to tell Luis and Sheridan about Beth’s plans to steal their baby, and of what she has been doing to them all along. Beth knows that Alistair has her in a corner.

Luis and Sheridan finally enter the club after having another disagreement over Beth being the big bad wolf. Sheridan stops short suddenly. Luis follows Sheridan’s gaze and sees what Sheridan is looking at. Sheridan is the first to speak. “I don’t believe this.” She can tell that this isn’t the place where she wants to be right now.

Whitney is looking at the rushing water. She can’t take this anymore. She is crying and hanging over the railing.

Theresa is at the waterfront calling for Whitney. She can’t find her anywhere. She searches high and low.

Whitney is standing by the railing and thinking the she just can’t go on anymore. She can’t take anymore of this. She turns to leave the rail and the railing gives way…

Rebecca sees the Ethan might be having a change of mind about going after Theresa and she tries to talk him out of leaving Theresa alone. She has to be punished for the things that she has done to Gwen.

Ethan sees his father at the bar alone and he goes over to him and talk for a while. It also allows him to avoid answering Rebecca’s questions. Sam reveals that things have been really bad and in fact are getting worse.

Sheridan can’t believe her eyes. Everyone that they know is there. She wanted to go somewhere where they didn’t know anyone.

Alistair sees Luis and Sheridan before they see him. He hides Beth’s face with her purse. She doesn’t understand what he is doing. The last thing that they need is to have Luis and Sheridan see Alistair and Beth sitting together and enjoying an evening alone. Beth is horrified that she might get caught there and have to explain herself.

Whitney is about to fall out of reach over the railing, but a hand catches her just in time and pulls her to safety. If it Theresa. Whitney wishes that she had fallen into the ocean. She is in such pain.

Tabitha is upset that Whitney hasn’t falling into the water. That would have been really something had she drowned. The big blue pot tells her everything that she wants to know. She can see anything with it. She checks what else is going wrong in town. She knows that there is going to be trouble tonight.

Chad reminds Fox again that what he did was illegal. Fox says that Whitney has committed fraud. That is his son, and he has a legal right to the boy. The men are too emotional to talk about this right now. Fox says that he is taking the boy and leaving right now. Chad threatens to call the cops. Chad says that if he is pushed, Fox will never lay eyes on the boy again.

Alistair decides that he and Beth should stay at the club for a while. He pours wine. They are at a hidden table anyway. Who cares what Sheridan thinks anyway. She is unstable. Beth says that Sheridan has been remembering things and would only see this as confirmation of everything that she has ever thought. Beth can’t risk losing Marty because of this. Beth panics and tries to leave, but Alistair pulls her back to her seat roughly. Alistair sees everyone that is there and knows that this is going to be an interesting evening with all the players that are present.

Tabitha knows that Alistair is right. This is going to be an interesting night. Everyone is going to remember it. Everyone!

Theresa starts walking her friend home. Whitney knows that things are not going to get much better. She tried to have her child adopted and now Chad has the boy. Theresa feels that fate wants things this way. Whitney says that fate doesn’t make things always better than they were. Whitney only sees a dark cloud in this that will follow her around for the rest of her life. Her whole family and all her friends could have healed from this but it is not going to end. The baby is going to suffer most of all.

Chad orders Fox out of the house. Fox tells him to go and call the cops. He doesn’t care what he does. That child belongs to him. Julian wants Fox to leave too. Eve sees no way to solve this. Fox says that the solution is to take the boy and leave. Julian sees that things are only getting worse. Fox had his child taken from him, without his permission. He implores Chad to do the right thing and hand over the boy. Chad has had enough. He is going to call the cops and get a restraining order the next day.

Sam says that when he sees wayward kids, he always blames the parents, but he sees that he might have been wrong. He is being taught a real lesson by having to deal with Jessica’s problems right now. Sam thought that Kay was the one that was going to be trouble, but now Jessica is the bad one. She is determined to ruin her life. When Jessica started doing drugs, Sam kept an eye on her. Jessica lied, and then Ivy lied. Sam thought that he could trust Ivy and have a relationship with her.

Ivy is behind Sam and Ethan and she tells Sam that he can trust her. She would like to talk to Sam for a moment about this.

Rebecca and Gwen hope that Ethan is through with giving Theresa the benefit of the doubt every time that she does something wrong. Gwen worries everyday that Ethan is going to end up going back to Theresa like he seems to always do. He had lots of chances to go to Theresa, but he hasn’t lately. Gwen knows that she is lucky about that. Rebecca sees that Theresa has cooked her own goose this time. Gwen isn’t sure that Ethan can actually do this though. Rebecca is sure that there is going to be a strong case for them in court. Rebecca is ready for her Martini now.

Sheridan isn’t really hungry or thirsty. Luis tries to get her in a festive mood, but nothing he seems to do lately gets her that way. Luis can see that she is hurting and disappointed, but he wants her to get used to the idea that there is no conspiracy going on. She snaps at him for being so relaxed about this. Sheridan wonders what Luis is going to do if Sheridan can’t get over this feeling that she has that Beth really has her son. What is Luis going to do then? She walks off angry.

Chad starts dialing his phone to call the police. Fox calms himself and asks Chad to put the phone down. He will go, but he will not stop trying to get his son back. Julian offers to go and talk to Fox alone somewhere, but Fox finds that Julian has put him second again.

Ivy tries to talk to Sam but he will have nothing to do with her and he walks off.

Ethan asks Ivy what is wrong with she and Sam. Ivy only says that it is a long story.

Beth would like to go now. Alistair finds that staying at the club would be better entertainment. Beth flirts with Alistair hoping that will get him to leave, but he sees that there are going to be fireworks tonight and he wants to see it.

Luis catches up to Sheridan and reminds her that he has done everything that he could to prove that she is right about the child being hers. She is starting to look like she really has a problem here. She is sure that she is Marty’s mother. If Luis is not going to help her prove this, then she will have to do this on her own.

Whitney finds that her life is over now. Theresa says that there might be a way to fix this. If Whitney tells the truth this could all go away. Whitney will not do this. Theresa says that she needs to be honest about this. Whitney disagrees.

Theresa believes in fate so much but it doesn't even work for her. Theresa believes that Ethan is going to leave Gwen and come to her. Whitney canít talk about this anymore. She wants to leave. Theresa will only follow her. Whitney is fine with that but wants to hear nothing about fate anymore.

Tabitha is watching through her big blue pot and knows that things are only beginning.

Ethan goes back to Gwen and Rebecca and reports that Ivy is having a bad night. The way that she is throwing back Martinis proves it. Rebecca offers to go and see what is up with Ivy but Ethan stops Rebecca from interfering. They have their own problems to deal with. Rebecca says that the solution to their problems is easy. They just have to sue Theresa for custody.

Julian is really sorry for the outburst that Fox has brought to the house. Fox is gone now. Eve and Julian smile as they watch Chad shuffle around trying to figure out what to do for the baby and how to take care of him. Eve is glad to help as Julian watches. She shows Chad how to remove the child’s clothes gently to change him. Chad can’t get over how tiny the child is. Chad has to remember that the child has to have sponge baths until the umbilical cord drops off. They remove the diaper and the tot squirts urine into the air. The three adults jump back laughing, not expecting that.

A song comes on and that Sam recognizes. That isn’t good. Sam asks a waiter to change the song that is playing. It is bringing back too many memories for him. Ivy smiles at the bar over her Martini. She knows that song and what it means to Sam.

Ethan has a problem with the contracts. They stipulate that Theresa was to hand over Gwen’s baby, and not Jane. That is where the problem is. Rebecca is hounding him terribly over this. Ethan would like to have a drink and relax instead of fighting. Rebecca reminds Ethan that Theresa is on a mission, trying to get Gwen into jail. Ethan himself called Theresa a monster. Rebecca leaves to talk to Ivy.

Gwen sets in on Ethan. “You cannot let that monster raise that baby.”

Theresa and Whitney arrive at the bar. Whitney says that being in a sleazy club is just what she needs. She is going to have a lot of drinks tonight.

Whitney heads to the bar and orders some alcohol.

Fox enters the bar and looks around.

A bouncer approaches him telling him that he can come in, but that there had better be no trouble.

Tabitha and Endora watch the big blue pot seeing that trouble is brewing. Tabitha wonders what Luis and Sheridan are stirring up next.

Luis and Sheridan are arguing. Luis wants her to stop saying that Marty is her child, and that she is going to get him. Sheridan feels that Luis wants her to stay away from Marty, but she can’t. Luis says that maybe she should stay away from the child for a while. That angers Sheridan when Luis says that. She never thought that she would hear something like that from the man that she loves.

Alistair and Beth smile at their hidden table over Luis and Sheridan fighting over Sheridan’s sanity. This is just want he and Beth wanted. He sees now that he is happy that he stayed there after all.

Sheridan has stomped off angry with Luis for not believing in her. She goes to a secluded part of the club and turns a corner. That is when she sees Alistair. “What are you doing here?”

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