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By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Beth and Miss Wallace listen at the hospital secretly as Sheridan plays with Marty in the hospital while Luis watches.

Miss Wallace takes joy in seeing Sheridan with Marty. Beth is seething with anger. She has to stop this.

Beth peeks through the curtains again to have a peek at Sheridan with the baby. Beth has to make sure that Sheridan never gets to be with that baby or have him for her own. Luis smiles at the child, and plays with him while he sits on Sheridanís lap.

Sam gets word from Eve that he has to wait for more news at the hospital. He feels that he hasnít been a good person for his girls.

vy tries to soothe Sam, but he will not feel better about the way that his girls have suffered. He knows that he has been paying too much time with his job and Ivy. Ivy wants to take some of the blame for this happening. Ivy hates that Jessica is hurt. She really isnít Ivyís concern; she isnít Ivyís mother. Ivy knows that he could have been a better mother to Jessica, but she didnít try enough. She didnít want to step on Graceís toes. Sam should be angry with her.

Fox asks Theresa about Whitney and why she wishes that her baby would die. Theresa knows that she canít talk about this. Theresa says only that Whitney has raging hormones and isnít feeling like herself. She has been through a lot the last few months. Fox understands that but has no idea how to help Whitney. Fox would like to help, but he doesn't know how. Fox can see that Theresa wouldnít betray Whitneyís confidence, but he knows that there has to be something that he can do. Theresa tells him that all that he can do is love Whitney.

Whitney enters the room. She has just put Little Ethan to sleep. Fox thinks that is a good sign that Whitney will be a good mother after all.

There is someone at the door. Fox opens to Ethan. He hasnít got any word on Gwen and the baby yet. Theresa starts to cry. Ethan promises Theresa that he will be there for her and that they are going to get through this together.

Sheridan comes out of her cubicle with the baby and Luis. Beth stretches her hands out for the baby, but Luis gives the child to a nurse who has a play area for the child to play in so that they can talk.

Luis starts talking when Marty is out of earshot, on his way to play with some toys. He would like to talk about Martyís custody with Beth. Luis would like to spend time with Marty on a regular basis. Beth assures her that he would be welcomed at her house anytime. Luis clarifies that he would like to have the baby at his house with Sheridan sometimes present. Luis would like to have Marty in his life more as the child is his and needs his father just as much as his mother. Miss Wallace and Beth would still be in Martyís life, but Luis would like to have joint custody to share in the raising of the child. Luis feels that this would be great for Sheridan as well since she has lost her child. Miss Wallace mentions that this is a great idea. What is Beth going to say now?

Sam says that he expected too much from Ivy when they got together, and he is sorry for that. He was wrong to think that just having Ivy step in as mother would work to his childrenís satisfaction. He needs help. Ivy says that they are a family now, and that she is going to be a better role model for Jessica. Sam needs help but not from Ivy. He wants to call Grace and have her come home from Europe. Ivy tells Sam that he canít do that.

Theresa apologizes for breaking down on Ethanís shoulders over her baby missing. He is fine with that and understands wholeheartedly.

Ethan tells Theresa, Whitney and Fox that Jessica was attacked in the wrong part of town. He didnít want to bring bad news at this time, but he felt that the group should know what has happened. Someone got her high and almost killed her. She was saved just in time it seems. Whitney asks about Simone, and learns that she is fine. Ethan, Chad and Fox went to where Jessica was attacked and they ruined the place. The dealers will not be working there anymore. Whitney feels bad for Jessica. She has to wonder what type of world she is bringing her baby into. Theresa asks Whitney to come with her to make some coffee. Whitney wheels Theresa into the kitchen.

Fox asks what Ethan I doing that. Ethan explains that he is there to support Theresa because she really needs it. Ethan senses a little sarcasm in Foxís voice when he talks and asks him about that. Fox admits that Ethan is right to want to be there for Theresa. She does in fact need support, and Fox knows that more than anyone else it seems.

Sam is not sure why Ivy would think that Grace shouldnít be here to help Jessica. Ivy thinks that Grace would be too busy to come back home from Europe. Ivy says that she never calls, but Sam knows better than that. Sam knows that Grace would be home in a New York minute. Ivy says that if Grace were so interested in her children, she wouldnít have run off to be with her lover. If she were such a great mother, then Kay wouldnít have gotten pregnant by her cousinís boyfriend. Motherís should help their children prepare for the future and Sam knows that. Kay has made mistakes, but Grace isnít at fault for that. Ivy says that Grace was the primary caregiver and should have been the one to make sure that things didnít go wrong with her children. Sam disagrees and feels that Grace needs to be there with them.

Fox tells Ethan that he saw the way the he was looking at Theresa just now, and if Gwen saw what Fox just did maybe Gwen did have a reason to leave. Fox feels that Ethan is making excuses for being around Theresa, and really would prefer to be with her as a boyfriend.

Theresa is alone with Whitney in the kitchen. Whitney is having a pity party all by herself. Theresa says that things could be worse. She could be alone but she has family and friend, and Fox who worships the ground that she walks on. Whitney dismisses her friendís comment. Theresa tells that Fox loves her and wants to marry her. They could have a future together. Why is that unacceptable? Whitney reminds her that this baby isnít Foxís and she canít marry him because of that. Her mother did those horrible things, and Whitney will not do them too.

Beth wants Luis to think some more about letting him have Marty part of the time. Luis has thought about this already. They should start sharing custody now so that Marty will be less confused about the people in his life. Luis is sure that this will be for the best.

Sam has decided that he will call Grace and get her to come home right away.

Eve comes and confirms that the rape kit will be done. Jessica did in fact have activity of a sexual nature, but it might not have been rape. If the kid is guilty Sam will be sure to make the kid pay. Sam knows that kids like this get away with this stuff all the time. Sam heads to the station to make sure that the rape kit will be handled properly.

Eve sees that Sam is beside himself with fear for his child. Ivy fears that Grace is going to be on her way home soon. Eve sees that Ivy is still selfish as ever. Ivy will not have advice from Eve of all people. She lives in a very public glass house and really has nothing to say about this.

Luis tells Beth that he needs to be a part of all decisions with the child. Sheridan assures Beth that she has a lot of love to give to Marty and he will get it all.

Miss Wallace and Marty arrive with the nurse, and Sheridan runs to the child and takes him from the nurse, bringing him back into the cubicle.

Luis tells Beth that this is really a good thing for Sheridan, and that he would appreciate her doing this for him. Luis goes back into the cubicle to be with Sheridan and Marty.

Beth is seething with anger. Miss Wallace loves it. She knows that no matter what Beth does, Marty is already on track to finding out who his real mother is, and Sheridan will be able to start bonding with the child.

Eve gets angry with Ivy for bringing up her past life. Eve remembers a little secret that Ivy has as her own. Ivy schemed to get Sam, and in fact no one knows some of the things that Ivy has done. Ivy is sure that Eve wouldnít get her hands any dirtier than they already are. Eve tells her that these days there are things that she might do to right a wrong.

Whitney is nearly in tears as she talks to Theresa about her child and what the future holds. If the baby wasnít around things would be a lot simpler. The only solution for Whitney is to give the child up, and then move away. She will start a new life elsewhere. Theresa knows that there has to be another way. Whitney has been searching for a solution and this is the only thing that she comes up with.

Fox assures Ethan that he isnít judging the man but he has to at least show some interest in where Gwen really is. Gwen is going to return one day, and when that happens, Ethan will have to figure out what he is going to say to Gwen. Ethan is going to have to make the decision of a lifetime.

Ivy blames Eve for threatening to cause chaos. Eve only sees right and wrong now. She hopes that Sam and Grace can patch up their marriage, and Eve will help if necessary.

Sam returns. The investigation seems to be going well. Sam continues to blame himself for his daughterís predicament. Sam knows increasingly that Grace needs to be here. Eve says that she agrees with Sam on this one. Sam has an itinerary for Grace, and he heads to the phone to call her.

Fox knows that some day, Ethan is going to have to face the music and deal with the feelings that he has for Theresa.

The phone rings and Theresa rushes out to answer.

It is a man calling to ask if Theresa is interested in prescriptions. She is upset that this isnít the call that she wants.

Ethan goes to Theresa and tells her that they are going to find Gwen and the baby. They will find them.

Whitney is with Fox. She asks him to help Theresa. She would like Fox to help Theresa find her baby and Gwen. Ethan hears Whitneyís plea and turns to face Fox.

Luis and Sheridan discuss spending time with Marty right away. They were going to wait for this to happen, but there really is no reason for this not to happen now.

Miss Wallace begs Beth to do the right thing here. Beth seems like she is in deep thought. Miss Wallace canít believe her eyes. Her daughter looks like she is actually going to do this. Beth turns to her mother. "The hell I will".

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