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By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Tabitha asks her daughter for help with the housework, and the little girl does some magic making the duster and vacuum work for themselves.

Kay walks in with Maria and she hides the child’s eyes, so that she doesn’t see the magic. Kay doesn’t want to face the fact that she may have powers of her own. Tabitha gets Endora to stop the magic act, and she hands the duster to Kay to do the job manually.

Ethan is on the jet getting ready to go and save Fox and the others. He has a quick chat with the pilot before getting ready for takeoff. He is going alone to find the others. He is really worried now as Fox should have contacted him by now.

He has no idea what he may find when he gets to his destination to rescue his family and friends. He has no plan at all. What will he find there? He has to make some decisions about who it is that he is going to end up with at the end of all this.

Whitney is home now and she worries that she may have done the wrong thing by giving her baby away. It is still not too late. Whitney feels that it is too late. How is she going to survive all this? Fox is going to kill her for this. He thinks that he is the father of the baby, and he had no idea that Whitney was going to do this. Whitney remembers Chad looking at her with disgust before. She is near tears again. She has no idea what she is saying anymore.

Miss Wallace is drinking alone, missing Precious. She raises her glass in remembrance of her friend who had to leave town. She was the only one the could match Edna drink for drink. The house is a mess. Miss Wallace gets on her knees and starts picking things up off the floor. She crawls along on the floor, and ends up at a closet. She opens the door and finds a clown mask. It horrifies her.

She remembers seeing Beth with this mask on when she was in disguise to be a clown. She was up to no good then, like she is up to no good now. Miss Wallace shudders at the thought of Beth and how dark she is inside. She knows that Beth is nothing but a wicked girl, and always will be. She hides the mask at the back of the closet and puts clothes in front of it. She never wants to lay eyes on that thing again.

Luis is with Sheridan at the cottage and she is in a right state. She and Beth just had a fight about Marty and Sheridan’s access to the child, and Beth actually ended up popping Sheridan in the mouth, knocking her to the ground. Right after that, Luis came home. She is going on and on about a clown and how Beth is the clown. Beth is trying to sneak out of the house, but Sheridan actually points to her and accuses her of being the clown in question. Luis turns to look at Beth who is near the door, but not out of the house like she wanted to be.

Kay is vacuuming alone.

Tabitha comes up behinds Kay and frightens her. The noise of the vacuum made it impossible for Kay to hear Tabitha sneaking up on her. She tells Kay that she has missed a spot in the corner, then she cackles at the sight of Kay doing work that she doesn’t have to. Tabitha goes to the window. She sees Theresa and Whitney together and she wonders what has been going on over there.

Jessica goes downstairs quietly. She is dressed like a gothic character, but with a little more sex thrown in.

Ivy sees Jessica sneaking out of the house, and she orders the child to stop just as she is about to make it to the front door. Jessica will not listen to this woman. Ivy tells her that she will listen because Ivy is the only one in charge right now. She reaches for Jessica’s hand, and Jessica pulls her hand out from Ivy’s in pain.

That is the hand that Jessica cut recently, and it still hurts. She remembers being in the bathroom, and taking broken glass to cut her hand. She remembers the pain of it.

Ivy tells Jessica that there is no way that she is going anywhere, especially dressed the way that she is. Jessica says that the only reason that Ivy is pretending to care about her is because she would like to impress Sam. Ivy denies that. Doesn’t mater what the girl thinks anyway, Ivy will not let her out. She grabs Jessica’s hand again, and this time she won’t let go. Jessica tries to get away at first, but then decides to show Ivy who is boss. She decides to hold tight to Ivy’s hand, and twist her arm down to show the woman who is boss. Ivy winces in pain. Jessica is actually hurting her. She looks into Ivy’s eyes with determination in her face. Ivy is not used to seeing that from Jessica.

Jessica tells Ivy that if she complains to Sam about her going out, and dressing wild, he will call Grace and Grace will come home. She knows that Ivy doesn’t want to risk that.

Ethan is having a drink on the jet.

Ethan wonders what it will be like to put Theresa’s baby back in her arms. He would love to be the one to give the child back to Theresa, and make her truly happy again. She will be grateful to him, and they may even kiss because of their happiness.

Ethan shakes himself out of this thought. He can’t get Theresa out of his mind.

Whitney is upset still over what she had to do to save her baby. Theresa sits with her and listens to her friend, as a good friend would. She has tried to counsel the girl about what to do, but it seems that as time goes by, it will be harder and harder to convince Whitney that she should keep her child with her.

The phone starts ringing. It is Tabitha asking Whitney to come over and have tea with her. Whitney says that she can’t come over. She has a guest. Tabitha invites Theresa as well. Whitney wonders how the woman knows that Theresa is there as well. Doesn’t matter, they will go over to visit with Tabitha.

Tabitha is about to have some fun with Theresa and Whitney. She would like to stir some things up.

Beth takes a defensive stance against Sheridan. She says that she is there to take her baby home, and that Sheridan will not stop her. Sheridan says that Beth will not be taking Marty from them. Beth reminds her that she was the one that got Marty kidnapped. Beth tries to go to the baby, but Luis stops her, asking her to let him talk to Sheridan first. Sheridan hit her head before, and Luis worries that she may have a concussion. He would like her to have a good night’s rest. Sheridan isn’t sure what happened before she hit her head.

Suddenly it comes back to her. Sheridan says that Beth attacked her, and punched her in the jaw. Beth shakes her head no, and looks at Sheridan as if she is nuts.

Ivy thinks that Jessica should just sit and talk with her for a while, but Jessica is determined to go out. She was raped, and she has changed because of it.

Jessica remembers being out of it when she was raped and being taken advantage of.

Jessica tells Ivy that she really wasn’t raped. She says that she knew exactly what she was doing. She wants to live her life, and she advises Ivy to live her own life. Ivy allows Jessica to go out, although she knows that Sam will be angry about her going out to the club. Jessica demands to have some money from Ivy. Ivy refuses, but Jessica takes the money out of Ivy’s wallet anyway, and threatens Ivy to keep her mouth shut, or Grace will get a call.

Tabitha as a chat with Whitney and Theresa. Whitney is holding Endora, and Tabitha remarks that soon Whitney will be having a baby of her own. She has a closer look at Whitney and then asks why it is that Whitney doesn’t look like she is having a baby at all.

Beth uses Sheridan calling her a clown as proof that Sheridan is losing her mind. Beth knows that what Sheridan is saying is the truth, but she dances as fast as she can to make Sheridan look like a nut. Beth has had enough of this, and demands that Sheridan give up the child. Sheridan says no. “You are not leaving with my son!”

Beth says that Sheridan should be over thinking that Marty is her son, but she is clearly not. Beth wants to take the child now. Sheridan says no. Luis is finding Sheridan a little unreasonable now. Sheridan says that Beth took the child from her after the birth. Beth wants to threaten them, but Luis is the police. Beth says that Sheridan is abducting the baby, and she will call Sam if Luis doesn’t fix this right now.

Luis asks Beth to hold on for a minute. He is the child’s father, and he promises not to let anything happen to the child in his care. He begs Beth to let him do this.

Tabitha says that some women don’t gain weight when they are pregnant, so that is probably why Whitney looks like she isn’t pregnant. Theresa begs Tabitha to stop talking about the baby. Theresa says that Whitney had her child already. Tabitha asks where the child is. Theresa says the child is sick and can’t be with them for a while. Kay knows what having a sick child is like. Tabitha is sure that the baby is beautiful. She decides that they should have a little party. The kids will be there too. Tabitha would like to see the child. Whitney says that they can’t see the baby because Whitney has put the child up for adoption.

Jessica arrives at the hard core club in her sexy get-up.

A bouncer approaches Jessica, and asks for ID. Jessica hands him some, and the bouncer still doesn’t buy it. Spike is called over to make a decision about letting her stay there. He sees that she is very young, and wants her out. He remembers some cop named Bennett that shut him down some time ago because of underage drinking there, and he isn’t about to revisit that scenario again. A closer look at the ID shows that Jessica is in fact related to the cop that he was talking about. Her last name is Bennett. He orders her out of the club, but she begs to stay, saying that she only wants to party. He wonders how much she wants to party. She assures him that she want to party a lot. That makes things different and the owner says that in that case, she can stay.

Kay is horrified that Whitney gave her baby away. The father of her baby wanted to be with her. Kay didn’t even have that. Kay always thought that Whitney would make a great mom. Kay asks what Fox thinks about this. Tabitha wonders what Chad thinks about this too. She remembers that Chad asked Whitney to move in with him. What about her parents? What do they think? Whitney says that this was her decision. She didn’t want to be a single mother raising a kid. Kay could never think about a life without Maria in it. In addition, as for Tabitha, Endora is the light of her life.

The phone rings. It is Ethan calling. Kay answers, and Ethan asks her to keep something in confidence. He wants to tell her where he is going. He says that he is at the airport, and he is getting ready for takeoff. He is going to try and rescue Gwen and the baby. Theresa overhears Kay, and when Kay repeats what Ethan says, she hears that Ethan is going to rescue Gwen and the baby.

After the call, Kay refuses to talk more about the call, but Theresa has heard enough. She tells Kay that she has to go now. There is something that she has to do. She limps out with her cane.

Ivy pours herself a drink, and ponders what her evening is going to be like.

Sam walks in the door quietly, and wonders why Ivy is drinking alone. She says that she knew that he was coming home, and so she started preparing drinks for them. He takes the drink from her, thanking her for it. He wonders how Jess is doing. Ivy says that she is just fine. She stops Sam from going upstairs saying that he would just be interrupting the girl.

Spike returns to Jessica with some stuff. His bouncer assures him that this stuff is even more potent than the stuff before. Spike likes the sound of that.

He approaches Jessica with the stuff. She doesn’t want to do any dope. He is surprised. She said that she wanted to party before. She does, but… He kisses her suddenly. She lets him, but wasn’t really expecting anything like that. He wonders if she is wearing a wire, case now she is acting really weird. He asks her to let him check. He isn’t about to be set up and busted again. He sends Jessica to a room in the back so that she can relax and assure him that she isn’t a plant sent there to get him busted. Jessica walks off reluctantly.

After Jessica is gone, Spike says to himself, that she has just made a big mistake. Now he can get the revenge that he has wanted on that cop Bennett for busting up his club before.

Miss Wallace has been wondering what has taken Beth so long in getting home. She walks into the cottage with her walker and sees that Luis and Beth are in a discussion. She wonders out loud what it is all about. Beth says to her mother out loud that Sheridan thinks that Marty is hers, and she refuses to give the baby back to Beth. Miss Wallace can’t believe her ears. This is like a dream come true for her.

Ethan is on the plane waiting for takeoff. He hears a noise.

Ethan looks up to find Theresa standing before him. He asks her what she is doing there. She says that she knows what he is doing, and she is coming with him to rescue Gwen and the baby.

Jessica is getting wasted with Spike. They are in the back room now. She is feeling uninhibited now. She knows that he would like her to prove that she is not wearing a wire. She is now fine with that idea. However, Spike has another idea. HE would like to initiate her into his club. It is something, he says that is done to the regulars. She feels a little pinch. Someone is tattooing her. She wasn’t expecting that. Spike tells her to relax, and soon it will be over.

Ethan thinks for a moment and then decides that Theresa can come with him on the rescue. She is so happy that she jumps up and kisses him full on the lips.

Luis has decided that Sheridan was dreaming that Beth attacked her. Sheridan is horrified that he doesn’t believe her. Sheridan says that he knows that Beth was one of the clowns that wanted to kill her before. Beth says that Sheridan is start raving mad. Luis goes to Sheridan to talk to her privately.

Miss Wallace goes to her daughter shocked at what she has stirred up this time.

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