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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Theresa puts her baby to sleep, and talks to her as she drops off. She talks of how Ethan is really angry with her. She feel that once Ethan sees Gwen convicted and arrested, Ethan will come back to her. She promises her baby that.

Ethan is up burning the midnight oil. Gwen comes downstairs to see him, unable to sleep. She can’t believe that she is facing going to prison. Ethan promises to have the charges dropped. Gwen wants revenge now. Rebecca shows up. She knows that way to get back at Theresa. She has a contract with her, and she says that they can use it to get Theresa’s baby from her.

Sam moves towards Ivy asking her if she really did know what Jessica was up to. Jessica says that Ivy knew everything. She says that Ivy gave her permission to let Jessica go out. Tabitha watches the scene, loving every minute of pain that Ivy is feeling.

Fox is trying to stop Chad from leaving with his baby. They are at the adoption agency and everyone has just learned that Chad is that person that has adopted the baby out from under him. He feels that Chad is only adopting the child to keep a bond with Whitney and he finds that sick. Eve whispers to Whitney to stop this madness and tell the truth about the baby and who the real father is.

Luis ends his call, and asks Edna where Sheridan is. They have come over to see Marty and now it is time to go. Sheridan is in the back of the house near the basement door. She hasn’t heard Luis calling out for her. She is too busy trying to piece together the past and what really happened to her baby. She is revisited with memories of being locked in the basement and all the tortures that were put on her by the clown. Sheridan realizes that this was in fact the place. This was were she was held prisoner and terrorized.

Rebecca wants to know if Ethan is going to protect Theresa or his wife.

Sam demands that Ivy explain what she has done. Ivy thinks back to finding out that Jessica was sneaking out and cutting herself. Sam only cares that Ivy made a mistake and should have told him the truth the moment that she knew what was going on. Tabitha tell Jessica that the tattoo is going to look horrible when she starts getting stretch marks. Sam demands to know if there are anymore tattoos on her arm. Jessica knows that her father will see the scars of her cuts and burns if he sees her arms, so she hides them. Sam grabs her sleeves and pulls them up. He sees the injuries. Jessica thinks back to burning herself in her room and the bathroom. Sam is really concerned now. “Who did this to you?”

Eve begs Whitney to please tell the truth. Secrets always come out. Eve’s secrets have destroyed her life. Chad has had enough of this and he heads to the door with the baby in his arms, ready to go. Whitney can’t let him do that. “Chad wait!” Chad stops at the door.

Sheridan feels like she is going to faint now that she knows the truth. She calls out for Luis. Luis hears Sheridan and he heads to the back of the house to find her. She sounds like she is in trouble. Mrs. Wallace is scared now. Sheridan shouldn’t be at the back of the house. She might remember. She knows that Sheridan is calling from the basement door, and that can only mean trouble. She follows Luis to see what is happening with Sheridan and what she is going to say next. Luis and Edna find Sheridan limp, and hanging on to the basement door as if her life depended on it. Mrs. Wallace braces herself for what might happen next. Luis asks Sheridan what is going on with her and why she sounds like she is in trouble. Sheridan says that she knows now that she is Marty’s mother.

Chad walks over to Whitney to ask her what it is that she has to say. She says that she only wanted to make sure that the baby will be fine. Whitney says that they all should let Chad take the baby and go. The baby starts crying. Chad leaves. Fox would like to know what kind of mother let’s her baby get thrown away. He starts after Chad and the child, but Julian stops him. Fox returns to the group vowing that he will not have his son taken from him this way. Eve is disappointed in Whitney. This was her chance to make things right, and she blew it.

Sheridan runs down the basement, and Luis follows her. Once downstairs Sheridan says that she remembers that this was her prison and that she remembers this room. Edna is upstairs remembering that damned basement. She got cuts on her fingers from stapling the carpet. Edna goes downstairs now and thinks that Sheridan shouldn’t be able to remember anything as she and Beth remodeled the basement so that it would look different. Sheridan says that she can prove that she has been in the basement before. She takes off to find the proof.

Kay has seen burns and scars like the ones that Jessica has. A girl at school has the same marks. She is a cutter too. She was sent off to the psyche hospital. The school was really concerned and talked to the rest of the kids about kids that hurt themselves this way. Jessica is sure that she needs no help from anyone. She will not listen to her father now. Everything that he has ever told her has turned out to be a lie. They were supposed to be a good family, but everything has changed. Grace dumped them, Kay got pregnant and Ivy the slut moved in. Jessica feels that she has been lied to all her life. Jessica says that Grace lied to them and left, and then her father got Ivy to be a warm body in her bed. Jessica knows that Ivy doesn’t care. Ivy saw Jessica, and didn’t try to help the girl. Tabitha thinks that is really is going to be hard for Ivy to lie her way out of this one.

Sam turns to Ivy asking if she knew. Ivy tries to smooth things over, but Sam will not listen to her. “YOU KNEW THAT MY DAUGHTER WAS IN TROUBLE AND YOU DIDN’T TELL ME?” Tabitha, Kay and Simone all turn to Ivy to see what she is going to say now, and how she is going to get herself out of this one. Sam is furious and Jessica makes the flames higher by confirming the truth. Ivy says that Jessica changed overnight and Ivy didn’t know what to do. She tells how Jessica stole her jewelry and sold it. Ivy didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to hurt Sam. Sam finds her a monster.

Whitney comes to see Theresa. She is frantic. She is going to explode. Whitney says that Chad is causing a problem. She tells how Fox found out that Whitney has put the baby up for adoption. He was very angry, and said some horrible things. He went to the adoption agency and he couldn’t stop the adoption. Her family wanted to adopt the child but it was too late because… Theresa sits her friend down. Whitney reveals the punch line. Chad adopted the baby. Theresa is lost, and hasn’t the words to make her friend feel better.

Fox arrives at the mansion and wants to talk to Ethan. He tells how Chad has adopted the baby. He wants some help with this.

Chad has the baby back at his place. They are going to have a great life together.

Eve and Julian arrive suddenly wondering how Chad managed to get the adoption settled so fast. Suddenly Eve realizes that Chad had been planning all along to adopt the baby.

Sheridan is trying her best to show Luis and Edna that she has been in the basement before. Luis is very skeptical. Nothing that Sheridan has been trying to prove to him lately has been working out the way that she said that it would. She goes to a wall saying that there was a window behind a wall that stands before them. Luis looks over to where she is pointing and he sees nothing but a wall. Before anyone could notice, Sheridan grabs a hammer and uses its claw to pry away the wood that has been nailed up on the wall. She knows exactly where the window was. Edna is suddenly silent. She sees that everything that she and Beth have schemed about is coming apart. Luis sees that Sheridan is about to wreck Beth’s house and he runs to her to get the hammer from her. He is too late. Sheridan has pried the wood from the wall and they all see that in fact, there is a window behind the paneling on the wall. Sheridan looks back at Edna, waiting for her to respond to what has just been discovered.

Ivy denies that she is a monster. She did the best that she could. Sam finds that wasn’t enough. Tabitha is sorry that Grace wasn’t there to help. Sam says that there were 2 adults in the house, and this could have been handled. Sam remembers Ivy saying that they didn’t need Grace there. Tabitha knows that Grace would have taken care of this immediately. Jessica says that Ivy was afraid that Grace would come home. Sam understands now. Jessica tells her daddy in a baby voice that she is so sorry. Sam hugs his daughter. He tells Ivy that she is despicable. Sam turns to his daughter and assures her that he will get her help. There is nothing more important to him than his children. He hugs Jessica and Jessica leers at Ivy over Sam’s shoulder.

Chad admits to Eve and Julian that he wants to be as close to Whitney as he can be, and that did play into him adopting the baby. He knows that Whitney is his sister, but that is okay. That means nothing.

Fox realizes that Ethan already knows that Chad has adopted the baby. He should be angry with Ethan. After all, Ethan obviously knew about all this while they were rescuing Gwen, Jane and Katherine from the compound but he didn’t say anything. He doesn’t have time to be mad now; he has to get something legal to get that baby back from Chad. He will not have anyone other than himself raising his son. Ethan told Fox in the beginning that he shouldn’t have signed the Power of Attorney, but Fox didn’t listen. The contracts surrounding this transaction are very tight, but Ethan offers to look at everything to see if there is something that he can do. Fox is fine with that, and Ethan promises to get back to Fox about this as soon as he can. Fox leaves.

Rebecca says that Fox will have to wait for Ethan to work on his case. She wants Ethan to get Jane back from Theresa. Ethan has to put his wife first for a change and make things work out for his family instead.

Whitney is happy for Theresa. She has her baby back and all the horror of what happened with Gwen is over. Theresa can go on with her life now. She should enjoy it.

Theresa says that things are not as peaceful as Whitney thinks. In fact, she hasnít buried the hatchet with Gwen. She has had Gwen arrested. Gwen is going to go to jail. Whitney is upset by what she hears.

Sheridan has come up with something that seems to be evidence. She knows where the pit was. Edna says that the only thing that has ever lived in the basement were rats. Sheridan says that she is positive that Beth kidnapped her and kept her in the basement. Sheridan shows Luis where the pit was. Luis bends to the ground and pulls up the carpet. She knows now that Luis has to believe her. There is evidence now that there was a pit in the basement. Luis takes a closer look at the basement floor. There is no pit. Edna remembers why everything is working out so well. She was the one that put concrete over the pit. Sheridan stoops and sees that the concrete is brand new as if someone had recently covered the floor, and the pit. Luis says that this is not proof. Luis finds that nothing in the basement proves that Beth has done anything wrong. He begs Sheridan to stop this. Sheridan is sure that this is where she was held. Luis suggests that they go and see Marty and that they talk about this the next day. Luis and Sheridan head upstairs. Edna takes time to thank the angels for keeping her from the slammer.

Ivy gets some paperwork that she has been researching to show Sam that she was trying to help Jessica. Sam doesn’t believe anything that she has to say. Kay takes the notes from her to see what it says. Ivy says that teenage girls suffer from this all the time. Ivy found a hospital that can take care of Jessica. Jessica panics. She asks her father if he really is going to send her away.

Rebecca pressures Ethan to find something to get Jane from Theresa. He says that the contracts are solid. Gwen reminds Ethan that he is the father of Theresa’s baby, and if he can get Fox’s baby back, then he can certainly get his own back.

Theresa and Whitney argue over what Theresa is doing to Gwen. Whitney finds that Theresa should be grateful for the life that she has, and the opportunity to start over again.

Chad admits that he did the adoption to keep his contact with Whitney. Eve is shocked at that. Fox has come in, and has heard what Chad has just admitted to. Fox says that he knew it all along. He was sure that the only reason that Chad took his baby was to keep his sick contact with Whitney. Fox is disgusted with the man that he used to think of as his friend.

Mrs. Wallace sees Luis and Sheridan to the door and then out. Edna sees that Sheridan is a time bomb waiting to go off and she really can’t take it anymore.

Sam kisses his daughter’s cheek. He then stands up and tells Ivy that he wants her out of the house. Ivy can’t believe her ears. Sam means it. He wants out.

Fox accuses Chad of trying to get his hands on his sister through use of the baby. Chad cares for Whitney, but not that way anymore. He will not listen to any of this impudence. Chad orders Fox out, but Fox will not leave without his son.

Whitney begs Theresa to let this go. She wants Theresa to drop the charges against Gwen before it is too late.

Gwen says that Ethan is Jane’s parent too, and he should be able to get his child back. He hasn’t done anything wrong. He is a lawyer. Look at Fox who thinks that he has a hope in hell! It is time for Ethan to step up to the plate and make a stand. Is Ethan going to help get the baby back from Theresa or not? Rebecca waits to see what his answer will be.

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