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By Glynis
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Ivy is home drinking. She is worried that Sam will find Jessica at that dump of a club. He will be angry with Ivy for not telling him the truth. Ivy has been keeping the secret so that Sam will not call Grace and bring her back home. Ivy knows that Jessica might be hiding her secret to keep her father from finding out. She can only hope.

The door opens and Sam comes in carrying Jessica. He says how Spike used her and drugged her and he had to rescue her. He is angry that Jessica managed to sneak out of the house after Ivy and Sam warned her not to leave the house.

Sheridan tells Luis that she was upset about Marty and couldn’t sleep. That is why she went out to the Crane mansion to see Gwen. Luis says that Sheridan shouldn’t worry about Marty. He is Marty’s father and can still see him, so Sheridan will be able to see the boy too.

Mrs. Wallace is upset. Beth and Alistair have gone out and have gone off somewhere. Edna is worried that something intimate might go on with the two. Edna decides that it is time that Beth learned that Alistair is really her dear old dad.

Beth is out with Alistair in a bar. When her mother was busy at the computer researching DNA, she took off with Alistair to talk about how they are going to foil any plans that Luis and Sheridan have for staying together, and keeping the baby. He is flirting madly with her, and she is liking it. He orders some wine for them, and he makes a toast to Beth who is now his partner in crime. Beth takes a big gulp of her wine.

Eve finds that Chad adopting Whitney’s baby is outrageous. Mr. Newton announces that Chad is now the baby’s father and that is something that cannot be changed. Fox stands before Chad telling the man that he will not be allowed to take his son.

Ivy offers to call an ambulance, but Sam says no. Jessica will be listed as a user and he can’t have that. He is going to have to call off the raid on Spike’s club. Ivy wonders how she can help now. Sam orders her to get something for Jessica to drink to get the drugs out of her system. She leaves to go to the kitchen.

Sam turns to his daughter and asks her, although she is sleeping how she could have let this happen?

Tabitha, Kay, Simone and the kids all come over to see what happened. They saw Sam bringing Jessica into the house. Jessica lies on the couch sleeping it off.

Tabitha knows that Ivy knew about this happening all along.

Ivy returns with cookies and something for Jessica to eat in order to get her out of her stupor. She plays Mrs. Cleaver beautifully, and no one would ever guess that she allowed Jessica to go out so that Grace wouldn’t find out that she was needed at home with her girls. Tabitha turns to Ivy saying that she knows that she must feel terrible about Jessica sneaking out of the house to get in such trouble. Ivy isn’t sure if Tabitha is being sarcastic or being sympathetic, and so she says nothing.

Mr. Newton who runs the adoption agency says that he might have to call the police if people are not going to be able to accept that Chad is the father of Whitney’s baby now. A decision was made by his agency and it has to be respected. That is the law. Fox says that he won’t have to accept this if Chad is dead. He moves perilously close to Chad who is holding the child at this time.

Luis wants Sheridan to stop worrying about Marty being allowed to be with Sheridan. He will make sure that Sheridan gets time with the child. Sheridan wants to go and see Beth right away. She wants to show Beth that she hasn’t anything to worry about. Sheridan wants to go over to Beth’s house now. Luis says that he will call Beth’s and see if they can come over.

Sheridan runs to get dressed.

Mrs. Wallace runs to the phone and waits for Beth to pick up. She has to let Beth know that she is about to get listed on an incest list.

Beth’s phone is ringing. Beth answers to her mother. Edna worries that Beth might be getting it on with Alistair, but they are only having drinks. Mrs. Wallace says that there is something that Beth needs to know.

Alistair realizes that Edna is on the phone and tells Beth to talk to her mother later.

Mrs. Wallace continues, but doesn’t get far. Beth can hardly hear what her mother is saying. Alistair is interrupting and wants all of her attention.

In the club, Alistair is getting very impatient with Beth and orders her to hang up the phone and talk to her mother in the morning. Beth smiles at him. She is going to make this very quick.

Edna tells Beth to brace herself for the news that she needs to hear. “Alistair Crane is your father!” Edna ducks under the table as soon as she finishes her sentence. Beth really isn’t going to like this. Mrs. Wallace waits for the outburst that is sure to come as she clutches the phone to her ear to see what is going to come next.

Jessica revives after drinking some coffee. Everyone wants to know why Jessica went to this horrible club. Jessica only tells everyone to leave her alone. Kay is being especially irritating especially since she has made some stupid mistakes herself. Jessica turns to look knowingly at Ivy.

Jessica remembers that Ivy knows about Spike. No one else knows what Ivy knows about all this.

Tabitha knows that Ivy knew exactly where Jessica was going this night. If Sam learns that Ivy knew about any of this, Ivy will be out on the street, and out of Sam’s life.

TC is furious. There is no way that he will allow Chad to adopt his grandson. Chad tells that he had to adopt the baby after talking to Whitney. Eve tells Whitney that there are things that he has no idea about that could affect his being the father of this baby. TC would like to know what those things are.

Mrs. Wallace listens, but no one is there. Beth has hung up on her and didn’t hear what she needed to hear about Alistair being her father.

Beth feels a little guilty hanging up on her mother like that. Sometimes she needs help changing her diaper.

Alistair wants to get back to them and their talk.

Edna is upset that the call has ended. Things can’t be left this way.

Alistair and Beth start talking about the time that her mother saw her kissing Charlie long ago.

The phone starts ringing again. Beth has to answer this time. Alistair knows that. Mrs. Wallace demands to know where Beth is, but Beth won’t tell.

Mrs. Wallace has something to tell the girl about the paternity. Beth says that she already has discussed Marty’s paternity to death and that there is nothing left for them to know. Mrs. Wallace tries again to tell her daughter about the bond she shares with Alistair, but Beth ends up hanging up again.

Mrs. Wallace knows that this is turning from bad to worse. These two might end up naked tonight and having a two-headed baby or something. She can’t give up now. She calls again, but this time she can’t make any connection. Beth has turned off the cell phone.

Someone is at the door. Mrs. Wallace heads over to see what it is now.

Edna opens the door to Luis and Sheridan. They want to see Beth. Mrs. Wallace says that Beth is not home now. Luis would like to know where she is. Mrs. Wallace says that she hasn’t any idea where Bethie is.

At the club, Alistair and Beth and enjoying their time together more and more.

The waiter brings their food to the table.

After the waiter leaves, Alistair hurriedly puts his arm around Beth and they share a long and dirty kiss on the mouth. Who cares about the food at this point? It is clear to the both of them that this evening is leading somewhere good. Beth can’t believe the chemistry that they have.

Over at Sam’s house, Tabitha soothes Sam as he has to face the cold hard truth of his daughter being a slut. She knows that he was worrying that he wasn’t a good parent. She is sure that Sam is worried that his granddaughter may turn out the same way his wife did. Sam doesn’t think that Grace is the reason that did this. Ivy says that if she had known that this was going to happen, she would have stopped it. Tabitha fake believing Ivy. She says that Ivy wouldn’t have let this happened. Jessica could have died this night, and that would have been Ivy’s fault.

Eve feels that Chad shouldn’t be allowed to raise this baby because he is sure that this is just another sick bond that he will have to Whitney and that is sick.

Beth is getting really tipsy. She grabs the glass of wine as Alistair pours it for her. Beth knows that eventually she will be able to get Luis to marry her, as he will not be able to stay away from his son forever. Alistair will help her in anyway that he can. Beth knows that Luis will kill her if he ever knew what she was really up to. Alistair knows that she has secrets, but she will have more when she starts seeing Alistair behind Luis’s back. Beth smiles at the sound of that. He would like to play hard with her when the time comes. They share another sloppy kiss.

Luis and Sheridan learn that this isn’t a very good time to visit. They can come back the following day. Sheridan really would like to see Marty for a couple of minutes before they go. He is sleeping, but Sheridan promises that she will not wake him.

Luis gets a call, and has to take it.

Luis asks Sheridan to go ahead and see Marty upstairs and he will be up in a little while as well.

Sheridan is with Marty upstairs. She is talking to the boy who is awake now. She seems to be having a nice visit with the child.

As Sheridan is talking to Marty upstairs in his room, Luis comes up behind them and listens to them visiting from the door. His heart breaks when he hears Sheridan telling Marty that she knows that she really is the boy’s mother.

Chad declares that Whitney’s baby is his now. Fox finds the whole thing sick. Chad will not give the child back. Chad has checked and everything that he has done is legal.

Eve whispers to Julian that maybe this is okay. Chad will still have his son, and this might be the end of it. The child is not really Fox’s anyway. Julian agrees.

Julian goes to Fox saying that he will have to accept this, but Fox will not. TC will not either. He is sure that he is the one that can raise this child properly. Chad says that he will be the one to make sure that the child is safe and secure.

Whitney hears everything that is going on in the room, and she wonders about how it would be. If things were different, she and Chad could have kept their baby.

There are tears in Whitney’s eyes now.

Tabitha says that she is feeling sick watching Ivy worry over Jessica. She will have worries of her own when her child gets older. Jessica was able to get in and out of the house undetected, and that must really make Ivy sad. Maybe Ivy dozed off after one too many drinks. She should have heard Jessica creeping down the stairs. Jessica has had enough. She gets up to go to her room. Sam will not have it. He would like to talk to her some more. Jessica isn’t interested in this anymore. She turns to leave, and when she does, Sam grabs her wrist, and he sees something that he can’t believe. It is a tattoo. “What is this?”

Beth can see that Alistair is getting carried away with this. He is moving too strong. Beth reminds him that she wants to marry Luis. He doesn’t care about that. Not as long as she spends time with him. He grabs her face, and kisses her again full on the lips.

Luis makes his presence known. Sheridan is embarrassed by being caught talking to Marty as if he were hers. Luis has had enough of this. Luis knows that Beth would be very upset if she had heard the things that Sheridan was saying. Sheridan can’t help it. She knows that Marty is her son. Luis says that they had better go before Beth gets back.

Luis’s phone rings, and he pauses to tell Sheridan to put the child back to bed.

Luis talks on the phone to headquarters and gets disappointed when he gets the news that he has been dreading.

Sheridan has gone downstairs ahead of Luis. She is looking for Mrs. Wallace, but can’t find her anywhere. She moves through the house, and she comes to a door. Suddenly, the memories come flooding back.

Sheridan remembers when she had her baby, and was in a basement. For some reason she feels that this was the basement. The door is closed but she doesn’t need to open it to remember. She remembers the face of her child after he was born. She remembers the clowns. The door even looks familiar. She runs her hands along the wood.

“Oh my God. This is the basement!”

Liz takes TC aside and tells him that she will stand by him no matter what. He thanks her for that with a hug. She knows that he is disappointed over losing control of his son, but he hasn’t lost the war.

Whitney is torn on how she feels at this moment. Things have gotten completely out of her control. She had such a good plan in place, and now Chad has changed everything.

Eve comes to her daughter and tells her that Chad has already felt the bond with the baby and that nothing will tear them apart now. Eve knows that soon Chad will put it together that Whitney is the child’s mother. She begs Whitney to tell the truth now. Whitney says that is foolishness and she will not reveal this secret.

Chad is ready to go, and with the baby in his arms, he heads to the door of the adoption agency to leave. Fox stops him asking him where it is that he thinks that he is going with that child. Fox says that there is no way that Chad will be exiting the building with his baby.

Jessica has a tattoo with Spike’s name on it. Sam demands to know where it came from. Jessica says that she got it earlier. Sam worries that the tattoo might cause some infection at the very least and he demands to know where she got it to see if there is a need to be concerned about safety. Jessica says that her tattoo is fine. She tells how earlier Ivy helped her puts ointment on it to make sure that it wasn’t infected.

Everyone in the room turns to Ivy to see what she has to say on the matter. Ivy is speechless. Jessica continues talking, saying that Ivy has known about everything the whole time. She knew about the club, and that she had been sneaking in and out of the house. Sam puts his hands on his hips, waiting to hear an explanation from Ivy about all this.

Sheridan is really in trouble now. She isn’t even trying and the memories are rushing back to her very quickly about this basement and what happened to her down there. The clown terrorized her for a very long time. She is sure that she was traumatized in that basement.

When Sheridan is done with her flashbacks, she realizes that Beth really was the one that stole her baby. It had to have been her. Sheridan feels that she has to go down into the basement and face her fears. The only way that she can be sure that what she is thinking is true is to go down there and see what it feels like.

Luis comes running down the stairs talking on the phone but Sheridan is not there. He runs out of the house.

Mrs. Wallace is worried. She enters the living room to her house. No one is there. She is very concerned that Beth is getting herself into very deep doo doo with Alistair somewhere in Harmony. Beth is a lot of things but this is even too sleazy, even for her.

Beth is with Alistair and he sees that she is starting to resist him. AT first she was very interested in her and what they were going to do. She was even flirting with him. Now she is using caution with him. She is reminding him that she really loves Luis and wants to marry him in the end. Alistair doesn't care about that. He tells her that as long as she sees him secretly, she will have nothing to worry about. He will see that she gets everything that she wants. She sees that he is committing her to something but she isn’t comfortable with that. She really only wants to be with Luis. Not acceptable. Alistair says that she will be with him, in every manner that he wants her, or he will go to Luis and Sheridan and tell them exactly what she has been up to. He will have her entirely for himself, starting tonight. Beth is horrified. She feels tricked. Alistair roughly grabs her by the sides of her face, and pulls he towards him. The kiss that he lands on Beth is definitely unwanted this time, but there is nothing that she can do about it, and so she lets him have his way with her.

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