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By Suzanne
Pictures by Amanda

In the Bennett house, Jessica's has a phone conversation with Spike. She tells Spike that she thinks he's her type after all (and not too old). He mentions that his name is tattooed on her body and asks how soon she can be there at the club. She is surprised he wants her to come back tonight, but she says she can be there in a little while.

Ivy speaks with Sam on the phone. He rails about Spike and how he is to blame for what's happened because he lets underage kids into his club. Ivy tells him that Jessica is fine. Sam worries about Jessica, who he feels is acting like nothing has happened. Sam is at the club and wants to shut it down for good. Ivy questions Jessica about who she was on the phone with. Jessica refuses to answer, saying she is the one that is now calling the shots. Ivy demands an answer, but Jessica won't and threatens again that Sam will call Grace home if he thinks she's out of control. Jessica keeps taunting Ivy with that idea. Then Jessica leaves, saying she's going out. Ivy is annoyed and frustrated.

Spike taunts Sam, so Sam threatens him. Sam grabs his arm and threatens that if he hears of the club having underage girls or drug use, Spike will wish he had gotten a 9-to-5 job. Spike still mouths off, so Sam throws him against the wall for a minute. Sam lets him go and then leaves. Spike laughs at Sam behind his back because he doesn't know that Jessica is on her way right now. Sam goes home, very angry, and tells Ivy how mad he is at Spike about what he's been up to in his club. He is frustrated because Spike has a lot of illegal stuff going on but hides it very well so he can't be caught. Ivy is sympathetic to Sam as a father. Sam reminds her he is also chief of police, so he feels more responsible. He sits down next to Ivy, wishing he could have been more watchful of Jessica so she would be the same innocent girl she was before. Ivy tries to make him see that it's not his fault. He wants to keep it from happening to other girls, or happening again to Jessica. Ivy stops him from going upstairs to talk to Jessica. He is confused; Ivy thinks he should let Jessica rest. He considers it for a moment, then agrees after looking at his watch and realizing it's late. He thanks Ivy for helping him through this. He apologizes for saying she was selfish and says it's not easy to play step-mother to his girls. She shakes her head, saying it's all right. Sam doesn't know what he would do without her. She tells him that he'll never have to fid out. They kiss and sit down together on the couch. Sam wishes he could put this all behind him, but he won't rest until Spike is put behind bars and the club is shut down. He has to do it for Jessica, he says, because he knows she wants this guy put away just as bad as he does. He thinks that Spike is just as bad as the guy who violated his daughter.

Jessica goes to Spike's club. He comes up behind her, surprising her with his hands over her eyes. She suggests to him that they go out to dinner and a movie for their first date. He dismisses those activities as being for losers and says they have paradise right there. She agrees. He grabs her arms roughly, hurting her, then he apologizes. He kisses her; she backs off a bit. He wonders why she is doing that. She is just unsure about what he has in mind for their "date". Ha laughs and says he has a surprise for her. He leads her to his bedroom, which has red sheets and mood lighting. He starts kissing her as he shuts the door with his foot. They talk about her tattoo for a moment, then the move to the bed. jessica is on his lap and he tries to undress her. Jessica is clearly not ready for this.

Luis and Sheridan sit on the swings, discussing how sure she is that Marty is their son. They are having trouble making sense of the fact that Beth kidnapped and tried to murder her, as well as kept Marty from them. Luis is doubtful, but Sheridan knows that when the tests come in, she will be proven right. They argue about whether Luis believes her or not. He wants to believe Sheridan, but he finds it hard to believe that Beth is such a monster. They keep arguing about Beth. Luis fears that Sheridan blames him for not making Beth get a DNA test a long time ago. Sheridan tells him that she doesn't blame him. He hopes she won't be disappointed by the lab results. Sheridan knows in her heart that she won't be disappointed, even though she is also having trouble figuring out how Beth could do all this. She talks about how Marty knows that she is his mother, too. Luis doesn't buy that reasoning. He is worried about Sheridan's mental state if she finds out that Marty isn't hers. Sheridan agrees that she doesn't know what she will do if Marty is not hers. Sheridan shares that every day she feels that she has lost her mind because no one will believe her. Luis tries to be supportive. Sheridan says that once the test results are back, she'll forgive Luis for doubting her because they will have Marty back. S he vows never to let anyone take him away again.

At home, Beth tells her mother that she doesn't think Sheridan will believe Sheridan, but Mrs. Wallace reminds her that Luis is a smart cop, and when the DNA test results come back, everything will be over. Beth doesn't want to hear it. Mrs. Wallace tells her that she won't be visiting her in jail, either; she will out of there once Beth is convicted. She plans to visit Precious in the jungle to celebrate justice. Mrs. Wallace goes on and on. Beth is upset that she is going to lose. Beth refuses to let it happen, she tells her mother. She won't give in to her negativity and maintains that she is Marty's mother in every way. Beth pours herself a drink as Mrs. Wallace reminds her that she stole the baby from Sheridan. Beth goes on and on about how she is Marty's mother and asks if that doesn't count for something. Mrs. Wallace says she will have to ask the judge that. Beth is frantic to find some way to get ouf of this. She goes on the internet to find some fake passports for her and Marty so they can leave town before she is arrested. Mrs. Wallace is relieved that Beth is only plotting kidnapping this time, and not murder. Beth corrects her, saying Sheridan has to die. Mrs. Wallace yells at Beth, reminding her that all of her previous plotting has not worked. Beth figures that since she's going out of town anyway, she might as well get her way and kill Sheridan. If she can't have Luis, Sheridan can't, either. Beth tries to rationalize what she's doing, saying she is doing Sheridan a favor because if she's dead, she won't be in agony again from losing her baby. Mrs. Wallace is aghast. Beth adds that if Luis ever changes his mind and understands that she loved him, she thinks they might get together. Mrs. Wallace tries to set her straight, saying that Luis will do whatever he can to track Beth down if she kills Sheridan. She adds that he will never ever forgive her. Beth is shocked but doesn't want to hear it. Mrs. Wallace advises her to forget about Sheridan and just leave with Marty. Beth is annoyed to admit that she might be right. Beth goes back to working on getting the fake ID's.

At the Crane compound, Gwen asks Ethan if it's too much to ask that he just tell her his decision about whether he is going to leave her for Theresa and take the baby. Theresa is there with the baby, as well as Katherine and Fox. Gwen just doesn't want to be left hanging. Theresa also wants to know who he is choosing. Ethan looks torn. Gwen and Theresa argue about the babies and their past, as Jane cries. Katherine tries to calm Gwen. Fox thinks they should leave before more guards come. Ethan suggests to Fox that he make sure the plane is fueled and ready to go. Theresa and Gwen keep arguing about who Ethan really loves as Jane continues to fuss. Ethan doesn't answer as Theresa goes on at length about how great it would be for them to finally be together as a family. Gwen starts blaming Theresa for all of their problems. Fox and Katherine are not happy to witness all of their angst. Fox suggests to Ethan that they leave but that he should tell the women which one he is choosing. Ethan agrees and says he's already made his choice. Ethan explains that this is very difficult because he doesn't want to hurt either one of them. Fox tries to hurry Ethan up, to no avail. Finally, the long-winded Ethan announces that he chooses Gwen. Theresa is very upset, but Gwen is relieved. Theresa refuses to believe it and reminds him that he loves her.

Ethan and Theresa argue. He asks Katherine to stay with Gwen while he takes Theresa outside for a moment. Fox takes the baby and reminds Ethan that the plane is ready. Theresa and Ethan argue. Ethan refuses to leave his wife just because she can't give him children. He tells her that his mind is made up. Theresa tries to get him to change his mind, but he won't. She begs him not to do this to her and reminds him that he's Jane's father. They argue about Jane. He doesn't intend to ignore Jane, but Theresa points out he can't be a full-time father. She really pours on the guilt about how he will miss Jane growing up the same way Sam missed him growing up. Theresa keeps working on him and playing on his guilt, asking him to choose his family. Ethan looks like he might be swayed but then tells Theresa "no" again. He won't discuss it with Theresa any more but swears he will be a great dad to Jane. Tears fall down Theresa's face as Ethan walks over to Gwen.

Gwen tells Katherine how happy she is that Ethan really loves her. Fox and Katherine discuss whether Theresa will be able to move on with her life. Fox doesn't think so. Fox stops Theresa from badgering Ethan any further as EThan goes back to Gwen. Fox tells Theresa that she is beautiful, strong woman and will get past this. They hug. Gwen tells Ethan how much she loves him and he returns the words as they hug. Theresa looks over at them sadly.

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