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By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Whitney continues to talk with Theresa about her decision to give her baby up when he/she is born. She wants to be rid of the child to give it a good life. She cries now about her decision.

Over at the Crane Compound, Katherine and Gwen discuss Alistair and what he will do when he comes there. Katherine has concerns that Alistair will hurt anyone that she loves if she betrays him. Gwen thinks that Katherine should leave the compound and save herself, but Katherine knows that she is Alistairís sexual captive and cannot escape the man. Katherine has asked Alistair for his help, and now she has to pay the price for that favor.

Fox and Ethan have discovered where Katherine, Gwen and the baby are. They were tracking the calls that Alistair had been making, and they discovered that Katherine is in Europe. They have the location. They should really head to Europe, but Ethan tells Fox to stop and think about what he is doing. He would like to call Interpol and have them deal with this instead. That is the right thing to do. Alistair might find out about their interference and kill them. Fox doubts that Alistair would in fact kill his grandson. Alistair has gone after Sheridan before and tried to kill her though, and Ethan is quick to point that out. Fox knows that Alistair has cops that are in his pocket, if they call the cops, Alistair will just move the 3 to somewhere else or do something worse to all involved. This thing could backfire. Fox thinks that he should head over to the compound by himself and get this dealt with pronto. He had promised Whitney that much and he will keep his promise. Fox has to wonder if Ethan really wants to get Gwen back home. Ethan does love Gwen very much, but he still wants to make sure that Fox is safe. Fox is willing to take this risk. He is going to bring Jane home if it is the last thing that he does. Fox has to make Gwen and Katherine see that they have to come home right away. Fox hasnít got an answer for this, but he will think about that later.

Miss Wallace and Beth argue over Beth trying to kill Sheridan again. Miss Wallace has had enough. Sheridan has been through too much. Beth is tired of failing. She wants to drive Sheridan crazy or kill her. Doesnít matter which, as long as Sheridan is gone. Beth can get rid of Sheridan but she canít get Sheridan out of Luisís heart. He will love Sheridan forever and ever. Beth doesnít want to hear that. She warns her mother to shut up. Miss Wallace will not. Miss Wallace knows that Luis will never love Beth no matter what Beth does. Luis will take a dead Sheridan over a live Bethie any day. Beth gets up and starts throwing items from the coffee table at her mother.

Eve warns Luis to go easy on Sheridan and not push her too much. She has hidden strengths and will face reality in time. Luis needs to go and get Marty and bring him back to Sheridan, so she can have some time with the baby. Eve knows that Luis is a good man who will take good care of Sheridan and he getting his baby to make Sheridan feel better is a way of showing that he cares for her. Luis wants to surprise Sheridan with visit from the baby. Eve promises not to say anything about it. He leaves. Eve sits on the couch smiling at the love that Luis has for Sheridan, and the way that he worries over her. Sheridan enters the room and sees that Luis has designated Eve as her babysitter. That is very sweet of her, but Sheridan would like to be alone for a while. Eve leaves. Sheridan goes over to a picture of Luis and Marty and picks it up thinking quietly to herself.

Theresa promises Whitney that things are going to work out for her somehow. Whitney is in tears now over the decision that she has to make about her baby. Her heart is torn.

Fox and Ethan enter the kitchen and find that Whitney is crying. Fox is immediately concerned about what might be wrong. Theresa says that there is nothing wrong. Whitney says that she is suffering from hormones. Fox tells that he has to go out of town on business, and he isnít sure that he will be back. Theresa demands to know why Fox would leave Whitney at a time like this when she is about to have her baby.

Fox reveals that he will be back from his business trip before the baby is born. That makes Whitney very happy. They hug for a short time, and she seems happy for a moment to see the excitement in Foxís eyes. She knows that if Fox says that he is going to do something, he will do it. He will do anything to be in the room when the baby is born. He canít wait to sign the birth certificate, and Fox will even have the baby invest in the babyís future. Whitney pretends to like that idea, and smiles at the thought of it.

Ethan and Theresa discuss Fox and how he is devoted to Whitney. Theresa has a picture of herself and Ethan in her lap. She turns her wheelchair to Ethan and thanks him for being there for her. Everything that has happened has been hard, but he has never turned his face from her. Ethan tells Theresa that he cares for her, but he stops himself from saying more. He doesnít want anything bad to happen to her.

Whitney remembers that Fox said that they had to be prepared for the birth of the baby, but what if Fox canít get back in time? What if she needs his permission for something to be done? Fox doubts that anything will go wrong, but he can leave her with a lot of money. He can even leave something written that would protect Whitney from the family should he be unable to return for some reason. That should make Whitney feel better. She admits that would be good for her while he is gone.

Katherine tells herself that she has really done it now. She has to deal with whatever comes her way. There is knocking at the door. The maid comes with flowers. Katherine wants nothing to do with them but she knows that Alistair has to be obeyed. The maid leaves, and Katherine reads the note that Alistair has sent with the flowers. He is looking forward to the first of many nights with her. He says that he shivers with anticipation at the thought of being with her. He knows that she canít escape him now. Katherine drops the note on the floor. She falls to her knees; ad starts to cry over what is to happen to her.

Sheridan looks at the picture of Marty and Luis together. She remembers a while back thinking that Marty had her eyes. She is convinced. Marty is her child. She isnít sure how she is going to prove it, but she will.

Beth keeps going on about Luis and her son. Miss Wallace is quick to remind Beth that Marty isnítí her son. She knows that Luis has rights to his son. Beth will not let Marty go with Luis and Sheridan at all. She will talk miles around him to stop this. Beth has to leave now. She has to do the books at the Book Cafť. Beth runs off. The doorbell rings. Miss Wallace heads to the door and opens it to Luis. Luis tells Miss Wallace that he is there for Marty.

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