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By Glynis
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Sheridan is finally going to get what she wants. She is going to find out that Marty is her son. Mrs. Wallace is sliding her walker towards the door, but Luis sees her and calls out to her. "You are not still sneaking out of the room before we get the results are you?” Mrs. Wallace says that she is not sneaking out at all. She makes some excuse for being so close to the door at an important time like this. Dottie has the results in her hand, and she is ready to tell who Marty’s real mother is. Sheridan can’t wait. She really feels that she knows what the results of the test are going to reveal. Sheridan turns to Luis. She is sure that he is going to see that she was right all along. Luis would like her to settle down now and wait to see what happens. Beth is hysterical. She is almost in tears. She grips her mother for support as they huddle in a corner, unsure of what is going to happen next. Dottie is about to read the results. Luis stops her. Luis pulls Sheridan off to the side and tells her to settle down. Sheridan knows that this will not only prove that Marty is her son, but that Beth is a horrible creature. Sheridan tells Luis to look over at Beth so that he too can see that Beth is guilty as sin. Mrs. Wallace and Beth look over at Luis and Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace tries to read what is in their eyes, but she can’t. She is sure though that their goose has been cooked.

Pilar has found Martin out and bout with Katherine. They are hugging. Pilar lets loose. She thought that Katherine was gone for good. Katherine says that she isn’t there to cause trouble. She really does wish them the best. Pilar turns to Martin for support, but he only sits with Katherine telling her that they have to discuss this later. Pilar will not settle for this. Martin says that he only found Katherine at this time, and that the hug that Pilar saw was just a friendly gesture. Pilar wants Katherine to see that Martin was getting over her. She shows Katherine the pictures that were taken of she and Martin that night while they were out at dinner that night. Martin was happy. Pilar demands that Katherine get out of their lives.

Fox is very angry with Whitney now. He came home thinking that he was going to start a life with his new family, but that is all out the window now. She has just told Fox that the baby that she gave away wasn’t his. Fox can’t believe his ears. Of course that child is his. Julian and Eve are there, and they try to smooth things over, but Fox is so angry that noting seems to be working. He is sure that the baby was his, and although he is gone, the child still will be his if he has anything to do with it. The baby was the best thing that ever happened to him. It gave him hope after his having such a terrible upbringing of his own. He was determined not to have this child suffer like his did thinking that his family didn’t want him. Fox was a different person before he met Whitney. He came to town with a bad attitude, and was mean and used everyone that he could in life. Afterwards, Fox changed into someone that had feelings and could love others. They had everything to look forward to, but Whitney has taken that away. He sees now that he has been living in a dream that has turned into a nightmare. Whitney says that the he has it all wrong. She says that the baby is his, but it isn’t anymore because she has given it away. Eve looks at Whitney in horror. She is backtracking on the lie that she has told and is making things even worse. Fox can’t understand what kind of monster Whitney really is inside.

Whitney denies that she is a monster. Fox wants to know where the girl is that he left when he left town. Fox demands answers. He will even listen to Eve and Julian. This is a nightmare. He felt like a hero because he did what Whitney asked him to do. He loved her and that is why he risked his life for her. He demands to know why she did this. She says again that she didn’t want to be a single mother. That is a stupid mother. Fox knows about single mothers. He has seen lots of them at Crane Enterprises. Pilar raised her children by herself. Fox has admiration for those type of women. What about the baby stuff that he bought? That was indication that he was coming home to her. Whitney says that was just a bunch of stuff, but he still could have left her. Fox says that he money meant nothing. He is a Crane, and the money means nothing. He wasn’t going anywhere. Her parents and his parents were going to help. She was never alone in this. How could she even think of giving away their own flesh and blood? She owes him that much.

Pilar waves the photos of herself and Martin in Katherine’s face. There are the only photos that they have of their family because there is no history that her children can share with their father. Katherine says that she didn’t come there to spoil anyone’s happiness. Katherine left knowing that she couldn’t return, but then she got trapped with Gwen and Jane, and then Fox and Ethan rescued her. Alistair had kept them all prisoners, and they escaped on a plane that Ethan got. Katherine only wanted Gwen and Jane to be safe again. She wanted to have Theresa with her baby again. That is all fine, but Pilar wants to know what the hell Katherine is back there. Martin will not have Martin talking like this to Katherine again. Pilar sees that Martin has already been smitten again by Katherine. She will not have this in her life again. She has pride. She will not stay there and watch this happen. That is just too much for her to see. Pilar rushes off.

Katherine knows that she has to go now. She has already caused trouble. She turns to run off, but Martin grabs her arm. She grimaces. Martin looks at her arm. He sees the bruises. He knows that Alistair was the one to do this to Katherine. “Has he been hurting you?”

Sheridan is staring at Beth, and putting the pieces together. She knows now that Beth was the clown for sure.

Beth and Mrs. Wallace see Luis and Sheridan talking and they try to figure out what is being said. Luis and Sheridan discuss Sheridan’s obsession with Beth being dangerous. He really needs her to stop her irrational behavior. She is looking crazier to him as well now. Sheridan heads over to Dottie and asks her to prove that she in fact is the mother of Marty. She can’t wait a second longer for this to happen. Dottie looks down at the envelope in her hands, and she starts ripping it open to finally find the truth. Dottie has the envelope open. She looks at the papers inside. Dottie says that she has to interpret the papers all the time, and she needs the women to know that one of the women there is going to be hurt. Sheridan says again that she knows that she is the mother of Marty. Luis reminds Sheridan that Marty not being her son will not change a whole lot with them. Mrs. Wallace says that the time has come and that Beth is going down. Mrs. Wallace says that Beth should write her when she ends up in prison. She turns and starts heading out the door. Sheridan calls out to Mrs. Wallace, but Beth says that she has to go to the bathroom, and she can’t wait. Mrs. Wallace says that Precious will help her. Beth reminds Edna that Precious is gone and can’t help her. The mention of the ape’s name brings Mrs. Wallace to tears. She walks out with the walker. Beth says that she has to go and assist her mother. Sheridan shouts at her that she needs to wait, as the results are ready. Beth says that this can’t wait.

Pilar is at church, and she is crying. She prays and does the sign of the cross. She will look like a fool to her children now. Maybe she really is one. Father Lonnigan arrives at the church knowing that someone is there. She helps him into the church. He knows that something is wrong with her. He heard her voice and can tell that she is sad.

She tells how she was getting close with Martin and getting the past behind them. Pilar is still crying. She cries as she tells Father Lonnigan that Katherine is back in town. Things have ended right where they started. Katherine is with Martin as they speak.

Martin demands to know how Katherine got the bruise on her arm. It isn’t just one bruise, but several running up her arm. It is almost completely black and blue. Katherine will not tell him what he wants to know. Just the thought of Alistair hitting and abusing her makes her sick. Martin says that she broke his heart when she ran off into the night so long ago, and he will not let her do that to him again. Katherine says that she had to do this, and that she has to run off again.

Alistair appears out of nowhere in the dark as Martin and Katherine are arguing about her staying in town. He asks Katherine what she is doing there. He doesn’t seem surprised at all to see her. It is as if he knew that she would be there all along. In spite of what he knows he says that he though that she still would be waiting for him at his island compound. Martin has no idea what this all means, and what has happened in the past with these two. Katherine looks like she would like to crawl under a rock. She doesn’t want Martin to know what happened to her on the island.

Whitney can only tell Fox that she had to give the baby away, but Fox will not settle for that excuse. She is making no sense. She feels that she had no choice. She just had to do this. Fox will not understand. Whitney is like the saddest thing in the world. She has really been through a lot. Fox thinks that he has the answer, and he wonders why it was that he didn’t see this happening before.

Fox apologizes to Whitney for his anger. He thinks that Whitney is sick. He feels that she is suffering from depression and doesn’t mean a lick of this. She wouldn’t really think that he would leave her, would she? Julian sees that Fox is off on the wrong track. Fox says that he was too stupid to notice that Whitney was suffering and feeling alone. Fox says that they are going to get the medication that they need for this and then they are going to get their son back. Whitney shouts at him that she doesn’t want her son back.

Alistair wonders what Katherine is doing there. He says that she begged him to get her out of town so that Luis and Sheridan could be happy. In addition, that Martin and Pilar would get back together. Alistair sees now that Katherine was nothing but a lying tramp.

Father Lonnigan never thought that Katherine would be the type to get between a man and his wife. Pilar sees Katherine differently. She sees that Katherine is the type of woman that will use her charms and get Martin for herself. Father Lonnigan tells Pilar not to give into despair. He asks Pilar to pray with him. “Lord hear our prayer. Please help Martin to remember his wedding vows, and rebuild his family that has been broken for far too many years. Amen.” The priest’s words were beautiful He knows that the lord listens to them and answers their prayers in his own fashion. Pilar and Father Lonnigan walk out of the church. As Pilar closes the door behind them, a candle goes out in the church.

Mrs. Wallace is trying to get out of the hospital. Beth follows her mother. Mrs. Wallace sees that Beth is following her and she orders the woman away from her. Beth follows. They get to a window and try to climb out of there. Dottie is still trying to explain to Sheridan about the DNA tests. An alarm goes off. Hospital security goes running towards the exit where Beth and her mother were last seen. Sheridan calls out to one of the officials of the hospital asking what has been going on. The man answers that there seems to be a breach in the security of the hospital. The man goes running off. Sheridan realizes that the security team is heading in the same direction as Beth and her mother and she hurries after them with Dottie and Luis in tow. Mrs. Wallace has set off the alarm. She didn’t mean to. She was trying to climb out. Her mother is holding her legs. Mrs. Wallace seems to be stuck now. They can both hear the alarm going off, but that is of no concern to them now. They have to get out of there. The security starts running up to them. Luis and Sheridan catch up to the security and they see Mrs. Wallace with half her body outside the window. Sheridan sees this as proof that Beth and her mother are trying to escape. Beth says that her mother is just having a spell. As the security pull on Mrs. Wallace to get her safely in the window, she blows some wind, and just about knocks everyone over. Finally, Edna is safe again. She is having a spell, and pretends to be out of her mind, flirting with the security. The men turn off the alarm and leave the area now that it has been secured. Edna takes a look at Luis and starts flirting with him.

Luis and Sheridan just stare at her like the loon that she really is. The group heads back to the DNA area to finish getting the results of the test.

Alistair provokes Martin and Katherine, but Katherine is quick to stop the men from fighting. He wonders what kind of relationship they are going to have now that Martin has started moving on with his life. He wishes the lovebirds a great night.

Pilar is beside herself in sadness. She is outside. She still has her pride though. She hears footsteps coming towards her. Pilar calls out, but no one comes to her. She hurries inside.

Fox tells Whitney that they can have the baby back if they really try. Whitney says that it is too late for him to get the baby back. “He belongs to someone else Fox. You are never going to get him back Fox.” Fox has had enough of this. He is not going to stand there and talk like this anymore. He is going to get his son. He runs out of there. Whitney runs to the door after him. “No! Stop Fox! No!”

Martin and Katherine worry that Alistair is up to something else now, but what? He is really angry now.

Pilar sees that she has been foolish to go out on her own like she has and she hurries to get home. Someone is behind her. She feels a hand on her shoulder. She gasps and turns to face her stalker. It is Alistair. He holds her shoulder and makes her have a good look at him.

Sheridan has had enough of this. She is through with the stalling now. She leaves Beth and her mother to go and see her friend Dottie. Beth and Mrs. Wallace cower together as they watch Sheridan and her take charge attitude. Sheridan marches over to Dottie and demands that they get the results that will prove that she is Marty’s mother once and for all. Dottie pulls out the papers and looks at the results. She studies the color codes to give the right answer.

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