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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Tabitha plays with Endora, singing a song, happy that Ivy has screwed up and that Sam wants her out of the house. Sam tells Ivy again that he wants her out of the house. Tabitha snickers quietly in the background watching Ivy squirm.

Fox has confronted Chad about adopting his child to keep a hold of Whitney.

Whitney and Theresa are arguing. Whitney has just had the most terrible day of her life. She came to see Theresa to talk about how Chad has adopted her child, and still doesn’t know that the boy is his. That was when Theresa told her friend that she is having Gwen put away. Whitney sees that Theresa could have ended all the fighting in her life by forgetting about going after Gwen and getting Ethan for herself. Whitney sees that Theresa really had a chance here, and that she is blowing it again. Theresa says that Ethan is going to come for her. She feels that it is fate.

Rebecca wants Ethan to make a stand and go after Theresa. Ethan has realized that Theresa will never stop, and so he has vowed to stop her in her tracks from going after Gwen. He is now presented with the idea of taking his child from Theresa. He does have some rights. Gwen feels that if there is a way that he can get Jane for her, he should do it. Rebecca would like to see what Ethan is going to do for his wife for a change.

Sam turns to Jessica. He is sorry that he has neglected her daughter. He will stop hurting her from now on. He will give her everything that she needs. He will put his life with Ivy on hold. Ivy thought that they meant more to each other. Ivy would like to help with Jessica, but Sam can see that Ivy has bad judgment. He wants Ivy out of the house. He has to get his daughter the help that she needs. He tells Ivy again that she has to leave. Sam would like Ivy to leave that same night. Ivy will go off them and pack her things.

At the foot of the stairs, Ivy stops and turns realizing that all of her dreams have been lost. Jessica sees the misery in Ivy’s face and smiles at her.

Whitney tells Theresa how her entire life is up in shambles. She thought that maybe Theresa would have learned by now that Ethan always ends up with Gwen. Theresa sees it the other way. In her eyes, Ethan always ends up coming back to her.

Rebecca knows that Ethan and Gwen can’t have kids, and since that is the case, then she wants Ethan to find some other way to get Jane for her daughter. They lost the other baby, and so, they should be able to get their hands on Jane since Ethan is the father. Ethan says that Jane is not Gwen’s child, and that is the problem here. Ethan had agreed that it was time to take off the gloves and hurt Theresa, but he still will be treading lightly with this. Ethan will have a lot of problems taking a child from its mother. That is one of the hardest things to do to a mother. The contracts have all been signed though. They signed papers saying that Jane is Theresa’s. Gwen and Rebecca are not satisfied. Little Ethan was taken from Theresa but he was given back and Ethan has to admit that he is glad about that. Gwen reminds Ethan of how Theresa has gone back on her word, even to Ethan. What is Ethan going to do? Let Theresa hurt her again?

Fox tells Chad that jumping his sister’s bones is disgusting, and he really feels that is where Chad’s head is. He will not allow his child to be used this way. Chad denies that is what he wants. He only wants to be with his sister and take care of her. Chad says that Fox shouldn’t worry about the baby, as the child looks more like him anyway. Fox really hates when Chad points that out. Chad orders Fox to go home and get out of his house. Fox will not go anywhere without his child. He grabs Chad and punches him in the face. Chad gets up and jumps on Fox. Both of them go tumbling to the couch where the fighting continues. Julian tries to stop the fighting but the men will not stop.

Eve takes the baby and holds him as Julian stops Fox and Chad from fighting. She is hurt and disappointed at the way that the boys are acting. Julian knows that Alistair would be laughing if he could see this. Fox says that Chad needs a good shrink for what he is trying to do.

Whitney sees that her life if a disaster, but Theresa is always so sure of what she does and now she is blowing everything. She is creating havoc in her life where there wasn’t any. Only this time what Theresa is doing is hurtful. Theresa is sure that this will lead to her getting Ethan to be with her and Jane. Ethan was furious at what Theresa did, but she knows that he will get over this. Whitney finds this a sick fantasy. Whitney sees that Ethan will never come back to Theresa now.

Rebecca only sees that they have to take Jane away from Theresa. Theresa was the one that fired the first shot, and this is war. Ethan’s problem is that taking a child from its mother is cruel. Rebecca reminds him that Sarah is in a grave because of Theresa. In addition, the other baby that Gwen was going to have also died because of Theresa. On top of that, Gwen had to suffer because she learned that Ethan was the father of the other baby that Theresa was carrying. Theresa could have stopped all this fighting but Theresa chose not to. This is a war, and Rebecca wants to win it. She gives Ethan the contracts, and orders him to look for a loophole to get that baby.

Simone, Kay and Tabitha discuss Jessica’s problems. Kay fears that her daughter may turn out the same way. She works lots of hours and Maria might start feeling neglected. Jessica is back to her old self. She points out how Sam was right to see that Ivy wasn’t good for them. Sam says that Grace was a hard act to follow. Ivy did the best that she could, but that wasn’t enough. The house will be different now. Sam is going to make the house a safe place for Jessica to get back to normal. There are going to be some restrictions. Jessica doesn’t like that idea at all. Sam says that he is going to know where Jessica is every minute of the day. Jessica feels that she is not a child and that this is not necessary. Sam says that she is acting like a child, and so that is how she will be treated. Jessica looks her father dead in the face. “Hell no!” Ivy is at the top of the stairs. She looks at the pictures of herself and Sam on the wall. She has done things that she hasn’t been proud of, but she didn’t think that this would ever happen. She thought that Kay was the one that was going to be trouble, but it was Jessica that ended up being a snake in the grass. Her father will not treat Jessica as a child. Sam only wants to help Jessica. He will get her therapy for her problems. He sees that she lost respect for herself. Jessica says that Ivy said the same things. Jessica has been using drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Jessica says that was just having fun. Sam knows that the cuts on Jessica’s arms show that she isn’t having fun. Sam turns to Tabitha and tells her sharply that it is getting late. Tabitha takes the hint and heads to the door. Tabitha thinks that the way things are turning out may mean that she has backed the wrong sister from this family in joining the dark side. Jessica has a tantrum and ends up stomping up the stairs, as defiant as ever. Jessica walks upstairs and sees Ivy there. She asks her what she is doing. She is supposed to be packing. Ivy says that she is on her way. Ivy really has no idea why Jessica hates her so much. Ivy really was only trying to help.

Eve reminds Fox again that legally Chad has control of the baby and he has to accept that. Fox doesnít understand why everyone ignores that he is the father and is so okay with Chad raising his baby. He looks at his father and Eve with confusion in his eyes.

Eve and Julian look at each other with knowing glances. They would love to tell Fox that the baby is not his, but they canít. This is not their secret to divulge. Whitney has certainly put everyone in a tight spot with this lie.

Theresa finds that Whitney isn’t so perfect as she would like to think that she is. The baby is not under Whitney’s control anymore, so Whitney should be happy but she isn’t. Theresa has to wonder what drives Whitney now. Could she be wishing that she could be in love with Chad like before? Whitney pauses without answering.

Julian denies that he is on Chad’s side here. Fox wonders if Chad is getting better treatment because he is the bastard son here. Chad does love the baby, but because it is Whitney’s. Fox thinks that this is about Whitney and Chad having sex with her again. Fox ponders what kind of freak they would have if they ever had a baby.

Theresa asks Whitney to be honest about her feelings for Chad. Whitney has to think sometimes about what her life would be like if she didn’t know that Chad was her brother.

Whitney thinks about how it could be with her married to Chad and raising their baby together.

Whitney doesn’t want to think about what could be. She is not like Theresa. She is a realist.

Ethan hurts. He doesn't think that he can take Theresa’s baby from her. Gwen finds that Theresa is mean and vindictive and she will definitely raise her child that way. Ethan knows that Theresa is a good mother. Gwen hates it when Ethan defends Theresa. She has to really wonder if Ethan is going to change his mind and go back to Theresa. Ethan denies that he will ever do that again. Gwen isn’t sure. She is always unsure if Ethan is going to leave her.

Kay thinks about her mother and whether she was the one that caused Grace to leave.

Kay goes to her father and tells him that children need structure, and Jessica needs to be treated as a child if she is going to act like one. Sam appreciates his daughter’s help.

Sam goes to the stairs and orders Jessica to come down.

Jessica arrives clearly angry that Sam is trying to handle her. Sam tells her that she has to stay in the house and do some chores. Jessica clearly doesn’t like that suggestion. She wants to be free to come and go as she pleases. Sam will not have that. She will do as she is told. He has to go out to work but he will not be gone long. He has to work, as that puts food on the table. He is free the next day and will spend time with Jessica then. Sam asks Simone and Kay to watch Jessica, and they are fine with that. Sam kisses Jessica goodbye and leaves the house.

Jessica grabs her purse and jacket. She tells Simone and Kay that as her father goes out the front door, she will go out the back. She starts walking to the back of the house. Kay and Simone stand before Jessica telling her that she will be going nowhere. They stop her in her tracks.

Theresa thinks that what she is doing by arresting Gwen is going to make Ethan come back to her in the end. Whitney feels that Theresa is as nutty right now as Gwen was before. Whitney can’t take this anymore. Everyone says things that don’t make sense and she just can’t take that anymore.

Gwen is disturbed by Ethan’s attitude. Ethan knows that Gwen has insecurities about Ethan and if he will be faithful to her in the future. Ethan has seen this look in his mother’s eyes before and he will not have it on Gwen’s face. He offers to do his best to get at Theresa the best way he can.

The house cleaner comes with refreshments for Rebecca, Ethan and Gwen. Rebecca takes a muffin and walks over to Ethan.

Rebecca whispers to Ethan that they have to be careful with the staff. Pilar may have her spies planted all over the place. Ethan finds Rebecca ridiculous. Ethan heads to his desk to get to work.

Rebecca and Gwen look over at Ethan, glad to see him hard at work trying to get one up on Theresa for a change.

Over by the waterfront, Ivy is walking alone in the dark.

Ivy suddenly sees Sam from afar. She hides before he sees her. As she watches him, she wonders what he is thinking.

Sam goes to the railing and looks over at the water. He asks himself how he could have turned into such a bad father. He didn’t even realize that things were so bad with Jessica until it had gone too far.

Ivy is tempted to go over to Sam and comfort him, but she isn’t sure that is what he wants her to be near him. She stays hidden and continues to watch him.

Jessica is not going to have Simone and Kay tell her what to do. She tries to bulldoze her way to the door, but Simone and Kay make a wall that Jessica can’t get through.

Ivy would like to talk to Sam before more time goes by.

Tabitha is out with Endora, and she sees Ivy watching Sam. She stays hidden from the both of them. She hopes that Sam throws Ivy into the water.

Sam suddenly walks off.

Ivy sees Sam walk off with his head down. He must be very disappointed and hurt to have learned all the terrible things that he has this night. Ivy sees that without Sam she has nothing in her life. She meant to help but really didn’t.

Tabitha titters quietly as she watches Sam saunter off. Both Ivy and Sam are miserable. It looks like time for a pity party. (chuckle chuckle). Suddenly, the winds pick up. Tabitha and Endora’s hair is whipped around their heads wildly. Tabitha can read the weather like a crystal ball. There is going to be pain in Harmony. There is going to be pain in Harmony for everyone.

Jessica is angry with her sister for trying to stop her from going out. Kay finds Jessica horrible to their father. Kay gets so angry that she slaps Jessica in the face. Jessica decides that she is leaving anyway, and she tries to walk out. Kay grabs her arms and the two sisters fall on the floor and start fighting to the death as Simone watches.

Fox is still with Chad arguing over the baby. As long as he is able, Fox isn’t going to let his child be taken from him. Chad and Fox didn’t get along well before all of this happened, but now things are even worse. Fox Is determined to get his son back or die trying.

Whitney can’t spend time with Theresa. She is worse than everyone else that she has had to deal with today. She heads for the door. Theresa tries to stop her friend, but Whitney is determined to get out of there. She runs off. Theresa runs to the door after her but Whitney is long gone.

Ethan will not be moved now. He plants himself at his desk. Gwen leaves him to work.

Gwen salivates at the thought of Theresa getting what she deserves at last. Gwen can’t even get Ethan out of his chair for a moment. He is dedicated to his cause. Rebecca knows that Ethan is so angry that Theresa has gone back on her word that he is going to do his very best to make her pay.

Back in the living room, Ethan goes over every word on every piece of paper in order to get Theresa’s child from her. He will do his best to make Gwen happy finally.

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