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By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Miss Wallace and Precious are watching TV, and Miss Wallace is drinking with her favorite ape. Someone is at the door.

Miss Wallace peeks out the door and sees a young deliver man there. The man has a delivery that is urgent for Precious.

Over at Alistair’s house, he has just finished having sex with one of his many women. He checks his monitors and sees that his family are all over Harmony doing God knows what. Alistair takes pleasure in watching Whitney at the start of her labor. She is screaming in pain the kitchen with Theresa.

Chad is unable to stop thinking about Whitney. He keeps thinking about her no matter what.

Whitney’s pains are coming closer and closer together. Theresa knows that they have to do something soon.

Sheridan has been shopping. The cottage is full of toys. Marty will be spending time with her and Luis from now on. Nothing can hurt her now. She is sure of it.

Beth watches as Luis plays with Marty.

Beth has a knife with her and she is going to let Sheridan have it for interrupting her plans.

Luis thanks Beth again for letting he and Sheridan have time with the child. Beth learns that Sheridan is at the cottage as they speak. She has been shopping and filling the cottage with toys. It is like a million Christmases in there.

Beth's mind travels fast. She knows that Sheridan is alone. This might be the best time to strike.

Luis sees that Beth is acting strange, but she covers quickly.

Beth plans that this is going to be the night when she strikes. She can’t let Sheridan steal Marty from her.

Miss Wallace calls Precious to sign her letter. The monkey comes to the door. The deliveryman is surprised to see that Precious is a monkey. The deliveryman asks for ID, and Precious runs in the house for her purse. The man makes a terrible mistake calling Precious a monkey. Precious shrieks when she hears that. The man didn’t mean any harm. Miss Wallace tells Precious to tip the man, and Precious hands the man a banana. “Don’t spend it in one place”.

Miss Wallace heads into the house and reads the note that is inside for Precious. Miss Wallace cries out when she reads the contents of the letter.

Luis tells Marty that they are going to head home to Sheridan now.

Beth knows that she has to slow them down.

Beth stops Luis as he starts taking the baby off in the stroller. She says that she would like to kiss Marty goodnight. She kisses the child, but says that Marty needs to get a little more tired before heading home, or he will be up all night. Beth suggests that Luis take the child to the park. It is night, but Beth assures Luis that Marty has to go on the swings or he will be up all night. Luis takes her advice and heads off with the child to the swings.

Beth’s plan is in action. While Luis is busy, he will head over to Sheridan’s place and slip her throat.

Julian visits with Sheridan who tells him that she and Luis will soon be a family when Marty starts spending time with them. Julian brings up Katherine. At first he thought that her coming back was a good thing, but maybe it was better to have her seem dead to the family. There has been nothing but pain since she has returned. Sheridan is glad that Katherine has disappeared. Alistair has been giving her a terrible time. Sheridan knows that Alistair was the reason that Katherine left in the first place. The whole family suffers because of Alistair. Julian is determined to find out where Katherine is.

Chad and Valerie discuss Alistair, and Chad admits that he wishes that the man were dead.

Alistair laughs at the monitor as Chad shouts aloud how he hates his grandfather. Valerie finds him irrational. Chad still wants to share his sister’s life with her. He can see that she thinks that he is like the rest of the people in Harmony. They all think that he is sick.

Whitney’s contractions are coming very quickly now. Eve is there and she suggests that they prepare to have the baby there. They start making room in the kitchen. It is spotless, so it should be safe. Eve and Theresa help Whitney get on the table. Ethan runs off to get some clean sheets and towels. Whitney is in paid. Eve says that things are going to be just fine. Whitney can’t believe that her mother is saying this. How can things be alright? She is giving birth to her brother’s child. Eve gives Theresa a worried look.

Miss Wallace tells Precious the bad news. A family member in the jungle needs her and she has to go. Miss Wallace can’t stand the idea of Precious leaving her. She is a swell nurse, and Miss Wallace’s best friend. Miss Wallace is crying now because she is going to miss her friend so much. Precious climbs up on her lap and hugs her. She gingerly touches the old woman’s lips as she cries.

Chad only wanted to have a real family and now he is in a bigger mess than he has ever been in. Valerie’s mother always told her to be careful what she wished for. Chad feels bad that he couldn’t give Valerie everything that she wanted, but he can’t do anymore. She knows what he is saying. Chad is still in love with Whitney, but he is her brother, and that is that.

Eve is shocked to learn from Whitney that Theresa knows the truth about Whitney’s baby. Whitney says that she only told Theresa because she had to tell someone. Eve says that Fox should be there, but then she learns that Fox is out of town. The contractions are coming very fast now. Whitney doesn’t want the baby to come now. It can’t come now. Whitney wants to have an ambulance. What if something is wrong with the child? Eve says that Whitney is to just relax and forget about everything but having the baby. Whitney is lying on the table in the kitchen now getting ready to have her baby. Eve calls to Theresa to get her medical bag. There is a chair that has turned over on the floor, and Theresa can’t get her wheelchair past it. She grabs the wall and the table and pulls herself to her feet.

Ethan has returned now with the towels and the sheets and she turns the corner in time to see Theresa standing. “You are walking now?” Theresa didn’t even notice herself until he said that. Eve looks over at the two and smiles when she sees that Theresa is on her feet.

Miss Wallace worries now who is going to clip her toenails and rub her feet? Miss Wallace and the little Precious made a great couple. This is a sad day. Precious goes into her purse and brings out a picture of her true love. It is a picture of Luis. Precious sacrificed and gave up Luis to Sheridan. Now she may never see the man again.

Precious has a moment where she thinks of she and Luis. Their eyes sparkled when they looked at each other. He could give her reassuring pats on the head whenever he was near. He actually paid attention to her. Luis’s smile brightened up her day. There was the time at the wedding when Precious headed down the aisle to him.

Miss Wallace knows that Precious is hurting inside. Sometimes you can only love a man from afar.

Sheridan would like to forget about talking about Katherine and Alistair. They make her depressed. Julian understands. He brings up Marty who will now be his step-nephew. Julian hopes that Chad will think of him as his father one day.

Chad knows that he should apologize to Valerie for treating her the way that he has. She seems fine with it all. She is a practical girl. She has hopes that soon Chad will come to his senses, and see that he can’t have Whitney. When that day comes, Chad will see what he has been missing. Valerie will still be a couple with him.

Alistair has heard what Valerie and Chad have been talking about and he tells Valerie that he disagrees with what she has been saying to Chad, he disagrees entirely. Chad and Valerie turn to the doorway to see Alistair entering the room.

Miss Wallace knows that Precious will miss Luis, but she has to know that things wouldn’t ever have worked out. Luis was just a fantasy for the little animal.

Precious fantasizes skating with Luis; doing the tango with Luis; having him catch her when he was her Tarzan, and she was his Jane; sharing champagne with him; having his child; catching the kisses that he blows her through the air.

Luis and Beth are with Marty. They have been swinging the child on the apparatus for a while now. Luis would like to get going but Beth assures him that the child needs a little more time swinging.

Beth heads out to give the two time together at the park, and to carry out her evil plans. She knows that she will be seeing Luis soon, but Sheridan will be seeing Marty and Luis, never again.

Alistair explains to Chad that he can have Whitney if he wants her. There is no reason why he can’t go out and take the woman that he wants in his life. He can go and get Whitney if he wants her. Who cares about rules? He is a Crane now. He should have no regrets, and make no explanations.

The baby is coming now. Eve can see that everything is going well, and it is almost over. They can hear the sirens in the distance. Ethan assures Whitney that she is doing a great job and that the baby will be there soon. Eve gives great instructions. Whitney doesn’t admit it but she is glad to have her mother there.

The ambulance attendants arrive, but it is too late to move Whitney. She is well on her way now to having her child. Theresa and Ethan look on and are smiling at the thought of sharing this time with their friend this way. One more push.

A baby is heard crying. Eve smiles at the sound.

Beth arrives at the cottage, but she sees that Sheridan is not alone. Beth will just have to wait until she is alone.

Julian is done with his visit and he bids his sister adieu for now. Sheridan walks the man to the door.

Beth hears as Julian wishes Sheridan a good evening at the doorway. She knows that just isn’t going to happen.

Chad can’t believe his ears. Alistair confirms what he thinks. He is a Crane now and he has the license to take anything he wants. If Chad wants Whitney, then he should take her and make her his.

Eve is unhappy. Theresa asks her what is wrong. Whitney too wants the truth. Eve is speechless. Whitney knew it. Something has gone terribly wrong with her baby.

Miss Wallace continues to talk to her little furry friend. They hug each other in the last moments that they are going to share together. Miss Wallace will really miss her little friend very much. Miss Wallace is crying now. Precious has been there for Miss Wallace all the time. The animal has been the best friend that she has ever known.

Luis sits in the park wondering where Beth is. She said that she was only going to get them some coffee. That has been a while ago.

Julian says his good-byes, and walks off.

Sheridan reenters her cottage.

Beth peers at Sheridan through the window.

Beth crouches below the window. After all this time, he dreams are finally going to come true.

There is knocking on the door. Sheridan heads to the door. She opens it to Beth.

Sheridan asks Beth what she is doing there? She asks if Marty and Luis are behind her, on their way to the cottage. Beth says nothing. She simply pulls the knife that she is hiding from behind her back, and plunges it into Sheridan’s chest. Sheridan jumps back from the paid, and clutches her chest. Blood is starting to seep through her clothes and her fingers out onto the floor. Sheridan is confused. Why? Why did this happen to her? Beth shouts at her, “Die! Die you blond bimbo!”

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