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Passions Update Wednesday 3/30/05

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By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Ethan goes to check if Whitney is on the x-ray schedule. He runs off.

Eve and Theresa share a private moment about Whitney and the baby while Ethan is away from them. Neither has any new news for the other regarding Whitney or her baby. They worry how Chad is going to take learning that Whitney’s baby is really his. That might send him over the edge.

Whitney is in her room alone.

Chad enters the room. He is looking at Whitney in a strange way. Chad confronts Whitney damning her to hell. He tells her that she just had his baby. He says it in such a way so that he seems not to believe the truth himself.

Luis and Sheridan are discussing their child that had died, and how they feel that there is a chance that the child is still alive.

Alistair is watching Sheridan and Luis on monitors at his place, and he laughs at the happy couple and their son. They don’t even know that their child is with them. Alistair will see to it that they lose their son again, this very day.

Sheridan can barely think of the horrible things that have happened to them in the past. She can’t think of that now. If her father was behind the terrible things that happened to them and their friends, then Alistair should be held accountable. Luis remembers having the CDs in his hands once, but he gave them back. Those CDs would have nailed Alistair good. Luis will have to try to bring Alistair down some other way. Sheridan is making flapjacks for the child, and then she is going to take the boy for a walk about the grounds.

Alistair laughs as he hears Sheridan talking to her son. He feels that she should go ahead and walk the child. It is going to be the last time that they have that time together.

Ethan confers with Theresa and Eve again and then heads away to make a call.

Ethan tries to reach Fox but can’t do it. He is really worried now. Fox would have called him by now.

Gwen and Katherine stand over Fox’s body, not believing that he is gone. They think that the poor child will never get to see his father. Whitney will be so sad.

Whitney admits that she has been keeping this terrible truth about the baby from Chad. She was only trying to do the right thing for the baby, or so she thought. She was protecting him from the world and how they would treat him once they learned that his parents are siblings. Chad finds her a hypocrite for doing what she has done. He is terribly angry with her. She put her mother through hell, when she was doing way worse than her mother could ever do. Chad is not going to let Whitney get away with this treatment of an innocent child. He will not let Whitney have even five minutes with his son ever again. He will get full custody of the child and take him home to raise. Whitney panics. She suddenly says that she wants the baby after all. Chad runs out.

Whitney wakes to find that she has been dreaming.

Eve and Theresa enter the room and find Whitney crying out for Chad in her dream. She is saying that she is sorry, and she is asking for her baby. She wakes and Theresa and Eve just have to know what is going on with her, as it is clear that the subject of her child is weighing heavily on her mind. “Did you do it? Did you tell Chad the news about his having a child?”

Whitney admits that she didn’t tell Chad the truth yet about the baby although she tried her best to do so. Eve is disappointed.

Whitney dreams of how it was when she tried to tell Chad the truth. They were in the hospital, and he was as sweet as ever. Chad promised to watch the child and take care of her. She hemmed and hawed, but then finally she said that she feels bad that Fox wasn’t there to see the birth of the child.

Whitney says that she tried to tell Chad the truth, but she couldn’t. Eve knows that Chad has to be told.

A nurse comes and Eve is called away to work. Eve is reluctant to leave her daughter at this time, but duty calls.

Theresa and Whitney are alone now. Whitney says that she has contacted the adoption agency and they are going to be at the hospital soon. Theresa knows that Fox will be very disappointed. Theresa hates that the baby will never have his real mother’s arms around him. Whitney knows that she can’t touch the child because she won’t be able to give him up after that. Theresa knows that the baby is already a huge part of Whitney. Whitney feels that Theresa is complicating things. Whitney is sure that she will not regret this because she knows that this is the right choice.

Luis and Sheridan finish eating breakfast with the baby. Sheridan and the baby are going for a walk, but Luis decides to stay home and work on putting Sheridan’s father away. Sheridan hates that Luis is so focused on getting at her father because they have to have some happy times ahead. Luis is almost positive that Alistair was the one that killed their baby, and he is going to prove it.

Sheridan heads out with the child in a stroller for their walk. It is a little cold out there, and Sheridan decides to run back in for a moment and get a sweater for the child. She ruffles his hair before turning to head inside again.

Sheridan goes in the house, leaving the child in the stroller outside to wait for her. She isn’t worried. She will only be gone for a moment.

Once Sheridan is gone, Alistair comes out of the bushes and smile at the toddler, while walking towards him. He stoops to the child, and asks him quietly if he would like to go for a nice long ride.

Eve returns to her daughter’s room, and hears Theresa talking about the worst idea that Whitney has ever had. Eve wants to know what is going on. Whitney says that she couldn’t tell Chad the truth. Whitney is sure that Chad would know what Whitney is talking about. Her child comes from an unspeakable act. Chad can’t fix this. She would be making him suffer like she is suffering. Eve remembers feeling the same way that Whitney is feeling now. There is nothing shameful in anyone’s background that cannot be worked out. This is just going to end up worse for Whitney and the baby.

Ethan checks on his friend at the nursery. Chad seems to have a lot on his mind. The baby is calling to Chad. He feels a pull to the child.

Katherine feels guilty that Fox was killed because of her. Gwen feels some responsibility too.

Gwen walks to the camera in the corner of the garden and she shouts at Alistair, telling him that he is a terrible person, and that he can’t control people like this. She knows that he is listening and has been hearing every word they say down there.

Alistair is watching Gwen on the monitor, and he smiles at the anger that she shows towards him.

Sheridan has found Marty’s sweater, and she is on her way out again when Luis finds her. He is surprised to find her in the house. She explains that she came back to get the sweater for the child. They stop and kiss for a moment. They discuss how fortunate they are to have the life that they have at this time.

Gwen goes back to Katherine who continues to stand over Fox. He is so pleasant looking lying there dead. Suddenly, they hear someone taking a deep breath, and Fox rises from his lying position. Katherine and Gwen have no idea what to make of this. Fox is fine.

Alistair picks the baby up from the stroller deciding that it is time that they go. He can’t get caught taking the baby that wouldn’t go over very well with Luis. He takes the child to the window where Luis and Sheridan are kissing, and he tells Marty to wave ba-bye to Luis and Sheridan. The child will not be seeing them anymore. He makes baby noises with the child as if he is a friend, but what he is doing is really a horrible thing that kidnappers do. He runs off with the child, while Luis and Sheridan continue to kiss in the living room.

Eve is crushed that Whitney hasn’t even seen her child. She hasn’t nourished him, or even held him. When Whitney talks about the baby, she refers to him as an ‘it.’ Eve doesn’t care how the baby was conceived. He is innocent and he only wants his mother. In addition, What About Fox? What is he going to think of Whitney for not wanting to hold her son? Whitney seems to have a scheme. Eve demands to know what is going on.

Fox asks what is going on. Fox says that he feels like he has just been sleeping. Katherine and Gwen really thought that he was dead. He was lying with rose petals on him, but now they realize that the wind must have blown them on him. Katherine tells Fox that Alistair can see everything they do, and hear everything they say. Fox knew that. He doesn’t seem to be bothered that Alistair has jailed him. He finds the place luxurious, and thinks that they should take a swim and relax for a bit. He heads to the pool.

Sheridan returns to Marty for their walk and finds that the child is gone from the stroller. She calls out for the child and searches everywhere before she realizes that he didn’t manage to climb out of the stroller and crawl a few feet, but he is actually just gone.

Luis hears Sheridan shouting and comes out to see what the matter is. Sheridan tells how the baby was there one minute, and then gone the next. Luis feels that should be easy enough to sort out. The child must be around there somewhere. They just have to look for him. He starts searching as well for the child. In the distance, Alistair is holding Marty and making his getaway. He laughs quietly as he hears Sheridan frantically calling out for the child to find him.

Whitney is crying now. She is wondering how she is going to give her child away. She is alone now.

Two representatives arrive from the ado0ption agency and introduce themselves to Whitney. They will have her first sign some papers and then they will talk about placing the child up for adoption.

Alistair is still with Marty, but farther away in the woods now. This will teach that Luis not to mess with him in the future.

Sheridan can’t believe this. She has had the child for only 12 hours, and already she has lost the child. Luis tells Sheridan to be calm. There is no evidence that anything bad has happened yet to the child. Sheridan panics. What if the boy was kidnapped? Luis tells Sheridan to stop those thoughts. They have nothing that points to that happening at this point. Luis keeps looking and then he sees something. Sheridan catches his look, and asks him what it is that he sees. Luis bends over and picks up an old cigar. Sheridan knows that means that Alistair was probably the one that was at the house and waited for the right moment to steal Marty from them. Sheridan shouts out in frustration at the thought of being fooled by her father again. “NO!”

Fox is acting very cavalier. He has taken his clothes off and wants to relax for a bit. Katherine and Gwen watch as Fox has a good time, and gives no thought to figuring out how to get out of there. He walks off to the pool.

Katherine and Gwen now know that they will never get out of there.

Theresa and Eve talk about her tests, and how she will have a good chance at walking properly again. Eve leaves to do some work.

Theresa has time to think now. She hopes that Whitney will give more thought to her baby and what it will be like to give him up to strangers.

The adoption representatives have the paperwork out for Whitney to sign. She is feeling a little anxiety at having to sign papers for the adoption right now. They hand her the pen and wait for her to sign.

Ethan and Chad find that they have choices ahead of the both of them. Chad wonders who Ethan will choose as a partner when Gwen comes back. Ethan can’t think about that right now. They wish that Fox were there with them. They hope that he hasn’t been found out. Alistair may do anything to Fox if he figures that Fox is there.

Alistair is in the car with Marty, and he talks to the child about his real parents. He is told that Luis made a big mistake, and Sheridan is his mother, his real mother. They shouldn’t have crossed him. Alistair plays for keeps. Alistair goes about the art of teaching Marty to wave and say, “Bye bye mama. Bye bye dada.”

Luis is concerned now. Where is his son? Someone had to have taken the child from them. Luis gets on the phone to get the police involved.

Sheridan turns to the woods and shouts, “Marty! Marty!”

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