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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Luis, Sheridan and Marty are reading stories together. Sheridan has memories of her mother reading one of the same books to her. She misses her mother so much.

Gwen comes to see Katherine with the baby. She would like to take the baby out before it gets too dark. Katherine asks Gwen to return the baby to Theresa but Gwen will not do that. Katherine is saying goodbye to the child. She will miss Gwen and the baby. Katherine can’t leave with them. Alistair will just hunt her down and make her his prisoner. Her fate is in Alistair’s hands.

Beth and Alistair warn Miss Wallace again that if she says anything about their plans to kill Sheridan, they will snap her neck.

Edna is a little freaked out from a vision that keeps coming to her about Alistair. She remembers the man from some time ago. Edna must have had dealings with the man before. She wonders what else she has forgotten about the man.

Jessica lies in her bed hating Ivy and her parents, and thinking what hypocrites they are.

Tabitha, Ivy and Sam are in the living room when Grace’s message comes over the machine. She seems to have been trying to get to someone at the house, but she keeps missing everyone.

At the hospital, Julian gets rough with Chad, ordering him to stay away from Whitney and to let her mother take care of Whitney.

Whitney is hysterical. Her mother is trying to make her tell Chad the truth about the baby in case he can help medically to save the child. Whitney wants her mother to leave her and the baby alone so that God will do with the child what he will. The child needs medical attention and Whitney doesn’t want the child to get that attention as his life will be one of ridicule because his parents are siblings.

Eve knows that she wasn't the one to teach her child to be this way. Whitney feels that she is doing her best for her child. Eve will not stand by and watch her grandchild die. Whitney says that is too bad. Eve starts pushing her daughter to a room where they can talk. Whitney will not discuss this any further. That is tough because Eve is not about to let this happen.

Julian can’t understand why Chad can’t let go of this thing with Whitney. Fox is the father of the child. Chad knows that that Fox isn’t there. Ethan tells how Fox has run off to get Katherine, Gwen and the baby to bring them back home. Julian says that Alistair wants Katherine’s whereabouts secret. If he hears that Fox is after Katherine, he may kill his grandson.

Fox is on the island now. He has no idea that Whitney has had her baby. He has no shirt on as he sneaks through the wooded area to the house. He has equipment that he will need over his shoulder. He finds the place where Katherine is most likely stashed. It was difficult to find but he has found it now. Fox gets his tracking device out and heads to the building. The building is locked up tight.

Fox will have to go over the wall somehow to get in. Fox looks through the fence and sees Gwen, Jane and Katherine. Now he is sure that he is in the right place.

Katherine and Gwen are saying their last good-byes outside the house now. They hug, and Katherine wishes her good luck as she travels with the baby. Katherine wishes that she would return the child to Harmony, but Gwen hates Theresa and wants her to suffer for the way that she has acted in the past. The baby is Gwen's whole life now, and Gwen is going to see that Jane lives a great life.

Gwen is about to leave the premises when two soldiers arrive to stop Gwen from leaving. Katherine stands behind the woman and listens as the officers approach Gwen. Fox watches quietly as he hides. He can see that something is up. He hears what the soldiers say to Gwen. The men tell Gwen that she will not be leaving, and that in fact no one will be leaving the premises, ever.

Jessica decides that she wants to go out and not be in the house in bed. She gets out of bed to go and have some fun.

Sam tries to catch Grace’s call, but when he answers, it is too late. Ivy tells Sam that trying to talk to Grace is a waste of time. She doesn’t care. Sam heard part of Grace’s message, and it sounded like Grace had left a call before. Where is that call? Tabitha finds it funny that the call has disappeared and that Sam knew nothing about it. Ivy suggests that Jessica might have been the one to erase the call.

Sam is about to call Grace back, but Jessica suddenly appears and orders her father to stop calling her mother. She doesn’t want Grace to come back until she straightens out her own life first.

Sheridan talks to Luis about her mother and how her father has been a monster to her their whole lives.

Miss Wallace is looking through her keepsakes, trying to figure out where it was that she knew Alistair before. She finds a napkin from a nightclub called DESTINY.

Over on the couch away from Edna, Beth offers to make Alistair another drink. He orders a Martini with olives.

When Edna hears that, it all comes flooding back to her.

They were in the club DESTINY, and Edna went up to a well-dressed man in a white disco suit who was ordering himself a Martini, much like he requested one from Beth just now. Edna was blonde and beautiful back then. She had lots of hair, like Dolly Parton, and she was wearing a killer red dress that night. After one look, she knew that he was a man that she wanted to get to know better. He took one look at her and ordered 2 Martinis for the both of them and they shared a table for a while.

Edna can’t believe it. That gorgeous man so many years ago was Alistair Crane. She remembers the night well.

Gwen finds the officers that they are being ridiculous. She learns that Alistair ordered that no one is to leave the property. Katherine tells the men that Gwen is to be allowed to leave with the house. The men will only take orders from Alistair. When Gwen tries to move past them, they show her their guns. They threaten to use it if possible.

Fox is really confused now. He has no idea how he is going to enter the property and get the females out.

Julian is really concerned for Fox now. He had no idea that Fox would do a thing like this. He is risking everything to save his mother. Alistair will try to kill him if he finds out about Fox going behind his back. Ethan knows all this, but he couldn’t persuade Fox not to make this trip. Julian also wonders what Ethan will do when Gwen returns and Ethan will have to make a choice. Ethan knows that time will be like hell for him.

Whitney is in a hospital room now in a bed with a gown on. She is hung up on what God would want in this matter, in an effort to convince herself that she is doing the right thing for all concerned. She wants her baby to die, and she would like her friends to understand what she has to do. Eve knows that they have to try to help the child, and only then will God decide what will happen to the baby. Only then will it be right and acceptable for the child to die. Eve also reminds Whitney that they really should tell Chad the truth at this point. The baby has issues and Chad really needs to be told the truth about the child that he has, and knows nothing about. Eve will not be a part of this child dying when he could get the help that he needs. It would be wrong for her ethically, and morally. This is her grandchild after all is said and done. She will tell the doctor the truth herself first before she lets Whitney do this. Eve makes a move to leave the area, but Whitney shouts at her to stop.

Jessica explains how her mother just left everyone and jetted off, and she isn’t interested in anything that Grace has to say about how she should be living her life. Sam can’t help feeling that Grace has to be alerted. Jessica says that if Sam calls Grace, she will run off somewhere and Sam will never be able to see her again. She dares her father to make the call. She even puts the phone in his hands before running upstairs.

Alistair explains to Beth the reasons why he hates Sheridan and wants her out of the picture. After he is done, Beth jumps in with her few reasons for wanting to kill Sheridan. Alistair is in total agreement with Beth that Sheridan has to die.

Edna listens to the two, and then thinks back to the night she met Alistair. The place was a dump, but he enjoyed being there. Edna easily discovered that Alistair wasn’t married that night. He acted as sly as a fox. She liked that in a man. She decided right immediately that he would be seeing a lot more of her. She and Alistair danced that night.

They hit the floor, and the whole room stepped out of their way while they danced the hustle and all the moves from the 70’s. They were the best dressed and the best looking that night. He even picked her up and twirled her on his shoulders. The crowd was jumping and clapping for them, as they were clearly the best dancers. It was as if they had been dancing together for years. They were perfectly choreographed. At the end of the dance, he asked her if they could go somewhere else to get better acquainted. She was up for it. Why not?

Edna draws a breath when she thinks of what probably happened next. What if what she thinks happened, really did happen? She slowly turns her head towards the couch where Alistair and Beth are quietly conspiring together about how to kill Sheridan.

Gwen is still trying to leave, but the officers are adamant that she isn’t going anywhere.

Fox knows that he has to act now, or else he may lose his perfect chance to do the rescue.

Ethan knows that it isn’t going to be easy dealing with Gwen and Theresa when Gwen returns. Julian turns to Chad. He is more concerned about him right now. Chad wants to help Whitney raise her child, but Julian knows that this will only lead to more trouble.

Whitney feels that her mother is trying to ease her conscience by forcing her to tell Chad that he is the father of the child. Eve only wants to prevent another tragedy from happening to the family. Whitney says no. Theresa would like to speak to Whitney alone. Eve leaves.

Whitney feels that her friend is wasting her time. They are best friends, and because of that, Theresa knows that Whitney will not be able to live with herself if she lets her child die. Theresa tells Whitney that letting the child die isn’t the only option. She reminds Whitney that she has the Power of Attorney, and she can always give the child away. Whitney is convinced. She will tell the doctor the truth about the baby, but under one condition.

Edna remembers everything well now.

She brought Alistair back to the very house that she lives in now. The place looked pretty much like it does now. She threw on some vinyl, and lit some incense. It was Alistair’s first time in Harmony. She loved that. She promised to be gentle that is unless he liked it rough.

What a night that was. They laughed, and made love all night. They did it everywhere, and it was great.

When Edna realizes the things that she did with Mr. Crane, her eyes literally bulged out.

Alistair is saying goodnight to Beth at the door. He kisses Beth as he is leaving. They will be sure to meet up again to continue their plans.

Edna turns and sees Alistair kissing Beth lightly, and she shouts out, “Stop!” Alistair and Beth turn to look strangely at Edna, wondering what is wrong with the old coot now.

Sam tells Tabitha and Ivy that he has no idea what to do now. He would like to call Grace, but Jessica will leave. Ivy doesn't want to tell Sam what to do.

Tabitha rolls her eyes at that.

Ivy says that Sam should be careful as Jessica could end up on a milk carton if he calls Grace.

Tabitha can see that Ivy is sneaky and just may get what she wants in all this.

Jessica is back up in her room. She hates her father and everyone else. She sees a pad of paper on her bedside table. She sits up and takes the pen, jabbing it into her palm. She jams the pen in telling herself that she really hates her family.

Eve returns to Whitney’s room and learns that she will tell the doctor the truth about the baby and Chad. First Whitney would like to tell Chad the truth first. Eve is so thankful that Whitney has changed her mind. She thanks Theresa for whatever it is that she said. Whitney worries now how Chad is going to take the news.

Julian tries to make Chad see that this thing with Whitney has stopped at the right time. He asks Chad how he would feel if the baby in the nursery had been his? Chad stops to think about that.

Gwen can’t believe that Alistair is holding her prisoner. He never threatened her before.

Fox hears all that has been said. He throws his ropes up and over the building, and starts hoisting himself up the building. Right when he is near the top, he hears dogs barking.

Fox turns to look and see where the barking is coming from. He sees a soldier on foot below him with a dog. The man is pointing his gun at Fox and he orders Fox down from the wall or he will be shot.

Edna tells Beth to hurry up and come to her mother because she needs her diaper changed now. Beth knows that she has to go soon. Her mother needing her diaper changed is not pleasant if you leave it on too long. Alistair takes his leave.

Edna has it all figured out now. She remembers everything. He is the one. Now it makes sense that 9 months later Beth was born. No wonder she is so vile and disgusting. She is Alistair’s daughter.

Beth turns to her mother smiling. Finally, she is going to get help to get everything that she wants. She has someone that thinks like her and who has the resources to get things done.

Once outside, Alistair stands behind the closed door to Beth’s house. This is going to be far too easy. First he will use Beth to kill Sheridan, and then he will get rid of Beth. Alistair will come out smelling like a rose on both counts.

Inside the house, Beth is cackling too. She believes that Alistair will be working with her, and they will be working as a team.

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