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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Martin and Pilar have finished having their dance. A song comes on and Martin is affected by it. Pilar has to wonder if the son that Martin hears mean something to him. Maybe it reminds him of Katherine.

Katherine worries. The plane is landing and she wonders what is going to happen when she meets with Martin again.

Gwen wakes and comes out to Katherine. She wonders what her friend is going to do now that she is going to see Martin again. Is she going to keep her promise to let him have a life with Pilar?

Whitney is angry that her mother has brought over a blanket and fooled her into smelling it, and getting her used to the baby’s smell.

Fox is anxious to get home to Whitney and the baby. He can see that something is wrong with Whitney, and/or the baby. He wants to know what is going on.

Sheridan has gotten a call that is an emergency. She and Luis were on their way to the hospital to get the test results, and they had stopped by Bethís house to bring her along with them. Beth is counting this as a blessing.

Maybe this is her chance to stop the DNA test, or at least delay it. She has tried everything to avoid the results of the tests, and this might be her one chance to do exactly that. Mrs. Wallace wonders what is going on, and what her conniving daughter is going to do next. Something is up, and suddenly the paternity test isnít the priority like is has been for the last few minutes.

Martin and Pilar discuss Katherine. Pilar is worried that Martin will not be able to put Katherine in the past.

Gwen thanks Katherine again for being kind to her, but she has to wonder what her friend is going to do now. Katherine doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Gwen sees that Katherine has been torturing herself with guilt. They are going to land soon, so Katherine will have to make a decision. Katherine has been having nightmares about the pain that she has been causing. She will not cause anymore pain to anyone. She refuses.

The pilot makes an announcement. There is a call for Gwen.

Gwen heads to the phone on the plane and answers to her mother.

Rebecca is on the phone and anxious to find out what has been happening.

Gwen sees Theresa with the baby, but says nothing about that. She only says that Ethan will be staying with her. Theresa has lost the battle. Theresa has lost the battle.

Theresa and Ethan start telling Fox what he has to know before they land. Whitney and the baby are fine, but there is other news.

The pilot calls Ethan to the cockpit. There are documents that have to be signed before they land. Ethan reluctantly gets out of his seat to attend to business.

Ethan leaves the cabin. Fox turns to Theresa to get an answer as to what has been happening in Harmony. Theresa would rather wait for Ethan to return to the cabin. Fox is pushing, but Theresa turns the subject. She says that she is sure now that Ethan will be with her and the baby.

Eve is on Whitney’s back again about keeping the baby. Whitney reminds Eve that she tried to hide her secret but it came out eventually. She says that she will give her baby a perfect life, and that means that she will have to put the child up for adoption. She orders her mother and Julian out of there.

Eve prays that Fox will come home and stop this madness. Eve has run out of tricks to get her daughter to keep her child. Fox is their last hope. She knows that this is a terrible mistake and she is trying her best to stop her daughter from locking herself into an impossible situation.

Beth and Mrs. Wallace worry about what the police will say about the baby not really belonging to Beth. There are not even sure who is on the phone right now. It could be that the police that Sheridan is talking to at this moment. Mrs. Wallace and Beth shudder in fear of what might come next.

Sheridan ends her call. She is upset. There was an accident, but everything is alright now. Sheridan’s friend had an accident. Beth feels that in light of her friend being in an accident there shouldn’t be a trip to the hospital about the DNA results. Sheridan says that things are fine now. Her friend had the accident near the hospital, so there is no reason why they can’t find out what they need to know tonight.

Luis picks up the baby. They wull all ride to the hospital together. Sheridan is more than ready to go. Beth says that they are wasting time doing this. Luis and Sheridan head out of the house with the baby.

Mrs. Wallace worries. She will be arrested with Beth if this all gets found out. They head to the door.

Ethan comes back into the cabin looking for Fox. He has finished signing the necessary documents for bringing his guests back into the country. Fox is not there. In fact, he is nowhere to be found.

Ethan goes looking for the man, but he is gone. Theresa knows that Fox has run ahead of them to find out that his son has been put up for adoption. That is going to be the worst moment of his life.

Whitney comes back into the room and finds that Eve and Julian are still there. Julian is upset with the way that Julian is acting. He would like Whitney to act more like an adult. She could have told Chad that the baby was his.

The door opens. It is Fox. He has flowers. He gives them to Whitney. Whitney almost passes out. He heard the group talking about intention for the baby. He would like to know what intentions have been put in place for his child.

Martin and Pilar talk about their future and being honest with each other from now on.

A photographer brings Martin and Pilar pictures that he has been taking of them that night. It has been a beautiful night. One that they will never forget. Martin knows that this is a beautiful night. They are both going to try and put everything in the past. She would like nothing but to have Martin put Katherine in his past forever.

Ethan and Theresa discuss Fox and Whitney. Fox is going to be devastated forever.

Gwen enters the booth. It is time for them to get off the plane. Gwen sees Theresa and Ethan standing with the baby and it shocks her for a moment. Gwen shakes off her hate for Theresa for a moment and goes to Jane. She asks Theresa to please take good care of Jane. Theresa snaps back that she doesn’t need mothering lessons from a kidnapper.

Ethan tells Gwen that they are going to have their own child one-day. They have options.

Ethan goes to Jane to see her off one last time. Gwen is behind them and she smiles with the child and shares happy memories of the child for one last time. Ethan promises that he will be by the next day to see the baby and Theresa.

Ethan turns and leaves the plane with Gwen.

Theresa watches them leave. She will be with Ethan sooner than she thought. She knows that soon Gwen will be in jail.

Fox asks Whitney about the baby and where he is. Whitney can’t answer him directly yet. Fox feels that maybe Whitney has put the baby in the nursery at the mansion. Whitney says nothing. Fox apologizes for not being there for the birth of the baby. Whitney says that is fine. Fox can’t wait anymore. He would like to see his son now. He would like to know where the boy is. After he sees the child, he will get down on his knee again and propose to Whitney again. He will give her everything. She will have the house, and Little League. Whitney can’t face the man anymore. Eve tells her daughter to tell the truth now. Fox sees that he is missing something. What the hell is going on there? It is like a funeral. Eve demands that Whitney come clean now. Fox turns to Whitney. Julian offers to tell Fox if Whitney will not. Eve says that Fox will never see his son now. Whitney orders her mother to shut up. She says that the baby is gone. She has given him up for adoption. Fox can’t believe what he is hearing.

Gwen meets up with her mother finally and they discuss Gwen’s state of mind. Gwen looks different somehow. That is just Gwen missing Jane. That will pass, but Gwen has Ethan now. Rebecca is going to make Theresa pay for all the pain that she has caused Gwen.

Theresa arrives home and she has a happy meeting with her mother. Pilar is so happy to see the baby again. Martin was there but he went out for coffee. Pilar says that Martin has been so wonderful and caring like in the past. Pilar looks wonderful, and that is because Martin took her out. Pilar shows Theresa the pictures of her date with Martin. She can’t be totally happy for her mother though. The pictures mark the first moments of a new life together. Theresa tells her mother that Katherine was on the plane with her, and that she is back in Harmony.

Katherine is walking around in Harmony. She has been wandering around. She needs to call a cab and find somewhere to stay. Harmony is really beautiful at this time of the year.

There are footsteps behind her. Katherine turns to find Martin behind her. “Katherine!”

Fox realizes that Whitney is not joking when she says that she has put the baby up for adoption. He feels like Whitney lost her marbles. She is not a single parent and shouldn’t’ have done this on her own. Eve tried to stop Whitney but she couldn’t. What could have possessed her? Fox wouldn’t have ever let this happen. Whitney says that Fox is a Crane and would have eventually left her. Fox points out that Julian doesn’t gallivant anymore. Whitney feels that sending the child off to have a perfect life was the best solution. Fox knows that he has rights, and that Whitney can’t just do this. He stares at Whitney suddenly understanding. The Power of Attorney. That is what Whitney used. She wanted it for that specific purpose. That was why Whitney sent him away. Fox says that Whitney is nothing but a manipulative bitch!

The group has assembled for the test results. Sheridan is sure that the results will show that Beth has been responsible for the problems that they have been having.

Mrs. Wallace worries that they are going to be prosecuted soon for stealing the baby. The moment that the baby’s results come out, their goose will be cooked.

Luis rushes off to see what is taking things so long to get the tests going. He is interested in the results of the tests too and would like to move things along quickly, as this has been a strain on everyone involved. Sheridan will wait for him to return.

Mrs. Wallace and Beth decide that they should high tail it out of there. They have no more ideas on how to avoid the results of the DNA test on Marty. Sheridan sees them heading for the door. “What’s up ladies? Are you leaving before the test results are here?”

Pilar is upset that Katherine is back in town. She worries that Katherine will get her claws into Martin again. She rushes to get her purse. She is going to get her husband and bring him back home. She doesn’t mean to be selfish but she has to do this. She would like to spend time with her daughter and granddaughter, but she has to go now. Theresa understands.

After Pilar is gone, Theresa asks her baby if she saw the look on her grandma’s face. Grandma is in love, and she is out to get the man that she loves. Theresa understands her mother. She wants to be with Ethan too. She is counting on tomorrow when Gwen goes to jail until she is old and gray.

Theresa heads to the phone and dials. She calls the police asking for Chief Bennett. It is an emergency.

Luis returns to find that Sheridan has just stopped Mrs. Wallace and Beth from leaving the hospital. Beth says that Sheridan has misunderstood. Beth says that she is tired and only wanted to go home and rest a while. Sheridan wants Beth there to see her leave with her son. Beth orders Sheridan to shut up. She feels that she has been harassed. She has been ordered to take the test, and all that she wants to do is be home.

Sheridan’s phone rings. It is Dottie, Sheridan’s friend who is going to help hurry the tests. She has the test results ready.

Beth can’t take anymore of this. She can see that she has been pushed into a corner. She has to go now. She runs out.

Fox feels that he has been made a fool of. Eve goes to Fox telling him that he has time. Whitney tells her mother to shut up. Eve continues. It is not too late. It is not too late to stop the adoption.

Martin rushes to Katherine. He thought that he had lost her forever. They hug.

Pilar comes up behind the couple as they are hugging, and she is clearly distressed by what she sees.

Eve and Julian tell Fox what he needs to do to save the child from adoption. Fox grabs his cell phone and starts dialing to save his baby. Whitney shouts out to him that the baby is not his. Fox freezes in his tracks.

Ethan touches base with Rebecca about what has been going on while they were out of town.

Theresa talks to an officer on the phone. She demands that Gwen be prosecuted for taking her child away from her all this time.

Beth returns to the room. She says that she and her mother has to go now. They are tired of waiting for this Dottie. Beth and Mrs. Wallace turn to go. To Beth, this has been a complete waste of time.

On the way out of the room, Beth trips over a woman coming in. She rushes to Sheridan, and Sheridan shouts out, “Dottie!” The woman has a piece of paper in her hand. Sheridan knows that is the paper that will confirm that Marty is in fact her son.

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