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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Ethan and the others board the plane to head back to Harmony. Fox is holding Jane and notices that he has to do a diaper change. He is happy to do it, as he will be doing it when he returns home. Fox walks off with the child to a private area on the plane.

Ethan and Theresa are hurt having to lie to Fox about his baby. When he gets home, he is going to be devastated

Katherine and Gwen board the plane. Gwen sees that Theresa is making cozy with her husband and she doesnít like it one bit. She asks Theresa if she is flirting with the man again. Ethan assures Gwen that she is not seeing what she thinks. Theresa turns to Katherine wondering if the woman will be after her father again once they get back home to Harmony.

Martin and Pilar are alone in the house for a change, and they are both feeling awkward. They are trying to rebuild their marriage, and it has been difficult. Martin suggests that they go out for a walk and get to know each other better. That brings a smile to Pilarís face.

Luis and Sheridan are together at the cafť trying to think of a way to get the results of Martyís tests. They have to find a way to do this with or without Bethís assistance. Beth has tried her best to stop them at every turn and they have to circumvent that and get these tests as Sheridan is more than sure that she is Martyís mother. She suddenly realizes that she has a friend who can help them with this. She is sure that she will be able to get the paternity tests that day if she can just reach her friend.

AT the hospital, TC and Liz look at his grandson through the nursery windows. He is so proud.

Julian and Eve watch as TC and Liz watch the baby. The child is so lucky. Much like Eve is lucky to have someone like Julian looking out for her. Whitney is furious with Eve for finding out that Chad is her brother, and she blames Eve for most of her problems. Julian knows that Eve tried her best to help Whitney as much as she could. Eve has no other options for helping Whitney. Eve suddenly gets an idea. She may have a way to show Whitney that she canít give that baby up.

Fox has changed Janeís diaper on the plane, and they get ready to take off. He can hardly wait to get Jane back to Harmony. He tells the child that he is taking the girl home to meet his son and Whitney. He knows that things are going to be great, and he canít wait to be a father to his son. Little does he know that Theresa has given up their child.

Whitney is alone at home now sitting on the floor. She has no idea how she is going to live her life knowing that her son is out there alone somewhere. She will never have a momentís peace.

The plane is up and away. Gwen decides that she would like to talk to Ethan alone. They walk off together.

Gwen wants to know what Ethan and Theresa were talking about when she was boarding the plane with Katherine earlier. He has already chosen his wife over Theresa, but she would like to know what was going on. She worries that he might be having a change of mind about them being together. Ethan reminds Gwen that he has a child with Theresa and that they are going to have to talk occasionally. Gwen tries to understand that and she puts on a brace face. The couple hugs.

Theresa is overly concerned about Katherine being on the plane. Is she going to hurt Pilar again? Katherine says that she might not stay in Harmony, and she doesnít want to hurt Pilar. Katherine reminds Theresa that she left in the first place to let Martin have his life and family back. Katherine is on the plane because she misses Sheridan. She knows that Luis and Sheridan are happy now, and she doesnít want to spoil that.

Beth is with the baby in the house getting ready to go out. She is moving as fast as she can. Mrs. Wallace is ready to leave the house with them as well. They have their things packed and they head to the door.

Beth opens the door, and Luis and Sheridan are there about to knock on it. Beth almost drops the baby when she sees them. What are they doing there now? Luis is surprised to see them on their way out with the child and bags packed at the door. ďWhere are you going?Ē

Sheridan gives Beth the news that the DNA tests will be ready that night. Luis tells Beth that they can go to the hospital now to get the tests.

Beth talks privately to her mother. She has no idea what she is going to do about this.

Ethan returns to the group on the plane, saying that Gwen is sleeping in the other room. She has been exhausted. Theresa worries about Fox and what he is going to think when he hears that his baby is gone. Katherine has no idea what they are talking about. She learns that Whitney has given up the child for adoption. Katherine finds that is not a reason to abandon a child. Theresa asks Katherine what her reason was for abandoning her child. Katherine ignores that question. Apparently, Whitney was able to do this because of a Power of Attorney that Fox gave Whitney before leaving town. Theresa knows that they have to tell Fox the truth about his child.

Fox returns with the child. He has changed a diaper, and now he feels that he is ready for fatherhood. He is a dad now, and he is ready to meet his son.

Liz sees that Eve and Julian have left. TC couldnít care less about where Eve and Julian are. Liz is sure that Whitney is not able to live with herself now that she has decided to give the child away. Who could live with that?

Julian and Eve visit with Whitney. Eve would like to make peace with her daughter. She has brought the girl something. Whitney always loves to have the right scent, or perfume. Whitney finds that her mother must be nuts. Eve presents a piece of fabric with a scent on it. She would like Whitney to smell it and say what she thinks about it. Whitney sniffs the fabric. She likes the smell. She would like to know more about it. Eve reveals that the scent that she smells is the scent of her baby. Whitney is horrified that her mother would play a trick on her like that. Maybe it will stop Whitney from giving up her baby.

Martin and Pilar are out dancing. Pilar has always dreamed of this happening.

Pilar knows that now that Katherine is out of their lives, she has a chance with her husband. She hopes the Katherine never returns to Harmony.

Katherine looks at a picture of Martin, and hopes that he is going to be okay. She knows that she will probably see him again. She has no idea what she is going to do when that happens.

TC hopes that the baby will be the son that he has always wanted. He wants to hurry home to see if the adoption agency has called. Liz knows that TC will make a great father to the boy. TC is upset that Whitney was able to give her baby up the way that she has.

Whitney is angry now. She has done all she has because she loves her baby. Why canít anyone understand that? She wants the adoption to go through and as long as Fox doesnít return, the adoption will go forward.

The pilot announces that they are about to land.

Fox is happy with the news. He canít wait to see Whitney and the baby. Theresa and Ethan are really worried now. Fox can see that something is wrong. He wants to know what the news is that has been hidden from him about Whitney and the baby.

Beth tells Luis and Sheridan to go ahead and head to the hospital. She says that she will come later with Marty and her mother. Sheridan will not accept that. Luis wonít either. He tells Beth that she will come with him and Sheridan now. They will all get to the hospital together and get the results together.

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