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Bennett household:

Ethan, Fox and Chad return from destroying the club. They discuss how good it felt to put that guy out of business. Ethan mentions that he canít stand the thought of what they did to his half-sister. Chad and Fox both agree that they canít imagine how they would feel if this had happened to their half-sisters. Chad comments that he is still getting used to have four half-sisters and that he cares about all of them. Fox makes a snide remark about Chad especially caring for Whitney. Ethan feels the tension heat up in the room and asks what is going on between the two. He has felt the tension all night. Fox tells him about his proposal to Whitney and that she turned him down because Chad showed up and made a sick speech about being in love with her. Ethan tells them that he knows that Whitney showed up to talk to Theresa, but he didnít know what they were talking about. Fox continues to give Ethan a run down on all the events that took place. Ethan doesnít believe it at first and asks Chad if it is true. Chad finally admits that Fox is telling the truth. He does love Whitney and he wants to be there for her and the baby. Fox tells him what a sick bastard he is and appeals to Ethan for understanding why he is so upset. Chad objects that he and Whitney would never sleep together again, they would just live together as brother and sister. Fox doesnít believe that is possible, just like Ethan couldnít live with Theresa and keep his hands to himself. Chad tells Fox that it is different because Theresa and Ethan arenít brother and sister. Fox shoots back that is the problem, he and Whitney are brother and sister.

The two argue back and forth about why Whitney turned Foxís marriage proposal down. Fox blames Chad and his sick proclamation of love. Chad tells Fox that Whitney turned him down because she doesnít love him. The two come to blows and Ethan separates them. Fox calls Chad a crazy pervert. Chad continues to claim that Whitney loves him and not Fox, it isnít crazy that he loves Whitney. Fox agrees that it isnít crazy, that is the perverted part. He warns Chad that he will not allow Whitney to live with Chad and raise Ďhisí child. The two start throwing punches again and again Ethan separates them. Ethan tells them that the fighting is stupid. Whitney is the only one that can settle this. He tells them that Whitney is talking to Theresa right now, and hopefully Theresa will be able to help her sort out what she really wants. They will just have to wait and see what Whitney wants, then they will have to decide how they are going to deal with it.

Lopez-Fitgerald front room:

Theresa continues to try to talk some sense into Whitney and explains to her that there is no way she can live with Chad and expect it to stay platonic. Whitney agrees that she canít let herself get pregnant by her brother again. Theresa tells her that the only way to insure that doesnít happen is to not live with Chad. Whitney finally realizes that Theresa is right. Theresa canít stand to see her friend hurting like this. She tells Whitney that she knows that her and Chad had true love. They had something very special, but now they know the facts and she just canít be with Chad anymore. Theresa tells her that even the thought of that is gross and disgusting it would be for them to be together. She apologizes for sounding harsh, but she is trying to make a point. Whitney agrees that she has to steer clear of Chad no matter what. Whitney tells her that all this talk of Chad and Fox is making her sick. She hasnít been able to keep anything down because she is so upset all the time. She wonders how she got herself into this mess. Theresa tells her that it doesnít do any good to think about it now.

Whitney tells her friend about her decision to have an abortion, and how she couldnít go through with it. Theresa is shocked when Whitney tells her that she thinks it is best if this baby doesnít make it. She canít believe that Whitney wants to lose the baby. Whitney tells her that either the child will be a freak, or it will be labeled a freak because itís parents are brother and sister. Theresa tells her that she canít blame the baby because of who itís parents are. She reminds Whitney that the baby has a soul and deserves to live. Whitney finally comes around to seeing this and agrees that she canít try to lose the baby either. Theresa tells her that she will help Whitney raise the baby. Whitney is touched that her best friend means well with the offer. She doesnít think it is a very practical promise though, since Theresa is now in a wheelchair and will soon have baby Jane back along with little Ethan. Whitney tells her that she knows what she has to do now. She will have the baby and adopt it out then she will move away from Harmony forever. Theresa doesnít like that either but Whitney has made up her mind. That is exactly what she plans on doing now.

Tabithaís house:

Tabitha is appalled that Julian wants custody of Endora. Julian reminds her that he is a man of means and can get what he wants.

Endora is upset at the thought and causes an earthquake. Julian freaks out a little bit. Tabitha chuckles under her breath. When the earthquake stops, Julian is concerned that the two of them are okay. He starts to call the authorities to see what kind of equipment they will need for the rescue crews. Tabitha tells him that he house sits on a very small fault line, and that no other house will have even felt the earthquake. Julian is confused but convinced when he goes outside to see that nothing is amiss. Tabitha tells him that it happens all the time. He worries about their safety. Tabitha tells him that the Lenoxes are of hardy stock and bangs her head with an iron skillet to make her point. Julian is a bit taken aback by her actions, but doesnít mention it. Julian tells her that he had no idea there was so much seismic activity in Harmony. Tabitha tells him there was plenty of seismic activity the night Endora was conceived, causing Julian to remember the night. Julian admits that he has been rather preoccupied with his troubles as Endora names them all off. He tells her that Ivy is part of the reason he stopped by there tonight. Tabitha admits that she isnít sure that she believes Ivy has changed. Julian tells her that he believes people can change, like he is trying to change. It is why he wants to be a part of Endoraís life. Tabitha informs him that Endora is doing just fine without him in her life. Julian thinks it is only because she doesnít know him and that she could benefit by him being in her life. He tells Tabitha that there is a bond between father and daughter and thinks he can prove it by holding Endora. Tabitha chuckles to herself as she tells Julian to go ahead and hold Endora. As Julian bends down to pick Endora up, she starts growling like a possessed demon. Julian is a bit freaked out by the growling and quickly hands her to Tabitha. Tabitha thinks that proves her point very well. Julian still pleads with her to let him spend more time with Endora but Tabitha doesnít think that Julian will have time to spend with the child. Julian mentions that he will be marrying Eve soon, and Eve can teach him. Tabitha reminds him that Eve will be standing trial for triple homicide attempts. Julian tells her that he would stake his life on Eveís innocence. Tabitha gets angry and tells him that she would stick him on a stake before she let him and Eve have a hand in raising her daughter. Endora reacts to her motherís anger and causes another earthquake. She also makes a plate hurl through the air and knock Julian out briefly. When he comes to, Tabitha makes an ice pack for him to hold to his head.

He is bewildered about the earthquakes again and offers to buy Tabitha a nice home for her and Endora overlooking the bay. Endora thanks him but turns the offer down then tells him that he must leave so she can get her beauty rest. Julian agrees to leave but doesnít understand Tabithaís flat out refusal to let him spend time with Endora. Tabitha tells him that she doesnít trust him. She thinks that he is only thinking of Endora on a whim and once Endora gets used to him he will tire of her and stop coming around. Julian tells her that he really has changed and wouldnít do that. He softens Tabitha for a bit when he tells her that he has changed because of her grand nephew Timmy. He tells her that Timmy effected everyone he met in a positive way. Tabitha softens briefly as she remembers her beloved Timmy, but then blasts Julian for using Timmy to make her weaken. She throws him out of her house. After Julian is gone, Tabitha sits with Endora and remembers Timmy with her. She tells her what a wonderful boy Timmy was and how he touched Endora and left a part of himself with her. She also assures Endora how much she loves her and that she will never let Julian or anyone else take her away or harm her.

The Hospital:

Eve tells Luis that Sheridanís mental health is very fragile right now. With everything she has gone through over the past year, she is barely hanging on. Luis is understandably shaken and worried about the love of his life. Beth eavesdrops outside the cubicle and is thrilled to hear this. Edna admonishes her daughter for being so evil. Beth tells her to be quiet while she figures a way to use this to her advantage. Edna is disgusted with her crazy daughter. Back inside the cubicle, Eve tells Luis that Sheridan really needs a baby to love. She doesnít need one nine months down the road, and she doesnít need to have to wait on an adoption process. She needs a baby now if she is to make it through this fragile period. Luis talks to Sheridan as she sleeps and promises to get her a baby. Eve warns not to promise something that he canít follow through on, but Luis insists that he will get whatever Sheridan needs. In the hallway, Edna approaches Beth again and tells her that Precious wants to know what Beth is planning this time. Before Beth can answer, Luis comes out of Sheridanís cubicle and Beth sends her mother and Precious to change Ednaís diaper so that she can talk alone with Luis. Beth tells him that Marty is fine, the pediatrics department confirmed it. Luis is happy to hear this. He tells her that Eve doesnít think Sheridan can handle much more mentally. Luis asks if she got the faulty heater fixed.

She assures him that it is fixed and then tells him that she thinks it wasnít an accident that the valve was broken off like it was. At first she tries hinting around that she thinks Sheridan may have tried to kill herself. When Luis balks at her though, she gets more forceful and convincing with the accusations. Edna and Precious come back and Edna takes Marty off with the ruse of changing his diaper too. Luis comes up with the idea that he and Beth should share custody of Marty. He thinks that is the perfect solution, explaining that it would mean Marty would see more of him and it would also give Sheridan an instant baby to love and be around more often. Beth isnít thrilled with this idea at all and tries to explain that she doesnít think that Sheridan should be around Marty that much considering the state of mind she is in. Luis is convinced that he is right though. Inside the cubicle, Edna has snuck in with Marty and tells Sheridan that he has come to see her. Sheridan is extremely happy to see Marty and struggles to sit up so that she can hold him. Once Edna has placed Marty securely in Sheridanís lap, she exits the room very proud of herself. Precious is touched and has to wipe her eyes as she watches mother and son bonding again. Luis comes back into the room to check on Sheridan as an upset Beth looks between the curtains to see the happy family together.

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