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Katherine fights but ends up sleeping with Alistair and giving in to his horrible lust. Gwen is stunned at what is going on around her but is helpless to do anything about what is happening. In addition, even more terrifying is Fox’s refusal to assist the women in any way. All he seems to care about is drinking and eating.

Gwen discusses what happened with Alistair later with Katherine. She is horrified at the sacrifice that Katherine is making to protect her daughter. No one should have to suffer that way. Katherine is not happy, but that means nothing. She is willing to do anything to protect Sheridan. Gwen as trouble accepting what Katherine is trying to do for Sheridan. Katherine feels that a mother would do what is best for her child no matter what. On that note, she then asks Gwen if she is going to be able to raise Jane knowing that she is keeping the child from her father.

Fox has been playing a really good game fooling everyone with his act of not caring that he is locked in the compound. His idea was to make Alistair feel that Fox wasn’t a threat to him, in order to get enough space to put a plan in action to get not only himself, but Katherine, Gwen and Jane out of the compound as well. He makes nice with a guard who seems to find him charming, but he is using her. All he really wants from her is a chance to get her key. He gets it.

Fox manages to get his opportunity to get out of this horrible place. He makes a run for it. This has to work. He knows that if Alistair catches him, he will be done for. He is almost free when it is suddenly all over. He is caught. Alistair, the guard that Fox stole the key from, and another guard are there. Fox will never get away now. Alistair is furious, and he orders that Fox be locked away and that the key used to lock him up be tossed away forever.

Whitney is stressed out being at the hospital, and is dying to get out. Everyone coming at her from all directions trying to make her keep her baby, when it is clear that it would be best for the child to be elevated out of this whole mess, and into a life that would benefit him more. She is almost out of the place when she is stopped. She heaves a big sigh. What is it now? A nurse is there. She has some things that she feels that Whitney will need to take care of the baby once he gets home. Apparently, not everyone knows that Whitney is giving up her child, and she will have to get used to that until the news gets out that there is no baby for her anymore. The sight of the baby supplies really upsets Whitney and she breaks down at the sight of the things.

Theresa and Ethan are nearby, and they see the hurt in Whitney’s face at the sight of the baby things. She is broken. Her friends lead her out of the room.

Outside the room, Chad is there. He looks at Whitney with contempt on his face. He can’t believe that he ever had a relationship with this woman. She disgusts him, and he tells her so. Her feelings at this moment are of no concern to him.

Ethan and Theresa bring Whitney home, and things become very difficult for Whitney. Everywhere that she looks, she sees reminders of the child that she had, and gave away all at the same time. She is torn. Now she wonders if she in fact made the right decision about giving up her child. Fox was very careful to danger-proof the house so that things would be just right for Whitney when she came home with what he thought was their child. The guilt that Whitney feels is overwhelming, and she really can’t stand it. What is she going to tell Fox? He really believes that this child was his, and there is no way that he is going to accept that he has been given away. Whitney is beside herself. She should be relieved, but she can’t seem to get to that point yet. Looking around at the things that Fox has set up and bought for the child, Whitney asks Ethan to please take the things out of the house when he leaves. Ethan agrees to help her with that task.

Whitney takes a nap. She gets no relief from it. Her dreams only highlight the things that are bothering her in her life right now.

In the dream, Fox is back. He is angry with her, much like Chad was. He is furious that she has given their child away. In the dream, Whitney breaks down and is very upset crying to Fox, trying to make him see things her way. He won’t.

Whitney wakes up crying. The dream was far too real for her to deal with, and although she awakes, she feels like she just lived the dream.

Theresa comes to the aid of her friend who is desperate to feel good again, and searches for reassurance that what she did was the right thing. Theresa can see that Whitney is starting to really question what she did, and she feels sorry for the girl. The longer that she waits to get her baby back, the harder it is going to be to get the child back when she is ready for him, and comfortable with the idea.

Chad is moving into action. He isn’t going to let Whitney get away with this. He barely knows this woman. He never thought that in a million years Whitney could have a child, and then give it away. She always went on and on about her mother, but she is even worse than her mother. Chad gets on his laptop, and contacts someone that he knows can put a dent in this plan of Whitney’s, and help the child.

Ethan enters the room and finds his friend deeply engrossed in something that is going on with his computer. He asks out loud what Chad is up to, and as Ethan gets closer to Chad, he slams the monitor on the laptop closed to keep his matters private. He only says that he has something personal to take care of, and that when it is time for everyone to know about it, they will find out then.

Ethan would like to talk more with Chad, but his phone starts ringing. The call is short and sweet. Whatever it is, it is enough to make Ethan get out of there in a hurry.

Chad would have liked to have had more information on the call that Ethan just had. He has a sneaky feeling that the call had to do with the whereabouts of Fox. Everyone has been concerned about where he has been the past few days. If that is what Ethan is up to, then Chad better hurry and put his plan into action so that Fox’s return doesn’t interrupt what he is trying to do. He has to move fast.

Beth got angry with Sheridan for not handing her baby over when she was told to do it. That angered Beth to no end, so when Sheridan got in Beth’s way again and refused to turn the child over, Beth punched her dead in the jaw. It was an impulsive act, but Beth was happy after she did it. Sheridan doesn’t move for a moment. For a minute Beth thinks that she has killed Sheridan. She smiles to herself. Maybe she has finally done it. Maybe she has finally killed the stupid blond. Sheridan moves. She is not dead. The smile leaves Beth’s face. Sheridan is still alive. Damn! Beth has another idea. She will strangle Sheridan instead. She was planning on killing the woman anyway, why not take advantage of the time that she has alone with Sheridan and just get the deed done? She turns towards Sheridan. She is about to move forward to get the job done, when she hears a noise.

Beth waits a moment to see what is going on, and then Luis walks into the cottage. Beth says that she is there to pick up Marty. She tells how she had heard that Marty had been taken, and so she is there to take the boy home with her. Luis sees that Sheridan’s appearance is disheveled ad that concerns him. Beth says that Sheridan attacked her when she tried to get her son back. Luis looks over at Sheridan to get some type of explanation for what Beth is saying. Beth says that Sheridan was crazy and in fact tried to kill her. Sheridan seems to still think that Marty is her son. Beth’s explanation for Sheridan being on the floor is that when Sheridan came at her, she pushed the woman, and she fell hitting head. Sheridan was out for a couple of minutes, and Beth says that she tried to revive the woman, but had great difficulty doing it. Luis feels that Beth made a mistake rushing over to the cottage, as it seems to have greatly disturbed Sheridan. Beth rolls her eyes when he hears that. Luis is angry with Beth for hurrying over to the cottage to disturb Sheridan the way that she has.

Sheridan wakes and takes one look at Beth. “I know, Beth.”

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