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Passions Update Thursday 3/31/05

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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Luis assures Sheridan that they will find Marty.

Sam arrives at the scene and tells Sheridan that they will get a hold of Alistair, and get Marty back. Luis fears that Alistair will kill the baby.

Alistair is in his car and watching Luis and Sheridan on a monitor.

Alistair turns to the baby in the car, and explains that Luis is trying to get to some of his secrets and Alistair can’t allow that to happen. That, to Alistair means that he has to kill his own family now.

Paloma arrives to visit with her father at the house. She is glad to see him, and would like to confer.

Pilar comes into the room, not realizing that Paloma is there talking with her father. Paloma is suddenly upset at the sight of her mother. They haven’t been getting along lately, and the sight of her father with her mother does not make her happy at all. She feels that this is the reason that Katherine is not there anymore. Her father seems to have moved on.

Fox is having a grand old time in the pool and imprisoned. Katherine and Gwen can’t understand Fox acting this way. He explains that he would rather be a prisoner than dead. He seems to care nothing about Whitney, and the fact that she might need him at this time. He has left his Power of Attorney for her to do with it what she needs to get along. Gwen and Katherine share a frightened glance at what they are hearing from Fox.

Chad and Ethan are watching the baby at the nursery. Chad feels strangely drawn to the baby and he has no idea why.

Eve is upset. She tells Theresa that Chad needs to know that the baby is his before the child is adopted out.

Theresa worries that her friend will be making a terrible mistake. There is nothing else that she can think of to make her friend stop the procedure to give her child away forever.

Whitney is about to sign the papers to adopt her child out to some other family. She feels that she is doing the best thing for her baby. Finally she signs the papers that will have the baby removed from her forever.

In her mind, Whitney says, “Sorry baby. I guess this is goodbye.” The representatives from the adoption agency watch as Whitney signs the required papers to give her baby away to a couple who desperately wants one.

Fox has a drink and chats with Gwen and Katherine nonchalantly. He hasn’t a care in the world.

Gwen and Katherine find Fox selfish and disrespectful for not caring that Alistair has kept them all captive and shows no sign of releasing them anytime soon. He actually came there to rescue them and has ended up liking the place. Gwen hates Theresa but today finds that Fox is ten times worse.

Chad comes over to Theresa and Eve wondering if Whitney has been with the child, and if she has been feeding him. Eve and Theresa are uncomfortable with the question. They can’t tell Chad that Whitney is ready to give her baby away, and they are uncomfortable lying to him about the fact that the baby in question is his. Eve makes excuses for Whitney, and suggests that he not go in and see the child just yet. She says that Whitney needs some time to himself.

Whitney has signed her papers, but the agency representatives need the father’s signature as well. Whitney is ready for that. She can sign for the father. She produces the Power of Attorney papers and feels that they should let her sign for the father now. The representatives are not comfortable with this. There are procedures that they have to follow, and this is highly irregular procedure. The representatives take a closer look at the Power of Attorney, and are not sure what they can do with this. Whitney gets angry. She wants the papers signed now. “What is the problem? This is perfectly legal.”

Martin explains to Paloma that he is the reason that Katherine left town, not Pilar. Martin would hope that Paloma would try to have a relationship with her mother. He would like to have nothing more than to have his family back together again. Paloma turns to Pilar. She tells her daughter that she loves the girl very much. Pilar wants her daughter back. Paloma isn’t sure what she should say to the woman.

Alistair has Marty in the park. He knows that Sheridan will find them, and he can’t wait for her to come, so that they can have a talk.

Sheridan arrives at the park. She is shouting for Marty.

Alistair takes out a handkerchief and puts it over the child’s nose and mouth, knowing that Sheridan will see them. This is exactly what he wants. Sheridan sees this and comes running over to Alistair and the child to save him. She shouts out that Alistair is trying to kill Marty, but there is no one around to help her. Alistair tells her to shut up. He says that he was only wiping the child’s nose, and not smothering him. Sheridan demands to have the child back, but Alistair will not give him to her. He has to have a little talk with Sheridan first.

The representatives are a little concerned. They are curious as to why Whitney wants to have her child raised by other parents. They are getting a little suspicious. First she hurries them to accept the Power of Attorney from the father of the child, and now she seems anxious and a little exasperated to get this finished.

Martin knows that Pilar loves her daughter and wants her back in her life. This is the chance for the Lopez-Fitzgeralds to get back together again. Paloma knows that Katherine wanted Paloma to try and give her mother a chance, and it is for that reason that Paloma will give Pilar a chance.

Theresa and Ethan arrive at the house and demands to know if she heard right. What is this about her mother being given a chance? Paloma, Pilar and Martin turn to find Theresa standing. They are surprised. “Theresa! You are standing.”

Katherine and Gwen demand to have an explanation as to why Fox is acting like he doesn’t care. Fox says that Whitney doesn’t really give a hoot anyway about him, and Chad is in the background waiting to get Whitney and the child to himself. That is the way it is and Fox is tired of it. He is fine with staying on the island and living it up. Who gives a hoot about Whitney and her child?

Whitney knows that the Cranes could decide to reverse the adoption if things are not done right. This was the main concern of the representative of the adoption agency. They have to make sure that another family wouldn’t end up disappointed because a child that they had gotten used to was taken from them suddenly. Whitney explains that Mr. Crane is a racist, and wouldn’t want the child anyway. She paints the picture that the child wasn’t wanted by anyone anyway.

Eve has come into the room and hears her daughter talking about giving her child away. She draws her breath in quickly, and everyone in the room hears her, and turns to her. Eve is shocked. Her daughter is going to give away her child to an adoption agency.

Alistair denies that Marty was taken. He says that the child ended up there some other way. He taunts Sheridan about Luis and how he wants to find information on Alistair to put him away. Alistair warns that someone could get hurt if Luis isn’t careful. He is holding the child the whole time that he talks to Sheridan. She slowly realizes that Alistair has been watching them, and hearing their conversations. How else could he talk about things that Luis and Sheridan have talked about so well? She panics. He is clearly threatening her, but all that she can think about is getting that child back in her hands. After Alistair is sure that Sheridan understands what he is saying to her, he gives the child back to her. Sheridan hugs the child and holds him closely to her. He is safe now.

Pilar goes to Theresa, hugging her. She is so glad to see Theresa walking again. Theresa tells how she was trying to help Whitney during the birth, and she just got up. Theresa would like to get back to what she originally was talking about. Pilar explains that she and Martin decided that he should be living at the house again. He sleeps in another room, but it is a first step. Theresa is upset at this development. Martin shouldn’t be allowed to waltz back into the house after all that he has put the father through. Theresa can’t forgive her father for all that he has done.

Ethan takes Theresa from the group and asks her how many times she has asked him to forgive. He begs for Martin to get a chance. Theresa turns to her family.

Ethan’s phone rings, and he explains that he has to leave the house, but that he will be back to see her another time.

Once Ethan is gone, Martin asks Theresa for a second chance.

Ethan is outside trying to see if the caller to his phone is Fox or not.

Ethan picks up the call. It is from Alistair. He denies knowing that he has any idea where Fox is. Alistair has called to say that Gwen, Jane, Fox and Katherine are not going to be around, ever again. Alistair feels that Ethan will be happy with this news. Ethan doesn't understand. Alistair explains that Ethan will not have to choose between Theresa and Gwen, and Alistair has made the decision for him. He wishes Ethan well with Theresa.

Eve ends up getting the full story of what her daughter has been up to. She says that Fox wouldn’t want to give the baby up. Whitney is angry that her mother is interfering. Eve says that Whitney has to talk to Chad before going any further with this. The adoption agency representatives want to know who Chad is and what he has to do with all this.

Sheridan is at home with Marty safe in her arms.

Sam and Luis arrive at the house, and are glad to find that Sheridan is fine and that she has found the baby. Sam offers to call off the police search for the child. He leaves the house.

Luis can’t believe the strength that Sheridan showed getting the baby back. She says that she found the child at the park with Sheridan. Luis knew that Alistair was behind all this. He will stop at nothing to make Alistair pay for what he has done this time. Sheridan tells him not to do anything. She wants Luis to leave this alone.

Sheridan tells how Alistair made it clear that he would hurt someone if Luis didn’t back off. Sheridan only cares for Marty’s safety and that is worth Marty’s safety. Luis knows that Alistair will never stop. He will always hurt the lives of the people that they love. Sheridan knows that Luis can’t stop the way that Alistair is. Luis blames his father for not standing up to Alistair years ago. Luis doesn't want to argue, but he really feels that Sheridan is wrong. Marty is safe for now. Luis needs to have a walk. Sheridan only wants to stay in the house with the baby.

Luis leaves the house alone. He blames his father for being a coward all these years. He is the one, in Luis’s opinion that caused all of this to happen.

Fox only cares that they have satellite TV, food and drinks, and that is all that he cares about. Gwen gets angry. She believes now that Ethan was right that Fox is nothing but a spoiled little playboy. He is nothing but a spoiled little playboy. Fox feels that there is nothing else that they can do but enjoy their surroundings.

Ethan can’t believe his ears. There is nothing that he can do now. Fox is missing as well as Katherine and Gwen. There is also Jane. Theresa will never accept that. What is Ethan going to do?

Theresa remembers what Ethan told her. He said that she should work on forgiveness. She has been asking for that herself over the years.

Pilar presses Theresa for an answer.

Luis arrives at the house and learns that the Lopez-Fitzgeralds are going to try to mend their problems and live together again as a family.

The people from the adoption agency don’t understand what is going on with this new mother, and why she is so determined to have her baby sent away. Whitney says that her mother is butting in where she shouldn’t, and that she needs to be ignored. Whitney brings up her mother’s sordid past and her attempted murders to prove that her family is crazy and that the baby should be taken out.

The representatives leave the room for a moment to talk about the developments of their visit with Whitney.

Eve turns to her daughter. “What have you done?” She sees that Whitney is spinning out of control now, and she has to stop or she will never forgive herself.

Chad looks at Whitney’s baby and he sees everything that he can’t have. The baby represents a future and a life. He loves that baby as if he were his own son.

If Fox doesn’t show up in the next 72 hours, Whitney will be able to have another family, and no one will be able to stop this. Whitney feels that this is the only way the baby will have a normal life.

Alistair arrives at the island. Katherine, Gwen and Fox are there when he arrives. He tells the group that they are going to be his guests for a very long time.

Luis is not going to let Martin back into the house again. He orders his father out of the house and out of their lives.

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