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By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Sheridan has been thinking about her baby and how he was taken from her. Luis wishes that she didnít think that Marty might maker her sad. Sheridan promises to do her best to be happy and positive with Marty.

Miss Wallace tells Beth that she is going to get hers for making Marty miss out on being with his mother. Beth is not afraid of her motherís prayers. Miss Wallace would like Beth to save herself and her soul. She doesnít want Beth to burn in the hell fires forever.

Sheridan looks at her image in the mirror, and tells herself that Marty isnít her son. She thinks about how it could be. She would be home with the baby and Luis would come home and they would be a happy family. That is the way that it is supposed to be. They should have their own baby and be happy.

Whitney and Theresa disagree. Whitney wants Theresa to agree with what she is doing and support her. Theresa canít believe that Whitney wants to give her baby up for adoption. Whitney canít have the baby to raise. The baby belongs to her brother. She didnít know about her sibling relationship, but that doesnít matter. Her childís life could be ruined over this. Theresa feels that Fox could make all of this would out just fine if the both of them. Whitney feels that she would be using Fox in a very bad way. Whitney will not put her problems on someone else like that. Theresa is fed up and not in the mood for games. Theresa remembers when they were young and discussed having their children raised together. She is sure that Whitney will look at her child and never let it go. She has already bonded with the child and she doesn't even know it. Theresa is torn up not having her child. Not knowing where her child is tears her up. Whitney feels that is Theresaís situation and Theresaís situation alone. They used to discuss this as children. They look back into the past. Whitney used to think hat she would have lots and lots of babies and love everyone of them with all her heart. The thought of the past brigs tears to Whitneyís eyes.

Alistair has Katherine by the short and curlies. He reminds her that she is his slave and that she will do everything that he wants to have her do. Alistair has no idea that his phone is being bugged.

Fox and Ethan know that Alistair is on the phone. They are tracking his phone in the hopes that they will find out where Gwen and the baby are. They are not even sure who he is talking to at this moment, but they have to try to get answers.

Sheridan washes her face as she looks at herself in the mirror. She thinks about Marty and how he makes her feel so good when she is with him. She is sure that Marty is her son. She is trying to make light of the situation so that Beth and Luis will feel comfortable about the baby being with her, but she canít help how she feels. She remembers holding her own baby and telling him that she will never let him go. She knows that Marty is her son. He has to be.

Eve asks Luis about the joint custody of Marty. Luis feels that he has no problems with getting custody. Eve begs to differ. She must have some problems about Sheridan wanting to be with her child as well. Luis says that Beth has been trying to be friendly and fair, and he doesnít see any problems with this. Eve feels that Sheridan thinking that Marty is hers might cause a problem. Eve hopes that spending time with Marty might help Sheridan get over her feelings of loss, but it might not.

Miss Wallace thinks that her daughter is a pathetic loser. She begs the woman to give up on all this. Beth will not give Luis the visitation rights that he asks for. She will put him off until she can think up a plan. Beth has gone to a lot of trouble to make Marty her son and she is going to keep it this way forever.

Katherine begs Alistair not to come anywhere near her. "Just stay away." He tells her that he will be with her soon. He tells her to make herself very beautiful because he will be coming soon. He hangs up.
Alistair takes a swig of his drink and smiles at the upcoming visit that he is going to pay to Katherine. Yes, he will be coming very soon.

The connection to the call that Alistair was on is broken now. Ethan and Fox see that Alistairís call has ended and sigh in disappointment. Just their luck. They were right on track to get the information that they needed. They were hoping to be able to trace the call to see if it had anything to do with Gwen, but no such luck. Ethan says that the call has ended but that doesnít mean that they canít trace it anyway. He huddles over the computer they are using and they get to work.

Theresa continues to try to talk sense to Whitney about keeping her baby. She remembers the time when she first saw the face of her own baby. She could never let anyone take that child from her. Whitney feels that things will be different for her. Whitney knows that Theresa means well, but she doesnít want to hear this. Theresa reminds her that the child will be a part of her and that will never go away, not ever. Whitney sits back at the computer. Theresa tells Whitney that Sheridan would trade places with Whitney in a heartbeat. Whitney finds that situation different. Theresa knows that it is not. What about Eve? That is another example of what Theresa is trying to show Whitney. Whitney feels that this is different because this is her choice. Theresa knows that Whitney is underestimating the feelings that she is going to have for this child when it comes. She will be breaking her own heart. Whitney feels that she deserves to have her heart broken for going with Chad. Theresa reminds Whitney that she didnít know that Chad was her brother. Whitney doesnít care. She canít bring a child into the world like this. She feels that by giving her child away she will be saving it. Theresa canít let her friend do this. She is going to find a way to stop Whitney giving away her child. Whitney panics. What does Theresa mean? She better not tell Chad and Fox.

Fox and Ethan discuss Gwen and the baby. Fox says that half of Ethan wants Gwen and the baby back, but the other half wants Theresa to himself. Who will Ethan choose at the end of it all? Will he choose Gwen, or Theresa? Fox has no idea what the hell he was thinking when he was wishing to be Ethan.

Beth has an idea. She will work and get Sheridan locked away in an asylum. That is the best thing for them all. Miss Wallace canít believe her ears.

Luis brings up Katherineís leaving and how that will be better for all of them. Sheridan was very upset with Luis earlier, but she might get angry again with him. Luis only wants to make Sheridan feel better about herself and their relationship.

Sheridan enters the room. She has been thinking about the fight that they had earlier, and how she could have died from the gas leak. Luis is sorry about what he said to her before. Sheridan has something that she has to tell Luis about their future.

Whitney warns Theresa that she had better not tell Fox her secret. She has been a good friend to Theresa, and she expects the same from Theresa. Theresa says nothing. Theresa hasnít done anything yet, but she still doesnít agree with what Whitney has come up with to do. Theresa turns to the computer. She points to the computer. ""You see that? There is no way that you are going to be able to get around that."

Katherine is dreaming. She dreams about Alistair and his jumping on her in the night and raping her. She wakes and screams to herself. "What have I done? Oh God. What have I done?"

Alistair is making the final arrangements for his trip to go and see Katherine. "It wonít be long now Katherine. I can see you as often as I like. You are mine now. Completely."

Fox is trying to help find the baby for Theresa and Whitney. Alistair would hate knowing what they are doing, but Fox has already been disowned anyway so what does it matter? As the men talk, the computer beeps. In spite of Alistairís previous call being ended, the computer has come up with something. Fox turns to Ethan. Did we get a location? Did we find something?

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