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Passions Update Friday 3/11/05

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By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Julian visits Tabitha at her cottage.  He tells her that he needs to be in Endora's life.  Tabitha doesn't want him around and doesn't think Endora needs him.  She points out that Julian has all of those other kids already.  He explains that seeing what Jessica went through with the drugs and how Sam is dealing with it made him realize that Endora has her whole life ahead of her and he wants to protect her from difficulties like that.  Tabitha tells him that Endora can take care of herself, but he thinks she is nuts since Endora is just a baby. 

Tabitha is carrying Endora as usual, and Endora is chattering a bit, it's so cute.  Anyway, Tabitha replies to Julian that he can visit her in the middle of the night occasionally and watch Endora while she sleeps.  This is not enough for him.  She asks him what he specifically is asking.  After some more stuttering, Julian informs her that he wants to have shared custody of Endora.  Tabitha is outraged.  He warns that he will get what he wants.  She tells him that he will never take her daughter.  Endora's high twinkles and suddenly there is an earthquake.

Gwen and Katherine are still at the Crane Compound.  Gwen talks about taking her baby Ashley/Jane to Switzerland. 

Katherine tries to make her see that it's wrong and that she is taking Theresa's child.  Gwen gets very angry and they argue.  Gwen accuses Katherine of stealing Pilar's child (Paloma), but Katherine denies that.  Gwen gets calm again after Katherine backs off.  She says they might go to Paris, Venice, or Tuscany.  She realizes that Katherine will be left all lone there.  Katherine says the servants will be there and that Alistair will visit.  Gwen is incredulous that Katherine would allow Alistair to visit and use her as his love slave.  Katherine admits she is doing it so that Luis and Sheridan can be together. 

Gwen is just awed by her sacrifice and admires her a lot.  She hopes that Sheridan and Luis will forget her and move on with their lives.  Gwen and Katherine agree that they both will go to incredible lengths for their children.  They sit next to each other and Katherine covers Gwen's hand with her own in a motherly way.  They discuss what they lose and who they left behind.  Katherine hopes that Martin can forgive her.

Whitney continues to tell Theresa that she plans to live with Chad and their baby (but in a platonic way).  Theresa keeps telling her it's wrong.  Whitney says that she and Chad can share a future together.  Theresa says it's just not possible.  Whitney points out that Theresa is always saying to be with the man you love and that Theresa's life is a disaster.  Whitney admits she is still deciding what to do.  Theresa hopes to talk her out of this.  Whitney asks if she could talk Theresa out of loving Ethan.  Theresa retorts that is different because he's not her brother.  Whitney replies that Theresa would still love him if she found out he were her brother, but Theresa doesn't agree.  Whitney thinks she, Chad, and the baby can live together and no one will know.  Theresa reminds her that secrets have a way of coming out.  They argue about it for a while.  Theresa thinks that living with Chad will be too much temptation for Whitney and that it is a stupid plan.  She orders Whitney to stay away from Chad.

Sam has his gun pointed at the rapist that he got into a fight with.  Above the rapist on the wall, Sam spies Jessica's picture.  The rapists lies that he doesn't know Jessica or how that picture got there.  Sam points the gun at him, so the rapist begs him not to shoot him.  Sam hopes he is as scared as Jessica was when he raped her.  Sam has a flashback to finding Jessica with all of the cuts on her face, so he yells at the rapist for beating her, too.  He denies that he hit her.  Just when it looks like he will shoot the rapist, Sam picks the guy up and gets in his face.  He says he would rather see him rot in jail than shot.  He cuffs him and arrests him.  He gets a phone call that there is a ruckus at the underground club, so they leave (Sam takes the picture of Jessica with him).

Ethan, Chad, and Fox are still fighting with the guys in the club as they bust the place up with their axes and baseball bats.  They find a room where they think Jessica was raped. 

Ethan yells at the owner for letting his sister get raped there and almost hits him with the ax.  They trash the place, so one of the guys tries to call the cops, but Chad cuts the phone line.  The owner gets behind the bar and grabs his shotgun, which he shoots into the air. 

He orders them out, so they start to leave, but then Fox turns off the lights.  There are sounds of a struggle and then the lights go back on.  Ethan is lying unconscious on the floor.  Fox yells at the guy for killing Ethan and jumps him.  They are struggling when Sam arrives and puts a stop to the fighting.  He examines Ethan.  Ethan awakens.  He was just knocked out by the gun.  The owner tells Sam what happened and wants to press charges.  Sam orders Ethan, Chad and Fox outside.  Sam turns to the other guys and tells them that the other three were probably just concerned citizens.  He picks up some drug stickers and shows them to the bar owner.  He suggests that the guy leave town or at least not open up any more places like this again.  He calls the place a "rat hole", which really bugs the bar owner.  Sam, Ethan, Chad, and Fox go outside.  The rapist is chained to a pipe outside.  He protests about being cuffed there.  Sam tells the other guys to leave.  The guys from the bar come out and are annoyed that Sam let them go.  He wants to press charges.  Sam hauls the guy over to the wall and pushes his arm against his neck.  He threatens him and then leaves with the rapist.

Luis tries to get Eve to tell him why she thinks Sheridan won't get better, but they keep getting interrupted. 

First Pilar and Martin arrive to ask about Paloma.  Eve tells them about the drugs but asserts that she wasn't raped.  She worries that Paloma will be addicted.  Then Kay and Simone come in, wanting to see Jessica.  Eve tells them that another doctor is doing a rape kit on Jessica.  She suggests that Simone take Kay to the cafeteria.  Luis finally gets Eve to admit that the gas didn't hurt Sheridan.  Eve is worried because she thinks that Sheridan still thinks her baby is alive.  She thinks that she is on the edge mentally and that if she doesn't have another baby, she could go crazy.  Luis has a hard time believing this.  Eve talks about how Sheridan is fragile and has a deep sadness since losing her baby.  Later, they discuss the same thing: Sheridan should have a baby or she might go bonkers.

Pilar and Martin visit with Paloma, who is still unconscious.  They just can't understand why Paloma did drugs.  Martin says she never did stuff like this back in Mexico, but Pilar reminds him that Luis and Sheridan saw Paloma dancing on a table top in a bar.  Martin still insists that they kept tight control of her back there.  Pilar gets angry and blames Paloma's condition on Martin and Katherine.  Martin tells Pilar that this is why he is not sure about getting back together with her.  She seems to have a lot of anger.  She apologizes, and so does he.  She says they have to pray for Paloma.  They see she is coming to, but Martin realizes that she is already showing signs of addiction.  Paloma starts having a seizure, so they yell for Eve.  Eve and Luis arrive, as do Kay and Simone.  They hold onto Paloma and turn her on her side while Eve puts a tongue depressor in her mouth to bite on.  Then Eve gives her a shot, and the seizures stop.  Eve briefly tells them about Sheridan's condition, too.  After everyone but the parents have left, Paloma awakens.  She starts searching for her stickers immediately.  She is very disoriented.  Martin and Pilar hold her, glad she is awake.  Paloma wants the stickers and wants to know why she's there.  She hugs them after they tell her what happened.

Kay and Simone visit Jessica, who is still unconscious. Kay cries as she visits her sister.  They are glad she's sleeping but wonder how she will react when she is awake and remembering the rape.  Kay worries about what Sam is doing.  Jessica mumbles in her sleep.  They talk about how horrible drugs are and how their parents were right to warn them against them.  Kay hopes Jessica is not addicted to drugs, but Simone has been a candy striper so she tells Kay that she thinks it will be very bad for Jessica, even worse than Paloma.  They hear Paloma shouting out in Spanish from the other room.

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