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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Luis is talking with his father. His father has learned that Marty’s life has been threatened. Martin is upset about this. He will not let Alistair get away with this. He will stop the man cold before he can do any damage to his family. Luis is listening, thinking that maybe for once, there is some redeeming quality to his father. Maybe he can forgive the man for the things that he has done to the family in the past. There is only one catch though. If Martin really means to help, then he will gladly give up the secrets that he has been holding to himself about Alistair. Luis demands to have that.

Alistair is visiting with Katherine and Gwen at the island. They discuss what has been going on back home. Alistair explains that Sheridan has been doing okay, but she is about to have a scary visitor.

Sheridan has answered the door. Someone was knocking and she opened it, thinking that it might be her brother, or perhaps a friend. She opens the door, and sees someone that she recognizes. She is afraid of the person, and she backs up into the house, demanding to know what the person is doing there.

Whitney is trying to get Chad to understand that she and he can’t be together. Whitney doesn’t want to be saddled down with a screaming baby, and her brother. She wants to stay away from her son, and her lover. Whitney says that her son will finally have a chance at a good life. She knows that there will be a family out there that will want the child. Whitney can’t give him what he needs at this point, and she will not change her mind.

Luis asks his father again. What was the horrible thing that Alistair did that Martin will not talk about? Luis is afraid of Alistair. He said that taking the baby that day was just a warning. Luis demands to have the secret. Martin has to want to help.

Katherine wants to know what Alistair has done to Sheridan. Alistair only laughs coyly. Katherine reminds Alistair that Sheridan is his daughter, and he should be more caring towards her. Gwen too is mortified at the way that Alistair treats his child. Fox and Alistair drink and eat, and ignore the women. Fox only cares about the Brandy they are drinking. It seems that Fox has reverted to being the Crane that he was when he first came to town. He loves being a Crane. It is a blast!

Katherine implores Alistair to save his own daughter.

Sheridan is in her living room now. She falls to the floor wondering what the intruder is doing there, and what she wants.

The intruder is Beth. She is menacingly moving forward towards Sheridan. Sheridan demands to know what she wants. Beth says that she wants her baby, and that she isn’t going to let Sheridan have the child again. Beth has heard about Marty being lost, and she will not have it happen again.

Beth got a call from Alistair, who tells that he has taken the boy. At first Beth is horrified. Alistair tells her that Luis and Sheridan called the police, but that wasn't unnecessary as Marty is back with Luis and Sheridan now.

Beth says that she got the news of Marty missing from the police in town. Sheridan says that Alistair was the one that took the child. Beth acts as if she doesn't believe that. She thinks that Sheridan is unfit to watch the child. Especially since Sheridan left the child outside the cottage. Beth knows that she is crazy after hearing that. Beth says that she has had enough, and that she will be taking her son right that minute.

Luis explains to his father why it is so important for the secrets that Martin has to be brought out. The reason that Alistair hates Martin in the first place is because of the secrets that he holds about Alistair. Those secrets can get Alistair out of their hair forever. They can finally make him pay. He threatened Marty, and killed Antonio. Martin knows that it is time to tell the truth, but he is afraid that people are going to get hurt over this.

Chad feel that Whitney has been acting the whole time that he knew her. He finds her shallow and cold. He thought that Whitney was a different kind of person. Chad has no idea why Whitney feels that she has a right to make a decision like this for Fox. What is going to happen when Fox returns?

Ethan is listening, and he knows that Alistair said that Fox wasn’t returning to town, so in fact Whitney making decisions for Fox is going to happen.

Ethan tells Chad that the Power of Attorney that Fox has signed is enforceable, and if Fox doesn’t return to town, the adoption stands.

Alistair decides that he will make a call to see how Sheridan is doing for Katherine’s sake. She has nagged him into doing it. He is a little curious himself about what is going on back in Harmony. Katherine thanks him for that. Alistair doesn’t want to have her thanks, in words anyway. Alistair would like her to give him comfort in his bed later that night as proper thanks for what he has done for her. Gwen shudders as she hears what Alistair is setting up for entertainment for the night. Alistair can’t understand how Katherine could go with Martin. He has forgotten about Katherine now. He has made his choice, and now Katherine is with him. Alistair roughly grabs Katherine, and then kisses her hard on the mouth. When he is finished, he pushes her from him roughly. Gwen puts a hand to her mouth in horror at what she witnesses.

Martin tells Luis against that he has been protecting the family, and that is why he will keep the secrets that he knows of Alistair.

Martin remembers Katherine asking Martin to keep Alistair’s secrets, or Sheridan will be destroyed.

Martin turns to his son, apologizing for not being about to help anymore. Luis doesn’t’ understand any of this. He only finds his father to be a coward.

Alistair is really coming on to Katherine now. He attacks the woman and kisses her roughly, and this time he doesn’t stop.

Gwen is with Fox across the room, and she berates Fox for not helping Katherine. Fox makes up some excuse for not getting up and helping Katherine.

Gwen heads across the room, and yells at Alistair to get off Katherine. She also grabs Alistair’s arms to pull him off the woman. That is when Alistair turns and pushes her over the ottoman that was behind her. She tumbles over it, and falls to the ground. Katherine is freed and she runs over to her friend to help her up. Fox only watches as he continues to sip at his drink. Alistair tells Katherine to leave Gwen alone and to go upstairs to put on the sexy number that he has bought for her. It is lying on the bed. Gwen begs her friend not to give into Alistair. She wants Katherine to stay with her, but Katherine knows that she has to do what Alistair has asked her to do. She leaves.

Gwen heads over to Alistair angrier than she has been in a while. Alistair tells her that she has her own problems. He tells her that Theresa has been making headway with Ethan since Gwen has been gone. He grabs her and holds her arms painfully behind her back to show her who really has control. She grimaces in pain. Alistair warns her that he could be a problem for her if she doesn’t watch out.

Whitney and Chad are still in heated conversation as Theresa witnesses it. Finally, Whitney tells Chad to just get out. He will not come around to her way of thinking, so she should just get on with what she plans to do. The disappointment shows on Chad’s face as he walks out.

Theresa goes to Whitney telling her that she had to expect Chad to react the way that he has because of what is happening. Whitney doesn’t care. She will not have her child growing up with the stigma that is a part of his life now.

Ethan and Chad have reentered the hospital room, and they hear Whitney saying that her child might have a stigma to deal with for the rest of his life. Chad asks what the stigma is. Theresa and Whitney turn to find that they have been overheard.

Sheridan and Beth are still discussing Sheridan being allowed to have Marty in her midst. Beth is very angry and she says things that suddenly sound familiar to Sheridan. Sheridan backs up away from Beth and becomes very silent. Sheridan has heard this voice before.

She remembers a clown. A clown in bright colors, with a wig of many bright colors. The face of the clown was white, and the clown sounded a lot like Beth does now.

Beth sees that something is up. She demands to know what it is that has suddenly come to Sheridan’s mind. Sheridan will not answer. Beth has to find out what this all means.

Whitney is in tears now. The guys have left and everything is a mess. She hugs her friend Theresa and asks her what she should do now. Her life is a mess now.

Luis implores his father to help him with taking down Alistair.

Sheridan tells Beth that it is the clown. “…The clown…”

Beth knows that Sheridan is talking about the time when Beth dressed up as a clown and terrorized Sheridan. Sheridan didn’t know that Beth was the clown, but the idea is quickly planting itself in her head. Sheridan has figured it out, and the implications of why are not clear, but scary. Beth knows that Sheridan has hit things on the head, but she decides to act as if Sheridan as really made it around the bend this time. She treats the woman as if she is nuts, and tells her that she is. Sheridan doesn’t care what she says; there is something that stinks suddenly in the town of Harmony. She knows that there is something strong that suggests that Beth was the scary clown, but why?

Luis really wanted to have pride in his heart for his father, but he can’t feel that. He doesn’t like the kind of man that Martin is. Luis doesn’t want a man like Martin for a father.

Theresa reminds Whitney that she has 72 hours to change her mind and keep her baby. Whitney is sure that this is the way to handle things. She knows that another family will take care of the baby. Whitney wants to be alone now, but Theresa will stay close in case she is needed.

Theresa finds Ethan and Chad having a heated chat about Fox. They are thinking of going to get Fox to set things straight.

Theresa finds that is a great idea. Chad will not do anything to help Fox. Fox never did anything for him.

Theresa thinks to herself that Chad has no idea what Fox is sacrificing right now.

Gwen begs for Fox’s help with Alistair and getting off the island. Fox tells Gwen to shut up and enjoy living in the house. Gwen wonders how Fox can live with himself knowing that Katherine is upstairs with Alistair who is touching her, and making her want to vomit. Fox’s only answer to that is to blow cigar smoke in Gwen’s face.

Katherine is upstairs talking to herself. Wondering how she could have left the man behind that she loves so much. Enough of that. It is time to get ready for Alistair.

Beth looks at Sheridan wondering why she is looking so strange. Before her eyes, she sees how Beth could have been the clown. Beth had called Sheridan a ‘stupid clown’, and that is the phrase that clued Sheridan in.

Beth thinks that this is out of control. She can see that Sheridan has figured things out, but she has to keep pretending that Sheridan is nuts.

Beth says that she doesn’t like this, and for that reason, she is taking her baby away. Sheridan fights to have the child. She tells Beth that Marty is her son, and that she loves the child better than Beth, more than Beth. She insists that Marty is her son.

Luis calls his father a damn coward. He will go and get Alistair himself. Luis couldn’t count on his father before, and he can’t do it now either. Luis leaves.

Martin is upset that he can’t help with this. He looks at the pictures of his family on the fridge. He loves them, and he loves Katherine. He wishes her the best wherever she is.

Katherine has her getup on. Alistair has really tacky taste. He is wearing a tacky red peignoir. She is glad that Martin can’t see her like this.

Alistair enters and grabs Katherine from the back. From now on, Katherine’s only job will be to please him. He grabs her face, and turns her to him. He kisses her as he holds her neck. He is going to make Katherine forget about Martin. Katherine would like to cry, but Alistair has his mouth completely over hers.

Gwen and Fox argue. She is going to remember the way that Fox is acting now. She used to think that he was a man, but he seems to be nothing at all.

Ethan and Theresa enter Whitney’s room. She is lying with her back to the door. Ethan apologizes to Whitney for speaking harshly with her earlier. She tells him that she knows what she is doing is right.

Chad is at the door, and he hears what Whitney is saying. He knows that she hasn’t changed her mind about giving the baby up. He too feels that he has to do what is necessary.

Chad gets out his cell phone and makes a call, “Hi. I need your help.”

Beth and Sheridan are still arguing over the care of Marty. Beth has had enough of this. She tells Sheridan that she is taking Marty now. She starts walking to the room to get the boy, but Sheridan stops her by getting in her way. Beth can’t believe the insolence. She bitch slaps Sheridan, sending her flying across the floor of the living room. Sheridan wasn’t expecting that, and she looks up at Beth who is leering down at her. “Stupid Blonde!”

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