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Sam and Ivy are relaxing in the Bennett home and talking about the fact Jessica is doing better. Sam is happy she isn't sneaking around any longer, that she has gone to a movie with Kay and he doesn't have to worry about her since he decided not to call Grace to come back home. Ivy squirms, knowing none of that is true, that Jessica is out partying right now. Sam goes on to talk about Spike and what a bad guy he is. Sam is upset that when they shut down one nightclub, he just goes out and opens another where drugs are given to young girls. He says he has to get Spike somehow before he can hurt any other young girl like he did Jessica.

At Spike's club, he sees Jessica sitting at the bar, high on drugs. He goes over to her and suggests they spend some one-on-one time. She says maybe tomorrow, since she is on her way home. He talks about the tattoo of his name he had put on her stomach, saying she is now officially one of his girls, and that he wanted to be on her and not just his tattoo.

Beth is in her living room, still arguing about having the DNA test done on Marty. But, as hard as she argues, Luis argues even harder, saying they need to get it done no matter how much she doesn't like it.

Fox and Ethan are making their way through the basement of the compound , trying to find the women and get off the island. Fox tells Ethan that once they find them he will have to decide which woman he wants to be with, then says he must have an idea at this point and asks which woman he's leaning toward. Meanwhile, in the bedroom upstairs, Gwen is attacking Theresa while Katherine screams. (commercial)

Luis tells the DNA technician they can go upstairs and do the test now, then asks Beth for confirmation. She looks at him, saying nothing, and Sheridan urges her to answer him. Edna also tells her to remember how Luis said she makes herself look suspicious by not allowing the test, so Beth gives in. Sheridan and Luis take the man upstairs, and Edna looks at Beth. She says she knows that look on Beth's face and it's too bad she's not wearing a diaper like her since she looks like she might need it. Beth tells her to shut up, but Edna continues, asking what it was that Luis had said about her not regretting it. She says she thinks Beth will regret it a lot, and that maybe she should needlepoint it on a pillow for Beth's jail cell, that it can stifle Beth's screams when "Mandy gets randy after light's out." Beth asks Edna what about her, and Edna says she was never a switch hitter and won't start now. Beth tells her she means that she isn't the only one who will be going to prison, but
Edna tells her she's been practicing her dotty old lady act, giving examples such as "A pit in the basement.we have a basement?" Beth wonders at her mother calling her evil, but Edna says she is, and the day of reckoning is coming.

Fox and Ethan are still making their way upstairs when Ethan thinks he hears something. They stop for a while, just to make sure, and Fox again presses him about who he'll choose. Ethan isn't sure, talking about loving both women, saying loving Gwen is like a romantic thing, while loving Theresa is exhausting and exhilarating. Fox has a different take on it, however. He says Ethan and Gwen got together due to Ivy and Rebecca's matchmaking when they were in prep school, and the dream was that he would be CEO of Crane Industries and eventually become President of the US, with Gwen at his side. He says he thinks holding on to Gwen is the only way Ethan can have even a part of that dream now that he has found out he's not really a Crane. Ethan admits this, but says he loves her and isn't that shallow. Fox tells him he thinks Ethan Crane does still love Gwen because she is all he has left of that dream, but that Ethan Winthrop loves Theresa. He tells him to think about it.

Upstairs, Gwen is still going after Theresa, wanting to kill her. Katherine keeps yelling for them to stop fighting, but Gwen will hear nothing of it. She grabs her, hits her, pulls her hair - whatever she can do, and Theresa tries to get away. She finally does, but as she has her back turned, Gwen throws a vase, hitting Theresa in the back of the head and knocking her down. Theresa gets up and Gwen goes after her again. Theresa manages to slug her and she crumples to the floor, knocked out cold. Katherine looks
at her and tells Theresa she's killed her.

The doorbell rings at the Bennett house, and Sam answers the door to find a police officer standing there. He hands Sam an envelope, saying he had been told the Chief wanted the scoop on Spike. Sam takes the envelope and looks at it, saying that is what he wanted, then tells the cop to let everyone know he wants surveillance on the guy 24/7, and if he jaywalks, Sam wants to know about it. He says he wants to get the guy, no matter how they have to do it.

He goes back to Ivy, still looking through the information he just got. He tells her this guy is worse than he even thought, that he's had a lot of sleazy clubs all over the Northeast and he's been busted a lot of times for everything from assault to date rape, but he has a really good lawyer and always manages to get out of it. Sam says he won't do it this time, and Ivy worries he might do something illegal to get the man. Sam tells her to believe what she wants, but one way or another he's going to get this guy, hopefully before he manages to hurt another girl.

At his new club, Spike asks Jessica what's wrong, saying he thought the were getting along well. She says they are, but she needs to get home. He says he wants to see her again, and she asks if he means a date. He tells her to call it whatever she wants, then asks for her number so they can get together. He says he will rock her world when they get together, and more than once if she's a good bad girl. She tells him he's not her type, he's too old, and they should just stay friends, and he tells her she doesn't know what she's missing. He tells her to call him, saying she's hot and the two of them could make some "serious sweat" together. She says ok, but she really has to go home, and walks out. He watches her go, saying she should go home to her cop daddy, that he has plans for him, too. (commercial)

Sam lists all the crimes Spike has been accused of, including drugs and teen prostitution. He is very upset at the fact the guy hasn't been put away for anything. Ivy wants him to calm down, telling him there are better ways to get worked up and trying to kiss him, but he pulls away, saying not now. Jessica comes in and they ask how the movie was, with Ivy letting her know she went to the movie with Kay. The girl says the movie was good, pretty noncommittal, and Sam asks if she wants something to eat. She says she's not hungry . Sam tells Ivy to open the champagne now, saying he can unwind now that Jessica is home. Ivy tries to be suggestive, saying she and the champagne will do their part to unwind him, and Jessica isn't amused. The phone rings and it's the cop from earlier. Sam says he didn't expect to hear from him so soon, then tells him he will be right there. Hanging up, he tells Ivy that the guy he told her about earlier is at it again, and he's going to take him down if it's the last thing he does. Ivy tells him to be careful, the says "Damn!" once he's out the door. Jessica rubs it in, saying that's the end of her seduction, and Ivy starts telling her she doesn't like lying to Sam about her. Jessica pours herself some champagne as Ivy tells her she's too young to drink, but the girl lets her know she will do what she wants and Ivy can't do anything about it if she doesn't want Jessica to change her mind and ask Sam to send for her mother to come home, then says she may not like lying, but she's going to keep doing it if she knows what's good for her.

Beth is trying to come up with a plan to save herself, but Edna can only offer a cyanide and tonic. Beth isn't amused, telling her to be quiet, that she needs to think. Edna says she only needs to think about what to have for her last meal, that the lab tech is upstairs right now getting samples of Marty's DNA to prove that Sheridan is his real mother, that she will be exposed for what she's done, and she'll be Matt and Katie's lead story on the Today show during sweeps week. Beth is still intent on coming up with a plan, but Edna says her only two choices are running away and suicide. Beth tells her neither will work since she won't have Luis, and Edna tells her she never had Luis in the first place. She tells her Luis and Sheridan will soon know she is not Marty's mother, then they'll realize how she got him, and Luis' choice at that time will be to feed her to the woodchipper or to let the courts take care of it. She tells her either life in prison or lethal injection work for her. Beth says she should be ashamed of wishing bad things on her own daughter, but Edna tells her that after having an orangutan change her diapers she has no shame left. The lab tech comes downstairs, saying he got Marty's sample and now he needs one from Beth so he can take the samples to the lab and compare them to figure out which woman is the boy's real mother. Beth tells him she won't allow him to take a sample from her.

Katherine is still yelling, telling Theresa she's killed Gwen over and over without really checking her. Theresa reminds her that Gwen attacked her and tried to kill her again, then picks up Jane and tells her they are going to be fine now. Fox and Ethan come in and ask what's going on, and Katherine yells at them that Theresa has killed Gwen.

Luis asks Beth why she's being so difficult about the DNA test. Sheridan remarks that she can think of a reason, and Luis tells Beth to let the tech do his job. Beth tells him she has bad breath, but the tech says he's smelled worse. Luis tells her she's being silly, then orders her to open her mouth and let the man do the test. Sheridan goads her by asking if she isn't just dying to prove her wrong, and Beth finally opens her mouth, letting the man swab inside. Sheridan asks when the results will be in, and he says tomorrow or the next day. Luis tells him he'd thought it would be tonight, but he says the lab is really backed up. Sheridan says one more day won't hurt since she's already waited this long, but Bet silently tells her not to be so sure. She feels better, though, since it gives her more time to come up with something. The tech tells them he'll contact them when the results are in, and they thank him, then Luis and Sheridan leave, too. Beth can't believe it's happening, but Edna says that although Beth doesn't stay in touch with reality that often, it really is happening, and soon the world will know what Sheridan has always known and it will be the end of it all, and Beth, too.

Ethan is upset that Gwen is dead when he just got there to rescue her, but Fox, ever the realist, clues him in to the fact she is breathing so she can't be dead. DUH! He is happy about that, saying he thought he'd lost her. Theresa calls to him, showing him the baby, and he starts over to be with them, but Gwen calls to him and he hesitates. Theresa says his name, and he turns back and forth, not knowing which way to go. Gwen tells him to just go to Theresa, since she knows he wants to.

Jessica is looking at some jewelry, and Ivy comes in, asking if that's her good stuff. Jessica says it is, and Ivy tells her she doesn't want her messing with her good jewelry. Jess tells her that what's Ivy's is hers and vice versa, since they are family, then tells her she can take some of her condoms if she wants, when her dad runs out. Ivy acts mortified at that, but Jess tells her she lives to make love to her father so stop the June Cleaver act. Ivy tells her to put the jewelry away when she's through, and Jess says she always does put what she doesn't see away. Ivy is shocked, and Jess tells her about selling a pair of earrings that Ivy's dad gave her when she turned 16, that she got a boatload of money for them and would probably get even more for the necklace she had chosen to sell this time. Ivy tells her she can't sell any of it, but Jess reminds her she can get her mother back here at any time, and Ivy backs down. She tells her to haggle so she'll get a better price for it, though. Jess sees the paperwork Sam had received on Spike and asks about it. Ivy tells her Sam is determined to get the guy and make him pay for all his crimes, and this interests Jessica. Ivy assures her he is Sam's number one enemy and that he's the reason Sam left again tonight. Jessica seems intrigued.

Sam goes into Spike's club, and the man offers him a drink. Sam says no thanks, then tells him he's come to warn him that he will be watching him closely and if he steps out of line even one time Sam will bust him. Spike tells him to do his worst, he's always gotten out of anything they've tried to get him on and he'll get out of this, too. He tells him to stop wasting his time, then starts to walk away. Sam tells him he's not through with him yet, and Spike sees his open wallet with Jessica's picture in it. He asks if it's Sam's piece on the side, and Sam tells him it's his daughter and he's to stay away from her. Spike says he's sure she'll make some man happy some day, if Sam knows what he means, and Sam tells him to stay away from his family. Spike thinks to himself that it's too late for that, then asks if Sam is so touchy about his family because his job puts them in danger. Sam tells him his family has nothing to do with his job, then reminds him that if he slips up, Sam will shut him down for good. Spike's phone rings, and it's Jessica telling him she's changed her mind and thinks she does want to go out with him. He likes that thought, but as she hangs up, she quietly says that her mother and father have hurt her so much and now it's her turn to hurt them.

In the park, Sheridan sits on a swing, telling Luis once the results are back and Marty is shown to be their son they can bring him here all the time. She thinks about other places they can take him, but Luis tells her not to get ahead of herself, that the results may not be what she wants them to be. She tells him she knows Marty is her son and the test will show what she's always known - that their baby didn't die in the car.

Edna is on the computer, wishing Precious were still here since she could surf the net like nobody's business. Beth tells her she shouldn't be looking for men when her daughter is in so much trouble, but Edna tells her she's looking for someone who can make fake id's and passports. Beth thanks her for being so thoughtful of her daughter, but Edna reminds her that she's the daughter who constantly threatens to send her to a nursing home if she doesn't do what she wants her to. She says she is getting out of there before the results come in showing that she did all the horrible things Sheridan accused her of. She says Beth's belief that doing those things would get her Luis have proved wrong and she's not going down with her. Beth damns Sheridan for pushing for the DNA test, and Edna sarcastically says yeah, shame on her for wanting her own child back. Beth tells her to shut up, but Edna says her plans were all crazy and never stood a chance, and now she's lost Marty and Luis and she will be thrown in jail for "kidnapping, attempted murder, threatening people, intimidation, medical fraud, digging a pit without a license, reckless driving -- remember, you almost killed Gwen -- and last but not least, elder abuse!" She tells her she is going to the fiery pits of hell for all that.

Theresa tells Ethan to look at how much Jane has grown, but he hesitates to go see her. Gwen tells him to go ahead and be with her, that she knows it's what he wants to do. He can't seem to decide whether to go with Theresa or go back to Gwen, but she tells him he has to decide, and do it right now. She asks which one he is going to be with, if he's going to honor his wedding vows or leave her to go with Theresa. She says he needs to make his choice, and do it now.


Ethan: "I've already made my choice. I know who I'm going to be with."

Gwen: "Are you going to leave me for her?"

Sheridan: "If those results come back that Marty really isn't my child, I - I really don't know what I'm going to do."

Sam: "I know Jessica wants this guy behind bars just as I do."

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