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By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Kay and Jessica argue over whether Kay really cares about her sister or not. Tabitha referees the argument and tries to make Jessica believe that Kay really cares. Jessica feels that Kay was making the moves on Reese. She believes that is why Miguel ran out of town so fast.

Tabitha titters in the corners, smiling at the troubles that mortals always seem to have.

Ivy tells Sam that she would like to take better care of Jessica and Kay, and maybe one day they can all be a family. Ivy has a problem. Her kids were raised by nannies, and then they went to boarding school. Ivy would like to fix all her mistakes. Sam likes that she wants to try to make things better, but she shouldn’t feel like this is her problem. Sam knows that Jessica needs her mother.

Ivy thinks to herself that everything will be destroyed if Grace comes back home.

Sheridan thinks that something has to be done about her feelings for Marty. She is trying to control her feelings and behave accordingly, but something in her screams that Marty is hers.

Luis has come over to Beth’s house to pick up Marty and bring him to his house for a while. The idea came to Luis on the spur of the moment. Sheridan has been down on herself, and Luis figured that this would be a nice pick-me-up for Sheridan. Beth has no idea that he is there to get the child. Beth is out, and Miss Wallace is more than willing to give the child to Luis, because she knows that Beth will be furious. She sends Luis upstairs to get the child. Luis runs off.

Miss Wallace looks at Precious and laughs quietly as Luis is upstairs getting the child to bring to his house with Sheridan. She knows that Beth will be furious when she comes home and finds that her ‘child’ is gone from the house, and that Miss Wallace was the one that allowed him to take the child.

Fox hears Whitney and Theresa talking and thinks that he hears something mysterious. Fox asks for an explanation. The girls cover, as they were talking about her baby, and how she wants to give it up. Whitney says that she only was considering having a milkshake in her condition. Fox offers to make the milkshake, and Ethan offers to draw up the proper paperwork so that Whitney will have Power of Attorney should anything happen to Fox.

Jessica is overwhelmed by the attention that Ivy and her father have been showing her, and she orders them to stay away from her.

Miss Wallace starts panicking when she thinks about what Beth is going to do to her when she finds out that Marty is gone with Luis. She will blame her mother for sure for the child spending time with Sheridan, and Miss Wallace doesn't want anything to do with that. She tells Precious that they have to get out of Dodge, and fast. Miss Wallace makes a run for the backroom to pack, but is met by Beth who has returned to the house through the back door.

Miss Wallace jumps at the surprise and shouts out! Beth doesn’t understand why she is so shocked to see her daughter there. Beth immediately asks where Marty is. She would like to see the child.

Ethan explains the terms of the Power of Attorney document. Fox is fine with what he is dong and is happy giving Whitney control. Fox is about the sign the document, but Whitney stops him. Whitney knows that this is a big step. Fox knows that he can trust Whitney. To him, it isn’t as if she is going to give anything away that she shouldn’t.

To herself, Whitney thinks that he hasn’t any idea what she is about to give away.

Beth heads up the stairs to get her baby.

Miss Wallace considers running off, but then decides that she has to stay in town and ride this out. Suddenly, Miss Wallace gets an idea.

Sheridan returns to the cottage and Luis is waiting for her. She says that she has been having a really hard time stopping the thoughts of Marty being her son. She is confused. Luis has a surprise for Sheridan, and he is sure that this will make Sheridan feel a whole lot better about things.

Fox has signed his document, and Ethan will have things ready for him the next day.

Theresa comes into the room and learns that Whitney has settled her dealings with the Power of Attorney documents.

Fox talks to Ethan, asking him to take Theresa out of the room.

Ethan and Theresa leave the kitchen to talk in the living room. Fox explains to Whitney that he wanted to say goodbye to her in private.

Theresa talks to Ethan learning that Whitney can sign anything for Fox as Power of Attorney. She isn’t comfortable with this.

Fox says his good-byes, and leaves Whitney with a kiss. He is out the back door in a flash.

Whitney is alone and she apologizes to Fox quietly for what she is doing.

Simone and Kay talk to Jessica, offering to help her to get though her problems. Jessica is sure that Kay doesn’t care about her. Her mother has gone, and she feels ignored by everyone. She feels that Kay has even tried to turn Reese away from her. She really believes that her mother doesn’t love her, or she wouldn’t have ever left. Jessica says that she hates her family and friends, all of them. She runs off.

Kay is sure that Jessica didn’t mean what she said. Sam knows that she probably does mean it. Sam wonders why Grace hasn’t called back as yet. Jessica really needs Grace.

Jessica is in the house and the phone rings. Jessica ignores the phone and lets the answering machine pick up. She runs to the bathroom upstairs.

Grace’s voice can be heard o the machine. She is calling out to see if someone is there. No one answers.

Jessica is in the upstairs bathroom. She is angry and starts throwing things around. She looks down at the tiled floor and sees a razor blade. She picks it up and holds it close to her wrist.

Miss Wallace and Precious sit on the couch waiting for Beth to come to them and asks bout the baby who isn’t in the house anymore.

Beth calls out to her mother. She finds her mother locked in her room. Beth can’t get in the room. She demands to know if Marty is in the room or not. Miss Wallace admits that Luis came over and took the child. Beth demands to know where the baby was taken.

Luis goes into the back room and gets Marty for Sheridan to hold. Sheridan brightens up the second that she sees the child. Luis gives the baby to her, and stands back to watch them play and enjoy each other. The baby loves being with Sheridan and he even says a cheery, “Hi!” when he sees her.

Sam wants to go and see if Jessica needs some support, but Ivy stops him saying that he should give her some time to be alone. Tabitha and Kay agree that Jessica needs some time. Sam still can’t believe that Grace hasn’t called as yet.

Inside the house, the message is left for the family. Grace has in fact called to find out what is going on with the family.

Tabitha knows that Jessica’s problems are just beginning. Tabitha knows that Jessica is in danger right now, but she says nothing about it.

Upstairs in the bathroom, Jessica pulls up her sleeve. She is holding the razor to her flesh. Tiny drops of blood start to hit the floor.

Theresa is worried and Ethan can see that. Theresa says that she is worried about Whitney and Fox leaving her like this. They hear a car start.

Ethan heads to the window. He sees that Fox is taking off to save Jane, Gwen and Katherine. Ethan has some decisions to make. Should he tell Theresa?

Fox is in the car driving off to save Jane and Gwen. He is sorry that he had to leave this way, but he has to do it.

Whitney is in the kitchen alone thinking that she really is sorry that she had to do this to Fox. Suddenly, she has a pain in her stomach. She winces. The pain is so intense. She knows that her water has broken and that she is in labor. She grips the edge of the table, trying to ride the pain.

Beth demands to know where her baby is. Miss Wallace shouts out that Marty is with Sheridan. That is the one thing that Beth didn’t want and it upsets her when she hears the news. She starts shouting as loud as she can. Her mother tells that Luis said that he is taking the baby, and that the child will not be back for a few days. Beth falls to her knees crying and shouting out loud. Suddenly, vases start breaking in the house. First one vase, then the other. Beth seems to be angrier than she has ever been.

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