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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

Eve and Julian arrive at Tabitha’s house and right away the sniping starts from TC and Liz. They blame Eve for Whitney’s decision to give her baby up for adoption, and even though Whitney tells them Eve had nothing to do with it, they refuse to believe her. Liz is determined to keep the fire to Eve’s feet over this issue, and TC, as usual follows right along at her heels, like a good little lap dog. Julian gets fed up with it and tells TC to shut up, and of course the fight is on from there. Tabitha is enjoying it immensely, but Eve and Whitney do their best to break it up.

Luis introduces the DNA expert to Beth, telling her he can do the test right here and they’ll have the answer soon. Beth resists, and he finally seems to catch on, asking her what she’s trying to hide.

As Fox and Ethan move around the maze of hallways in the dungeon, working their way to where the women are, they are stopped by some guards, who ask why they are there and how they got in. Fox asks Ethan if he remembers Indiana Jones, which he does, and they start Kung Fu Fighting with them, knocking them out and then heading on their way to rescue the women. However, after a few steps another guard is there and holds his gun at Ethan’s head, telling Fox to stop or he’ll shoot his brother.

Theresa is in Gwen’s room, holding her baby, when Gwen and Katherine come to the door. Gwen thanks Katherine for listening to her and helping, and Katherine again tells her she has to drop her harsh feelings toward Theresa for her own good. Gwen walks into the room as Katherine turns to go to her own room. Seeing her enemy holding “her” baby, Gwen remembers telling Katherine that if she saw Theresa with Ashley she would kill her right there. Back in the present, she yells at her enemy to put her baby down, and Katherine hears her from the hallway, running in to see what was going on. She sees Gwen facing Theresa and realizes Theresa can walk now. Gwen yells at Theresa to put her daughter down, but the woman says she’s her daughter, which angers Gwen even more. (commercial)

Sheridan asks Beth why she is so afraid of having a DNA test done on Marty, but Beth says she’s not afraid, she just doesn’t think it’s necessary. Sheridan says she thinks it is, and Luis backs her up. Beth tries to play on his sympathy, saying it’s not fair for them to pick on her when everyone knows Marty is her son. Sheridan says she doesn’t know it, and Beth gets rough with her, talking about how her son had died and everyone knows it. She tells Luis she knows he’s only doing this to placate Sheridan, but Sheridan says all her protestations make her wonder what Beth is trying to hide, that she would think Beth would want to have the test to prove to her once and for all the Marty is not Sheridan’s dead son.

Gwen tells Theresa to get away from her daughter, while Theresa says she’s her child, not Gwen’s. Katherine, taking Gwen’s side, figures Theresa should have learned to let Gwen have her way by now. Gwen asks how she got there, and Theresa tells her she came with Ethan. Gwen is momentarily thrilled to know her husband is there to rescue her, then wonders why he brought Theresa with him. She figures out Theresa forced her way on the plane. Theresa refuses to change the subject, telling Gwen that Jane is her child, not Gwen’s, reminding her that she had stolen the baby from the hospital, and now Ethan and Theresa had come to get her back. Gwen warns her not to say that again, but Theresa asks what she’s going to do, kill her? Gwen silently tells herself she’d be crazy not to kill her.

Fox assures the guard he’s not going to do anything and tells the guy not to shoot Ethan. The guard says that Alistair told him not to let them escape for any reason, then says they need to go back to the cell until he can find out what Alistair wants him to do with them. That gives Fox an idea, and he tells the guard to ask him right now, pretending he’s talking to his grandfather who is right behind the guard. The man started telling Mr. Crane he was doing his job and turned to face him, at which point Ethan hit him and he dropped his gun. Fox tried to pick it up and it went off, scaring the two men. Once they realized neither was hit and neither was the guard, they left on their quest to find and rescue the women.

Eve and Whitney work to stop TC and Julian from fighting and finally manage to get them apart. TC tells Julian he’s tired of him interfering in his family’s lives, and Julian says he’s tired of TC attacking Eve all the time. The two Russell women manage to keep them apart, and Eve tells TC that she hadn’t encouraged Whitney to put the baby up for adoption, that she had actually tried to talk her out of it. Whitney agrees she’s telling the truth, and TC asks her what her reason was for doing it, then. Tabby is still enjoying all the fighting and upheaval. (commercial)

TC asks Whitney again for her reasons, but she tells him it doesn’t matter, she has her reasons for doing it. Eve tells him to stop hassling their daughter, that it’s been hard enough on her already, but TC isn’t about to let it slide. He complains that no one bothered to let him know she was having the baby, that had it not been for Tabitha he never would have known she’d had him. Tabby looks sheepish and says she just thought TC should know. He agrees, then asks Eve why she didn’t call and tell him. She says he had told her never to call him again under any circumstances and she had simply honored his wishes. Liz sticks her nose in, saying Eve hadn’t wanted TC to know and mess up her plans. Eve says she had no plans, that Whitney had decided on the adoption and Eve had tried to talk her out of it. Liz, of course, has to keep the waters stirred up and she reminds them that Eve has lied to them before. Eve says it’s none of her business, but Liz says once she and TC are married Whitney will be her step-daughter and that makes it her business. Eve says again that she didn’t push her daughter into doing anything, and Whitney tells her that Eve is telling the truth, that she did try to talk her out of it, but Liz won’t accept that, saying they can’t trust a word that comes out of her mouth. Julian tells her to give her forked tongue a rest, and TC objects, but Liz just goes on, saying that because of Eve causing Whitney not to trust love she refused to marry Fox and that’s why she chose adoption, making it 100% Eve’s fault.

Edna reacts to Beth’s remarks to Sheridan, realizing that trashing her in front of Luis was a bad move. Luis asks Beth why she’s being so rude to Sheridan, and Beth comes up with a lame excuse and then attacks Sheridan again, but in a more subtle way, telling her she has to get over her fixation on Marty being her son. Sheridan tells her she doesn’t have to get over anything until the DNA tests are in showing he isn’t hers, but she knows that won’t happen. Beth tells her she knows the Cranes are used to getting whatever they want, but she’s not going to allow this testing. She tells the “trade school lab geek” to go home, but Sheridan tells him to stay where he is and do the test. Beth turns to Luis, asking him to make Sheridan stop the nonsense, that she won’t allow the testing, but Sheridan tells him to remind her that he is Marty’s father and has the right to have the testing done. He tells Beth she is right, then asks what’s really going on and why she’s so dead set against getting the DNA testing done.

Fox figures there are no more guards, and Ethan agrees, saying they need to get going. Fox is struggling with the gun, trying to get it ready to shoot, and Ethan takes it, chambers a bullet, then hands it back to him. They start on their trek again, with Fox marveling that Ethan is actually there. Ethan says he couldn’t just sit in Harmony while all of them were being held prisoner, then asks how Jane and Gwen are doing. Fox says they are doing well, that Gwen seems to be in control now, and Ethan is happy to hear that. Fox reminds him that will make his choice even harder, but Ethan doesn’t want to talk about it until they are all safe on the airplane. Fox says not to be fooled, that once they find the women they are going to force him to choose.

Theresa tells Gwen she is taking Jane home with her, where she belongs, and Gwen had better not try to stop her. Katherine worries that she is driving Gwen back into insanity. Gwen tells Theresa that if she thinks she is just going to walk out of there she’s wrong, then asks how she’s even walking in the first place. Theresa tells her the swelling around her spinal cord went down, but Gwen thinks she was faking all along. Theresa tells her it wasn’t an act, that she had paralyzed her. She says they are getting out of there and Gwen better not try to stop them, but Gwen sees it differently, telling her she will kill her as she picks up scissors from a sewing kit and raises them above her head to stab her, baby in her arms and all.

Eve says she will accept the blame for a lot of things, but not for Whitney’s sole decision to have her baby adopted, but Liz says still says it’s all her fault. Meanwhile, Julian goes to where Tabitha is standing and tells her he needs to talk to her about Endora. He says he is going to go through with his decision to be a part of his daughter’s life, but Tabitha reminds him his fatherly skills are very lacking and she won’t let him near her daughter. He says he will make sure he is part of her life and walks back toward the others, but Tabitha’s anger wells up and the house begins to shake, startling everyone. As the house shakes all around them, Liz asks what’s going on. Tabby answers her under her breath, saying it’s because she’s mad as hell.

Ethan tells Fox he knows at some time he’s going to have to choose between the two women, but right now they need to concentrate on getting off the island. Fox shushes him, saying someone is coming. They hide, and two guards come in. They decide to have a smoke, light up cigarettes, and smoke them. Fox tells him making that choice must be like choosing which arm to amputate, but says he thinks Ethan must be leaning toward Theresa since he brought her with him. Ethan says actually she forced her way onto the plane, then remembers having her come onto the plane and the conversation they had. He tells Fox he told her not to come but she insisted and there was nothing he could do about it. Fox asks which it will be, Gwen or Theresa.

Katherine gets to Gwen before she can stab Theresa again and takes the scissors from her. She tells them they are going to have to get this thing worked out, taking the baby and telling them to sit and talk it out rationally. Gwen says there is nothing rational about Theresa, but the woman reminds her she’s not the one who’s tried to stab Gwen with scissors and a scalpel, and she hasn’t tried to steal her children from her. She then says she doesn’t see how Gwen thinks Ethan would choose to spend his life with a raging psycho like her. Gwen, of course, blames all that’s happened to her on Theresa, right or wrong, and says she’s the maniacal one. Katherine says they are causing the baby to feel anxious with all the tension so she’s going to take her into another room to take a nap, then tells them to talk it out, reminding Gwen not to do or say anything she might regret later. Gwen says the only thing she regrets is not killing Theresa before, then grabs the scissors and goes after her again.

TC asks what the shaking was, and Tabitha explains her house is built on a little known fault line, but that the last part of it had been her antiquated plumbing. Whitney says she’s been talking about her plumbing for years, and Tabby reminds her how busy plumbers are. Liz tells TC they should leave, since they can’t talk to Whitney while Eve is there with her lies at the ready. He agrees, telling his daughter he loves her and that he wishes she would have come to him before giving her baby away, that they might have been able to come up with another answer. Whitney tells him she’s sorry, but he says he blames Eve for all of it, then thanks Eve for the fact he has no grandson now. He tells her he thought he couldn’t hate her any more, but he found out he can. Eve is hurt, but Julian reminds her it isn’t her fault. She says she knows, but even so, she tells Whitney that had she told her father they might have come up with something besides adoption. Whitney tells her that’s not true, that she did it for the baby and nothing would have changed her decision.

Edna whispers to Beth to tell Luis the truth and maybe that will save her from the electric chair, but Beth’s not buying. Luis is getting suspicious, though, asking what’s going on. He reminds her she wouldn’t let him do a DNA test on Marty when they were looking for their son and now she’s balking again, and he asks why. Sheridan says she knows why, it’s because Marty is hers, but Beth tells her to stop saying that. Luis goes on, saying it makes him wonder what’s really going on here, that he would think she’d be anxious to get the test done so they could lay it to rest once and for all. Beth tells him it’s all in Sheridan’s head, but he says he’s been a cop for a lot of years and she’s beginning to look like someone who has something to hide, like Sheridan is right about it. Beth says she has nothing to hide, but he tells her it really looks suspicious of her to be fighting so hard against the test.

Katherine comes back into the room to find Gwen again going after Theresa with the scissors and runs over to stop her from stabbing her. She talks Gwen into giving them to her, telling her she can’t do this to Ashley. Gwen seems to be agreeing with her, and starts telling the older woman she can’t do it.

Liz and TC talk about Whitney’s baby on their way home, and TC is still torn up over losing his grandson. Liz has an idea, suggesting they adopt the baby, telling him he will then have the son he’s always wanted. He is thrilled with the idea, telling her that’s why he loves her. Meanwhile, Eve and Julian are also talking about the baby and how losing him is like losing Chad all over again, except they at least got to see this baby before they lost him. Julian comes up with the idea for them to adopt the baby, and Eve is thrilled at the thought.

Back at Tabitha’s house, Whitney is leaving, too. Tabby asks if she has to go, and Whitney says she just wants to go to the quiet of Fox’s room at the Bennett’s after all the commotion of the last couple of hours. Tabitha understands, and says good bye. Once the girl is gone, Tabitha brings out her bowl, and the thought of both couples wanting to adopt the baby thrills her. She wonders who will end up adopting him, and when the bowl shows her, she is even more overjoyed, saying it is a wonderfully awful outcome, another win for the dark side.

Luis again tells Beth refusing to take the DNA test makes her look suspicious, but she keeps telling him she’s tired of Sheridan always trying to take Marty from her, that she’s tired of Sheridan not accepting the fact her child died and constantly wanting Marty. Luis tells her that doing the test will put it to rest once and for all, that once Sheridan knows Marty is Beth’s son she will stop bugging her. Edna says it will break her heart, and he tells her he’s worried about that, too, but that the debate has to stop and once the DNA test is done they can lay it to rest and get on with their lives, then says they have to do it now.

Fox asks Ethan again who he’s going to choose, but Ethan says he just can’t decide, that whoever he chooses, the other is going to be hurt. The two guards that were smoking decide to split up and move on, taking off and leaving the two men in the clear. Fox tells Ethan he knows it’s going to be a hard decision, but he really needs to make it soon. He says he will be there for him, even though they haven’t always been close. Ethan thanks him, then says they need to stop talking and go find the women and get to the plane, so they take off.

Gwen tells Katherine that as much as she hates Theresa she can’t kill her, and Katherine tells her she’s very proud of her for that. Theresa asks if she doesn’t realize what she’s facing when she gets back to Harmony after having tried to kill her twice, and kidnapping her baby, hiding out with the help of her mother, and then taking off with her. Gwen says that considering all that, what would it matter if she went ahead and killed her, that maybe she would lose everything, but it would be worth it to be rid of Theresa once and for all. She jumps on her and starts fighting again, with Katherine trying to stop her.


Spike: “Jessica, the two of us could make some serious sweat together.”

Sam: “This punk is going to get what‘s coming to him. No one hurts my little girl and gets

away with it.”

Luis: “Would you just let him swab your mouth so we can do this damn DNA test

and get it over with?”

Mrs. Wallace: “You are done for, Bethie.”

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