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By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Eve offers to help her daughter with her problems. Fox has just run out to get the baby that Whitney has been trying to her best to get rid of. Eve knows that Whitney should have expected Fox to act exactly the way that he has.

Julian is upset that Whitney has lied to his son again. Whitney doesn't mean to hurt Fox but she really needs things to stay they way that they are now. Whitney rushes to get her coat. She has to stop Fox in his quest to get his child back.

Fox is at the adoption agency talking to a receptionist there. She is about to close, but Fox breaks in and forces the girl to talk to him. He has to get his son back before the deadline to get him back is in effect.

Ethan and Gwen are on the couch at the Crane mansion Crane mansion kissing and getting to know each other better again. Gwen wants to have Ethan forgive her for what she did. Sam has agreed to drop the charges against Gwen because she seems to be okay now.

Rebecca enters the room and sees that Ethan is getting on well with her daughter. As it should be. Rebecca heard the couple talking and she hates to through water on these tender moments, but she is sure that Theresa is going to think up something else to hurt them. Ethan is sure that Theresa will not do anything at this point to make any trouble.

Sam arrives at the Pilar house and he is really glad to see her. Sam looks at baby Jane. She is gorgeous and just like her mother. Theresa was worried about her daughter, but she is fine now. Theresa wants Gwen behind bars now. Theresa says that Gwen left Theresa paralyzed and she kidnapped Jane from her. Sam sees this as an opportunity to stop all the madness. Theresa will not drop this. She will press charges.

At the hospital, Sheridan is pushing her friend to tell that Marty is really her child and not Beth's child.

Mrs. Wallace is about ready to puke as time goes by.

Dottie looks at the results and she turns to Beth. Sheridan has called her in to get the results read and back to them sooner rather than later. “Maybe I better explain what these results really mean. You better sit down.”

Ethan tries to make Rebecca see that there shouldn’t be any more fighting now that things have been straightened out. Rebecca thinks that Theresa owes them at least one baby. Ethan wants to see the family have peace first. Rebecca says that they will never have peace as long as Theresa is in the picture. Ethan says that Sam has dropped the charges against Gwen, and that should be the clue that makes everyone see that there shouldn’t be anymore little plots against Theresa. Rebecca says that Theresa is already hatching her next plot against them, even now.

Theresa wants to have the book thrown at Gwen for what she did. Sam thinks back to the beginning when Sam first knew her. Pilar has taught her child a lot about life, and Theresa really does have a big heart. Gwen scared Theresa, but that shouldn’t matter now. Jane is a back, and Theresa is walking again. Theresa only wants Gwen to be punished. When stolen goods are recovered, you still go after the thief. Sam knows that, but Gwen has lost a lot too. Jane was the last chance that Gwen had to have a baby. Theresa feels for Gwen but life is tough, and people get hurt. Sam sees that Theresa is hard now, much like Theresa would like Sam to think Gwen is. This is Theresa’s chance to stop all this, and Theresa knows that. Sam could put Gwen back in jail, but then Rebecca will retaliate. This will just go around and around and no one will stop this.

The Co-Director comes in to talk to Fox about his adopted baby. Fox explains that he was out of town and didn’t know that Whitney was ill and would give the child up. Fox would like to get his child back. The woman is familiar with the case. She questions the Power of Attorney that Fox signed. He admits to it and as he tries to explain things the door bursts open.

Whitney runs in with Julian and Eve behind her. Fox ignores Whitney and begs to have his son back. The Co-Director and the receptionist go to the back room to check and see what can be done.

Fox can’t believe this. He knows that Whitney is going to regret doing this. Whitney says that she will do what she has to in order to make the adoption go through. She will not let Fox get her baby.

Back at the hospital, Dottie is explaining how the results work. By what she sees, she can see that one of the women tested is definitely the mother. Dottie is about to read the results when the nurse comes in. The nurse says that the baby wants to be with his mother and has been very distressful in the other room waiting. The nurse puts the baby down on the floor and tells him to go to his mommy. Marty starts trotting along towards both Beth and Sheridan. Both hold their breaths to see where it is that he ends up.

Marty goes right into Beths arms. She lifts the child and Sheridan is in pain watching the two together. Sheridan is pissed. She turns to her friend Dottie and Luis. “How long do I have to suffer watching Marty call another woman his mother?” Luis tells Sheridan to settle down and just be patient.

Whitney will not let Fox interfere with this. Fox is angry now. He turns to his father and Eve wondering how they could let Whitney do this. Fox will take his son and raise him. TC and Liz have entered and they hear what Fox is saying. TC will not have Fox raising his grandson for the family.

Sheridan can’t deal with another break. Now that Marty has entered the room, Beth has to take time with him. Sheridan is freaking out. Luis is upset seeing her like this. She is so sure that Marty is her son. She knows that Beth will be going to jail for a long time. Then Sheridan will get her son back. She is glad that he is young enough to not know what happened here. Mrs. Wallace is frantic and she wants out of there. She is willing to fake a heart attack to get them all out of there. Beth looks up into her mother’s eyes. The woman had been trying to distance herself from all of this for the longest time and now she wants to be a help to her daughter. Beth could use some help, that is for sure. Mrs. Wallace asks her daughter what it is that they should be doing now. She knows that this is the time to act. They have run out of options here. “Come on Bethie! Let’s make a run for it!”

TC isn’t going to let Fox or any other Cranes raise his child. Fox reminds TC that the child is a Crane to begin with. TC feels that Fox only wants the child because he wants Whitney. TC sees that the child needs to be with his family. He says that he and Liz will raise the child. Whitney will not have that. Fox won’t let anyone take the child. Eve says that she and Julian are the ones that are going to adopt the child. Fox is really confused. The child will not be with strangers; the child will be with him.

Rebecca never thought that Ethan was such a fool. Everyone knows that Theresa wants Gwen in a box so that she can walk down the aisle with Ethan. Ethan says that Theresa sees that this has to stop now. Rebecca wonders why Ethan believes that Theresa can be trusted. Rebecca knows that Theresa is plotting and that they have to plot first. There is an advantage and Rebecca wants to have it. Ethan only remembers Gwen almost losing her sanity going through this. Ethan offers to get confirmation from Theresa about her not doing anything to continue this war. Gwen is upset that Ethan is going to talk to Theresa again so soon. Ethan assures Gwen that he will be right back. After Ethan is gone, Rebecca asks Gwen to look at the picture. They have been back an hour from the plane, and already Ethan is off to see Theresa.

Theresa tries to make Sam see that Gwen has to be put away. Theresa wanted to have a relationship like Sam and Grace, but look how that turned out. People seem to have a good idea of how their lives are going to turn out, but that is just a dream. Fairytales don’t really come true do they? Sam has to admit that maybe she is right, but still she can’t give up. She can’t give up on love. She hasn’t. That is what drives her and stops her from falling down. That is the reason why Gwen has to go to prison in her eyes.

Mrs. Wallace begs Beth to come to her senses. It is not like Beth to not take advantage of an opportunity, and this would definitely be their last chance to get out of there. Beth is holding the child. She can’t run now. Mrs. Wallace has a plan. She will fake a heart attack for the both of them to get away. The nurse comes to take Marty so that Beth can continue her meeting with the others. Before Beth gives the child up, she tells him that she wants him to remember that she really loves him. She gives the child up. Mrs. Wallace says that was their chance. Now it is over. Beth is really hurt. Losing the child has really affected her. Mrs. Wallace sees that Beth really does have a heart. Mrs. Wallace just heard it break Sheridan is ready to start this thing back up again. Marty is out of the room and it is time to get back to grownup things and get this meeting over with. Dottie starts her mumbo jumbo again. Sheridan cuts her off. She isn’t interested in all that stuff about how these tests work, and how they are read. She only wants to know who Marty’s mother really is so she pushes her friend to get on with it. Dottie says that she will comply with Sheridan’s wishes and get straight to the meat of the matter. She will go straight to the bottom line and reveal who Marty’s mother really is.

Everyone is arguing at the adoption agency. Fox orders everyone to shut up. The boy is his and no one has a right to decide what happens to the child but him. TC and Eve point out the others’ faults. Fox only wants to accept responsibility for his son. He says that no one will adopt his son but him. He has explained everything to the facilitator of the agency, and she is in the back taking care of things. The Co-Director returns. Fox is glad to see her. He orders her to get the other people out, and to tell these people that they can’t adopt his son.

Dottie reads the tests results out loud. “The DNA test proves that the mother of Marty is really Beth Wallace.” Sheridan shakes her head and takes a seat. This is all wrong. Luis goes to her. Beth puts out her wrists to get handcuffed. “Go ahead Luis. Take me away.” That is when it sinks in. “What did she say mother?” Beth realizes that the test has revealed that Marty is in fact her child. How can that be? Who cares? Beth and Edna are off the hook.

Sheridan sits on the couch wondering how this could happen. She was so sure. How could this be? Luis tells Sheridan that he is really sorry that this happened. Sheridan will not be comforted. She has to figure this out. Dottie comes to her friend apologizing for the results not going her way. She tried to explain in the beginning but Sheridan didn’t want to hear that.

Rebecca gets on Gwen for not stopping Ethan from going to see Theresa just now. Rebecca knows that if Ethan can go to Theresa’s house whenever he wants, things are going to definitely go wrong. Gwen knows that Ethan is dedicated to her. She will not hear anymore of this. She only knows that Ethan chose her, and she will build a family now. She will stop fighting with Theresa to have the family that she wants. Rebecca knows that there is not going to be any family for Gwen. Theresa wants to get Ethan back and that is what is going to happen if Gwen doesn’t fight.

Theresa is alone with Jane, and she talks to the child about her daddy. One day, daddy will know that this is where he belongs. She tells the girl to be patient. When Gwen is in prison, Theresa will be free to be with her real love. The doorbell rings, and Theresa finds Ethan there. She wasn’t expecting him, but is glad that he is there. Ethan is very quiet as he walks into the main sitting room. Theresa notices that he is being quiet, but she doesn’t worry about that. The important thing is that he is here now. He has something that he has to say to her, and he is sure that she will see things his way and do the right thing.

Theresa makes Ethan hold the baby for a moment. He doesn’t get to spend much time with the girl, so she knows that Ethan must love holding her. Ethan does love that. He bounces the child in his arms as she smiles.

Theresa can’t help thinking to herself that Ethan is finally home. This is where he belongs and Theresa is going to make that happen.

Theresa can see so much of Jane’s father in her. Ethan is glad that Jane is back, but he would like to make sure that they still have an agreement about Gwen. There have been accusations, and Ethan would like to make sure that the accusations are over now. They need a little peace. He chose Gwen, and that should be the end of it. No more getting even. She needs to let it go.

Rebecca is still pushing her daughter to do something about Theresa. Gwen needs to stop all this. She would like to have peace now. Rebecca knows that Theresa will not let Gwen be happy with Ethan. Gwen disagrees. She knows that Ethan will take care of it. Theresa will do the right thing. The doorbell rings. The house cleaner comes in to announce that the police are there.

Sam enters. Rebecca is confused. Sam says that he is there to re-arrest Gwen for kidnapping the baby. Rebecca sees that Theresa has had the chance to fire the first shot. They are too late.

Fox asks the Co-Director to tell everyone that they can’t have his child. The woman apologizes and says that unfortunately, he is too late.

Sheridan is beside herself. She is crying now. She knows that she is Marty’s mother and she lost her last chance to prove it. Luis tells Sheridan to calm down now. It is over. Beth still can’t believe this. She got Marty. Beth has no explanation for this happening. Maybe her mother’s angels really did come through for her this time. Mrs. Wallace knows that there has to be a better explanation than that for this happening. Beth says it aloud to herself. It happened. She has been deemed Marty’s mother, and there is nothing that Sheridan can do about it. Now she has Marty, and soon she will have Luis. It is finally happening for her. It is finally happening!

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