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By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Beth has done it. She has stabbed Sheridan at the cottage. Sheridan can’t understand what is happening. Beth grabs hold of her. She has to make sure that this works out just the way that she wants this time. She pushes Sheridan away from her, and the woman falls forward on the floor with the knife sticking out of her back. Beth looks down on her. She can’t believe that it has finally happened.

Precious is ready to go now. She has her suitcase and her coat and hat. Miss Wallace can’t stand this. Her good friend has to go to be with her dying relative in the jungle. Miss Wallace grabs her drink and tries to make light of this. She thinks back to the good times. Thanksgiving with Luis, Beth and Precious; hugging on the couch together; Precious driving the car; trying on things from the shopping network; going skating; attacking Beth when she was out of control; and Precious working at the Book Café. Miss Wallace knows that her friend has to go, and so she walks her friend to the door. She wants Precious to promise that she is going to write everyday. They are at the door now and Precious simply walks away. After Miss Wallace closes the door, there is knocking. Miss Wallace opens the door and finds her friend there. “You are back!” Precious is only back because she forgot her bananas. Miss Wallace gets them for her and bids her goodbye again for the final time. She closes the door. Miss Wallace cries for the loss of her friend. There is knocking at the door. Miss Wallace opens the door to find Precious there. Precious runs in and goes to the coffee table where the bottle of vodka sits. She grabs the bottle and heads to the door again. Miss Wallace doesn’t mind. Not this time. She closes the door behind her friend.

There is knocking at the door. Miss Wallace opens the door to find Precious there. Miss Wallace refuses to give the animal anymore booze. Precious is there for her ticket this time. Miss Wallace gives her the tickets and closes the door for the final time.

Julian finds Alistair with Chad and hears him telling the man that he can have anyone that he wants, including Whitney. Alistair says that Chad and Whitney can be together as long as they don’t have children. Julian disagrees with Alistair. Alistair finds that funny to her Julian say this. He too is in an unorthodox relationship too. Alistair would like this chance to connect with his newfound grandson. Julian knows that Alistair can’t be trusted. He was the only one that knew that Chad was seeing his sister all this time and he never said anything about it. Alistair tells Julian and Chad that they need to be somewhere else, and not arguing with him. He says that Whitney is having her baby and shouldn’t be alone.

Eve has just delivered her own grandson. She says that child is the most beautiful that she has seen. The ambulance attendants come with a stretcher for Whitney. She can get her overnight bag later. Ethan walks off to get some things for Whitney to take with her to the hospital. Theresa and Eve know that this is the most beautiful moment that they have ever had together.

Sheridan struggles to get up off the floor, but she is seriously injured and can’t move. When she gets to her hands and knees, Beth roughly pushes her back down to the floor. She can’t let Sheridan live. Beth is convinced that Sheridan is dead now. She has stopped moving. Beth takes the knife out of Sheridan’s back and wipes it on the woman’s jeans. The door opens, and Luis enters with Marty. Luis demands to know what happened, and he rushes to Sheridan seeing that she is dead. When Beth admits that she hasn’t called 911 yet, Luis grabs Beth knowing instinctively that Beth is the one that is responsible for this. Beth shakes her head, and by doing so has stopped the fantasy that is in her head about killing Sheridan. She is at the Book Café with coffees for Luis and herself. She never did make it to Sheridan’s cottage. Luis and Marty arrive at the Book Café wondering where Beth has been. She makes up a story that she had to wait for the counter person to make a fresh pot of coffee for them. Luis takes his coffee from her. The counter person asks Marty who his mother is. He is so cute. Beth angrily says that she is the mother. The woman didn’t mean to offend. It is time for Luis to go with the child. He will see Beth tomorrow. He leaves with Marty. Beth knows that she has missed another chance to kill Sheridan, but she will just have to try and try again.

Whitney is getting ready to get transported to the hospital. She hugs the sheets closely to her body. Theresa knows that everything is going to be fine for her friend now. Whitney says things will be fine as long as she never lays eyes on that child, and stays way from her new baby boy.

Back at the office, Alistair enrages Julian with his ideas about how people should live. Julian grabs the man by the collar and pushes him up against the wall. Julian really wishes that this man were dead. Alistair laughs in his son’s face.

Precious is on her way. She goes to the docks to think about her times in Harmony. Precious dreams about Luis. He would rub her feet; watch him sleep on the beach; next to bananas he was her favorite thing; he was always ready to give her a hug if she needed one.

Well, time to push on. Precious continues on her way.

Alistair knows that Julian will never kill him because he is the only one that knows where Katherine is. Julian knows that this isn’t over as he is going to make the man pay for every evil thing that he has ever done. Alistair can’t wait.

Whitney has been taken to the hospital, and her mother rushes off to make sure that everything is in order. Whitney is not as happy as she should be as a new mother. She doesn’t want to have that baby. Eve shows her baby to the nurses who take him and tell her that he is a beautiful baby. Chad and Julian arrive at the hospital, and learn that everything went fine with the birth of the child. Eve worries that Theresa should get a checkup now that she suddenly seems to be walking again. She had a breakthrough and suddenly got up when her friend needed her during the labor. She limps to an examination room with Ethan supporting her.

Chad tries to make conversation with Whitney but she snubs him and tells him that she really doesn’t want to talk to him right now. He is hurt, but he tries to understand. Chad doesn’t understand her attitude. She tells him that she doesn’t want him there and to leave her alone. Eve tells Chad not to take this personally. Whitney needs room to get used to the changes in her life. Julian suggests that Chad comes with him to get coffees, and they leave together. Eve goes to her daughter, and suggests that they get to a bed to get her checked out. Whitney feels fine. She would like nothing better than to get out of there at this point. Eve knows that her daughter wants to get breastfeeding right away. That is so far from the truth. Whitney says that she doesn’t want to breastfeed. She suggests that they get the baby some formula. Eve gets tough with Whitney telling her that she needs to change her attitude if she plans to be a mother to her child. Chad tells Julian that they should call Fox to let him know that the baby has been born. Ethan hears Chad, and says that Fox had to run off for an emergency. Julian leaves the friends to talk. Ethan tells how Fox left to find Katherine. He bugged Alistair’s phone, and he knows where Gwen, Jane and Katherine are. Ethan is dying to have his baby back. Chad knows that but what about Gwen? Chad has seen Ethan with Theresa lately and wonders what he is going to do once Gwen returns. Life is funny. Ethan has two women after him, and he can’t choose. Chad loves one woman and can’t have her.

Luis arrives home with Marty, and Sheridan is waiting for them. The toys are all over the house, and the cocoa is waiting. She loves having the three of them just like this. Marty means the world to her.

Beth arrives home and finds her mother crying. She doesn’t bother to ask why. Beth is angry. Sheridan has gotten her way yet again. Beth will not calm down until she has Marty with her again.

Precious has another fantasy. She has gone to Sheridanís house and she is peering through the window at her true love.

She dreams how he would go and see her off and declare his love for her. Precious knows that this dream could never be, and so she turns to the road again to continue her trip out of town.

Miss Wallace knows that Beth will never get Marty in the end. She sees that Beth is going to be stuck with her mother in that old house forever. Beth has nothing to lose at this point. She doesn’t care if she goes to jail now. Beth is going to finish off Sheridan, and then she might just come back and finish off her mother too.

Eve wants to get her daughter in a room to get her checked out, and then Whitney can get together with her baby. Whitney wants nothing to do with that monster that she has created. Theresa has returned with a cane, and she limps over to her friend.

She tells Whitney that her son is a beautiful person, and treating him this way is not fair. Whitney knows that her son could have birth defects, and she wants to stay away from him. Eve still thinks that the child should get to meet his mother. Eve can’t fight Whitney anymore. She offers to call Whitney a taxi. Theresa is horrified at her daughter’s decision. Whitney can’t believe that Eve is just going to let her walk out of there. She will. Whitney is fine with that and demands for a taxi to be called. Eve deals with the problem directly. She walks over to her daughter and grabs Whitney’s wheelchair. She quickly starts pushing it down the hall. Whitney is shouting now. “What are you doing? You are pushing me in the direction of the nursery and I don’t want to see my baby.”

Chad is nearby and hears Whitney shouting that she doesn’t want to see her baby. He asks her why she is saying that. Whitney only turns her head down, unable to face Chad with a good reason for feeling the way that she has been.

Precious is on the train now. She has a window seat. She takes the picture of Luis ad flings it out the window as she hears, “All Aboard!”

Marty has been playing with Sheridan and Luis all night. It is time for him to settle in now. Luis loves seeing them together and he is going to do whatever it takes to make the three of them together a reality.

Miss Wallace is on her knees praying to God about her horrible daughter. Beth tells her mother to quiet down.

Beth has gone too far now and she canít see herself backing down now. She has to figure out a way to get rid of Sheridan for good. If only Charlie were around. Alistair hears Beth. He enters the house telling Beth that Charlie isn’t around, but he is and he wants Sheridan out of the picture as much as Beth does.

The baby is being put in a bed in the nursery. Whitney keeps her back to the nursery window. She doesn’t want to lay eyes on the child. Eve can see that something is wrong. The nurses behind the glass move quickly. Eve can’t tell what is going on. Whitney is dying to look, but doesn’t allow herself. The nurses take the baby and disappear into the back with him. A couple of seconds later, the nurses come rushing out with the child and rush past the crowd that has gathered to see the child. Whitney sees the ado, but stays disconnected from it. Eve comes over to her daughter and tells her that she is sure that the baby that seems to be in distress is hers.

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