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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Ethan and Theresa stand over Jane thinking how beautiful she is. Ethan hopes that Theresa appreciates how things have turned out in her favor. Theresa will not send her a thank you note for what she has done, but she should just end all the fighting now. Ethan understood that Theresa has agreed to stop all this. He wants her to tell him that he is right about the feud being over.

Rebecca tells Gwen that she has to fight Theresa over this and make Theresa pay for what has happened in the past. Rebecca knows that Theresa is not going to take this lying down. Gwen will not fight anymore. She is going to trust Theresa. This has wrecked Gwen’s life for years.

The doorbell rings. The housekeeper enters, saying that a police officer is there at the door.

Sam enters the living room and tells Gwen that she is going to be re-arrested for her crimes and more. Rebecca knew that this would happen. Gwen has no idea what she is going to do now. Rebecca will not let this happen. Sam tells Rebecca that she can’t stop this.

Sam gets the cuffs and puts them on Gwen.

The Co-Director tells Fox that he can't get the boy back. They followed the rules regarding the Power of Attorney that Fox had signed and given to Whitney. He has missed the 72-hour deadline to get the boy back.

Whitney is secretly happy that Fox is unable to get the child back.

Fox will not let the adoption agency take his son on a technicality. Julian offers to get the boy and adopt him. TC too jumps forward to take the boy. That is not acceptable to Fox. No one is going to adopt his son.

Sheridan is beside herself. She can’t believe that the tests turned out the way that they have. Beth sees that she has won, and she and her mother can’t figure out how the tests turned out in Beth’s favor. Mrs. Wallace is sure that Beth is heading for damnation now. Beth has really done it this time. Mrs. Wallace is sure that Beth was the one that rigged the tests so that she would turn out to be the baby’s father. Mrs. Wallace demands that Beth tell her how she managed to rig the tests the way that she has. Mrs. Wallace wants Beth to admit that she rigged the tests, but Beth says that she didn’t do it. Beth as to figure out what she is going to do next. Beth has to pretend that she knew that this was going to turn out in her favor all along. This is going to be difficult because Sheridan knows the truth now. Sheridan is thinking about the past with her own baby when the child was born. She held that child and promised him the world. She told the child that she might not always be able to be with the child, but she will be there. She will be with the covers over the child at night, and no matter what happens, Sheridan promised never to forget the beautiful face of her child. He was perfect and smelled perfect too. Sheridan also remembers telling an older Marty that Beth stole him from her. She had memorized her baby’s face, and she swore that she wouldn’t forget it, and she hasn’t. Sheridan is in tears now. Luis knew that this was going to happen. Sheridan wants him to stop talking. She is sure that the tests are wrong. Luis would like Sheridan to accept that she is wrong. Luis tells that their baby died. Sheridan can feel that something is wrong. Tests don’t like but people do. Sheridan turns to Dottie demanding that she explain why she lied about Marty being her son.

Ethan says that the slate has been wiped clean and that they are on the same page wanting things to be fine again. Theresa asks about Rebecca and her vendetta. Ethan says that Rebecca is not going to do anything anymore. He says that Rebecca has agreed to lay low if Theresa does.

Rebecca is angry that Gwen has been cuffed for her crimes. She feels that Theresa needs to be the one that goes to jail. Gwen wants her mother to stop all this. She says that Ethan needs to be called to meet her at the station. Rebecca is not understanding or accepting what is going on here. She offers Sam special favors if he takes her instead. Rebecca has to help. As Sam and Gwen head out the door, Rebecca jumps on Sam’s back to stop him taking her daughter. Sam gets disoriented and starts staggering. Gwen looks back at her mother hanging on to Sam’s back and she shouts at her mother to stop this. Rebecca only shouts at her daughter to run!

The Co-Director is unable to help Fox with his problem of not being able to get his son. Whitney finally got what she wanted. The baby is gone, no one knows that he is really Chad’s son, and Fox can’t get the child back. Fox is furious. He will not be railroaded like this. He is a Crane, and he knows the power that name carries in this town. He threatens the Co-Director with having her adoption agency shut down if she doesn’t bring his child back to him. TC smirks that this is just like the Cranes to throw their name around to get things down. Fox has no time for TC’s bitterness at this time. He turns to the Co-Director and tells her that this place will be buried if his child is not returned to him pronto. Eve turns to Whitney. “You see? Fox is never going to stop. Just because you have managed to send the child off legally, doesn’t mean that Fox will never get him back.” Whitney shakes her head quietly. She knows that her mother is probably right, but she can’t back down now, and besides, it is too late. The Co-Director will not have Fox threaten her the way that he is. Eve thinks that this is something that Whitney should have expected. Fox will never let up. Julian steps in to explain why his son is acting the way that he is. Fox apologizes for what he has said and the threat that he has made. He says that Whitney wasn’t in her right mind when she did this. Whitney believes that she was in her right mind at the time. The Co-Director does admit that they found Whitney a little strange at the time that the deal was made to give the child up. Fox understands their part, but only wants another chance to have his child back.

Dottie apologizes to Sheridan for not being able to tell her that she was Marty’s mother. The tests show that Beth is in fact the mother of Marty. Sheridan apologizes to her friend for accusing her for lying. Sheridan is having a hard time understanding that what she thought was true all this time, really isn’t.

Beth is not feeling sorry for Sheridan at all. ‘Boo hoo’. Mrs. Wallace thinks that this is a tragedy, and she can’t be happy for her daughter because of this. Beth only sees that no one is going to take Marty from her now.

Rebecca is on Sam’s back, keeping him from taking Gwen from the house. He staggers and zig zags his way around the room, but Gwen will not run. She understands what is happening now. Sam demands that Rebecca get off him. Finally they fall to the couch. Gwen unhands the officer. Sam has to go now, but he warns Rebecca that she could have gotten a charge as well for what she did to him today. Sam leaves with Gwen.

Rebecca sits alone in the living room now. She is a little winded, but she understands now why Ivy is so hot for the guy. “Whew”.

Ethan and Theresa are arguing about Gwen and Theresa not doing anything more to make the situation a problem. Theresa sees that she could have caused a problem, and that she has to tell Ethan what is was that she has done. Ethan can see that Theresa has something to tell him. “What?” Theresa says that there may be a problem.

Fox asks Mrs. Wellesley how she would feel about her child being given away. Although Whitney followed the rules, she was wrong to do it. Mrs. Wellesley says that she can’t do anything. That is why rules are so strict here. Fox turns to his father to get some help. Julian isn’t sure what he can do besides taking the baby himself. Julian knows that he has to help his son, although there is more going on here. Julian says to Fox that at this point what he needs to do is to stop the adoption process. Whitney shouts out that Fox can’t do that.

Ethan and Theresa are talking about her problem, and she is just about to get the news out when the phone rings.

Rebecca is on the phone. She tells Ethan that Gwen has been hauled off to jail. Ethan is furious. He turns to Theresa. “What the hell have you done?”

Mrs. Wallace sees that Beth is evil and then some. She is sure that Beth has done something to rig the tests, but Beth will not admit to that. Beth says that she hasn’t done anything to make this all happen, but that is not her concern anymore. She has bigger fish to fry. Beth sees that she has won this round, but as usual, she is looking forward. Now she has to do something to get Luis for herself. The question of Marty’s paternity will never come up again. Luis is trying to get Sheridan to head home now. There is nothing more that they can do there. Dorian is sorry that she couldn’t have been more helpful. Sheridan feels that she really is going crazy thinking that Marty is her son. She searches herself carefully and can find no reason for Marty not to be hers. This is more disturbing to her than anything else that has happened to date. At this time, the nurse returns with Marty in tow, to deliver to Beth. She knows now, as everyone else does that Beth is the mother, and she naturally walks in that direction. Sheridan watches the child as he is taken to his mother. Even now, she still believes that Marty is her son, and that she needs to be with him. Luis looks at Sheridan worriedly. She still hasn’t accepted the test as the truth that she isn’t Marty’s mother.

Fox will do anything that he wants to get his son back. He will never listen to Whitney about this issue. Mrs. Wellesley says that Fox has already relinquished his rights in this matter. Whitney is happy. Fox is almost out of steam on this, and it is almost over. TC says that he will take the child and raise him as his own. Eve offers to raise the child as well. TC will not let that happen. Eve is going to be in prison anyway. Fox says that no one is going to raise his son but him. Whitney says no. She says that Mrs. Wellesley has just seen what type of family they are, and now she can agree that the child will be better off with some other family.

Sam is at the station with Gwen and she discusses with him how Ethan really thought that he could trust Theresa, but again he was wrong. Gwen has to be booked now.

Ethan tells Rebecca to tell Gwen that he loves her, and that he will be there with her soon. Rebecca says that he is to tell Theresa that she is going to pay for what she has done. The call is over. Ethan hangs up. Ethan can’t believe what Theresa is doing again. He had everything fixed. He was going to be able to live with Gwen and Theresa in peace, and Theresa has stirred things up again. Theresa says that she had to do this. Ethan finds her hateful. She had the power to end this and find peace, but she is the one that can’t forget anything. Ethan convinced his father to drop the charges, and now Theresa has started everything back again. Ethan has seen Theresa for what she is. He finds her to be a monster. She is a hateful monster.

Rebecca shows up at the station and discusses the trumped up charges against Gwen.

Ethan is really upset with Theresa, and when he tries to leave, she gets in his way. He shouts at her that he is out of there. He rushes out the door. Theresa goes to get the baby, and she rushes to the door with the child. Ethan is still there. Theresa shows him the child and says that he can’t really think that she is a monster. She is the mother of his child. Ethan knows that she is the mother of his child, and he does think that she is a monster anyway.

Mrs. Wallace is with Beth and Marty now. Beth is back in full force. She feels that she deserves Luis now. Sheridan could have any man that she wants, but she comes to Harmony and gets the working stiff instead. The man that Beth wants for herself. Now things are different. No one, not even Sheridan can stop Beth from getting Luis.

Sheridan is still having a hard time. Luis wants Sheridan to acknowledge that Beth is the mother for Marty. Sheridan realizes that she needs to speak to Beth right away. There is something that she has to say to the woman.

Mrs. Wellesley says that no one can adopt the baby at this time. Everyone is fighting over what should happen to the baby, thinking that they are the best choice. Julian is sure that he has what it takes to make this happen. TC feels that he is being slighted because he is African-American. That is not the reason why he can’t adopt the child though. Fox feels that he is going to be the one to get his child back, and that is the reason why no one is going to get their hands on the child. Mrs. Wellesley says that the child has already been adopted by someone else, and that is the reason why no one in the room can claim the child. Whitney is almost happy to hear that the child is going to be living somewhere else. Fox demands to know who adopted his son.

Gwen is photographed and fingerprinted.

Rebecca is furious. Gwen has been through enough. Sam has to agree, but Theresa has insisted that Gwen be arrested, and Sam has to play this by the book. Sam warns Rebecca again that she could have been arrested for her part in all this. Still she remembers the tousle in the living room back at the house, and she wouldn’t mind going through that again.

Gwen comes out to her mother. Rebecca promises that there is no way that Theresa is going to get away with this. Rebecca is going to destroy Theresa’s life. This is a fight to the finish.

Ethan confirms that he thinks that Theresa is a monster. Ethan says that if he had known that Theresa was so hard, he wouldn’t ever have allowed Theresa to raise his daughter. He is repulsed by Theresa, and he never wants to see her again. Ethan walks off.

Luis wants Sheridan to leave with him, but she will not until she talks to Beth. She walks off. Beth and Mrs. Wallace see that Sheridan is walking towards them. Sheridan reaches Beth to say what it is that she has to say. Luis is behind her, trying to stop whatever it is that is going to happen. He can’t. “Beth. There is something that I have to say to you, about Marty being your son.” Beth faces the woman, waiting to see what it is that Sheridan is about to say to her.

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