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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Ethan and Theresa are on the jet. He has just told her that she can come with him to rescue the baby and Gwen. Theresa kisses him, and he lets her do it. She tells him that she loves him. He tells her that they can't get into this right now. Theresa is only happy that when they get their son, they will finally be together. Gwen tries to talk sense to Katherine, but she feels that she knows better. Katherine thought that when she agreed to follow Alistair's scheme, things would be better for Sheridan. Katherine put Sheridan's happiness before her own, and she doesn't regret that. Gwen can relate to how Katherine cares for her child. Katherine feels that Gwen hasn't been thinking straight about taking the child at all. Katherine knows that Gwen can't possibly feel good about what she has done.

Tabitha talks to Whitney about the adoption that she put in place for her daughter. Whitney doesn't want to talk bout this anymore. She would like to put all this behind her. Tabitha knows that soon Whitney will have to face all her problems. Tabitha announces that she as invited some guests to come and visit. Whitney wants to know who else is coming to the house. TC and Liz are outside Tabitha's house wondering why Tabitha has called them over there. Tabitha is looking out the window and she sees TC and Liz on their way to her house. Tabitha is going to get the fireworks that she wants after all. Sheridan is still ranting that Beth was trying to kill her. Beth denies all of this. Luis watches both the women argue between each other over this. Sheridan keeps ranting about 'the clown'. She is sure that Beth is the clown that was after her before.

Mrs. Wallace takes Beth aside and tells her that she had better give up on this stupid plan and leave. She knows that Luis and Sheridan are going to figure all this out. She tells Beth that the best thing to do here is to tell Luis and Sheridan the truth.

Luis overhears Mrs. Wallace asking Beth to tell 'the truth'. He has to wonder what 'truth' Mrs. Wallace is talking about. Beth says that she is sorry that she said that Sheridan was crazy. She says that she was only worried about Marty. She feels that she is responsible or Sheridan being out of her head. She says that the truth that her mother was talking about was that she was wrong to treat Sheridan the way that she had. Mrs. Wallace can't believe that Beth has wormed her way out of this yet again. There is a knock at the door. Luis hurries to answer it. Julian and Eve arrive. Luis takes Eve aside, telling her that Sheridan has been acting crazy all day. She has been saying a lot of crazy things. She said that Beth was a kidnapping clown from the past.

Mrs. Wallace has come up now, and confirms that Sheridan feels that she said Beth was one of the clowns. Beth remembers Sheridan pointing at her in front of Luis and saying that Beth was the clown from the past that tried to hurt her. Mrs. Wallace whispers to Beth that she has really done it now. Mrs. Wallace is happy that Beth is finally going to get hers. Sheridan seems to have put some things together that could get Beth into some real trouble. Beth doesn't sweat it. She has everything under control, she hopes. Theresa wants Ethan to make a decision about who he is going to be with. Gwen is almost home, and Ethan is going to be faced with the decision soon.  Jane is their child, and she wants Ethan to make a choice, again between she and Gwen. Ethan reminds Theresa that she shouldn't push him about this as she was the one that tricked him into sleeping with him. Gwen is now angry with Theresa and Ethan can't fix that. Ethan knows that whatever he decides is going to be the wrong thing for either Gwen or Theresa.

TC and Liz arrive at Tabitha's house, and they want to know why they are there. Tabitha made it sound a little urgent when she called to have them over. It is at that time that TC sees Whitney is there. Tabitha explains that she thought that this would be a good time to tell her father about the baby. TC goes to his daughter, asking if everything is alright. Whitney says that she is fine. TC worries that this has something to do with the baby. Whitney tells him that she has already had the baby, and that it is a boy. Gwen says that she loves her daughter, and has every right to run off with the child. Even if Theresa gave birth to the child, Gwen still sees the child as hers. To Gwen, Theresa loves no one but herself. She tricked Ethan into giving her a child, and Gwen feels that she lost her child because of Theresa too. Gwen is going to find justice. Theresa will not get away with this. Ethan knows that whatever he does, he hurts someone. He feels that he has to be responsible for what has happened to everyone. Theresa will not listen to that. All the craziness, she feels is because they are not togther. She feels that if Ethan will only be with her, then all this craziness will go away.

Beth admits that she argued with Sheridan, and then she fell and hit her head. Eve offers to examine Sheridan. Beth turns to Luis, telling him that she needs to leave with Marty now. This has been too much, even for Beth, and she feels that Marty is not safe there Luis will not let her do that. He worries that will make Sheridan even more upset. Beth says that she only cares for the safety of Marty. She doesn't want to have Marty see Sheridan like this. Luis understands that, and will comply with Beth's wishes. Luis offers to get the child for her, and he walks off. Julian talks with Sheridan about the clown to try and see if she can remember anything more about it. There was a costume, but it is the voice of the clown that Sheridan remembers. There was something very familiar about the voice of the clown. Sheridan remembers the crazy face of the clown. She can see it as clear as day. Sheridan knows that if they could find the mask of the clown, they could solve this horrible mystery.

Beth is in the corner with her mother, and she shudders at the words that Sheridan utters. Sheridan seems to have remembered everything. If things keep going like this, Beth is going to be busted for sure. She has to find a way to shut the stupid blond up.

Theresa knows that people laugh at her because of her love for Ethan, but she is sure that she should be with Ethan. Ethan on the other hand believes that God gives people choices in life. Theresa says that the logical choice should be for him to be with her and their child. Ethan loves Gwen, and he doesn't want to break her heart. She doesn't deserve to be hurt. Theresa wants a life and a family with Ethan. Theresa is sure that Gwen will be able to accept this.

Katherine challenges Gwen when she says that she is doing the best that she can for Ashley. Gwen knows that the future means that they will constantly be hiding. She will be living in fear. Gwen remembers that Katherine and Martin loved each other and ran off. Katherine admits to that, but it was different for them. Interpol is looking for them. Gwen will go to jail, and Ashley will go back to Theresa. When that happens, the child will suffer too She will get older, and then she will be ripped from Gwen's arms. The child will be scarred for life. Then she will have to get used to another mother that was denied to her, and she will hate Gwen for that. TC is happy. He thinks that he has a grandson. He always wanted a son. Liz tells him that he can have a son with her if he wants. He knows that. Liz would like to know why Whitney is not in the hospital. Whitney says that Eve said that it was alright that she leave the hospital. TC is upset that he didn't get a call about this. Liz blames Eve for this. TC can't worry about this right now. He wants to see his grandson.

This is it. Tabitha knows that TC is going to freak out when he hears the news that Whitney has for him.

Sheridan looks at Beth as she tries to remember more about the clown. Luis arrives with the baby. Sheridan asks him what he is doing. Luis says that Marty is going home with Beth now. Sheridan begs him not to take her son from her. He promises that she will be able to see the baby the following day.

Beth hopes that Sheridan doesn't make a scene over this. The child is in the room now, and that should cause Sheridan to calm down somewhat. Each time that Sheridan looks at Beth, she turns her face, so that Sheridan doesn't get a proper view of her, since she supposedly looks like the clown. Beth walks bravely over to the baby and takes him from Luis. She is almost home free. Sheridan watches helplessly as her son is taken to the door. Beth quickly walks out the door, followed by Edna who hobbles along with her walker. Once outside, Mrs. Wallace lets Beth have it. She really pushed things in there just now. She knows that it is only a matter of time before everyone figures it out. The clock is ticking.

Julian and Eve leave, but not before offering any assistance that they can if needed. Sheridan feels that Luis is disappointed in her, but he denies that he is. She is sure that she is not crazy. She only has him to believe in her. She wants him to tell her that he believes her and that he will help her get their son back.

Back at Beth's house, she is taking all her clown stuff, and burning it in the fireplace. Beth uses the gin to get the fire really going. Mrs. Wallace enters the room, angry that her gin has been used to make a better fire. She needs that as medicine for herself. Mrs. Wallace says again that the fog is lifting. She can see that Beth is scared. Sheridan already thinks that Marty is her son. Sheridan will see that Beth was the one that took that baby out of her arms. Beth says that everyone saw Sheridan's baby go over the cliff, and for that reason, no one will question what says. Mrs. Wallace says that Beth isn't thinking. All that has to happen is to have someone request some DNA testing to prove that the child is really Beth's.

Tabitha goes to make tea for her guests. TC turns to Whitney and asks where his grandson is. Whitney says that the child is gone. She admits to putting the child up for adoption and sending him away.

Tabitha is listening from the kitchen. Any time now. TC is angered beyond control. He asks Whitney again. "Adoption?" Tabitha does the countdown, "Five, four, three, two, one?" TC jumps out of his chair glaring down at his daughter. "Adoption! You gave away my grandson?" Whitney looks up at her father with fear in her eyes.

Ethan is alone thinking about his trip and what he has to do. The pilot announces that they are ready to land. Ethan looks over at a sleeping Theresa across from him, under a blanket. He knows that he has to make a big decision when he gets Gwen back home. Gwen says that the only thing that is good about being locked up there is that she will be with Ashley. If she were back at Harmony, she would be thrown in jail. Katherine sees no sacrifice in Gwen. She hasn't made very hard choices. Katherine has given everything up for her children. Gwen needs to make a better decision. She has to make a sacrifice for Ashley. TC finds this to be insanity. He doesn't understand. His family doesn't give up their children like they are nothing. They are proud and could never do a thing like that. What would possess Whitney to do something like this? Whitney shouts at him that he doesn't know what Is really going on. TC didn't raise her this way. Liz thinks that maybe this wasn't Whitney's decision. TC wonders if Fox was the one that forced her to do this. Whitney says that Fox wasn't the one that did this. Liz suggests that Eve is the one that caused this to happen.

Tabitha wonders quietly why she wasn't the one to think of this line of thinking before. She ignores the shouting in the room, and offers to make another pot of tea. TC feels that he has it all figured out now. Who else has crazy ideas like this? He is sure that Eve was the one that pushed Whitney into giving her child away. Whitney says it wasn't, but TC isn't listening to her anymore. The wheels in his head are already turning on their own.

Katherine tells Gwen that loving the child means giving her back to her real mother. Gwen isn't sure that she can do that. Katherine has faith in Gwen. She is good, and she endured so much already. Katherine knows that Gwen will make the right decision.

Outside the compound, Ethan and Theresa are walking around in a wooded area.

Theresa is ready to just hop over the wall and get her baby back. Ethan stops her from running to the house. They have to be careful, or they will end up being Alistair's prisoners as well.

Whitney is crying now. TC doesn't care about that. Why would she give up his grandson like that? TC will never hold his grandson. This isn't right. The doorbell rings, and Tabitha runs to open the door. Fuel to the fire. Tabitha opens the door to Eve and Julian. TC turns to her when he hears her voice. TC says that he knows that Eve was the one that made Whitney give up their grandchild. He will not let her get away with this.

Tabitha is in the kitchen, smiling to herself. She loves bringing family together.

Mrs. Wallace twists the knife when she talks about Luis demanding a DNA test. Science will prove that everything that she has thought was right. That is when Beth's crime spree will be over. Beth promises that they will never get a DNA test on Marty.

Sheridan still says that Marty is hers. Luis wishes that there was something that he could do to make Sheridan see the truth. Sheridan says that there is something that they can do. She asks Luis to get a DNA test on the child. Luis finds this ridiculous. Sheridan says that this is the only way that they are going to settle this. Luis finally gives in. He agrees to let her get the test. Sheridan rushes into his arms. He has made her so happy.

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