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Passions Update Thursday 3/10/05

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By Boo
Pictures by Boo

Bennett household:

The paramedics have arrived to take Jessica and Paloma to the hospital. Eve promises to take good care of both of the girls as she leaves with them. Sam tells Simone and Kay to go to the hospital with the girls and tells him he will be there later. When Kay starts to question her father, he yells at her to just go. Simone and Kay rush out. Sam lets his anger get the best of him and shoves everything off the fireplace mantle as he asks who could have done this to his daughter. Ivy rushes to his side and tries to calm him down. Julian offers his support also, saying that he would feel the same way if anyone hurt his children. Sam heads into the foyer as Ivy tells Julian that she likes the way he now cares for Ďallí of his children. Ivy joins Sam in the foyer and again tries to calm him down. Sam yells that he will kill whoever did this to his daughter. Ivy reminds him that he is the chief of police and canít say things like that. As Fox, Chad, Julian, Tabitha and Endora watch in shocked silence, Sam takes off his badge and slams it down on the table.

He is not a chief of police tonight. He is a father looking for revenge. Julian comments that he sounds like Alistair now and Sam kind of pulls it together. He agrees to start an investigation. Tabitha reminds them that Judge Reilly will let anyone walk if he is paid enough. After Ivy shoots daggers through her with her eyes, Tabitha announces that she needs to take Endora home. She heads for the door as Julian stops her and quietly tells her that he will keep the secret that Endora is his daughter, but he does want to be a part of her life.

He touches Tabithaís cheek as he says goodnight to her. Ivy watches the conversation from the front room. Sam tells Ivy that he is going to the station. Julian announces his departure too, but Ivy stops him and tells him that she will make him a cup of coffee for the road. She leads him to the kitchen. Chad starts to take off too, but Sam stops him. He tells them both that he knows they hate each other, but he needs a favor from them both. He lets them know that what he is going to ask them to do isnít exactly legal. The boys think that he is asking them to help him kill the man that did this to Jessica, but Sam assures them that he will take care of the guy. The boys ask if he wants them to shut down the sleazy club where Jessica was. Sam tells them that he couldnít ask them to do that. Chad asks just what it is that Sam wants them to do. He tells them that he wants them to call Ethan. Ethan is Jessicaís brother and has a right to know. Chad points out that it doesnít take two of them to call Ethan. Sam tells them that he doesnít want them getting any crazy ideas about shutting the club down on their own. The boys think that they are clear in understanding that is exactly what Sam wants them to do. Sam heads out as the two boys agree to put their differences aside for this one night so they can take care of business.

In the kitchen Ivy has served Julian coffee. She tells him that she is concerned about him getting involved with Eve and her children. Julian grows defensive and tells her not to worry about him, his love life or any of his children. Ivy tells him that she overheard him admit that Endora is his child. Julian tries to deny it at first, but finally admits that she is right. He asks her if she is going to blackmail him now. She admits that she doesnít know what she is going to do with the information. Julian warns her to take heed of his words and to stay away from his child and the mother of his child. After he leaves, Ivy wonders which child and which mother he was talking about.

Tabithaís house:

Tabitha tells Endora how much she loves her, even though the dark forces would not like that. She canít imagine what she would do if anyone ever hurt her like they did Jessica. Endora produces a cannon in the front room to remind her mother that she can take care of herself. Tabitha gets a laugh out of that and tells Endora to put it away. Endora gets rid of the cannon. Tabitha walks by the window carrying Endora and continues to tell Endora how much she loves her and will always protect her. She looks out the window and is surprised to see Ivy looking back at her from the window of the Bennett house.

Crane Compound:

Katherine enters the front room to find Gwen going over dozens of huge maps and making notations. She asks where Jane is. Gwen goes off on her and tells her to remember to call the baby Ashley. Katherine tells her that the babyís name is Jane and she belongs to Theresa. Gwen is nothing more than a kidnapper. Gwen yells at her that Theresa carried those babies for her and gave birth, but she also signed papers saying that the baby was hers. She tells Katherine that she is going to disappear in Europe somewhere that no one will be able to find them. Katherine tells her that she doesnít think that Gwen will be able to do that. Gwen reminds Katherine that she has the same resources that Katherine had when she disappeared with Martin. That is just the point, Katherine had Martin with her. She tries to make Gwen see that she wonít have anyone. She will be alone and running with a baby. She tries to get Gwen to admit that she will miss Ethan too much and will want to return to Harmony.

Gwen tells her that she is sure that Ethan will come to be with her and the baby soon. She knows that Ethan canít come looking for her now because the authorities are probably watching him and will follow him. She is certain that someday they will all be a happy family living together. Katherine admits that Gwen seems a little calmer now. Gwen confesses that she did go a little overboard there for a while, but she knows now that she has to stay strong for her baby. Katherine then asks her about Theresa signing the papers to make things legal. She wonders if that is true, why Gwen just doesnít go back and live with Ethan and fight Theresa in court. Gwen tells her that she wonít fall for that. Theresa always wins, and this time she isnít going to give her the chance. She then tells Katherine that she doesnít think she is that different than Katherine is. Katherine sacrificed everything for Sheridanís happiness. Katherine agrees that the children always come first.

Lopez-Fitgerald home:

Theresa is still trying to absorb the fact that Chad is the father of Whitneyís baby. Whitney realizes that she may have made a mistake in telling Theresa and begs her not to tell Chad or Fox. She tells her also that she canít ever tell Ethan since Ethan is Foxís brother and Chadís best friend. Ethan joins them and overhears Whitney begging Theresa.

He wants to know what Fox and Chad can never know. Theresa covers for her friend and tells him that Whitney doesnít want them to know how stressed out she has been about the baby. Ethan tries to tell her that Fox and Chad are just both worried about her. Especially Fox since he is the father of the baby. Theresa and Whitney exchange guilty looks at that comment. Ethan gets a call from Fox and tells the girls that he has to go. The girls are both puzzled by his quick exit, but soon forget about it as Whitney announces that she has to leave also. Theresa tells her that she canít just drop a bomb like that and take off. Whitney breaks down and admits that she doesnít know what to do. She doesnít think she can take this anymore. Theresa tries to convince her to tell Fox and Chad the truth. Whitney is not easily convinced though and dislikes it when Theresa uses her own advice against her. Theresa tells her to never say again that she hates the baby, it isnít the babies fault. Whitney agrees that it isnít the babies fault, but she still sees no way that she can ever tell anybody. Even if there are no birth defects, if people know that she had her brotherís baby, it will be awful for the child. Theresa agrees with that since the child is a Crane. The tabloids alone would rip the child apart forever. Whitney admits that she hates lying to Fox. He is such a wonderful man.

She asks Theresa when she became such a horrible person. Theresa tells her that she is a wonderful person caught in a horrible situation. Whitney worries about all the things she has read that can happen to children of incest. Theresa asks if she has talked to her mother about it. When Whitney starts to blame her mother for the whole situation, Theresa points out that Eve didnít know that Chad was her son. Whitney still thinks it is her mothers fault for not letting her know that she had a half brother. Theresa asks her if she had known, would she have asked for a DNA test from everyone she dated. Finally Whitney realizes that things are not all Eveís fault and agrees with Theresa that Eve did the best she could. Whitney still worries about Chad and Fox finding out. Theresa is happy that at least they found out now, before Whitney and Chad had a bunch of children. Now Whitney knows that she has to stay away from Chad. Theresa is horrified when Whitney tells her that Chad wants her to live with him platonically and raise the baby. She canít believe that Whitney would even consider that. Theresa canít believe her ears when Whitney admits that she is strongly thinking of living with Chad.

Bethís house:

Luis quickly carries an unconscious Sheridan downstairs and puts her on the couch. He reports that he canít feel a pulse and tells someone to call 911. Beth celebrates by the front door while Edna cusses her.

Precious climbs over the stairs and runs to the phone to call 911. Sheridan coughs a bit and wakes up. Luis is happy that she is alive. Beth is very disappointed while Edna and Precious clap. Sheridan tells Luis about her dream and asks to see Marty. Beth reluctantly takes Marty to Luis as Sheridan continues to tell about the dream. She tells Luis that Marty is their son before she passes out again. The paramedic tells Luis that she has just fallen asleep and is okay.

At the hospital:

Luis arrives with Sheridan to find a very busy ER. There are no cubicles available right off the bat and Sheridan is left in the hall to wait for one. Eve comes by to find out what is wrong and Luis fills her in. Sheridan wakes to hear a woman in one of the cubicles give birth to a baby. She insists that the baby is hers and wants Luis to bring the baby to her.

As she falls back to sleep, Luis expresses his concern for her. Eve tells him that there is no way for her to know what is going on without examining her. When a cubicle becomes available, Eve orders Sheridan be taken there. She tells Luis that Paloma is there also and where to find her. Luis is shocked to learn that his little sister has taken a drug. He heads to check on Paloma while Eve examines Sheridan. On the way to Palomaís stall, he runs into Beth, Edna and Marty as they arrive. He tells Beth to make sure to have Marty checked out while he checks in on Paloma. From Palomaís stall, Luis calls his mother and tells her to get to the hospital quickly. He doesnít tell her exactly what has happened, just that Paloma is in the hospital again. He then heads back to check on Sheridan and finds that Beth hasnít been able to have Marty check yet as it is very busy in the ER. She tells him that she is taking him up to the pediatric floor to be examined. Luis tells her that he is going to check on Sheridan while she does that. Beth is upset that Sheridan still come before her and vows to carry her plan to kill Sheridan out. Eve tells Luis that there will be a permanent fall out as a result of all the gas that Sheridan inhaled. Elsewhere, Simone and Kay worry about what Sam will do to the man that hurt Jessica.

On the Docks:

Pilar continues to pressure Martin to return home to his family and try to make a go of the marriage again. Martin tries to explain that there is so much to consider. Pilar doesnít think so. She thinks it is pretty cut and dry. She wonders if it is because of Katherine that he wonít commit to her. Martin tells her that it isnít because of Katherine. It is because of her. He just doesnít understand why she would still want him back after all that he has put her through. Pilar explains that by law, and in the eyes of God, they are still married. She thinks that is a good enough reason for them to give their marriage another chance. She tries to make him understand how badly their children need him right now; they all need the stability that a family brings. She knows that it might take years to get over the pain that he has caused her and the children, but she promises that it will be worth it in the end. Pilar asks him one last time if he will come home and make a go of their marriage. Her cell phone rings before Martin has a chance to respond and Pilar learns from Luis that Paloma is in the hospital again. The two of them rush off to the hospital.

Sleazy club:

Outside, Ethan meets up with Fox and Chad. They tell him that Jessica was drugged and raped at this club tonight. Ethan is furious. Fox and Chad convince him that they need to shut the club down. Fox opens the trunk of the car and passes out an ax, a crowbar and a bat to the three of them. They enter the club pumped to do some damage. The place is crowded but they quickly clear it out when everyone sees the weapons. The three of them start to smash everything in site. The manager and two of his buddies come in and try to stop the destruction. After a few heated words they all begin to fight.

Randyís apartment:

Randy hangs a picture of Jessica in the middle of a wall that hold several pictures of Ďhis womení. He stands back to admire the wall, telling Jessica that she was the best of them all.

Sam breaks the door down and startles the hell out of him. Sam tells him that he is the chief of police and also Jessicaís father. Randy tries to pretend that he doesnít know Jessica. Sam informs him that he is under arrest. He is very pleased that Randy cracks a beer bottle in to and is obviously going to fight him. The fight is on as the two of them wrestle around. Sam finally gets the best of Randy and pins him face down to the bed. Randy taunts him by telling him that he didnít have to Ďrapeí Jessica. She loved it as much as all the rest of Ďhis womení do. Sam lets him up and pulls his gun. Randy finally sees the severity of his situation and starts to get a bit afraid. He reminds Sam that he canít shoot him because he is a cop. Sam answers him by pointing the gun and cocking it.

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