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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Sheridan is at Beth’s house demanding that she give a swab so that they will know for sure who Marty’s real father is. Beth isn’t happy at all with this turn of events. Sheridan finds it funny that Beth will not take the test willingly. Sheridan has officials with her, waiting for her to give the swab that will prove once and for all that Sheridan is really the child’s mother.

Mrs. Wallace whispers to herself in the corner. She knows that Beth is really screwed this time. She will never get out of this mess.

Ethan and Fox are caught. The soldiers that have caught them sneaking around, and demand to know what they are doing there. Ethan and Fox start fighting for their very lives. They manage to overpower the soldiers, and set about trying to get out of this prison that they are in.

Katherine is alone, and thinking about Gwen and her anger. She will do anything to hold on to that child, and the child isn’t even hers. If she really loved the child, she would give her up to her mother.

Gwen goes into a room in the house, and sees her baby being held by someone that looks from the back like she might be Theresa. However, it can’t be!

Gwen takes a couple of steps towards the woman and orders her to give the baby back. Theresa turns with the child in her arms to find a very angry Gwen ordering that the child be given to her. Theresa only smiles. This is her baby. Gwen can see that she is going to have a problem with this witch. “Give me my baby!” she shouts.

Sheridan knows that she has the upper hand. She asks Beth why she wouldn’t want to prove that Marty is really hers.

Mrs. Wallace can’t help smiling at the pickle that Beth has herself in.

Beth dances as fast as she can. She is angry that Luis has allowed Sheridan to do this. She shouldn’t be made to prove that the child is hers. Beth reminds everyone that Sheridan is paranoid, and delusional. She was told that her son is dead, and she needs to accept that. He needs to leave Beth and Marty alone. Luis voices his opinion that he would like to have the test taken as well.

Theresa is asked to make an explanation for why she is there. Theresa says that Ethan brought her there. Gwen doesn’t believe her. She feels that Ethan wouldn’t bring Theresa there. Theresa say’s that she is there because Jane belongs to Ethan and herself. Gwen warns Theresa to give the child back. Theresa wants to know what Gwen will do if the child is not returned to her. Gwen looks at a nearby table, and sees something that she could use as a weapon if need be.

Katherine sees that Gwen is dangerously close to doing something irrational. She hopes that Theresa tones it down a notch, or there is sure to be trouble. She keeps out of the conversation, and simply watches from the doorway.

Katherine remembers her conversation with Gwen where she said that she wished that she had killed Theresa when she had the chance. This is her chance. Theresa had better watch out.

Theresa asks Gwen if she will stab her again if the child is not returned to her. Theresa seems strangely unafraid, in spite of what she already knows about the emotionally unstable Gwen.

Gwen turns to the table and sees the scissors that she would very much like to have her hands on right at this moment. She edges closer to the table. She would be a fool to let Theresa live at this point.

Ethan and Fox are still making their way out of the maze that they are in. They have to make good time now, or they will be dead for sure. They know that there are going to be more soldiers as they try to make their escape, and they prepare for the event. The soldiers appear sooner than they thought that they would.

Suddenly, 2 more soldiers appear out of nowhere. Fox and Ethan overpower them, and head to the doorway. One of the soldiers is not quite unconscious as he should be, and his gun is not far off on the ground from his hands. Fox turns and runs to the gun, jumping on it, at the same time as the soldier does. They struggle for the gun as Ethan watches.

Ethan comes over. A shot has rang out. The bullet hits a wall nearby, and the soldier is out cold. Ethan and Fox run out of there. They have to hurry now.

Tabitha is loving the excitement. TC has attacked Julian for ruining his life. Tabitha moves over to the wall to watch quietly as the others argue.

Out of a nearby vent, pink smoke rises out of the basements. It is the evil spirits that rule her.

Eve rushes forward and stops the fight between Julian and TC. She finds TC’s behavior horrific and unnecessary. He blames Eve for helping Whitney give her baby away. That is not true, but that is the way that TC sees it.

Tabitha loves what she sees. She huddles in the corner smiling with glee at the sight of everyone fighting and blaming everyone else for the troubles in their lives. She loves throwing these little get together where her neighbors fight like crazy. They will never learn it seems. She gets them all together and now all she has to do is watch the fireworks.

TC turns to Whitney and asks her why she gave her son away. Whitney has her reasons and doesn’t want to discuss them. Eve finds that TC is pushing the girl too much. Tabitha apologizes for bringing the group together and causing such a ruckus. Eve and TC will not have an apology from Tabitha. They can’t see any reason why Tabitha would be responsible for a thing like this.

Fox and Ethan are moving along slowly. Fox has the gun, and he will keep it until they are safely out of there. Ethan gets an update on what has been going on in the mansion with Gwen and Jane. Fox confirms that Gwen is back to her old self again, and in fact she has been very good with the baby. Ethan is glad to hear that. There is no time to talk now. They will catch up with more news on the way back to Harmony. Fox knows that things will not go so smoothly. He knows that the second Ethan is in the same room with Theresa and Gwen, they are going to demand that he choose between the both of them.

Theresa has packed up the baby now in her carrier, and she gets ready to head out the door. Gwen stands in her way. Theresa is not afraid. She puts the carrier down. Gwen tells Theresa again that she will not be allowed to leave the house with that child. Theresa gets right in Gwen’s face, unafraid and ordering Gwen to move.

Katherine can see it coming. Gwen is going to blow at any moment.

Gwen is a little surprised all of a sudden. She remembers Theresa being unable to walk. Why is she walking? Theresa explains that the swelling around her spine went down, and so she can walk again. Gwen feels that Theresa was probably faking the injury all along to get sympathy from Ethan.

Gwen does blow. She grabs the scissors from the table, and she grabs Theresa with her other arm, telling her that she is going to die. She raises the scissors above her head, and is ready to strike when Katherine shouts out, “Gwen!” Gwen stops in the middle of striking Theresa.

Fox and Ethan are ready to strike. Ethan explains how Theresa ended up on the plane.

She snuck on the plane and insisted that her baby was there, and so she was going with him.

Fox knows that Theresa is headstrong and he can see her doing this.

Ethan thinks about Theresa and he in the jungle, and her flirting with him, even though they were in danger.

Theresa is angry with Gwen for trying to kill her.

Katherine interrupts and says that the baby is hearing all of this, and that is wrong. She grabs the baby carrier, and heads out of the room. She warns Gwen to keep some control with this matter.

Once Katherine and the baby are out of the door, Gwen raises her scissors again, telling Theresa that she is going to kill her now. Theresa backs up, finally because Gwen just might in fact kill her.

Beth orders the officials out of her house. This has gone on far enough. She will not be doing any DNA tests today, or any other day. Sheridan says that Luis is Marty’s father and he has a right to ask for the test whether Beth likes that idea or not. Beth knows that she is right. She has to think quickly. What can she say now? Beth knows that she is up against the wall. All she can do is keep reminding everyone that Sheridan is crazy, and even accused Beth of being a clown. She wishes that all in the room would see who has credibility here.

Mrs. Wallace whispers to her daughter that she should tell the truth at this point. She can’t win. Beth is too stubborn to give and will not.

Luis and Sheridan ask Beth what is going on there? Sheridan says that the issue is that Marty is her baby, and Beth is trying to hide that.

Luis asks Beth why she wouldn’t take the test? This will fix everything. He is feeling a little strange about Beth right now. She is acting like she may have in fact done something wrong. To him, not taking the test makes no sense.

TC and Liz  have left the house now. TC is upset that Whitney has given his grandchild away. What is done, is done. Liz has an answer. Someone has to adopt Whitney’s baby, and she thinks that they should be the ones to do this. TC finds Liz to be a genius. Adopting Whitney’s baby is a great idea.

Julian and Eve are upset that their grandson is gone from their lives forever. It is like losing Chad all over again. At least they got to see the baby before losing him. Julian has an idea. He knows someone has to adopt the baby, and he feel that they should be the ones to do it. Eve finds that to be a great idea.

Whitney is taking her leave now. Tabitha says that she had no idea that things were going to end up so quarrelsome. Whitney has to look forward now. She leaves.

Tabitha knows that things are not going to get any better for the citizens of Harmony. She runs to her magic bowl. She laughs thinking about Whitney giving away her inbred infant. She would like to see what is going to become of them all in the future. Tabitha looks into her pot. She laughs. She sees that Eve and TC both want to adopt the baby. She knows that Julian’s money will give them the edge, but then again, Eve’s attempted murders are going to be an issue.

Tabitha asks the bowl who is going to end up with Whitney’s baby.

A ball of fire shoots out of the pot, and Tabitha has her answer.

Tabitha laughs with glee. Another win for the dark side!

Beth says that the things that Sheridan says and does make her really uncomfortable.

Mrs. Wallace sees that Beth is saving her ass yet again.

Beth reminds Luis that he was there when Marty was born, and he knows that Beth is the mother.

Sheridan says that since that is the case, Beth shouldn’t mind taking this test. Beth starts faking a crying fit. Luis tells Beth that if they do this, Sheridan will have to accept that Marty is not her child. He pushes her. They have to do the DNA test, and they have to do it now.

Ethan has to make a decision about the women in his life, but he can’t think about that now. They hear noises, and take cover.

Over in the corner, 2 soldiers have arrived looking for Fox and Ethan, but they find nothing and walk off.

Ethan and Fox resume their discussion. Fox knows that someone is going to be unhappy whatever decision Ethan makes. He knows that as well.

Katherine has managed to convince Gwen to drop her scissors, and leave Theresa alone. Gwen calms herself for a moment, but not long. She doesn't want to hurt Ashley. That is not what this is about. Theresa tells Gwen that killing her will not make things any better. She has a lot of other charges going on that will send her to jail for a long time anyway. Gwen says that since she is going to jail, then she might as well kill Theresa anyway. She has nothing to lose. At least in jail, she will know that Theresa is not after her baby or her husband. That would give her some satisfaction. Gwen starts chasing Theresa around the house. Theresa runs for her life. Gwen catches her and throws her to the floor. She climbs on top of Theresa and starts strangling the life out of her. Katherine is screaming and screaming for her to stop, but Gwen can’t hear her this time.

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