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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Sam roughs up Spike. He has busted into the backroom and has found Spike in there with a girl. When Spike says Sam’s name, Jessica recognizes it and gets up. Sam is stunned to see that his precious daughter was in bed.

Sheridan is still reeling from the news that Marty is not her son.

Beth and Edna learn that Alistair wasn’t the one that caused the test to work out in her favor. Beth is more confused than ever.

Ethan discusses Gwen’s case with her. He feels that a court would be sympathetic with her after all that she has suffered. She seems to have come to terms with the fact that Ethan and Theresa are really the baby’s parents. They discuss having more children. She can’t have anymore, but Ethan will find a way for them to have one.

Whitney’s family and friends have just learned that Chad is the person that has adopted the baby. TC will not allow this to happen. Fox thinks that they are all jumping the gun on this. Just because Chad has walked into the room with the baby doesn’t mean that he is the one that has legally gotten the child does it? Fox turns to Chad to see if in fact his suspicions are correct.

Fox moves forward to finally meet his son. Chad allows Fox to hold the baby. Fox talks to the baby sweetly and quietly. Whitney can’t stand the sight of him holding a baby that he thinks is his own. She runs to another office.

Eve follows her daughter out of the room. She begs Whitney to do the right thing and look her baby in the face. How can she stand watching Fox go on and on about a baby that isn’t even his? Whitney can’t do that and that is why she left the room so hastily. If she goes near the child, she will not be able to give him up, and she is becoming increasingly aware of that as time goes by. Eve wants her to see that this is her son, and that she can’t turn her back on the child. Eve is frantic now. She knows the pain of having a child and trying to live life without thinking about it. Whitney will regret this for the rest of her days. Eve is sure of it. Whitney wants the child to have better than she did in her life and this is the only way to make sure that happens. She has to keep thinking this. She has to stay strong. Whitney is sure that this is the best that she can do. Even if it means never being able to see that child again.

Whitney reenters the other room. She sees that Fox is still holding the child. He will not let this happen. No one is taking his son from him. Whitney demands to have whoever is to take the child revealed to her. The Co-Director runs off to do as she has been asked.

Sam is ready to kill Spike for being with his daughter. Spike almost gets killed, but another officer that was in the club stops him. Jessica is naked in bed, and she is really hopped up on drugs. Sam goes to his daughter and asks her what she had. She must have had something. Spike says that Jessica only took what she wanted from him. No one forced her to take anything. Spike says that this night was the first night that they got it on together. He is smiling at Sam’s pain over finding his daughter this way. Sam can’t stand to look at that smug mug anymore, and he jumps at the man, finally getting his hands on him. Spike is sitting in a corner unable to escape as Sam pummels him with his fists.

Luis and Sheridan are in bed together. She has been unable to get to sleep. Sheridan hates that she has been holding Luis back from his private time. She says that she will sleep better knowing that he is doing what he is supposed to be doing. He agrees to leave her and go into the other room.

Sheridan goes back to sleep now. She can’t sleep though, no matter how she tries. She decides that she needs some fresh air. She decides to go out the back so that Luis will not be disturbed. She grabs her robe and heads out into the darkness.

Beth and Edna try to come up with other reasons for the test to say that Beth is the mother of Marty. They can’t find an answer to this one. Beth knows that now Sheridan will have to keep her mouth shut or she will be put away for sure now. Mrs. Wallace still can’t believe the evil in her daughter and Alistair to have done all this. She goes to her computer and puts the earphones on.

Alistair and Beth discuss Marty and how he is half Lopez and have Crane. He really doesn't want that bastard grandson in his life. Beth is working with Alistair on this, but she will not have him calling Marty nasty names.

Mrs. Wallace is on the computer looking up information on how the DNA test could have gone so wrong. She reads that it is easier to disprove DNA results than one may think.

Edna remembers the past again. She remembers sleeping with Alistair many years ago. She told him back then that she hadn’t been to bed with anyone in a long time. She thought that his name was Al then, or a short form for some other name, but she never did get him to admit that his name was Alistair.

Alistair and Beth share their drinks on the couch, and enjoy discussion over Sheridan and the problems that she and Luis have been causing. They both have different reasons for wanting Luis and Sheridan separated, but they both agree that working together can only benefit the both of them, since they seek the same results. Edna watches them carefully. The other night, Alistair kissed Beth a little too close to her lips and Edna freaked out at the sight of it. It seems that they don’t know that they are related, and for now, Edna would like to keep things that way.

Edna is not comfortable with the way that Beth and Alistair are cozying up lately. The more that Edna thinks about it, the more she sees that Alistair has to be the one that fathered Beth. Edna is almost positive at this point.

Sam beats Spike within an inch of his life. The young officer gets between Spike and Sam. He saves Sam from making a big mistake. He could be sued for what he has done to the man. Spike says that he never twisted Jessica’s arm to come to him. Spike tried to kick her out, but she just kept coming back to him. Sam is like a bull being held in the corner. He tells Spike that he will not rest until the man is 6 feet under.

Fox will not turn the baby over to the Co-Director. He says that he has the child and that is the way that things are going to stay.

Eve and Julian discuss Fox and what is going on with him. He is crushed. They wonder if he would act differently if he knew the truth about the baby. Eve says that Julian has to keep his promise to keep the secret.

Mrs. Wellesley has had enough. Fox won’t give up the child. She goes to get Mr. Newton to handle this now. She walks off.

TC says that the child needs to be in an African-American family. The child might be half-white, but that doesn’t matter to TC. The Cranes are not the kind of family that can raise a child properly. TC demands that he be given his grandson to hold. Fox says no. The child might be TC’s grandson, but he is Fox’s son, and that takes priority.

Luis comes into Sheridan’s room to see how she is doing. She isn’t there. He sees the open door leading out. “Oh my God!”

Sheridan ends up at the Crane mansion to see her friend Gwen. They hug. Gwen apologizes for attacking her friend. Sheridan is fine with that. Gwen tells how the baby has been returned to Theresa. Gwen says that she really thought that the baby was hers. Sheridan knows that feeling all too well. Sheridan asks about where Gwen was all this time. Gwen tells how she was with Katherine at the compound. Sheridan learns that her mother was trying to protect her daughter by leaving like she did. Gwen says that Katherine is in Harmony, but Gwen has no idea where. Gwen says that Alistair had her as a slave that he was going to keep hidden away. Sheridan can’t believe her ears. Gwen tells how Ethan and Fox rescued her. Gwen also tells how she is facing jail time for what she has done. Theresa has reopened the case, although she got her baby back. Theresa is not cooperating at all. Gwen thinks that this may have happened because Ethan chose his wife to be with. Sheridan offers to do everything to help Gwen with this. Gwen would like to move on with her life, but she doesn’t see that happening. Gwen wants to know about Sheridan and Marty. Sheridan tells of the DNA test. She tells how Beth is the real mother of Marty. Sheridan has no idea what she is going to do now.

Beth has no idea why her mother is so interested in the DNA results and is researching it. Alistair likes his union with Beth. He knows that they are different from the others. They refuse to let things happen when it isn’t in their interests. Alistair wonders who Beth’s father was because Beth didn’t get her smarts from her mother.

Edna is still on the computer and she can’t help thinking back to that night when she made love with Alistair. She remembers now that she didn’t have protection that night. Alistair wasn’t really worried about whether she would be knocked up or not.

Edna can’t deny it any longer. Every thing points to Alistair being Beth’s father.

Spike taunts Sam about not being there for his daughter. He knows that Jessica has been ignored and that is why she was such an easy mark. Sam vows to shut the place down. Spike can hardly wait to see the headlines saying that Sam has arrested his own daughter. Spike know that is what will happen if Sam shuts the club down.

Sheridan tells Gwen how she has nothing left to do about Marty being her son. The test has ended all of Sheridan’s hopes. Gwen says that Sheridan can have another baby, unlike herself.

Ethan answers the door after hearing the doorbell.

It is Luis. He learns that Sheridan is in the living room. Ethan is glad to see the man and gets the news about the DNA test and the results.

Beth and Alistair are getting really fond of each other. They find that they have a lot in common.

Edna has her back to the pair on the couch, and suddenly it makes sense. Beth and Sheridan are sisters, so that would make the test accept Beth as the mother. That has to be it.

Mr. Newton comes to get the baby from Fox. The man has to threaten Fox with prosecution to get him to give up the child. Fox gives the baby up.

Whitney is relieved. She says that this is the way that it has to be, and that fighting isn’t’ going o fix anything. Chad goes to Mr. Newton and asks for the child. Whitney says that this is not the time for getting to know the baby. She thinks that it would be better to just let the child go, and they all can get back to their lives. Mr. Newton turns to Chad and puts the child in his arms. “Here is your baby.” Whitney’s stomach does a somersault at the news. “What?”

Spike wants to know what Sam is going to do now. Is he going to bust the club? Or is he going to leave them alone? Jessica is going to have to be busted too if Spike goes in. Sam can’t do this. He will get Spike some other time. Sam is ready to take his daughter home now. He removes his coat and covers her as he walks her to the door. Sam turns to Spike. “Don’t’ you ever go near my daughter again, or you are a dead man.” Sam leaves.

Spike watches as Sam leaves with his daughter. One of Spike’s bouncers comes to his aide. Spike thinks it is funny that Sam thinks that he is so slick. Spike knows that Jessica will be back. They always return.

Luis and Ethan are still discussing things and updating on events.

Sheridan soon realizes that Luis is there. She is sorry to have worried him. She only wanted some fresh air. Gwen asks when the two are going to have a baby. She can’t think of a couple that deserves one more than they do. She leaves the room.

Ethan knows that some way he is going to get that woman that baby that she deserves.

Edna is on the computer Iwate her headphones on. She is thinking to herself more than ever that Alistair and Beth are father and daughter. She is sure of it. Edna suddenly turns around. No one is on the couch. “Where are they?” Nasty thoughts come to Edna’s mind, and she shudders at the thought of what they might be doing alone together.

Alistair and Beth are out at the club together. Alistair makes no bones about coming on to Beth. He holds her hand and kisses it from time to time. He never noticed before how beautiful she was. She reminds him that Luis is the one that she loves. He knows that, but he can see that he and Beth are kindred spirits and cut from the same clothes.

Whitney can’t deal with Chad raising her child. Chad says that he is sorry that she doesn’t like this but he is the baby’s father now, and no one, absolutely no one is going to take the baby from him.

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