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Passions Update Friday 4/1/05

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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Alistair and Fox have a talk about Fox’s attitude. Alistair is finding it very strange indeed. During that talk, Fox says that he isn’t worried about Whitney. Alistair has his doubts that Fox is telling the truth. Gwen and Katherine can’t believe their ears when they hear how Fox talks about Whitney and her baby. Katherine and Gwen are very interested in Whitney and her baby and want to have more news.

Chad had learned that Whitney is giving her baby away for adoption, and he is horrified to hear the news. He was ready to take Whitney and the baby and live with them platonically to help them out. Increasingly he can’t understand how things have been happening lately in town. Fox says that he loves Whitney but he leaves her when she is about to have a child that is supposed to be his. Nothing makes sense. He can’t imagine why she would do a thing like that to a child that she should love. He demands to have an answer from her for why she is acting so strange.

Julian has come over to Sheridan’s house and he brings her some water, as she is shaken after meeting with Alistair earlier. Sheridan can't let anything happen to Marty. Nothing that Alistair has done in the past matters now. Sheridan has to convince Luis to do things her way.

Pilar begs Luis to give his father another chance at being with the family. Pilar has dropped the bomb that her ex will be staying in the house to get the family back where they need to be. Luis isn’t sure that he can do this. Pilar has to leave for a while, but she would like Luis and his father to talk while she is gone. Luis will not give this man another chance. His mother seems to have forgotten all the trouble that they went through when Martin left them. Theresa is fine with giving her father a chance, and she would like Luis to do the same. Luis can’t do it. He orders his father to get the hell out.

Fox is fine with staying on the island, but he would like to have some women on the island with him. He has been a little bored and needs a little female companionship. Alistair laughs at the request, but he will make sure to bring some women to the island for the boy. He is slowly becoming convinced that Fox is on the up and up, and not playing games. Gwen and Katherine again can’t believe their ears once more. Fox is showing no interest whatsoever in Whitney’s welfare at all. Fox simply goes over to a plate of food and grabs a big piece of cheese.

Chad demands to know why Whitney thinks that the baby will be better with strangers. She says that she is doing the best that she can for her baby. Eve is speechless. Whitney orders her mother back to work. Eve leaves.

Whitney tells Chad that she has already made a decision and that the baby will be gone. Fox will have nothing to do with this. He has 72 hours to come back and contest the adoption, and if he doesn’t then it will be done. Whitney will never see her baby again.

Fox is only interested in drink and food, and that baffles Gwen. They have been looking carefully at the man to find some shred of sadness at the predicament that he is in, but there is none. Even Alistair is slowly getting impressed at the attitude change in his son. Fox has just given up at the drop of a hat. He tried to save the women and the baby, and once caught, gave up. Fox reminds the women that he is a Crane, and that the only thing that he is interested in is himself. Alistair raises his glass to the boy when he hears that. Fox feels that he is finally free. Harmony was more of a prison than this island is. Gwen can't believe how wrong she was about Fox.

Luis starts physically removing his father from the house. Martin is stunned by the move that his son has made towards his father. Pilar gets between the men, upset with her son for being so disrespectful. She wants Martin to be a part of this family again, and that is the way that it is going to be. Luis feels that Martin is only with Pilar because Katherine has left him and he has no one to be with. Pilar never thought about that. She turns to Martin. “Is that true?”

Julian and Sheridan are talking about the things that Alistair has done when there is knocking at the door.

Julian answers the door to Eve. Julian explains quietly that Alistair has upset Sheridan.

Eve heads over to Sheridan and learns that Alistair had threatened Marty. Eve knows now for sure that Alistair is insane if he can stoop so low as to threaten an innocent child’s life. Sheridan makes a mistake while talking about Marty, when she refers to him as Alistair’s grandson. Eve and Julian are quick to catch that faux pas. “Sheridan, are you still thinking of Marty as your son?” Sheridan is careful to avoid Eve’s eyes after this question is asked.

Fox seems to be drinking a great deal, and that concerns Gwen. Alistair tells Gwen to go ahead and find herself a native boy to have some fun with, and have drinks with. Alistair feels that Gwen is very ungrateful. He could have just dropped her and the baby into the ocean instead. Katherine rushes to Gwen to comfort her. Alistair has news for her as well. He tells her that Martin is now with Pilar, and seems to have forgotten all about her.

Martin tries to explain to his son that he never tried to get back with Pilar, because he thought that Pilar would never let him forget what he did. Pilar has found a way to forgive, and now she would like the rest of the family to do the same. Luis is disappointed in the way that the rest of the family is backing up Martin, and his plans. Luis remembers that his father has secrets that he will not share with the public, and that makes him angry. Luis leaves in a huff.

Sheridan admits that she thinks that Marty is her son, but proclaims that she is not crazy. Eve responds carefully to Sheridan, but Sheridan sees through that, and tells Eve to stop patronizing her. She knows what everyone thinks, but Sheridan really can’t help it. She is sure that Marty is hers. They share a few more words, and then Sheridan walks off in a huff. It is clear that Julian and Eve will not be able to win her over.

Eve worries that Sheridan may do herself some damage if she doesn’t let go of these fantasies. Julian wonders if maybe the baby really is Sheridan’s somehow, or if the baby is someone else, but alive somewhere.

Chad tries to find other options for Whitney to use instead of giving her baby away. She won’t marry Fox. She says that she is sure that Fox will get bored with her and the baby soon enough. Chad says that he will always be there for her. If Fox leaves, then Chad promises to be there. Always. Whitney says that this is just what she wants to avoid. She doesn’t want to be reminded that Chad because of the baby and his situation. Chad has no idea what that means. He asks for an explanation.

Eve tells Julian how Whitney is giving up her child. Julian is horrified at the news that Whitney is giving her baby away. Julian would like to stop this, but has no idea how. Chad is the father, but he has no idea what is going on.

Whitney remembers how she and Chad wanted to start a family together. That can’t happen though. Chad remembers Ethan saying the same things. Chad had between feeling connected to the baby, and Ethan read into that. Whitney orders Chad out of the hospital. Chad is conflicted. Why is Whitney acting this way? He notices that Eve has had difficulties much like Whitney has. Chad finds that Whitney is doing the same thing that her mother has done. She is throwing her baby in the trash.

Luis talks to his sisters alone outside. Paloma and Theresa try to make Luis see what they have come to see. Luis is not in a good mood. He tells how Alistair kidnapped Marty that day. Alistair threatened that someone will be hurt, namely Marty if Luis continues to go after him.

Alistair would like to see some reaction from Katherine regarding Martin moving on with his life. Alistair knows that Martin and Pilar will be sharing a bed soon. Katherine holds up well under the pressure. Katherine asks about Sheridan. Alistair laughs about that. He says that someone is coming to see Sheridan soon, and Alistair can’t wait to see how that turns out.

Sheridan rejoins Eve and Julian in the cottage living room. She has calmed down now somewhat, and seems a little more composed. As she is talking with them, she thinks that she sees someone outside the window. She points to the window in question. They all turn to look out, but they see nothing through the pane.

There is in fact someone outside the cottage. It is a man. It is the man that Alistair has sent to the cottage to pay Sheridan a little visit. He has on black gloves, and he is holding a note. He is hidden from those inside the cottage, but he can see them clearly.

The note reads: “The time has come to perish…”

Chad is upset with Whitney, and he starts leaving. Whitney stops him. He tells her that he thought that she was another type of woman. He calls her a stranger. He doesn’t know her at all.

Luis explains to his sisters that Alistair took the baby to prove that he could. Luis will not be intimidated. Pilar has joined them now.

She worries that Alistair will take the baby again. Luis assures everyone that he will kill Alistair before letting him take the baby again. Paloma turns to her mother suggesting that they go and have a coffee so that they can talk. Luis smiles as he watches the acceptance of Pilar by her daughter.

Theresa and Paloma leave together.

Pilar hugs her son asking him to consider what they talked about earlier. She follows the girls out.

Luis reenters the house and sees the paper. Luis thinks that he is alone. He says, “Alistair you are going to pay for kidnapping Marty.”

Martin enters the kitchen. He has overheard what Luis has said. He is clearly angry. He asks Luis if what he has just said is true. Martin vows that he will not let Alistair get away with this.

Eve and Julian take their leave, and Sheridan sees them out of the cottage.

Sheridan is alone now. She decides that she should go and see how Marty is doing. On her way to his room, she hears knocking at the door.

Sheridan opens the door. When she sees who is standing there before her, she is stunned. “Oh my God.”

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