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By Suzanne
Pictures by Amanda


In the Bennett house, Sam goes on and on to Ivy about how terrible Spike and his club are. He vows again to shut it down. Sam continues to rant on and on as Ivy listens and makes supportive comments. Sam goes to check in at headquarters. Ivy looks at Sam's file of mugshots; she is worried about Jessica and where she might end up this time. Sam returns for the file. Sam hopes they can shut Spike down for tomorrow night, at least, based on his prior record. He asks Ivy to go up and check on Jessica for him. She agrees, so he kisses her on the cheek before he leaves. Ivy phones Jessica to see if she's okay.

Spike and Jessica are in bed at his club; she looks naked under the covers. He fondles her tattoo and asks her to tell him that she loves it, so she does. He gets out a condom to put on. She agrees because a friend of hers (Whitney) just had a baby she doesn't want. They both lie in bed afterwards. Spike looks proud of himself. Jessica tells him that he's the best she ever had. He gets up, even though she wants to cuddle. He laughs at the idea and gets dressed, telling her she has to make herself presentable and then go out so others can use the room. Jessica looks at a lighter on the table. She picks it up and turns on the flame as if she's about to do something. She steals the lighter and also some cigarettes. Ivy phones her to see if she's okay. Jessica assures her that she is fine. Ivy begs her to go home so Sam won't find out. Jessica says she will be home when she feels like it and Ivy had better keep covering for her, or Sam will know she's been lying. Ivy sincerely begs her to come home because she doesn't like to think what she's been doing to herself. Jessica looks around at the sordid room where she had sex, as if to wonder if Ivy is right. Then she puts on a smile and assures Ivy that she is having fun. Jessica blackmails Ivy again and then hangs up, just as Spike comes in. He is impressed with her attitude. He tells her that she's hot when she's spunky and that she's one of his favorites. She is happy to hear that. He says he's busy with some work now, otherwise he'd "give it to her again". She asks if she can stay a little while longer, so he grabs her arm and repeats that she has to go home. She tells him he's hurting her, so he apologizes and kisses her. She leaves. A blonde trampy-looking girl walks up to Spike right after Jessica has left. They kiss. He tells her that she's his favorite. They go into the bedroom and he closes the door.

Ivy is relieved when Jessica returns home. Ivy tells her that Sam is out to get Spike and how horrible Spike is. Jessica wants to go to bed and refuses to answer Ivy's questions about Spike. Ivy tries to help Jessica, but Jessica throws her out. In doing so, Ivy sees the "Spike" tattoo on her stomach. Ivy freaks out about the tattoo. Jessica tells her that the tattoo is not a "brand" but a symbol of their relationship. Ivy tries to talk sense into Jessica about how evil Spike is. Jessica disagrees that Spike is hurting her. She points out that Grace leaving, and Sam spending all his time with Ivy, are what hurt her. Jessica says that Spike loves her, but Ivy protests that Spike is using her. Jessica slaps Ivy hard and yells at her to shut up. She grabs Ivy's arm, much like Spike grabbed her arm. Ivy says she's hurting her. Jessica says there's more where that came from if she tries telling her what to do. She throws Ivy out roughly. Jessica leans against the inside of the door, looking a little lost.

Ivy assures Sam downstairs that Jessica is fine. He wants to go to the station to look into some news about Spike, even though it's late. He leaves after kissing Ivy again. Ivy worries that Sam is too late because Spike has corrupted Jessica already. Upstairs, Jessica watches Sam leave, through her window. She takes out the cigarettes and lighter. She flicks the lighter and bares her arm, then she holds the lighter to her arm. We don't see the burning, but we Jessica's face as she whimpers in pain.

At home, Whitney flashes back to T.C. telling Eve how much he despises her. She is disappointed how everything happened after she put up her baby for adoption. Simone comes in and angrily asks Whitney why she gave up her nephew up for adoption. Simone doesn't believe the story that she told Liz about why she didn't want her baby. She puts a guilt trip on Whitney and says she's just as bad as Eve. They argue about the adoption. Simone wisely points out that if she lets her baby be adopted, the same thing may happen to her child: he may one day marry his brother or cousin. Whitney yells at her to stop saying that. Simone keeps insulting Whitney about her baby. Whitney gets upset and says she loves her baby so much that she gave him up to protect him from a secret. Simone wonders what secret she means. Whitney lies that she's talking about all the family horrible secrets that Eve kept from them. Simone feels sympathetic but doesn't think that's a good reason to give up her baby. She wonders how Whitney will be able to live, knowing that every boy she walks by on the secret could be her son. Whitney stands by her decision, so Simone gets angry again and storms out. Outside, Simone says to herself that there's only one she can do now.

At the Crane Mansion, Eve and Julian discuss adopting Whitney's baby; Eve wonders what T.C. and Liz will have to say. She worries that they will have the same idea. Julian thinks Liz is too selfish to want a child; Eve agrees that he's probably right. Julian says he will move heaven and earth to make the adoption go through, regardless of what the others do. Julian leaves to answer the phone. Eve worries anyway that they won't get the baby. Eve finishes her part of the adoption application. She worries that the murder charges hanging over her will affect their application. Julian tries to put her worries to rest. Eve wishes Whitney would change her mind and keep the baby herself. Eve and Julian talk about how getting this baby will be their second chance, since they missed raising Chad.

T.C. and Liz go to the adoption agency to ask about adopting Whitney's baby. A man ushers them into the office of a woman named Mrs. Wellsley so that she can give them the adoption papers. The woman explains that she just sent the papers by messenger to another couple. T.C. and Liz are shocked, wondering who else would want to adopt Whitney's baby. They are told the information is confidential. However, Mrs. Wellsley tells them that she mispoke; the papers she sent out were not specifically for that baby. T.C. is relieved and prepares to fill out the adoption application. The man suggests that T.C. take the papers home because there is probably personal information he may need there. T.C. agrees and leaves with Liz. The two adoption agency workers breathe a sigh of relief because they almost gave out the information about the other party that wants to adopt baby Russell. Later, they get another adoption application from a third party; they wonder who it's from (they could just open it!).

T.C. fills out the papers and then sends them back to the adoption agency. T.C. and Liz are hopefully about their chances of adopting his grandson. They don't know how they can be turned down. They laugh and hug each other in joy. Liz talks about how they will raise the baby with faith and morals, unlike what Eve has done to her family.

On the Crane Compound, Theresa keeps begging Ethan to choose her instead of Gwen. Ethan tells her again that he made his choice already. Gwen points out that if Ethan holds Theresa to their original surrogacy agreement, they can raise Jane as their own. Theresa looks fearful that they could take her baby away. Theresa swears she would die first. Fox reminds them they have to get off the island. He goes to try to disarm the security system. Gwen and Theresa keep arguing about the baby as Ethan and Katherine watch. Katherine asks them to stop fighting because it's not good for the baby, and Ethan agrees. Katherine suggests that Theresa not use the baby to hold on to Ethan. Theresa doesn't want to hear advice from the woman that took her father away. She wants to forgive her dad but Katherine is making it difficult. Katherine whispers that she understands and walks away. Fox returns and tells them that Alistair and the others seem to be gone and the security gone. They are suspicious but agree they have to make a run for it.

Gwen keeps bugging Ethan about the baby. He agrees that it makes sense but says they have to get off the island right now. Gwen keeps working on him anyway, saying that Ethan deserves to have his child, she will love it, etc. Gwen pulls out all the stops. Fox consoles Theresa. He suggests that Theresa prepare herself in case they fight for custody. She refuses to consider the possibility. (What ever happened to Little Ethan, anyway?) Ethan assures Theresa that they will never take her child away. He says that a custody battle will only keep the feud between Gwen and Theresa going and may harm Jane; he also says that he convinced Sam to drop the charges against Gwen. Theresa is angry that he did that, but Ethan points out that Gwen was not in her right mind, unlike Theresa when she did her unlawful things (stealing their embryo). He says that this wipes the slate clean. Fox agrees that it's reasonable. Ethan says that in return for leaving Jane with her, the revenge and attacks have to stop. He will be the best father he can be to his little girl, but his family with Gwen will come first. Theresa nods as if she understands she's lost. Fox suggests they all leave. Ethan, Gwen, and Katherine go on ahead. Fox gives Theresa a pep talk, but he can tell she's scheming already. Theresa thinks she get Ethan after all. Fox is disappointed in her attitude but not surprised. Theresa kisses Jane and says she will get her daddy back. Fox reminds her that Ethan chose Gwen. Theresa plans to get Gwen thrown in jail for attempted murder, kidnapping, and other crimes so that she will have EThan. Fox reminds her that if she keeps fighting with Gwen, Ethan and Gwen may fight for custody. Theresa pushes those fears aside and goes on with her plotting. FOx seems impressed by her convictions but looks like he fears she is delusional. Theresa lists all of the things she plans to do, to put Gwen away and get Ethan back.

On the plane, Ethan knows that Gwen is upset about his decision to let Theresa keep her baby. She loves the baby, his daughter, so much. He doesn't think she would want to see Theresa's face in her daughter every day. He talks about adoption, but she is doubtful. He asks her to trust him. It's Theresa she doesn't trust because she is always plotting to get him back. Katherine bids Gwen and Ethan goodbye; she doesn't want to go back to Harmony because she left in order to give Sheridan and Martin their lives back. Ethan and Gwen tell her that now is the time to escape, while Alistair and his goons are gone. Gwen begs Katherine to return with them, saying she can always leave again if she wants. Katherine takes Gwen into the other part of the plane. Katherine doesn't want to interfere in Martin and Pilar's lives, or Sheridan's and Luis's. Gwen argues that they love each other and can work anything out. Katherine changes the conversation by giving Gwen a pep talk about her relationship with Ethan. Katherine agrees to go with them back to Harmony, for now. Gwen and Katherine thank each other for the support they gave each on the compound. Ethan and Gwen are happy to be together again. They kiss.

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