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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Luis and Sheridan play with Marty at their house. They feel complete. Like nothing could ever hurt them ever again.

Alistair has gone into Beth’s house and he agrees with Beth that Sheridan has to be stopped somehow. Miss Wallace hates this. Beth is happy that she and Alistair are going to be working as a team again.

Ivy is with Sam in their home. She is taking good care of her husband. Tabitha wonders into the house with the baby and tells Ivy that she would like to have a cocktail as well.

Sam hints that he would like to be alone with Ivy, but Tabitha says that Kay asked her to be scarce for a while so that she can spend time with her friends. Kay, it seems has been living at Tabitha’s house for so long that she thinks that Tabitha’s house is hers. Sam sees that he is being mean to Tabitha by asking her to leave the house. Ivy has prepared a drink for Tabitha, but Tabitha decides that she wants something else. Ivy can see that Tabitha is going to be the guest from hell. Tabitha thinks to herself that she is only getting started with these two.

Jessica is in the bathroom, and she looks at the broken mirror. Jessica remembers breaking the mirror in anger. She hurts so much, and she just wants to make the hurt stop.

Whitney’s baby has been rushed to have critical care. Eve comes back to Whitney who finally seems to be curious about what has happened to her baby. Eve tells her that the baby is very small, and it seems that his lungs are not working very well on their own yet. Eve rushes off to get more information. Once alone, Whitney prays quietly to God. She asks him to take her baby so that he can live in heaven with the angels. She feels guilty for asking this, but she really thinks that this would be the answer to everyone’s problems. Eve learns that the baby has acute respiratory problems. He might not make it. A nurse arrives with a report for the doctor to look at. Whitney’s friends and family look over at Eve and see that she is upset about something, but what? The doctor attending to the baby is shocked at what she sees. Whitney is still at the nursery, looking at the baby’s through the glass window. She is praying that God take her baby and save him from the life that he will have to live if he lives. Theresa comes over to talk to her friend. Whitney remarks that the babies in the nursery are beautiful, but that hers is a freak. Theresa tells her not to say that. Whitney’s baby is in trouble, and she knows that her friend really does care for that child. Theresa grabs a hold of the wheelchair and starts pushing her towards the area where her baby is being held. Whitney shouts out for Theresa to stop, but Theresa ignores her.

Tabitha talks with Sam and Ivy, but they are not interested in anything that she has to say. Ivy notices that Tabitha’s baby doesn’t look like her mother, but she does resemble someone that Ivy has seen before. Tabitha wonders to herself if Ivy has any idea that Endora is the daughter of Julian Crane. Tabitha knows that Ivy is just being mean to her, and she snaps back asking about Grace not coming home. Ivy remembers deleting the message that Grace left on the answering machine. She feels a twinge of guilt. Ivy decides that she has to go and see if Jess is okay. Sam hurriedly offers to check on the girl, but Ivy insists, not wanting to be left alone with Tabitha. She rushes off. Tabitha smirks to herself.

Jessica is in her room thinking about the hurt in her life and how she feels about her life. She hears someone coming. She puts her bloody towel down on the floor, and turns off the light as she rushes into bed. Her bedroom door opens, and she sees that Jessica is in her bed with her back to the door. She pats the girl on her back, glad that she is doing better. She has no idea, but Jessica is pretending to be sleeping. Ivy knows that she must be in love because she doesn’t even mind picking up after Sam’s children. She sees the towel on the ground, but is shocked when she picks it up to find that it is covered in blood. Ivy gasps. Jessica hears her but she continues to pretend like she is sleeping and doesn’t move.

Sheridan feels like she has her head on straight now that Marty is with them and in her home. Sheridan remembers how it felt to be with her baby for a few minutes at the child’s birth. Sheridan wishes that she knew who was behind her baby’s death.

Beth offers Alistair a drink, although she doesn’t have much. He would like a gin if she has it. Alistair takes his place on the couch. Miss Wallace looks sick at the sight of him in their home. Alistair calls out for Precious, and then learns that Precious is gone to help her sick aunt in the jungle. Beth brings their drinks, and they start discussing how to kill Sheridan. Miss Wallace declares her displeasure at what Alistair and Beth are planning to do to that poor woman.

Alistair knows that Miss Wallace knows what her daughter has been up to all this time, so she would do well to continue to keep her mouth shut. She can’t be all that better than anyone else, so she should really pipe down. Alistair believes that Sheridan deserves everything that she is going to get in the near future. She is needy and fragile like her mother, and Alistair finds people like that weak and useless. Luis will know everything that Alistair wants hidden if he gets with Sheridan as a lifelong mate. Alistair will not let that Latino mutt get his empire. They have to stop Luis and Sheridan getting together. That is why he and Beth will make a formidable team to stop Sheridan.

Ivy shakes Jessica and wakes her. She wants to know where all the blood on the towel came from. Jessica thinks back to cutting herself in the bathroom with the broken piece of mirror. She tells Ivy that she is on her period and that is where the blood came from. Ivy insists on calling Eve, but Jessica will not let her. She says that she is just fine. Ivy makes Jessica promise to call for help if something else is wrong. Ivy says that she would be sorry if anything happened to her. Jessica tells Ivy that is bull. She knows that all that Ivy cares about is being in her father’s bed.

Sam and Tabitha talk, and Tabitha says that she finds it strange that Grace hasn’t called home yet. Ivy did say something to Tabitha about Grace being too busy to care about her family. Sam is shocked to hear that Ivy would say something like that about her family. He seems a little disappointed. Tabitha knows that she has hit a nerve.

The doctor attending to the baby says that there is something unusual about this case. The blood work, etc… is not looking like it should. Chad, Julian and Ethan discuss losing a child. Julian is the only one of the 3 who knows that Chad really is the father of the child. He shudders at what would happen if Chad knew the truth. Chad finds it funny that the baby isn’t lighter than he looks. Whitney isn’t all that dark, and Fox is white. Eve comes out and tells the men that the staff is trying their best to pinpoint what is going on. Eve heads out to talk to her daughter.

Theresa is still trying to get Whitney to go and see her child. Theresa stops pushing the wheelchair and faces her friend. Why is she doing this? She is punishing her child for something that he didn’t do. Eve arrives and tells that the baby has problems with his breathing and that his blood work isn’t looking very good. Eve wants permission to tell the doctor that Chad is really the father of the child in case they need him for something. There may be issues with the child’s blood work and 2 parents at this point gives more options for treatment than 1 does. Whitney says an emphatic, “NO!” She doesn’t want Chad to have any knowledge about what is really going on here. He cannot find out that the child is his. He might feel that he has some say in what is going to happen with the child.

Luis really thinks that Alistair was the one that killed their child. He has done other terrible things in town to other people, and Alistair has made no attempt to hide his contempt for Luis. Sheridan brings up how Chad has been estranged from his parents all his life. Maybe Alistair did the same thing to their baby. Luis knows that Alistair would hate the thought of him being in the family. There are also those family files that Alistair desperately wants to keep hidden from Luis. That would bring about Alistair’s downfall.

Beth and Alistair discuss the various methods that they could use to kill Sheridan. Are they going to use guns, knives, or strangulation to kill her? Beth doesn’t care as long as Sheridan ends up dead at the end of it. Miss Wallace has heard enough. She decides to call the police about this. Alistair jumps up and grabs the old woman. He tells her that if she tells anyone what they are going to do, she will be the first one to experience a long, painful death. Beth cheers at the sound of that.

Ivy tries her best to smooth things over with Jessica, but Jessica only tells Ivy to leave her alone. Ivy has advice, but Jessica mocks her. She brings up the terrible things that Ivy has done in the past, and she refuses Jessica’s advice. Jessica can’t see them bonding. They are never going to watch movies together, and have tea. Jessica is sure that she is being used to score points with her father. She orders Ivy out of the room. Ivy tries to talk some more, but Jessica again tells her to get out. Sam makes more drinks for himself and Tabitha. Tabitha talks of the lovely afternoons with Grace and the Tomato Soup Cake that she used to make. Tabitha can almost taste it now. Ivy has tried to cook for Sam, and that is sometimes interesting. Ivy returns to the living room and announces that Jessica hates her. It is official. She said horrible things to Ivy about why she is there and she doesn’t believe that Ivy really cares about her. Sam offers to talk to Jessica, but Ivy says that Jessica needs to be left alone. She blames Ivy for Grace not being there. Tabitha watches intently. Ivy tells Sam that she loves him deeply and can’t think of anything getting in the middle of them being together. Tabitha finds that Ivy is quite the little actress. She laughs at that. Tabitha almost believes her.

Chad is starting to get upset that Whitney isn’t with them worrying about her child. He wants to go and talk to her, but Julian tells him that this isn’t his place, and that he should leave his sister alone. Whitney tells her mother that she wants the child to die. He was born in sin, and that is why there has been nothing but trouble since the child’s birth. The child in her eyes is doomed to have a terrible life. Eve says that the child is probably sick because his mother starved herself throughout her entire pregnancy. Whitney doesn’t care what the reason is behind it; she just wants it over. Whitney believes that God wants the baby to die. She orders her mother to stop the doctors. She wants the doctors to stop working on the baby so that God will take him and he will be safe.

Sheridan doesn’t understand her father’s hate. It is beyond her. Alistair seems to like everyone as miserable as he is. Alistair could have been happy but instead it is the opposite. Luis knows that Sheridan will never be able to change her father. She wishes that Alistair could feel the bliss that she feels now.

Alistair asks Miss Wallace if she is going to rat out on Beth and he about killing Sheridan. Edna says no. Alistair promises that he will wring her neck if she says anything. AT that moment, Edna has a vision and sees Alistair coming to her in a threatening manner in the dark. The vision frightens Miss Wallace and she has to wonder what the hell was that.

Jessica is in her room seething with anger at Ivy pretending to be friendly to her.

Ivy and Sam are hugging in the living room. The phone rings. It is Grace leaving a message. She addresses the message to Sam about the things that have been going on at the house.

Chad is sure that he can help Whitney. Julian knows where this is going. He reminds Chad that Whitney is his sister and that he has to leave this alone. He can’t be with her. It is too confusing at this point.

Whitney is upset at the thought of everyone learning the truth about her child. She is almost on the verge of tears. Eve knows that at first things will be difficult, but they have to forget about that and save the baby. Whitney will not take the chance that everyone will ridicule her son. She begs her mother to stop trying to save the baby. Whitney doesn't think that she is being mean, she really feels that she is doing the best for her baby that she can. She wants her baby to die in peace.

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