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Beth is sure that now that she has Alistair helping her, Sheridan is good as dead. Mrs. Wallace doesn't respond when Beth tells her this; as she is too busy talking to herself about Beth's father. Beth overhears this and says maybe one day she will track down her father. Mrs. Wallace warns her that Beth wouldn't want to meet him and it's a waste of time, and Beth suspects that Mrs. Wallace knows who Beth's father is. Mrs. Wallace and Beth both agree that Beth got her father's personality. Beth thinks that if she had had a father figure in her life, she wouldn't do such horrible things. Mrs. Wallace pleads with Beth to just stop what she is doing.

Chad thinks there is something else wrong with the baby, besides him being a preemie. Whitney finds Chad and says she needs to talk with him. Theresa and Ethan leave to give them some privacy, and Whitney starts to talk to Chad about the baby. She says that most births are supposed to be a joyous occasion, but her child's birth felt more like a tragedy and she thinks that his birth will bring both the baby and his parents heartache. She breaks down and apologizes, saying that she never meant to cause so much pain. Chad interrupts her and says she doesn't need to say anymore, and he knows what's hurting her so badly; he thinks that she is convinced it is her fault the baby is sick. He tells her he knows she'd rather have Fox be there for her, but he is glad she came to him. He says he knows he is not the child's father, but he is his uncle and he cares about the baby. He goes on to tell Whitney that at first, he fantasized that he was the father of Whitney's son but then he realized Fox is the father and he needs to let it go. He says that God really must have been looking out for them since Whitney didn't get pregnant while they were together. She is upset and says she needs to tell him something.

Theresa and Ethan talk. Ethan assures her that Fox wouldn't have left Whitney at a time like this unless it was important. He then catches her off guard by asking if she still has feelings for Fox. She replies that Fox is very special to her and always will be, but she has no regrets about ending their relationship. She tells him that they were never really in love -- Fox was always in love with Whitney, and Theresa with Ethan. She says she does and always will love Ethan, and reminds him that he is not bound by his marriage vows if Gwen doesn't come back. She tells him it could be years before Gwen returns, if she returns at all, and asks him how long he would be willing to wait for her. Theresa tells him that Gwen might not have been in her right mind when she did it, but she still left Ethan, and Theresa couldn't ever leave him. She asks him if he loves Gwen, and he tells her yes She then asks him if he loves her, and he says he needs time and to wait and see what fate has in store for them.

Gwen is furious that she is being held against her will at the Crane compound. Katherine says that until Alistair dies, they may never be free again, and tells Gwen she has no choice but to stay at the compound and accept that. Fox walks up to where they are talking and for a moment they are sure they are going to be rescued, but it turns out that Fox was captured and is being escorted by guards and is going to be forced to stay in the compound with Gwen, Katherine and the baby. Fox isn't willing to accept this, and starts looking for ways out. He finds a hollow spot in the wall, gets it open and crawls in, where he is instantly hit by lasers and falls to the ground.

Sheridan slips up again when she is talking about Marty to Luis and refers to him as her son. She immediately apologizes and says she just can't get over feeling that Marty is her child. Luis goes to bed, but Sheridan wants to spend a few more minutes with Marty. She tells him that she can't let anyone know that she is still certain Marty is her son. She puts him to bed and goes to join Luis, who surprises her with a romantic evening. Later, Marty starts crying and Sheridan comforts him and brings him to sleep with her and Luis.

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