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Luis & Sheridan’s:

Sheridan is very happy that Luis has brought Marty home to spend some time with her. When she hears that Marty will be staying for a few days, she immediately starts making calls to have all kinds of things delivered.

She orders a bed, a stroller, a high chair, a batting cage w/a baseball glove, and even a pinball machine. When Luis reminds her that Marty is still a little young for all of this, she tells him that he can use it till Marty is old enough. As the delivery men arrive, Luis decides to take Marty for a walk on the docks so that the two of them are out of the way while everything is being set up. Sheridan happily kisses the men in her life goodbye as she starts helping set things up.

Beth’s house:

Edna and Precious are still barricaded in the bedroom hiding from Beth. Beth screams at them for a bit, but then gives up and tells her mother that she doesn’t want to fight anymore. When Edna believes her and puts her ear to the door, Beth bangs on the door hurting Edna’s ears. Beth disappears for a bit. Precious goes to the bathroom and gets a wet rag for Edna to wipe her face on after offering her a bottle of booze. Beth comes back with a chain saw and again tells Edna and Precious that she is going to kill them. She just can’t believe that her mother betrayed her like that and let Luis take Marty. Edna defends her actions saying that Marty needs to be with his real mother and father. Beth gives up with the chain saw and tells Edna that she is going to go and kill Sheridan and get Marty back. Edna listens carefully at the door. When she hears the front door slam, she is sure that Beth has left the house. Precious moves all the furniture away from the door and Edna carefully peeks out into the hallway. When she doesn’t see Beth anywhere, she thinks the path is clear and her and Precious exit the room to get supplies before Beth gets back. Beth surprises Edna and runs around the corner with a knife. She holds it to Edna’s throat and tells her to prepare to die. Precious springs into action and jumps on Beth’s back. We are treated to scenes of Beth and Precious rolling down the stairs together.

We then see scenes that are reminiscent of ‘Keystone Cops’ as Precious and Beth chase each other around the room, throwing pillows and other things at each other. At one point, Beth throws the knife and barely misses Precious’ head sticking it in the door beside her. Beth finally gives up and grabs her coat. She tells them both that she is headed out to kill Sheridan. Edna thanks Precious for saving her life. The celebration is short lived though, as Edna worries about Sheridan’s safety.

Bennett household:

Grace calls and leaves a message for Sam. She is back in the motel room now and is awaiting his call. In the backyard, Sam, Ivey, Kay and Simone worry about Jessica.

Tabitha and Endora are at their normal eavesdropping spot at the back of the yard. Sam wishes that Grace would call. Kay thinks that maybe her father is just over reacting. She thinks that Jessica is just going through a ‘bad-girl’ phase and she will pull out of it. Endora makes a little table for her and Tabitha to have tea while they listen in. Sam isn’t so sure that this is just a phase for Jessica. He still thinks that Grace needs to hear about this. Ivy tells Sam that she knows she can’t replace Grace, but she will be there for Jessica and offer her all the love she can handle. Eve stops by to see how Jessica is doing. Sam tells her of the blow up they had and how worried he is. Eve tells him that Jessica is just getting over being raped and all that has happened to her. She advises Sam to just be supportive and give Jessica a bit of space. Tabitha tells Endora that she can’t believe that Julian would expect her to let Eve help to raise Endora. Eve talks with the girls while Ivy again assures Sam that she will be there for Jessica and tries to convince him that Grace shouldn’t have to come back to Harmony for this. Eve overhears and tells Sam that she thinks Grace should be told.

Sam acknowledges that Ivy is a bit insecure where Grace is concerned, but lets her know that she has no reason to be. Sam wonders off to talk to the girls while Ivy goes after Eve. She reminds Eve that she is up on a triple attempted murder charge and needs all the friends she can get right now. Ivy reminds Eve that she helped her split Grace and Sam up when Ivy paid David Hastings to pretend to be Grace’s first husband. Eve is shocked that Ivy could be so cruel to her after all she has been through lately. Ivy tells her that she really doesn’t want Eve to suffer. She wants her to enjoy her life with Julian. She warns that she will not lose Sam now though. Eve gets an emergency beep and apologizes to Sam for having to leave. She promises to check on Jessica later. As Sam walks Eve to her car, Ivy walks in the house to hear a message being left on the machine by a sales person. She notices that there is another message and listens to Grace’s voice. She quickly deletes the messages. When Sam comes in asking who was on the phone, she tells him only about the message from the sales person.

Alone in the bathroom upstairs, Jessica cuts herself with a razor blade and talks about how messed up her life is. She doesn’t believe that anyone really loves her. She wants to die.

She takes the blood that has dripped into the sink and writes DEAD on the mirror with her finger. She then continues to let depression get the best of her as she misses her mother. She grabs something and smashes the mirror when she gets tired of seeing her own reflection in it. She fills the tub with bubble bath and gets in. Slowly, she sinks below the water.

Fox’s car:

Fox is nervous that Ethan may be following him to try to stop him. He calls ahead and makes sure that the plane he chartered is ready to go. He knows that bringing Theresa’s baby home is very important to Whitney and thinks it is worth Alistair’s anger.

Lopez-Fitzgerald home:

In the front room, Ethan worries to himself about Fox bringing Gwen and the baby home. He knows that it will be time for him to choose between Gwen and Theresa if Fox is successful.

Theresa worries about Whitney having Fox’s full Power of Attorney. She asks if he can do anything to take it away from her. Ethan tells her that there is nothing they can do. They hear Whitney’s screams in the kitchen and rush in to see what is wrong. Whitney tells them that she is in labor. Ethan and Theresa both tell her that she is just having false labor like Theresa did. When the pains subside a bit, they all three breath a sigh of relief. As Ethan goes to get a glass of juice though, the pain returns. Theresa tells Ethan to call Fox and get him back here right away. Whitney and Theresa argue about this for a bit, with Theresa winning. Ethan calls Fox who is already in the air on the jet. He starts to tell Fox that Whitney is in labor when Whitney grabs the phone from him.

She tells Fox that she is fine and not to worry about her. She is able to convince him that nothing is wrong while Ethan questions Theresa about why Whitney doesn’t want Fox here when the baby is born. Theresa tries to cover for her friend, but Ethan doesn’t buy it. Theresa tells him to ask Whitney. When Whitney gets off the phone, he does just that. Whitney tells him that she knows that this trip is very important to Fox and she doesn’t really believe that she will have the baby before he returns. Ethan accepts the excuse for now, but calls the hospital anyway. Whitney and Theresa argue over what Whitney is planning on doing. Whitney tells her in no uncertain terms to back off. She is going to have the baby and adopt it out. That is all there is to it. Eve arrives and is concerned that her daughter seems to be in labor this early.

On the docks:

Beth finds Luis and pretends to have been very worried because Edna didn’t tell her where Marty was. Luis apologizes for worrying her. He tells her how happy Sheridan is to have Marty in the house. He tells Beth of all the things that Sheridan is having delivered and how excited she is to have Marty in her life. Beth thinks to herself that Sheridan will not enjoy it for long.

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