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Passions Update Wednesday 3/9/05

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By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Upstairs in the Bennett house, Kay and Simone begin to worry if the reason Jessica is missing is because she got drugged from the stickers and someone took advantage of her.

Downstairs, Sam carries an unconscious Jessica in to the living room and lays her on the couch. He tries to get her to wake up. He prays that she will wake up. Ivy follows them in, helping. Sam sends her to get Eve as he yells upstairs for the girls to come down. Eve comes in and starts examining Jessica. Ivy can't understand how Jessica got downstairs so quickly. She and Sam realize that it wasn't Jessica that she saw in the bed. She gets angry and goes looking for the girls, who still haven't come downstairs. Julian, TC, Liz, Tabitha, and Endora wander in, wondering what is up with Jessica. Sam tells them what little he knows.

Eve takes him aside and tells him that Jessica is on drugs. Sam can't believe it. Eve looks in her pocket and finds the stickers. Both she and Sam recognize them as the type that kids lick to get high. The girls finally come downstairs, so Sam yells at them. Ivy informs them that Paloma is passed out from drugs upstairs, too. Kay explains that they went to find Jessica so she wouldn't get in trouble and found Paloma instead. They know about the stickers. Eve waves the stickers in the girls' faces, saying that Jessica almost OD'ed on them. TC asks Simone if she ever licked any of the stickers. She swore she never did; they just went out to find Jessica. Ivy can't believe that Jessica didn't learn her lesson after what happened to Paloma. Eve suddenly realizes she needs to examine Jessica to see if she was raped (but she doesn't tell them why). She asks them all for privacy. They all go into the kitchen.

Julian asks Eve if Jessica will be all right. Eve tells them that she thinks Jessica might have been violated.

Sam reminisces to Ivy about what a good girl Jessica used to be. He wonders where he failed her. Ivy assures him that it's not his fault. Julian finds Tabitha and Endora outside. Tabitha was spying through the window but quickly covers. He says that he's been meaning to drop by and check on them but he's been so busy with his mother coming back from the dead, and the problems with Chad and Fox. She understands that he's been preoccupied. He asks how she's doing, so she says things are fine. He admires Endora and how alert she seems. Tabitha agrees that Endora is gifted. Julian reminds her that he's respected her wishes about keeping their relationship a secret, but seeing Sam and Eve with their children makes him realize that he wants to become more actively involved in Endora's life. Ivy sneaks out and listens in on their conversation. She hears that Julian is Endora's father. She is grossed out by the idea and then wonders if Eve knows.

Eve asks Sam if she can talk with him privately after she has examined Jessica. Sam looks at the cut on Jessica's head and asks if she has a concussion. Eve tells him that the cut is not bad. She tells him gently that could tell from her exam that Jessica has had sex tonight. Sam is disappointed and upset. He asks if she was raped. Eve doesn't find any evidence of rape. Sam wonders what happened and how things brought them here. He knew that she was having a hard time because of Grace leaving. He relates that only recently Ivy found out that she was acting differently. Eve theorizes that Jessica could have post-traumatic shock and it took a while for it to catch up with her. Sam still can't believe it. He calls Kay to come back in and asks her if she knew her sister was having sex.

Simone and Kay both say they didn't know. They had seen her flirting with guys, but that's all. Sam tells them that they don't know if the sex was consensual or not. Everyone else comes back in, too. Sam says they won't know until Jessica wakes up if she brought this on herself or not. Kay is shocked and admonishes Sam. Sam points to Jessica and asks Kay to tell him what she did to end up like this. He insists that Kay and Simone tell him everything that Jessica did lately. They said they told him everything they know. They recount finding Paloma at the club. Simone urges Kay to tell Sam about her visions. Sam is shocked that Kay had visions like Charity and Grace.

Kay tells them about the vision she had of Jessica running through the street with these guys from the club chasing her. Sam gets his gun and badge; TC asks him to tell him what he's doing. Sam says he's going to find the scum who drugged and had sex with his daughter, then he's going to kill them. TC follows him out.

Meanwhile, Julian wonders why Ivy is staring at him strangely. She makes a cryptic remark. She wonders to herself how she is going to make the most of her secret.

Theresa is shocked when Whitney says that she hates her baby and hopes she will lose it. She asks Whitney what is going on, but Whitney won't tell her. Theresa keeps trying to get the truth, but Whitney won't admit that there is anything wrong.

Theresa points out that Whitney is not as big as she should be and that she needs to eat right for her baby's sake. Whitney blurts out that she already knows that there's going to be something wrong with her baby. Theresa says she knows the awful truth. She hints like she knows the truth, but then Theresa says that she knows that Whitney has found out that her baby will be born with a birth defect. Whitney tells Theresa that she doesn't know what she's talking about. They argue about it. Whitney gets upset and goes to leave. Theresa stops her and asks her why she still hates her baby so much. She asks Whitney if she knows how lucky she is, to have her very own child. Theresa still keeps trying to get the truth out of Whitney. Whitney cries for a while and then tells Theresa that Chad is the father of her baby, not Fox. Theresa hugs her as she looks horrified.

Luis is still on the docks and now he is talking to himself about how he has to see Sheridan tonight, no matter what Beth says. He rushes off.

Edna, Beth, and Precious are all dressed in winter clothing inside their house. They have all the doors and windows open so that the gas will not make them or the baby sick. Beth gloats about her great plan to make Sheridan's death look like accident. Edna yells at Beth for wanting to murder Sheridan by gassing her, and Precious seems to agree. Upstairs, Sheridan looks dead. Beth jogs around to keep warm. Edna warms herself from the fridge, which she says is warmer than the air in the house. Beth works to keep Martin warm but threatens to lock Edna in with Sheridan. Beth goes to check on Sheridan, to see if she's dead yet. Edna goes back to drinking gin with Precious.

Sheridan's hand jerks--she is still alive. She has a dream about walking on the docks with Luis and Marty, a happy family.

Luis apologizes for not believing that Marty was their son. They kiss. Beth walks in, her face covered with a scarf. She goes over to Sheridan's bed and calls her name, asking if she is dead yet. She hears the doorbell and curses. She goes leaves reluctantly, saying to Sheridan that she'd best be dead when she comes back. Beth opens the door to Luis. He tells her about his talk with the priest, which made him determined to speak to Sheridan no matter what. Luis walks in the door, insisting on seeing Sheridan. Beth looks panic-stricken. Beth tries to get Luis to come back another time, but he won't. Edna walks in with Precious. Her head is down because she's using her walker, so she asks Beth if the horrible deed is done. Luis wonders what she means by that. Beth covers by saying that Precious had an accident, so she cleaned it up. Luis wonders why they are bundled up, so Beth lies that she had to open the back door to air the place out. Luis sees Marty bundled up so he picks him up to warm him up and because he enjoys holding him. Edna whispers to Beth that she can smell the gas leaking out of Sheridan's room. Luis suggests that he light a fire. Beth and Edna get frantic about how they are going to stop him because the lighted match would blow them all up because of the gas fumes. Precious, Edna, and Beth cover their eyes, mouth, and ears like "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil". Luis has trouble lighting the match. Beth finally goes over and stops Luis from lighting the fire, saying that they are going to bed soon, so they shouldn't light a fire. He goes along with that. He is about to leave, but Edna stops him, reminding him that he came by to see Sheridan. Luis says that he and Sheridan had that fight. Edna says everyone couple fights, even those as perfect for each other as he and Sheridan. Beth looks annoyed. Edna tells Precious to go upstairs and wake up Sheridan. Luis stops Precious, figuring that maybe they shouldn't wake Sheridan up. He suggests crashing there so he can see Sheridan when she wakes up. Beth says the couch is very lumpy, so she suggests that he go home and get a good night's sleep. Beth is ushering Luis out the door when he says he smells gas. Beth claims she doesn't smell it, but Edna agrees that it does smell like gas. He says he'd better go find out where that's coming from. Beth stops Luis from going up to see Sheridan, claiming that the smell is from Precious' accident. Luis buys it and starts to leave, saying he will back the first thing in the morning. Luis calls up the stairs goodnight to Sheridan, then sees Edna's pet bird drop dead by Sheridan's door. Beth says the bird is just old, but Luis can smell the gas stronger up there. He rushes up, holding his jacket over his nose. He rushes into the guest room to save Sheridan.

Sheridan continues to have her happy dream about Luis and Marty. She cries happy tears as Luis tells her that he loves her. She tells them both that she loves them and always will, even after she takes her dying breath. Suddenly, Luis and Marty disappear, and Sheridan rises in the air as the scene evaporates. Luis breaks the window so he can get fresh air in there. Beth and Edna follow him in. Luis yells at Beth to turn off the heater, so she is forced to do it. Precious and Edna high-five each other about ruining Beth's plan. Beth thinks it's too late to save Sheridan anyway. Luis inexplicably pets Sheridan's head, rather than getting her out of the room (duh!).

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