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By Boo
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The Hospital:

Outside Jessicaís cubicle, Sam tries to reach Grace on the phone. He is upset to learn that she isnít sticking to the itinerary that she sent him and keeps trying to find what motel she is staying at. Ivy really doesnít want her back in town and thinks hard about how she can accomplish that. She thinks of the perfect person. While Sam continues to try to track Grace down, Ivy goes in to sit with Jessica. She shakes Jessicaís shoulder and quickly backs away hoping the girl will wake. Jessica does wake up and Ivy sits beside her acting very concerned. She asks how Jessica is and what she can remember of the night before. Jessicaís memory slowly comes back to her and she relates to Ivy what she remembers. She is upset to learn that her father knows about the drugs and the rape. Ivy informs her that Sam is trying to get a hold of Grace to have her come home. She gets it into Jessicaís head that Grace will be very angry at her and will probably ground her to her room until she is 35. Ivy tells Jessica that it will be wonderful for her to have her mother back in town and going to the mall with her, to all her friends houses with her. Grace will probably even pull her out of school and turn her bedroom into a class room so she can home school her. Ivyís little plot works as Jessica is horrified to think how angry her mother will be. Sam comes in and is happy to see his baby girl awake.

He takes Ivyís seat as Ivy stands behind him. He tells Jessica how worried he was and how much he loves her. He tells her that Randy is under arrest and he will make sure that Randy never hurts anyone again. Jessica is relieved to hear this, but becomes very agitated when Grace is brought up. She tells a confused Sam that she doesnít want Grace to come home. When Sam expresses his concern over this, Jessica gets adamant and warns her father that she will run away if he even tells Grace what has happened. Sam tries to reason with his daughter, but she yells at him to get out of her room. Ivy smiles behind Sam as Jessica tells her father that she is tired and wants to rest. Sam agrees to let Jessica rest and tells her that he will be right outside if she needs him. Sam and Ivy go back out of the cubicle. Sam doesnít know how things spun out of control so quickly. He canít believe that Jessica doesnít want to see Grace. Ivy tells him that Jessica is just upset right now. Sam asks her how Jessica knew that he was trying to find Grace. Ivy admits that she told Jessica, but claims that she was trying to cheer Jessica up. An angry Sam doesnít buy Ivyís story for a minute and informs her that he knows she somehow scared Jessica. He warns Ivy to never come between him and his girls again and walks away.

Martinís room:

Martin helps Paloma into the room with Pilar following close behind. Paloma sits on the bed and asks where Katherine is. Martin didnít want to tell her this tonight, considering all that she has been through. Paloma insists that she needs Katherine with her. Pilar tries to comfort her but Paloma angrily pushes her away. She demands to know where Katherine is growing more and more worried by the minute. Martin tries to explain that Katherine left Harmony for good and why. He tells Paloma that Katherine left because she wanted to give the whole Lopez-Fitzgerald family a second chance. Paloma is shocked and hurt to hear this news and at first wants nothing to do with her birth mother. Martin tries to make her understand that Pilar really does love her and that it really is all his fault that Pilar had to send Paloma away in the first place. Paloma isnít hearing any of it. Katherine is the only mother she has ever known. Martin pleads with her to honor Katherineís wishes and give them a chance to be a family again. Paloma calms down and seems to give the idea some thought. Martin puts her to bed and makes sure she is asleep.

Martin mentions that whenever Paloma was upset when she was growing up, he would give her sherbert and lemon soda and it would always make her feel better. When Pilar tells him that the Ďspecial medicineí worked for all their kids, Martin remembers that it was her that taught him that. The two of them share a few awkward memories of their lives together when the children were little before Martin heads out to the store to get some of the special medicine. After he leaves, Pilar lays on the bed and touches her baby daughters face. She prays that Paloma will let her back into her heart.

Lopez-Fitzgerald front room:

Fox and Whitney watch as Ethan tries to comfort Theresa again and promises her that they will find baby Jane and bring them home. Whitney tells Fox that if he wants to help her and their baby, he will find Theresaís baby for her. She explains that she canít stand to see Theresa upset like this. Fox doesnít understand what he can do that the FBI and other agencies arenít already doing. Whitney reminds him that he is a Crane and has more resources than most people do. Theresa tells them all that she doesnít believe that Alistair doesnít know where they are. She reminds them all that Katherine is still legally Alistairís wife. Ethan and Theresa recall all the things that Alistair has done in the past and how he has been able to command power all over the world. Fox pays attention to the conversation and then announces that he has to go somewhere. He promises Whitney that he will be back and quickly heads out the door.

Outside he stops to ponder what he is thinking about doing. He realizes that if Alistair finds out, he will probably kill him but thinks it is worth it to prove to Whitney how much he loves her. Back inside, Ethan has told the girls that he is off to run an errand. Once they are alone, Whitney observes that Ethan has been really taking good care of Theresa. Theresa tells her that he is just trying to keep her from losing it. Whitney thinks it is more than that, she tells Theresa that she noticed three pillows on the bed when she checked on little Ethan. Theresa admits that they all three fell asleep on the bed, and tells her how nice it was to see Ethan there with them. It would have been perfect if Jane were there too. She confides with Whitney that it is all she has ever dreamed about. Whitney agrees that it has always been her dream too. Theresa tells her that she almost has it. Fox loves her very much and he will make a wonderful father for her baby. Whitney reminds Theresa that Chad is the babyís father and that she will never be able to see her dream come true.

Crane Mansion:

Alistair sits in his office on the phone with the pilot of his plane. He confirms that money has been transferred to a Swiss bank account and instructs the pilot to disappear with his new identity and never look back. He also firmly reminds the pilot that he is never to tell anyone where he took Katherine and the other lady with the baby. Fox arrives and starts to enter Alistairís office when he hears Alistair coming out of the office. He quickly exits and waits. Alistair and his assistant leave the office with Alistair mentioning that he is going to get a massage before he goes to work tonight. After they leave Fox enters the office and starts to follow the phone line when the lights turn on. He quickly stands and proclaims that it isnít what it looks like. He is slightly relieved when he sees that it is only Ethan that has busted him. Ethan demands to know what he is doing.

Fox tries to explain that he doesnít have time to go into it right now, but asks Ethan not to rat him out. Ethan still wants to know what is going on so Fox briefly explains that he has a wire tap he is going to put on Alistairís phone. If it is true that Alistair does know where Katherine is, he will contact her soon. Ethan objects to illegal shenanigans and Fox accuses him of not wanting anyone to bring Gwen home because he isnít done playing house with his first love, Theresa. Ethan tries to deny it, but Fox tells him that everyone knows that he loves Theresa. Ethan finally gives in and decides to keep a look out for Alistair. Fox quickly gets the bug in place and the two of them get out of there.

On the Docks:

Martin is returning from the store when he runs into Alistair. Alistair pushes his buttons by rubbing it in his face that Katherine took off and doesnít want to talk to him. He also reminds Martin that Katherine is his wife and he plans on having fun with her when she performs her wifely duties. Martin gets angry and attacks Alistair trying to choke him. Alistairís goon pulls him off and a very amused Alistair sends Martin on his way.

Martinís room:

Pilar is concerned when she sees that Martin has returned without the special medicine. He doesnít tell her about the encounter with Alistair. He tells her the store was closed instead. Pilar tells him that Paloma has remained asleep the whole time he was gone. She then thanks him for standing up for her and admits that it gave her hope that they really would be able to put their family back together.

Lopez-Fitzgerald home:

Outside, Fox explains to Fox how his little bug device works. He has the receiver in his hands and shows it to Ethan. At first Ethan tells him that he should know as little as possible. Fox tells him that he really needs someone to help him monitor the receiver. Ethan finally gives in and agrees to help Fox out with his plan. They both know that Alistair will kill Fox if he finds out what Fox has done.

Inside, Whitney tries to take a few bites of food as Theresa encourages her. Theresa promises her that once she has held her baby, she will feel different about Fox and the baby.

Fox and Ethan return to the front room as Whitney makes a bolt for the bathroom. Fox worries that she seems to be getting worse instead of better. Ethan again comforts Theresa as she worries that she will never see her baby again. Whitney returns to the front room and assures Fox that she is fine. She wants to just concentrate on helping Theresa now. She is intrigued when Fox tells her to leave it all to him.

Crane Compound:

Katherine is alone in a bedroom unpacking when a maid comes in to bring her some tea. Katherine asks about the whereabouts of Gwen and he baby. The maid tells her that they are napping in another wing of the compound and comments that Gwen really loves her baby. Katherine worries about what Theresa must be going through back in Harmony. After the maid leaves, Katherine thinks of Martin and Paloma and how much she loves and misses them. The maid comes back in a few minutes later and brings Katherine a box that is gift-wrapped. Katherine doesn't take the present. The phone rings and she answers the phone. It is Alistair asking her how she likes her gift. She tells him that she doesn't want anything from him. He instructs her to open the present.

The maid takes the lid of the box and Katherine pulls out a teddie. Alistair tells her that he is sure she is lonely there and missing his touch. He hopes she will be wearing his present when he comes to see her.  We see that Foxís phone bug is lit up.

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