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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Jessica is talking to Spike on the phone. He would like her to come to the club that night. She doesn't think that she can make it. He tells her that if she is busy then he has to go as he has other things to do. She quickly tells him that she will be right there. After she hangs up, she realizes that she might as well go, as Spike is the only one that cares about her. She gets up to get ready. Ivy sees that Jessica is on her way out again. Jessica ignores her. What is she going to do to her anyway? Complain to her dad?

Ethan apologizes to Gwen for what Theresa has done to her.

Theresa is upset that Ethan has called her a monster and never wants to see her again.

Pilar is licking her wounds over Katherine being back in town and Martin spending time with her again. Alistair has followed Pilar and he tells her that he can arrange for Katherine to be out of her life forever.

Fox is upset. He has just found out that he has lost all chances to have his baby with him. He turns on Whitney demanding in a shouting voice how she could do this to him. Chad appears on the scene. He tells Fox to back off and not to talk to Whitney that way ever again. Everyone else in the room looks around wondering where Chad came from and what might happen if both men go up against each other over this matter.

Jessica says that what she does isn’t any of Ivy’s business. Ivy knows that Grace would hate to hear her daughter talk the way that she does. Jessica tells her not to bring Grace up. Ivy grabs Jessica’s arm to make her listen and Jessica grimaces in pain. Ivy lifts Jessica’s sleeve and finds that the girl has cut and burn marks up and down her arm. Jessica said that she burned herself on the stove. Ivy knows that Jessica hasn’t been anywhere near the stove.

Rebecca vows revenge on Theresa for what she has put Gwen through.

Fox says that his problem has nothing to do with Chad. Chad says that Whitney is his sister and that he will not have Fox talking to her in any old manner. Julian stops the boys from fighting. Fox isn’t finished. If Whitney doesn’t want the baby, then Fox will take him.  Eve begs her daughter to tell the truth to everyone when they have a moment alone, but Whitney will not do that.

Sheridan wants to talk to Beth for a moment for what ha happened. Mrs. Wallace is sure that Sheridan is going to lay into Beth for this somehow. Beth braces herself. She thinks that Sheridan is going to hit her, but Sheridan says that she only wants to say that she is sorry for all that she has put the woman through. She hugs Beth.

Pilar says that she isn’t interested in anything that Alistair has to offer her to get rid of Katherine for good. She starts walking off, but she can’t leave. She turns and asks Alistair what he might be talking about. Alistair shows Pilar a piece of paper. On it, is everything that Pilar needs to get Katherine and Martin to stay away from each other forever.  Pilar takes the paper, but isn’t sure what she is doing. Alistair leaves her now. “Oh dear God. What have I done?”

Fox sees that he has lost his son forever, but he demands to know who has gotten his child. He suspects that Whitney knows the answer to this. Whitney says that she has no idea who has her child. Chad says that Whitney giving up her baby is her choice. Eve would like to go somewhere with everyone and talk about this but Whitney has had enough and would just like to go home. Fox shouts at her that she can run away but that still doesn’t change the fact that she gave their child away. Chad is right behind Whitney to make sure that she is okay. She turns to him and hugs him crying.

Sheridan mends fences with Beth. Beth even promises to try to work out visitation later in time. Sheridan likes that. It is late, and Beth says that she has to get Marty home and put him to bed. She leaves. Dottie apologizes again to Sheridan for not being able to give her the answer that she needs and she leaves. Luis says that Sheridan is amazing to have pulled herself together after all that has happened. He leaves to get the car. Sheridan is sitting on the bench alone. She seems to have accepted that Marty is not her son, but the truth is that she feels that she is still that child’s mother and she will have to find another way to prove it. She removes the paternity results from her purse and reads them again.

Jessica can’t hide it anymore. Ivy has figured out that Jessica is hurting herself. This Spike person is obviously having a negative effect on Jessica.

Spike talks to his bouncer telling him that he will be needing the back room again. Seems that Jessica can’t get enough of him. Once alone, the bouncer, who is a plant in the club, calls Sam and reports that Spike will be using the back room again this very night in a few hours. Some girl will be coming to the club later and she will be in the room with Spike. Sam is glad that he will be able to see how this slime ball works on girls. He hurries from the room to head out to the club to conduct his investigation.

Whitney and Chad talk alone outside of the adoption agency. He sympathizes with her and tells her that he still loves her but now only as a brother. He offers to listen to her and to be there for her.

Theresa hugs her son before he goes off to bed. Then she is alone worrying again about Ethan. Pilar arrives home looking sad, but not as much as she did before.

She has a lot on her mind after talking to Alistair about her situation with Katherine. She can see that Theresa is upset and wonders what could have happened now. Theresa reports that she has lost Ethan forever.

Gwen, Rebecca and Ethan arrive at the Crane mansion. Gwen takes her mother’s coat and leaves the room to hang it up. Rebecca takes this opportunity to ask Ethan what they are going to do now about Theresa. Ethan can’t deal with this right now. He has to worry about Gwen’s emotional state and nothing else. Rebecca understands, and that is why she wants Ethan to see that he has to help her get back at Theresa for the trick that she has played on Gwen.

Chad begs Whitney to confide in him about why she gave up her child. Whitney has a quick thought about the future and how the kids will be in the playground. They will call her child a freak for having siblings as parents. Whitney stays silent. Chad tells Whitney that she should at least tell everyone that this is her decision and they have to accept it. Whitney reenters the room at the adoption agency and she tells everyone there that this is her decision and they have no choice but to accept what she has done.

Theresa tells her mother how Ethan said that he hates her, and never wants to see her again. Theresa knows that she was being selfish when she called the police, but Gwen tried to kill her and she kidnapped Jane, but no one sees that she should go to jail. Theresa has done things to get Ethan back, and that is probably why she is always in trouble. Pilar says no. Pilar says that Theresa is right to fight for Ethan. Theresa can’t believe her ears. Her mother has been telling her to lay off for years, but now Pilar says that all is fair in love and war. Theresa thanks her mother for understanding.

Ethan doesn't think that now is the time for revenge. Rebecca demands to know when the time will be right. Ethan says that he wants to make sure that Gwen is okay first. Gwen reenters the room. Ethan offers to put her to bed, but Gwen wants to sleep on the couch for a while. Ethan leaves to gets blankets for her. Rebecca follows Ethan out into the hall asking when the time will be right. She is quickly becoming a pest to Ethan. She will not let up on this. Theresa has to pay. They all promised to let bygones be bygones, and Theresa broke the rule. Ethan can’t deal with that right now.

Mrs. Wallace gets a call from her good friend Precious in the jungle. It seems like just yesterday Precious was with her in Harmony, but due to a sick relative, Precious has had to go and tend to her family. It is like two old friends talking over good times. Mrs. Wallace thinks about Precious everyday, and she hopes that the monkey will come back to Harmony. Things are not the same without precious Precious.

Beth comes to talk to her mother later. She can’t believe that she got away with this last ploy. She should be sitting in jail right now, but she is free as a bird. Mrs. Wallace demands again to know how her daughter pulled this off.

Jessica arrives at the club. The bouncer who is the plant that Sam has in the club comes to Jessica telling her that Spike is waiting for her in the back room. Jessica heads to the back room and Spike is waiting for her in there. He is all over her in a flash. He is kissing her and holding her close to him, and Jessica loves the attention. He offers her some drugs. It is up to her what she wants to take. A little bit, or a lot. She takes it from his hand smiling. He throws her on the bed, and climbs on top of her for more kissing.

Sam arrives at the club and talks to his informer. He learns that Spike the slime ball already has someone in the back room. Sam calls Ivy and tells her that he is going to be late that night. She can hear the music in the background and she has to wonder what is going on. He says that he has a chance to bust Spike who has a young girl in the back room this very minute. Ivy panics. She knows that Jessica is in the back room, and she doesn’t want Sam to find out or he will be very upset. She shouts, “Sam! You can’t go back there!”

The crowd at the adoption agency is still waiting. They will not leave until the find out who has adopted Whitney’s child.

Luis watches over Sheridan as she sleeps. When he is satisfied that she is okay, he leaves the room for a while. As Sheridan sleeps, she dreams that she can hear Marty, but she can’t find him. She searches and searches for her baby but she never finds him.

Mrs. Wallace and Beth try to figure out what happened to make the DNA test work out to Beth’s advantage. Mrs. Wallace is still skeptical that Beth as managed to do this, but she entertains the thought that someone else may have been behind this. They think and think and then they figure it out. “Alistair!” It has to be Alistair. No one else would have the power to pull something like this off. “Did someone mention my name?” He magically appears. It is Alistair. He knows what they were talking about, and now he has come to fill them in.

Sam discusses with his informant that they have to move fast or the girl inside might get hurt. A bouncer comes up to Sam asking him what the hell is going on there. Sam says that there is going to be a bust, and that he has to get into the back room. The bouncer sees that he can’t save Spike from this one, and he moves out of the area. Sam goes to the door at the back. It is locked. He stands back and then rushes the door busting it open. Spike is in bed with someone. He rises from the bed wondering what is happening. He smiles when he sees Bennett staring down at him. Jessica wakes when she hears her father’s name called out. “Daddy?” Jessica sits up and Sam sees that his daughter is the one that is in bed with this slime ball. “Jessica…”

Theresa and her mother share more of a discussion of what it means to keep that man that you love. They seem to be in agreement. The baby cries. Theresa is glad for this talk with her mother. She leaves and tends to Jane. Pilar realizes that she believes what she said. Family means everything.

Sheridan is dreaming still. She is trying hard to find her baby, but he is nowhere to be found. She can hear him but she just can’t find him. Suddenly, in the dream, Sheridan finds her baby. It is Marty and Alistair is holding him and smiling at her.

Theresa has a moment with her baby. She tells her that her father is upset right now, but that he will come around later on. She is sure that things will be alright, and that they will all be together in the end.

Alistair tries to explain to Beth and Mrs. Wallace about how the test proved Beth to be the mother and not Sheridan. The explanation, he says is that Beth is the mother of baby Marty. Beth knows that can’t be, but she waits to hear more of what Alistair has to say about this. He must have more of an explanation.

Rebecca will not be quieted. She wants to know what it is that Ethan is going to do to protect his wife from Theresa. Ethan quietly peeks in the living room at Gwen. She is resting comfortably on the couch. Once he is satisfied that she is fine, he closes the door, and turns to Rebecca. He admits that increasingly he is starting to feel that Theresa needs to be taught a lesson.

The adoption agency is full of people that just won’t go away. Everyone wants to know what has happened to the child that Whitney has so easily given up. Who is the person that has adopted this baby? Chad reenters the room, but no one is facing him. He says that it doesn’t matter, as the baby is gone now. Fox is the first to put it together. “Chad!” Everyone in the room turns to face Chad, and they see him. He is holding Whitney’s baby in his arms. While everyone had been talking, he went out and got the baby that had already been given to him by the agency.

Whitney can’t believe her eyes. “You adopted the baby?” Chad ignores her and smiles into the tiny child’s face.

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